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This page lists people with the Christian name Annie who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Annie         William Henry King  
Annie         Benjamin Beevers  
Annie         George Solomon Goodwin  
Annie1839   Islingt       William Cropper Wheldon  
Annie1843   Ropley       Charles Hafford Fifield  
Annie1846   Standla       John Bosworth  
Annie1846   Westmin       George Louis Cave  
Annie1849   Guilsbo       William Henry Townley Esson  
Annie1851   Desboro   George Yeomans   Ann Binley    
Annie Maria1851   Welling       William Goodman  
Annie1854   Desboro   William Crick   Kitty Essex   William Marlow  
Annie1855   Baslow   Mark Barkby   Hannah Heathcote    
Annie M1856   Ketteri   James Page   Elizabeth Feakin    
Annie Jane1857   Old Lea   Wright Bird   Ann Taylor   John Howgate Ranns  
Annie1857   Northam   Levi Yeomans   Harriet Cox    
Annie1858   Rothwel   William Marriott   Susanna Wiggins    
Annie1860   Badby   Peter Wareing   Harriett Bird    
Annie Eliza1861   Ketteri       Frank Andrew Asher  
Annie Isabella1862   Wilbars   Samuel Chapman   Sarah [not known]    
Annie R D1862   Cransle   William Lea   Ann Elizabeth Chater    
Annie1863   Sutton   George Freeman   Elizabeth [not known]   Charles Fred Clements  
Annie1863   East Fa   Thomas West   Mary Ann White   Charles Reculist  
Annie Maria1863   Littlep       Christopher Crabb  
Annie1863   Bow       Thomas Loake  
Annie1864   Desboro   James Martin   Ann Coe    
Annie E1864   Market   John Stanyon   Eliza Burditt Nursey    
Annie C1865   Ketteri   Owen Robinson   Mary Coleman    
Annie Maria1866   Northam   Lewis Kilborn   Emma Tailby   John Dillon  
Annie1868   Brigg   William Buckley   Louisa [not known]    
Annie Maria1869   Wootton   John Burton   Elizabeth Gilbert   Frederick George Marlow  
Annie Eliza1869   Clapham   Henry Baines   Harriet King    
Annie1869   St Panc   George Pelley   Mary Letts   Benjamin Cheney  
Annie1869   Leicest   Charles Hanger   Elizabeth Broughton    
Annie1870   Great C   William Nicholson   Elizabeth Robinson    
Annie Jane1870   Desboro   Benjamin Riley   Mary Ann Paine    
Annie Elizabeth1871   Northam   William Curtis   Bridget Garland    
Annie R1871   Rothwel   Thomas Otho Guilford   Rosella Tailby    
Annie1873   Rothwel   William Barton   Rosina Moore    
Annie1874   Desboro   Espartero Barratt   Hannah Marlow   Arthur Thomas Coe  
Annie1874   Ketteri   William Tailby Smith   Clara Jane Heighton    
Annie Adela1874   Bromley   Thomas Hunt   Caroline Hunt   Percy Davies Allen  
Annie1874   Knaresb       Thomas Laker  
Annie1875   Desboro   William Cleaver   Emma Yeomans    
Annie1875   Desboro   George Marlow   Hannah Moore    
Annie1875   Desboro   George Flude   Isabella Wilks   John Edward Gardner  
Annie1875   Desboro   Benjamin Hart Bamford   Ann Amey    
Annie E1875   Leicest   Frederick Bickerly   Fanny Rayworth    
Annie1875   Thrapst   George Solomon Goodwin   Mary Ann Susannah Danes   George Ward  
Annie1875   Rothwel   William Taylor   Elizabeth Mary J [not known]    
Annie L1876   Deeneth   William Lovett Turner   Anne Kilborn    
Annie1877   Desboro   George Buckby   Alice Mary Clarke    
Annie1877   Desboro   Thomas Smith   Mary Ann Coe   George Brown  
Annie1877   Lamport   John Allen   Ann Robinson   Charles Arthur Bennett  
Annie M1878   Desboro   Reuben Ginns   Rosina Yeomans    
Annie Marie1878   Rothwel   John Barton   Emma Buckby   John Bosworth  
Annie Eliza1879   Desboro   Jonathan James Deacon   Mary Elizabeth Birch    
Annie E1879   Desboro   Fielding Coe   Ann Turner    
Annie E1879   Ketteri   Thomas Ceybird   Harriet Palmer    
Annie1879   Rothwel   Solomon Sumpter   Amelia Goodman    
Annie1880   Market   James Bosworth   Charlotte Feakin    
Annie1880   Desboro   Lawrence Lovett Turner   Jane Rosella Tailby    
Annie1880   Desboro   John Crick   Lois Page    
Annie1881   Desboro   Josiah Panter   Louisa Turner    
Annie Mary1881   Ilkesto   George Henry Barber   Sarah Frost    
Annie1881   Ketteri   William Burditt   Catherine Goodwin    
Annie1882   Desboro   William Pridmore   Elizabeth Stenson    
Annie1882   Desboro   Frederick Ginns   Matilda Ward    
Annie1882   Desboro        
Annie1883   Desboro   Samuel Andrews   Ruth Feakin    
Annie Madeline1883   Desboro   William Prowitt   Emma Houghton   Howard Burditt  
Annie1883   Desboro   William Hall   Sarah Ann Coe   William Leonard Brown  
Annie1883   Desboro   Robert Turner   Lydia Marlow    
Annie Louisa1883   Desboro   Mark Keep   Louisa Veasey    
Annie1883   Desboro   Frank Smith   Mary Ann Martin    
Annie1883   Ludwort   Alfred Shaw   Emma Marlow    
Annie1884   Desboro   Eli Ward   Lydia Ginns    
Annie1884   Desboro   Elam Grain Page   Frances Wallis    
Annie1884   Desboro   Albert Panter   Agnes Page   Harry Summerly  
Annie E1884   Desboro   Joseph Miller   Mary Ann Coe    
Annie A1884   Southse   [male] Emsley   Caroline A [not known]    
Annie E1884   Great B   Edwin Yeomans Ginns   Jane Mackness    
Annie1885   Desboro   John Pridmore   Mary Ann Butlin    
Annie1885   Desboro   George William Cross   Mary Ann Coe    
Annie1885   Desboro   Amos Clarke   Mary Jane Fletcher    
Annie1885   Welling   Edward Squire   Eliza A [not known    
Annie E1886   Desboro   Thomas Charles Liner   Elizabeth Burditt    
Annie1886   Desboro   Arthur William Glover   Louisa Eames    
Annie E1887   Desboro   Thomas Sargeant   Mary A Coe    
Annie Maria1887   Desboro   Alfred Wright Bird   Sarah Maria Yeomans    
Annie Sophia1887   Desboro   Joseph Marlow   Caroline Augusta Ginns   Bertie Kilborn  
Annie1887   Desboro   Tom Wareing   Emma Ann Berridge    
Annie M1887   Desboro   Frederick Richard Whitby   Kate Ellen Bosworth    
Annie1888   Desboro   Joseph Wallis   Emma Yeomans    
Annie1889   Wilbars   Samuel Timson   Esther [not known]    
Annie1890   Desboro   William Coe   Jane Smith    
Annie1890   Pytchle   William Buckby   Elizabeth [not known]    
Annie1890   Grafham       Albert E Kilborn  
Annie Evelyn1891   Desboro   Alfred James Dawkins   Lizzie Page   Arthur Henry Woolston  
Annie1891   Kenley   Richard Henry Betts   Elizabeth Ann Dixon    
Annie1891     Thomas Austin Jones   Emily Louisa Binley    
Annie Elsie1892   Desboro   John George Groocock Coe   Mary Ann Dainty    
Annie1893   Belper   Charles Arthur Buxton   Catherine Millicent Burrell    
Annie Ethel1893   Desboro   Albert Marlow   Harriett Collis    
Annie1893   Desboro   Joseph Thomas Broughton   Emily Coe    
Annie1893   Desboro   William Freeman   Hannah Binley    
Annie1894   Desboro   Joseph Dawkins   Mary Ann Yeomans    
Annie Elizabeth1894   Desboro   Alfred Robert Baines   Lucy Allen    
Annie Elizabeth1894   Desboro   Alfred Panter   Mary Elizabeth Ginns    
Annie Lavinia1894   Desboro   Daniel Carter   Jane Turner    
Annie1894   Offenha   John Chandler   Ellen [Not Known]    
Annie E1895   Desboro   Ernest Hall   Emma Feakin    
Annie Elizabeth1895   Desboro   Henry Ginns   Elizabeth J [not known]    
Annie1895   Desboro   John George Merrill   Ada Page    
Annie1896   Desboro   Joseph Dawkins   Mary Ann Winsall    
Annie1897   Desboro   Herbert Whymant   Ellen Feakin    
Annie Maria1897   Desboro   George Palmer   Ann Maria Oram    
Annie Louisa1900   Desboro   Alfred Barratt   Emily Burton    
Annie1900   Desboro   Alfred Barton   Emma Page    
Annie Elizabeth1902   Desboro   William Goodwin   Ellen Elizabeth Ball    
Annie1904   Ketteri   Arthur Loake   Amelia Andrews    
Annie1905   Rothwel   Walter Panter   Ann Coe    

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