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This page lists people with the Christian name Alice who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Alice         Bartin Gutteridge  
Alice         Richard Yeomans  
Alice         John Codgbrooke  
Alice       Elizabeth Rose    
Alice         [male] Yeomans  
Alice     Joseph Paine   Susanna Calsten    
Alice         [male] Bull  
Alice     Jonathan Page   Elizabeth [not known]    
Alice     William Goodman      
Alice     Ralph Browneknaffe   Elizabeth [not known]    
Alice     Richard Codsbrooke      
Alice     William Lockewood   Ellen [not known]    
Alice     Robert Silbye   Mary Tebotte    
Alice     William Gutteridge      
Alice   Desboro   William Gutteridge      
Alice1518 est.   Bourton       Giles Poulton  
Alice1520         Robert Ingram  
Alice1555 est.         Thomas Silbye  
Alice1564         [female] Gregorie  
Alice1565 est.         William Lyne  
Alice1568 est.   Rothwel       Edward Wright  
Alice1568         Richard Lole  
Alice1571 est.         William Allen  
Alice1571 est.   Desboro       Samuel Tebotte  
Alice1573   Desboro   Ralph Browneknaffe   Elizabeth [not known]    
Alice1576   Desboro       William Goodman  
Alice1576         [male] Arkhyll  
Alice1578   Desboro   Edmund Garrett      
Alice1585 est.         Arthur Lyne  
Alice1588   Desboro   Gabriel Watson   Joan Hodgekin   Richard Andrew  
Alice1588   Desboro   Thomas Barrette      
Alice1588   Desboro   Giles Tebotte      
Alice1595 est.   Desboro       [male] Rippin ;
Saunders Saye  
Alice1600 est.   Desboro       Owen Tompson  
Alice1606   Desboro   Thomas Chapman   Elizabeth Barrette    
Alice1610 est.         William Andrewe  
Alice1611   Desboro   Mark Alderman   Frances Hensworth   Robert Lad  
Alice1612 est.   Desboro       Valentine Hall  
Alice1613   Desboro   Robert Silbye   Mary Tebotte    
Alice1613   Desboro   Henry Lockewood   Susanna Whittring    
Alice1614 est.   Sibbert       Robert Iliffe  
Alice1615 est.   Desboro       Robert Lewn  
Alice1616   Desboro   John Whittering      
Alice1619 est.         Thomas Iliffe  
Alice1620 est.         Thomas Steephens  
Alice1620 est.          
Alice1623   Desboro   William Laurence   Bridget [not known]    
Alice1628   Desboro   William Andrewe   Alice [not known]    
Alice1629   Desboro   William Rowlett   Frances [not known]    
Alice1630 est.         Thomas Carwarden  
Alice1632 est.   Lamport       Thomas Serjeant  
Alice1633 est.   Thrapst       John Stiffe  
Alice1634 est.   Brampto       Robert Munn  
Alice1638   Desboro   Henry Rippon   Joan [not known]    
Alice1643     Bartin Gutteridge   Alice [not known]    
Alice1653 est.   Braybro       Thomas Kirk  
Alice1653 est.   Desboro       John Welford  
Alice1654 est.   Rothwel       Symon Clerk  
Alice1654 est.   Desboro       Thomas Gray  
Alice1654 est.   Desboro       George Parker  
Alice1655 est.         Thomas Yeomans  
Alice1656 est.   Desboro       Thomas Richards  
Alice1659 est.   Brigsto       Thomas Watson  
Alice1659   Desboro   Richard Clarke   Sisley [not known]    
Alice1662 est.   Desboro       Anthony Lole  
Alice1670   Desboro   John Iliffe   Catherine [not known]    
Alice1673   Desboro   Thomas Yeomans   Alice Yeomans    
Alice1679   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Hannah [not known]    
Alice1681   Desboro   William Clarke   Martha King    
Alice1681 est.          
Alice1688 est.         Thomas Essum  
Alice1695 est.         Thomas Gutteridge  
Alice1697 est.         Robert Baker  
Alice1705 est.         Edward Biddle  
Alice1707 est.         James Aprice  
Alice1709   Desboro   William West   Mary [not known]    
Alice1711     Samuel Crick   Elizabeth [not known]    
Alice1713   Desboro   Thomas Gutteridge   Alice [not known]    
Alice1713 est.   Brampto       William Lycorish  
Alice1713 est.   Desboro       Richard Page  
Alice1714   Desboro   Joseph Rowthourne   Anne [not known]    
Alice1718   Desboro   John Essum   Elizabeth [not known]    
Alice1719 est.         Giles Loake  
Alice1722   Desboro   William Sargeant   Sarah [not known]    
Alice1723   Desboro   William Cave   Eleanor [not known]    
Alice1728   Desboro   Joseph Paine   Susanna Calsten    
Alice1728   Desboro   Edward Biddle   Alice [not known]   John Smeeton  
Alice1738   Desboro   Giles Loake   Alice Rowthorne    
Alice1744   Desboro   William Rowthourne   Ann Jarvis    
Alice1744 est.         William Mabbat  
Alice1745 est.         Edward Marlow  
Alice1747   Desboro   Thomas Biddle   Mary [not known]    
Alice1749         Lewis Dawkins  
Alice1751   Desboro   John Crick   Susannah Brown   Robert Marlow  
Alice1752     William Panter   Ann [not known]    
Alice1757 est.         Henry Turner  
Alice1758   Desboro   Edward Biddle   Mary Sage    
Alice1758   Desboro   William Page   Hannah Sage    
Alice1760   Desboro   William Page   Hannah Sage    
Alice1762   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Jane [not known]    
Alice1767   Desboro   John Smeeton   Alice Biddle    
Alice1772 est.         Thomas Tomson  
Alice1773   Desboro   William Coe   Elizabeth Biddle   Edward Winsall  
Alice1775   Desboro     Catherine Panter    
Alice1784   Desboro   John Curtis   Mercy [not known]    
Alice1785 est.         Thomas Townley  
Alice1795 est.         Bartholomew Cox  
Alice1797   Desboro       Giles Marlow  
Alice1799   Desboro   George Palmer     George Dawkins  
Alice1805   Harring       Robert Coleman  
Alice1805   Clipsto       John Cox  
Alice1806   Foxton       Moses Yeomans  
Alice1814   Skillin   George Harris   Sarah [not known]   William Marlow  
Alice1815   Desboro   Joseph Dawkins   Elizabeth [not known]    
Alice1816   Thrapst   [male] Sharman     William Burditt  
Alice1820   Moulton       Robert Chapman  
Alice1826   Desboro   John Perkins   Elizabeth Yeomans    
Alice1829   Desboro   George Dawkins   Alice Palmer   Daniel Feakin  
Alice1831   Braybro   John Bindley   Ann [not known]    
Alice1834   Bringhu       William Hornsby  
Alice1836   Sibbert   John Leago   Jane [not known]    
Alice Kew1847   Greenwi       William Edward Cave  
Alice Hannah1850   Cotting   Edmund Houghton   Comfort Tansley   Henry Idle  
Alice Mary1853   Thorpe   Joseph Clarke   Sarah [not known]   George Buckby  
Alice1857   Darlast        
Alice Amelia1858   Desboro   Robert Kilborn   Maria Baines   James Shirley F Leakey  
Alice1859   Biceste       William Coe  
Alice Harriett1860   Great A   Thomas Walters   Elizabeth Jervis    
Alice1861   Surbito   Lewis William Cave   Julia Watkins    
Alice1863   Bram   John Wood   Mary Elizabeth Smith    
Alice1864   Yardley       Frederick Moss  
Alice1864   Howell   Henry Sardeson   Mary Ann Atkins    
Alice Clarissa1864   Wandswo   Henry Baines   Harriet King    
Alice1864   Welling   Charles Belcher   Esther Smith    
Alice Elizabeth1865   Gayton   Walter George   Mary Anne Paine    
Alice1865   Swarkes   Herbert Potts   Mary Ann Jarvis    
Alice1867   Northam       Albert Barratt  
Alice1868   Kingsth   John Lett   Rebecca Thacker    
Alice Maud Mary1869   Northam   Lewis Kilborn   Emma Tailby   Herbert Panter  
Alice Maria1869   Thrapst   Abraham Coe   Kezia March    
Alice E1870   Weston   Arthur Osborn   Emma Luck    
Alice1870   Ketteri       Owen Henry Willis  
Alice1870   Cadney       John Arthur Dimbleby  
Alice1870   Bilston   Thomas Beavon   Sarah [not known]   Julius Rudolf Hief  
Alice1872   Rothwel   William Asher   Sarah Deacon    
Alice Catherine1872   Weedon   James Byrne   Eleanor Jones   Samuel Burditt  
Alice Rebecca1874   Kentish   George Tailby   Dinah Cox    
Alice Maud1874   Bedmins       George Dean Pitt L Turner  
Alice1875   Wilbars   William Lee   Elizabeth Carter    
Alice1875   Stony S   Charles Bromwich Buswell   Elizabeth Tamkin    
Alice Clarissa1876   Desboro   John Thomas Goode   Matilda Baines   James W Curtis  
Alice H1877   Desboro   Richard Humfrey   Eliza Ann Harris    
Alice1877   Bedford   Robert Rick   Mary Coe   James Morris  
Alice1877   Great B   George Allen   Matilda Reckless   Stephen Frederick Clarke  
Alice E1878   Lyndon   William Lovett Turner   Anne Kilborn    
Alice M1879   Northam   George William Crick   Jane Blunsom    
Alice1879   Arthing   Thomas Dodson   Mary Ann Toasland    
Alice A1879   Leicest   William Bosworth   Sedilla Broughton    
Alice1880   Desboro   William Summerley   Emma Nursey   Henry Oram  
Alice1880   Rothwel   William Baines Kilborn   Elizabeth Slow    
Alice1881   Desboro   Joseph Asher   Ann Andrews    
Alice Ann1882   Desboro   Herbert Coe   Jane Morris   David Paine  
Alice Minnie1882   Desboro   Henry Johnson   Mary Ann Wood    
Alice1883   Desboro   William Nicholson   Elizabeth Robinson    
Alice Gertrude1883   Desboro   Henry Marlow   Elizabeth Flude    
Alice Maria1883   Ketteri   Thomas Ceybird   Harriet Palmer    
Alice May1884   Desboro   Spencer King   Ruth Burgess    
Alice Goodwin1884   Desboro   Robert Ward   Louisa Goodwin    
Alice Margurite1885   Desboro   William Hadcock Tomkins   Maria Slater Slow   Harry Crick  
Alice1885   Desboro        
Alice1886   Desboro   John Panter   Hannah Coe    
Alice1887   Desboro   Alfred Ginns   Mary Jane Slow    
Alice1887   Desboro   John Coe   Sarah [not known]    
Alice1888   Desboro   Elam Grain Page   Frances Wallis    
Alice1889   Desboro   Martin Coe   Adelaide Hornsby    
Alice1890   Desboro   William Bassett   Clara Ann Marlow    
Alice Maud1890   Market   William Sandall   Sarah [not known]    
Alice1891   Desboro   Alfred Panter   Sarah Burditt    
Alice E1891   Desboro   Alfred Page   Sophia Burditt    
Alice1891   Desboro   Harry King   Sarah [not known]    
Alice1891   Desboro     Alice Maud Mary Kilborn    
Alice1892   Desboro   Samuel Horsley   Lydia Coe    
Alice1892   Desboro   Samuel Ward   Eliza Page    
Alice M1893   Desboro   Arthur Edward Crick   Isabella Kendall    
Alice1893   Desboro   John Henry Barber   Ellen Laura Crick    
Alice May1893   Desboro   Alfred Barratt   Emily Burton    
Alice1893   Brought   John Glover   Elizabeth Ann B Sedgley    
Alice1894   Desboro   John Paine   Hannah Collis    
Alice1894   Desboro   Alfred Davenport   Elizabeth Binley    
Alice Gertie1894   Desboro   Horace Johnson Coe   Ellen Yeomans    
Alice1894   Desboro   James Clarke   Ann Farrell    
Alice E1894   Desboro   William Yeomans   Louisa Church    
Alice1895   Desboro   William Hall   Sarah Ann Coe    
Alice1895   Desboro   Charles Pridmore   Phoebe Coe    
Alice Ann Gertrude1895   Desboro   Jesse Stratford   Florence Lavinia Brown    
Alice Mary1895   Desboro   Ralph Harper Dixon   Emily Reckless    
Alice Dorcas1895   Desboro   Joseph Coleman   Sarah Jane Yeomans    
Alice1896   Desboro   William Alfred Cox   Mary Ann Smith    
Alice Matilda1896   Desboro   John Edward Bugby   Sarah Ann Goode    
Alice Maude1897   Desboro   Richard Henry Betts   Elizabeth Ann Dixon    
Alice Louise1898   Desboro   Charles Goodman   Cecilia Pauline Eastclose Thompson    
Alice1898   Rothwel   John William Essex   Martha H Willis    
Alice Victoria1898   Desboro   George William Worral   Mary Ann Gardner    
Alice1898   Desboro   Alfred Robert Baines   Lucy Allen    
Alice1899   Desboro   John Lee   Lucy Morris    
Alice1899   Desboro   Joseph Dawkins   Mary Ann Winsall    
Alice1899   Desboro   Walter Smith   Sarah [not known]    
Alice May1900   Desboro   James Hawes   Catherine Selina Kilborn    
Alice Beatrice1900   Desboro   William Coe   Jane Smith    
Alice Gwendoline1903   Desboro   Herbert Dean   Eleanor Susanna [not known]    
Alice Matilda1903   Desboro   Jesse Marlow   Sarah Ann Reckless    
Alice Hester1904   Desboro   Frederick Levi Hornsby   Minnie Esther Blissett    
Alice1906   Cailton   Josiah Neal   Elizabeth Bates    
Alice1908   Desboro   Arthur William Feakin   Rose Hannah Marlow    
Alice Mary1909   Desboro   Samuel James Merrill   Clara Louisa Worral    
Alice1909   Desboro   Alfred Barratt   Emily Burton    
Alice Evelyn1910   Desboro   Thomas William Langman   Mary Ellen Gentle    
Alice1911   Ketteri   Reuben Horsley   Geneva Shortland    

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