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This page lists people with the Christian name B who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Benjamin     Joseph Lole      
Bertie         Ethel M Chapman  
Barbara1550   Desboro   Giles Poulton   Ellen Fuller    
Baldwin1565 est.   Harring       Frances Gutheridge  
B1568         William Harris  
Barbara1572   Desboro   John Wakelyn   Mary [not known]   Daniel Rogers  
Bridget Gregorye1578   Desboro   Gregory Hyll      
Bridget1579   Desboro   Thomas Numan   Ellen [not known]    
Bassabye1581/82   Desboro   Giles Tebotte      
Bartyn1582 est.          
Bridget1582 est.         William Laurence  
Bridget1592         [male] Numan  
Bartin1593 est.         Custance Alderman  
Botulph1599   Desboro   Maurice Farre      
Bartin1615/1616   Desboro   William Gutteridge     Alice [not known]  
Bridget1616   Nether       John Atkins  
Becky1618 est.         [male] Alderman  
Bridget1620 est.   Desboro       Edward Bayley  
Bridget1621 est.         John Wymant  
Bridget1621/22   Desboro   William Lockwood      
Bridget1628/29   Desboro   Thomas Simkin   Elizabeth [not known]    
Bridget1632/33   Desboro   Stephen Watson   Ann [not known]    
Bridget1636/37   Desboro   John Atkins   Bridget Marriott   John Watson  
Bridget1636   Desboro   John Brette   Dorothy Benette    
Bridget1637/38   Desboro   Robert Ladde   Dorothy [not known]    
Bridget1640   Desboro   John Wright   Agnes [not known]    
Bridget1642   Desboro   William Rowlett   Frances [not known]    
Bartin1647/48   Desboro   Bartin Gutteridge   Alice [not known]    
Bartin1649/50   Desboro   Bartin Gutteridge   Alice [not known]    
Bridget1649/50   Desboro   Peeter Seamaster   Elizabeth [not known]    
Bridget1651 est.         John Panter  
Bridget1652 est.         John Palmer  
Bridget1653   Desboro   Bartin Gutteridge   Alice [not known]   [male] Manning  
Bridget1672   Desboro   John Wyman   Elizabeth [not known]    
Benjamin1674 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Benjamin     Richard Lole   Mary [not known]    
Barbara1679/80   Desboro   Gamaliell Jarvis   Ann [not known]    
Bridget1680 est.         William Watson  
Bartin1681   Desboro   William Gutteridge   Ruth Manton   Esther Courtman ;
Anne Hill  
Benjamin1688   Desboro   Robert Warre   Rachel Atkins    
Benjamin1690   Rothwel   John Vials   Sarah Humphery    
Bartholomew1695 est.         Sarah Barrett  
Benjamin1695/96   Desboro   George Smith   Jane Pane    
Benjamin1696/97   Desboro   Benjamin Rose   Elizabeth [not known]    
Bridget1697 est.   Desboro       Thomas Ward  
Bridget1707   Desboro   Richard King   Rebecca [not known]    
Bartin1714   Thorpe   Bartin Gutteridge   Esther Courtman    
Benjamin1714   Desboro   John Smeeton   Mary [not known]    
Benjamin1726 est.         Suzanna Caris  
Benjamin1727   Desboro   John Nursey   Mary [not known]    
Benjamin1729         Elizabeth [not known]  
Benjamin1730 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Benjamin1735/36   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Elizabeth [not known]    
Benjamin1740 est.         Mary Morris  
Benjamin1741   Desboro   William Dawkins   Mary Austin    
Benoni1742   Desboro   Thomas Platt   Mary [not known]    
Benjamin1744 est.         Ann [not known]  
Benjamin1745         Mary Morris  
Benjamin1746/47   Desboro   William Essam   Judith Chapman   Ann March  
Benjamin1746   Desboro   William Carless   Elizabeth [not known]    
Benjamin1755 est.         Mary [not known]  
Benjamin1757 est.         Sarah [not known]  
Bridget1759   Desboro   Thomas Ward   Elizabeth [not known]    
Benjamin1760 est.         Sarah Coley  
Barbara1761   Easton   Thomas Percy   Anne Gutteridge    
Benjamin1769   Desboro   John Lole   Ann Allen    
Benjamin     William Crick   Ann Morris    
Benjamin1772   Desboro   John Wallis   Esther Patrick    
Benjamin1775   Desboro   Benjamin Flude   Sarah [not known]    
Benjamin1775 est.         Ann [not known]  
Benjamin1775   Rushton       Mary Blunsom  
Benjamin1776   Desboro   Thomas Marlow   Mary Hews    
Benjamin1778   Desboro   Benjamin Paine   Mary Morris    
Beebe1781   Desboro   William Curtis   Jane Busby    
Benjamin1781 est.   Desboro       Mary Forster  
Benjamin     Benjamin Tebbatt   Sarah Coley    
Bartholomew1783   Desboro   John Cox   Hannah Eagle   Ann Andrew ;
Elizabeth [not known]  
Benjamin1785   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Mary Nursey    
Benjamin1788   Desboro   Abraham Coe   Ann [not known]    
Benjamin1789   Ketteri       Elizabeth [not known]  
Betsy1794 est.         Jonathan Allen  
Benjamin1796   Ketteri   Benjamin East   Elizabeth [n.k.]   Elizabeth Wright  
Benjamin     Edward Coe   Mary [not known]    
Benjamin1799   Rothwel       Olave [not known]  
Betsy1801   Devon       Josias Walters  
Bartholomew1802   Desboro   William Cox   Elizabeth Salmon   Rebecca [not known]  
Benjamin1803   Coventr   Benjamin Riley   Mary [n.k.]   Jane Maria Rayment ;
Hannah Cragg  
Benjamin1804 est.         Susannah [not known]  
Barbara1806   Quorndo       John Jarvis  
Benjamin1810   Market        
Benjamin1813   Desboro       Ann Feakin ;
Lydia Walker  
Benjamin1813   Foxton       Ann Moore  
Benjamin Henry1816         Rebecca [not known]  
Benjamin1821   Clipsto       Ann Whymant  
Bathsheba1826   Leicest       Thomas Baker  
Bryan1827     Edward Ward   Elizabeth [not known]    
Benjamin1827   Middlet       Emily Yeomans  
Betsy1828   Desboro   Samuel Turner   Ann Ginns    
Bridget1829   Stoke D       Samuel Bollard  
Benjamin1830   London   Benjamin Riley   Jane Maria Rayment   Mary Ann Paine  
Benjamin White1831   Desboro     Lucy Nursey   Betsy Barnes  
Barbara1832   Rothwel       Samuel Page  
Bessie1834   Chevere       Joseph Taylor  
Baines1837   Desboro   William Baines   Clarissa Braines    
Benjamin1837   Braybro       Maria Marlow  
Benjamin1837   Harring   William Cheney   Mary Ann Willis   Harriett Letts  
Benjamin1839   Desboro   John Coe   Margaret Elkington    
Benjamin1839   Cotting   David Tansley   Elizabeth [n.k.]    
Byzantia1840   Desboro   Samuel Payne   Elizabeth Torrill   George Cursley  
Benjamin Hart1840   Warkton   William Bamford   Hannah Hart   Ann Amey ;
Clara Smith  
Benjamin1842   Wigston        
Betty1844   Desboro   Thomas Crick   Hannah Coe    
Betty1844   Desboro   John Binley   Rebecca Tomkins   Frederick Loasby  
Betsy1845   Melton     Elizabeth [not known]    
Betsy1845   Rothwel   Robert York   Ann Shortland    
Betsy1846   Floodsf   John Barnes   Sarah [not known]   Benjamin White Nursey  
Benjamin1847   Burton       Annie Newsome  
Bridget1848   Northam       William Curtis  
Benjamin1853   Welling   Joseph Goodman   Elizabeth March   Louisa Cobb  
Benjamin1853   Shipley       Emily [not known]  
Betsy1854   Southwi   James Scotney   Jane Sharp   William Charles Buckle  
Brian1855   Wilbars       Elizabeth Sturgess Coe  
Bryan1857   Desboro   Thomas Ward   Hannah Eltitton   Jane Smith  
Benjamin1858   Brafiel   Joseph Allbright   Susannah Norris   Mary Driver Marlow  
Bernard Cooper1858   Leicest        
Bryan1859   Tur Lan   Alfred Bindley   Louisa Markham    
Bertha Elizabeth1861   Desboro   Henry Haddon Cave   Mary Ann Branson    
Beaver1862   Desboro   John Coe   Ann Yeomans   Charlotte Winsall  
Bertha Priscilla1862   Leicest   Thomas Baker   Bathsheba Russell   John Farmer Sheavyn  
Benjamin1863   Lyneham   Abraham Thrush   Ellen [n.k.]   Ellen Brooks  
Blanche1864   Oxford   Thomas Loake   Mary Light    
Benjamin1865   Besthor   Benjamin Cheney   Harriett Letts   Annie Pelley ;
Clara Elizabeth Wills  
Benjamin George1866   Desboro   John Walker   Elizabeth Nursey   Emma Coe  
Bessie1866   Bradnin   George Walters   Harriet Turner    
Betsy A1867   Leicest   John Garner   Mary A [n.k.]   Richard King  
Ben1868   Sutton   George Freeman   Elizabeth [not known]    
Bailey1868   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Ann Panter    
Benjamin T1869   Ketteri   Charles Walker   Frances Idle    
Benjamin1870   Brampto   Frederick Moss   Sarah Cockerill    
Benjamin William B1872   Desboro   John Idle   Sophia Meadows Boutell    
Bryan1873   Desboro   John Marlow   Rose Ann Tyrrell    
Benjamin A1874   Ketteri   Eli Robinson   Sarah Coe    
Bertha1874   Walgrav   William Coles   Elizabeth [not known]    
Bertha1874   Rothwel   William Oram   Amelia Moore    
Bertha1876   Desboro   George Payne   Ann Thorpe   Frederick Kirby  
Bertie1876   Desboro   Robert Coe   Eliza Marlow   Mary Elizabeth Feakin  
Beatrice1876   Kings C       Lewis Coe  
Bertha1877   Desboro   William Allen   Elizabeth Hawes    
Beatrice Mary1877   Great B   Thomas William Wyatt   Charlotte Sophia Dobbs    
Bertie Lancaster1877   Desboro   William Thompson   Louise Pauline Janetta Dutriut   Kate Evelyn Crick  
Beatrice Annie1877   Naseby   William Perrin   Charlotte Wilford   Edwin Marlow  
Bertha1878   Desboro   Herbert Coe   Jane Morris    
Bernard George1878   Desboro   Josiah Coe   Lucy Page   Sarah Edith Green  
Benjamin1878         Sarah Ann Horsley  
Benjamin Norton1880   Desboro   Thomas Clark   Mary Hannah Ager    
Bernard E1880   Isham   William Wills   Ellen Wilford    
Blanch Elizabeth1880   Shipley   Benjamin Illingworth   Emily [not known]   George Hartwell Townend  
Bennett1881   Great B   George Allen   Matilda Reckless   Mary Ann Ball  
Bertie1883   Desboro   Herbert Kilborn   Mary Ann Elizabeth Deacon   Annie Sophia Marlow  
Bertha1883   Desboro   George Clarke   Ann Whiting    
Beatrice1883   Pipewel   William Vines   Sarah Coulson    
Beatrice F1883   Rothwel   Frederick Bosworth   Harriet Ann Barton    
Bertha1883   Liverse       Frederick William Fenton  
Bessie1883   Rothwel       Caleb Coe  
Burditt1884   Desboro   Alfred Panter   Sarah Burditt   Florence Hannah Hawes  
Bertie1884   Desboro   Edwin Johnson   Elizabeth Jane Sturman    
Benjamin Norris1884   Desboro   Benjamin Allbright   Mary Driver Marlow    
Bertie George1884     John Edwin Robinson   Lucy Ann Clayton    
Beatrice1885   Ketteri   George Freer   Sarah A Tebbutt    
Bert1885   Ketteri   Robert Bailey   Sybel Nursey    
Bert1885   Northam   Levi Yeomans   Harriet Cox    
Bertha Elizabeth1886   Desboro   Henry Marlow   Harriett Letts   William Arnold  
Barrington1886   Desboro   Robert Ward   Louisa Goodwin    
Benjamin1886   Welling   William Goodman   Annie Maria [not known]    
Beatrice L1886   Leicest   William Bosworth   Sedilla Broughton    
Beatrice Hetty1886   Ketteri       Arthur Coleman  
Bertha Elizabeth1887   Brigg   George Shaw Sowter   Isabella Mary Ann Cave    
Benjamin Enoch1887   Desboro   Amos Clarke   Mary Jane Fletcher    
Bertram G1888   Leicest   George Gamble Asher   Eliza Moore    
Beatrice Anna1888   Desboro   William Prowitt   Emma Houghton    
Bertha1888   Desboro   Samuel Johnson   Adelaide March    
Beatrice Ann1888   Desboro   Alfred Morris   Ann Morris   Henry Kilborn  
Byron1888   Leicest   Alfred Davenport     Ellen Hall  
Beatrice M1888   Harring   Joseph Hall   Caroline Manning    
Beatrice1889   Ketteri   George Solomon Goodwin   Annie Higgins    
Beatrice Lily1890   Desboro   James Hawes   Catherine Selina Kilborn    
Bernard1890   Desboro   Samuel Horsley   Lydia Coe    
Beatrice1890   Desboro   Frederick Goodman   Mary A Jarvis    
Beatrice1890   Ketteri   George Kilborn   Maria Brown    
Blanche Emma1892   Desboro   Dixon Palmer   Jane Lyon   Nathaniel Coe  
Benjamin Robert1892   Desboro   Robert Coe   Eliza Marlow   Evelyn Burgess  
Beatrice R1892   Ketteri   Owen Henry Willis   Alice Turland    
Bert1893   Ketteri   Charles Bambridge   Anne Ginns    
Beatrice1894   Desboro   Robert Bindley   Rebecca Freeman    
Barbara Mary1894   Desboro   George Bindley   Clara Ellen Marlow    
Beatrice Annie1895   Desboro   Alfred Barratt   Emily Burton    
Beatrice May1895   Wilbars   Walter Sharman   Lydia Maria Chapman    
Beatrice Clara1895   Desboro   George Coe   Clara Marlow    
Bertha1895   Rothwel   James Bethray Beeby   Eliza Catherine Coe    
Blanch G1896   Desboro   George Thomas Kilborn   Hannah Maria Panter    
Beatrice Annie1896   Desboro   Joseph Walter Jeffcoat   Mary Maria Keech    
Bernard Edgar1896   Ludwort   Alfred Shaw   Emma Marlow    
Bertie1896   Rothwel   Frederick Harris   Edith Elizabeth Bosworth    
Bertha1897   Desboro   Walter Marlow   Lucy Coe    
Beatrice May1897   Desboro   Joseph Buckby   Elizabeth Coe   Hayden Marlow  
Bernard Frederick1897   Desboro   Frederick Thomas Goode   Florence Guilford    
Bernard Leonard1897   Desboro   Albert Bonsor   Elizabeth Maria Goode    
Beatrice Ellen1898   Rothwel   William Coe   Jane West    
Beatrice1898   Desboro   Charles Huckaby Marlow   Jane Horsley    
Beatrice A1898   Desboro   Arthur Coe   Emily Stevenson    
Bryan1898   Desboro        
Beatrice1899   Notting   Charles William Burton   Sarah Frier    
Blanche1899   Rothwel   John Chandler   Ellen [Not Known]    
Bert Edwin1900   Desboro        
Bertie1900   Desboro   Bertie Coe   Mary Elizabeth Feakin    
Beatrice1900   Desboro   Horace Edmund Wyatt   Elizabeth Jane Kirby    
Bertie1900   Desboro   Thomas Deacon   Ellen Stratford    
Beatrice M1901   Desboro   Charles Frederick King   Florence Beatrice Johnson    
Beatrice Ann1901   Desboro     Mary Jane Tyrrell    
Bertha Agnes1901   Rothwel   George Law   Clara Beedsworth    
Blanche Violet1901   Desboro   George Hartwell Townend   Blanch Elizabeth Illingworth    
Beatrice1902   Desboro   George Coe   Clara Marlow    
Bertha1904   Desboro   John Henry Marlow   Ada Austin    
Beatrice May1904   Desboro   William Goodwin   Ellen Elizabeth Ball    
Beatrice M1904         Charles Harold Vines  
Bertram John1907   Desboro   John Thomas Morris   Amy Daisy Prowitt    
Bertie1907   Desboro   Owen Panter   Kate Isabel Mary Keep    
Beatrice Mary1908   Rothwel   Alfred John Bosworth   Sarah Eleanor M Hall    
Bertram1909   Desboro   James William Feakin   Ada Elizabeth Davenport    
Bernard1909   Great B   Samuel John King   Ethel Maud Ingram    
Beatrice Maud1909   Desboro   Arthur Buckby   Louisa Stokes    
Bert Charles1910   Desboro   William Johnson   Kate Mary Bosworth    
Bertha1913   Desboro   Harry Murkitt   Elsie Mary Sharman    

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