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This page lists people with the Christian name Alfred who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Alfred Giles     William Poulton   Mary Smith    
Alfred E         Margaret Chapman  
Alfred   Cransle       Mary Ann Buswell  
Alfred         Kate Thorpe  
Alfred Taylor1815   Heston       Charlotte Cecilia Skelton  
Alfred1821   Desboro   Samuel Thompson   Martha Webster    
Alfred Thompson1828   Thurmas   William Barratt   Margaret Bentley    
Alfred1832   Braybro   John Bindley   Ann [not known]   Louisa Markham  
Alfred1836   Ketteri       Kezia Page  
Alfred1836   Braybro   William Bindley   Ann [not known]    
Alfred1838   Middlet   John Jeffs   Frances [not known]    
Alfred1838   Rothwel   James Colwell   Sarah Tebbutt    
Alfred1839   Desboro   John Coe   Martha Wallis   Charlotte Taylor  
Alfred George Shepherd1844   Burton       Lavinia Parkes ;
Sarah Ann Walker  
Alfred1845   Rothwel   David Whitmore   Amy Robinson    
Alfred1845     Joseph Robinson   Mary Loake    
Alfred1846   Desboro   Samuel Kilborn   Eliza Baines   Mary Elizabeth Rush  
Alfred1846   Desboro   George Page   Elizabeth Clarke    
Alfred1848   Desboro   Robert Ginns   Ann Norris   Elizabeth West  
Alfred1849   Braybro   Simeon Tailby   Ann Underwood   Elizabeth A Elmore  
Alfred1850   Ketteri   John Marlow   Ann Loasby    
Alfred Yeomans1851   Desboro   Samuel Coe   Eliza Yeomans    
Alfred1852   Desboro     Hannah Ginns   Elizabeth Marlow ;
Esther Coe  
Alfred1852   Rothwel   John Eagle   Mary Sturman    
Alfred1853   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Mary Wilson   Mary Ann Bindley  
Alfred1853   Desboro   George Fenton   Mary [not known]    
Alfred1853   Tottenh       Emma Marlow  
Alfred1855   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Ann Turner   Mary Jane Slow  
Alfred1855   Desboro   John Thorpe   Ann Moore    
Alfred Robert1855   Desboro   George Emery   Eliza East    
Alfred1856   Desboro   John Panter   Rowena Aprice   Sarah Burditt  
Alfred1856   Cotting       Mary Ann Cattell  
Alfred1857   Desboro   James Panter   Elizabeth [not known]   Mary Elizabeth Ginns  
Alfred1857   Desboro   James Martin   Ann Coe    
Alfred1857   Desboro   John Wilkins   Sarah Timpson    
Alfred1857   Clipsto   Benjamin Whymant   Ann Whymant    
Alfred1857   Desboro   Henry Walker   Elizabeth Peberdy    
Alfred1857   Leicest       Hannah Elizabeth Coe  
Alfred1858   Desboro   John Monk   Francis [not known]    
Alfred1858   Desboro   George Morris   Eliza Yeomans   Ann Morris  
Alfred1858   Desboro   William Page   Ann Kendall   Sophia Burditt  
Alfred Robert1858   Desboro   William Baines   Clarissa Braines   Lucy Allen  
Alfred Wright1859   Old Lea   Wright Bird   Ann Taylor   Sarah Maria Yeomans  
Alfred1859   Rothwel   Edward Barlow   Elizabeth Slow   Ella Jane Mobbs  
Alfred1860   Maidwel   William Smith   Ann Gilbert   Sarah Jane Davis  
Alfred1860   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Elizabeth Loake    
Alfred1861   Wigston   [male] Davenport   Martha [not known]   Elizabeth Binley  
Alfred Samuel Lovett1862   Harring   William Lovett Turner   Matilda Newman   Amy Coe ;
Emma Moore  
Alfred1862   Scaldwe   William John Worth   Elizabeth James    
Alfred1862   Market   Joseph Hazeldine   Emma Coe    
Alfred James1863   Desboro   Joseph Dawkins   Ann [not known]   Lizzie Page  
Alfred1863   Kings C   Isaac Dunkley   Mary Ann Sharp    
Alfred1864   Rothwel       Anne Priscilla Bosworth  
Alfred1865   Desboro   Samuel Turner   Mary Croft   Ann Tebbutt  
Alfred1865   Birming   [male] Ireland   Mary [not known]    
Alfred1867   Desboro   Benjamin Dunkley   Maria Marlow   Emma Perkins  
Alfred1867   Desboro   James Martin   Ann Coe    
Alfred1867   Desboro   Espartero Barratt   Hannah Marlow   Emily Burton  
Alfred1867   Earls B   Job Robinson   Martha Clark   Mary E [Not Known]  
Alfred1868   Brixwor   James Clements   Martha Keeber    
Alfred1868   Rothwel   William Asher   Sarah Deacon    
Alfred1868   Clipsto   Frederick Loasby   Betty Binley    
Alfred1869   Pipewel   Caleb Marlow   Mary Palmer    
Alfred1869   Leicest   Levi Yeomans   Harriet Cox    
Alfred1870   Desboro   James Monk   Martha Marks    
Alfred1870   Horsham   Thomas Laker   Eliza Kemp    
Alfred1871   Desboro   John Monk   Harriett Churcher    
Alfred John T1871   Croydon       Emily Charlotte Esden  
Alfred Joseph1872   Sibbert   George York   Esther Wells    
Alfred1872   Rothwel   William Taylor   Elizabeth Mary J [not known]   Martha Woods  
Alfred1872   Rothwel   William Willis   Eliza Austin    
Alfred1873   Desboro   Samuel Stringer   Maria Moore    
Alfred O1873   Parkham   Edgar Campbell Channer   Catherine Bridgman    
Alfred1874   Desboro   Job Marlow   Eliza Baxter   Effie Ginns  
Alfred Edwin1874   Desboro   Joseph Crick   Eliza Kilborn   Edith Buckby  
Alfred1874   Desboro   Joseph Tebbutt   Mary Ann Ginns   Martha Tyrrell  
Alfred1874   Desboro   Edward Sanders   Selina Marlow   Laura Emma Coe  
Alfred1874   Finedon   Henry Loasby   Caroline [not known]   Emma Amelia Ginns  
Alfred1875   Desboro   Owen Panter   Mary Henrietta Fenton   Elizabeth Ann Bindley  
Alfred1875   Desboro   William Murkitt   Susannah Monk   Harriett Ginns ;
Emily Paine  
Alfred1875   Rothwel   Charles Bosworth   Matilda Rowthorn    
Alfred1876   Ketteri   Robert Bailey   Sybel Nursey    
Alfred Richardson1876   Welling       Maud Annie Cattell  
Alfred John1877   Islingt   John Bosworth   Annie Hickman   Sarah Eleanor M Hall  
Alfred1877   Desboro   Alfred Ginns   Elizabeth Marlow   Edith Annie Walker  
Alfred Charles1877   Desboro   Job Panter   Mary Jane Coe   Elizabeth Mumford  
Alfred1878   Desboro   George Summerley   Elizabeth Morris    
Alfred1878   Wath-up   Thomas Boon   Hannah [not known]    
Alfred1878   Leicest   Henry Vines   Eliza Humphreys    
Alfred1880   Desboro   Joseph Morris   Mary Tomkins    
Alfred W1880   Desboro   Alfred Page   Sophia Burditt    
Alfred1880   Rothwel   William Barton   Rosina Moore   Emma Page  
Alfred E1880   Leicest   Alfred Neale   Hannah Elizabeth Coe    
Alfred1880   Clipsto       Emma Elizabeth Tailby  
Alfred C1881   Rothwel   John Henry Ball   Eliza Laywood    
Alfred1882   Desboro   Charles Stratford   Mary Jane Palmer [or Marlow?]    
Alfred1883   Desboro   Robert Coe   Mary Ann Harris    
Alfred1883   Desboro   William Deacon Tailby   Amelia Rose Mee   Olive May Thorpe  
Alfred1883   Desboro   John Robert Marlow   Mary Ann Turner    
Alfred1884   Desboro     Rebecca Freeman    
Alfred1884   Ketteri   George Ginns   Elizabeth Sturgess    
Alfred Thomas1885   Desboro   Josiah [or Joseph] Jobson   Ann Panter    
Alfred C1885   Desboro   Charles Newman Bennett   Ada Elizabeth Binley    
Alfred1886   Rushton   James Hine   Emma Dunkley    
Alfred1887   Ketteri   George Ginns   Elizabeth Sturgess    
Alfred1889   Desboro   Frederick William Stenson   Elizabeth Ward    
Alfred1889   Desboro   Beaver Coe   Charlotte Winsall    
Alfred Ward1890   Desboro   Solomon Coe   Harriet Ward   Florrie Bindley  
Alfred1890   Desboro   John Clements   Charlotte Coe    
Alfred1890   Desboro   John George Groocock Coe   Mary Ann Dainty    
Alfred1890   Ketteri   Samuel Buckby   Elizabeth Ann Asher    
Alfred E1890   Harston   George Henry Barber   Sarah Frost    
Alfred1892   Desboro   John William Tyrrell   Eliza Clements    
Alfred Cecil1892   Desboro   Alfred Turner   Ann Tebbutt   Rose Elizabeth Kilborn  
Alfred James1892   Wilbars   Walter Sharman   Lydia Maria Chapman    
Alfred1892   Desboro   William Wittering   Mary Ann White   Eva Sumpter  
Alfred Grant Coventry1893   Ludwort   Alfred Shaw   Emma Marlow    
Alfred Watts1894   Desboro   Alfred Panter   Mary Ann Bindley    
Alfred R1895   Desboro   Charles Lewin   Elizabeth Ann Bosworth    
Alfred1896   Desboro   Joseph Martin   Mary Ann Coles    
Alfred1896   Desboro   Albert Marlow   Harriett Collis    
Alfred Charles1896   Desboro   Thomas Alfred Binley   Sarah E Ginns    
Alfred J1898   Rothwel   Alfred Dunkley   Emma Perkins    
Alfred J1900   Desboro   Alfred Robinson   Mary E [Not Known]    
Alfred1900   Desboro   Tom Allen   Elizabeth Annie Pridmore    
Alfred George1900   Desboro   Ralph Harper Dixon   Emily Reckless    
Alfred C1900   Desboro   William Buckby   Mary Elizabeth Yeomans    
Alfred1900   Desboro   Owen Page Crick   Mary Elizabeth Ingram    
Alfred William1902   Desboro   John Thomas Morris   Amy Daisy Prowitt    
Alfred1903   Ketteri   Harry Andrews   Louise Pinnock    
Alfred1904   Desboro   Harry Crick   Alice Margurite Tomkins    
Alfred Henry1904   Ketteri     Louisa Stokes    
Alfred Alexander1904   Desboro   Beaver Coe   Charlotte Winsall    
Alfred Joseph1905   Desboro   William King   Sarah Ann Wallis    
Alfred Henry Shakespeare1911   Desboro   Alfred Richardson Key   Maud Annie Cattell    

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