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This page lists people with the Christian name Catherine who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Catherine     Thomas Panter   Catherine [not known]    
Catherine         Charles Tompson  
Catherine         Catherine [not known]  
Catherine   Desboro       Thomas Bates  
Catherine     Libbyes Walker   Joan [not known]    
Catherine         [male] Chapman  
Catherine1477 est.         Giles Poulton  
Catherine1518         [male] Chapman  
Catherine1565         John Moseley  
Catherine1575         Robert Padston  
Catherine1576         Edward Hamon  
Catherine1581   Desboro   Edmund Garrett      
Catherine1582   Desboro   William Houghton   Ann Coop    
Catherine1585   Desboro   N Clarke      
Catherine1585   Desboro   Philip Pulton      
Catherine1586 est.         Martin Marson  
Catherine1590   Desboro   Gabriel Watson   Joan Hodgekin   John Drage  
Catherine1601   Desboro   Edmund Tebatte      
Catherine1603   Desboro   John Quenby   Ann Plowright    
Catherine1605   Desboro   John Quenby   Ann Plowright    
Catherine1606   Desboro   Henry Lockewood   Susanna Whittring    
Catherine1606   Desboro   Daniel Rogers   Barbara Wakelyn    
Catherine1607   Desboro   Giles Groococke      
Catherine1608   Desboro   Philip Manton   Frances Matthas    
Catherine1611     Richard Webster      
Catherine1615 est.   Desboro       William Smeeton  
Catherine1618 est.   Desboro       John Iliffe  
Catherine1619 est.   Desboro       William Barloe  
Catherine1630   Desboro   Robert Mekins   Frances Numan    
Catherine1631   Desboro   Thomas Patewell   Grace [not known]    
Catherine1632 est.         Thomas Sage  
Catherine1645   Desboro   Anthony Panter   Ann [not known]    
Catherine1652 est.         John Iliffe  
Catherine1662 est.         Henry Serjeant  
Catherine1665 est.         William Lightfoot  
Catherine1674   Desboro   John Iliffe   Catherine [not known]    
Catherine1677 est.         John Page  
Catherine1679   Desboro   James Blockley   Martha Gabett    
Catherine1683 est.         John Lenton  
Catherine1688 est.         Philip Watson  
Catherine1688 est.         Thomas Panter  
Catherine1688   Desboro   William Lightfoot   Catherine [not known]    
Catherine1689 est.         William Coley  
Catherine1690 est.         Philip Wason  
Catherine1693 est.         John Panter  
Catherine1693 est.   Desboro       Robert Grane  
Catherine1700   Desboro   Richard King   Rebecca [not known]    
Catherine1706   Desboro   Philip Watson   Catherine [not known]    
Catherine1706   Desboro   Henry Lenton   Anne Stafford    
Catherine1708   Desboro   Philip Wason   Catherine [not known]    
Catherine1711 est.   Desboro       George Barlow  
Catherine1713 est.         Thomas Ilym  
Catherine1719   Desboro   Robert Grane   Catherine Eagle   William Crick  
Catherine1719   Desboro   John Dawmont   Mary [not known]    
Catherine1721   Desboro   Edward Eagle   Mary Loake   James Robinson  
Catherine1721   Desboro     Sarah Tompson    
Catherine1722 est.         John Curtis  
Catherine1723   Desboro   William Sargeant   Sarah [not known]   William Ling  
Catherine1726   Desboro   William Hodson   Mary [not known]    
Catherine1731   Desboro   Thomas Marlow   Ann [not known]   Uriah Cobley  
Catherine1733   Desboro   Thomas Sage   Elizabeth Rudkin    
Catherine1737   Desboro   Thomas Sage   Elizabeth Rudkin   Thomas Hubbard  
Catherine1737   Desboro   Anthony Panter   Elizabeth [not known]    
Catherine1739   Desboro   John Forster   Elizabeth [not known]    
Catherine1742 est.         Daniel Smith  
Catherine1743   Desboro   John Forster   Elizabeth [not known]    
Catherine1744 est.         Thomas Clark  
Catherine1744   Desboro   John Wells   Elizabeth Smith    
Catherine1744 est.         Samuel Dimbleby  
Catherine1748         Robert Whitering  
Catherine1749   Desboro   Ferdinando Thorpe   Winifred [not known]    
Catherine1750 est.         John Morris  
Catherine1750 est.         John Yomans  
Catherine Mary1752     William Panter   Ann [not known]    
Catherine1755   Desboro   William Busby   Elizabeth Panter   Jonathan Page  
Catherine1756   Desboro   Thomas Frier   Anne Sage   Samuel Moor  
Catherine1756 est.   Desboro       Robert Jarvis  
Catherine1757   Desboro   William Sage   Ann Hills    
Catherine1758 est.         James Oliver  
Catherine1766   Desboro   Thomas Clark   Catherine [not known]    
Catherine1770   Desboro   John Morris   Catherine Panter   Edward Turner  
Catherine1772   Desboro   Thomas Hubbard   Catherine Sage    
Catherine1774 est.   Desboro       William Scoles  
Catherine1775   Desboro   Randle Flude   Mary Smalley    
Catherine1783   Desboro       Jonathan Salmon  
Catherine1783 est.   Desboro       William Henley  
Catherine1784   Desboro       Samuel Barratt  
Catherine1785   Desboro   Benjamin Tebbatt   Sarah Coley   William Burditt  
Catherine1787   Desboro   Benjamin Essam   Ann March    
Catherine1787 est.          
Catherine1789   Desboro   John Beaver   Elizabeth Yeomans    
Catherine1791   Desboro   John Binley   Hannah Cross   Samuel Nursey  
Catherine1794   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Ann Hulbert    
Catherine1794   Desboro   William Richard Haines   Sarah [not known]    
Catherine1796         John Johnson  
Catherine1797   Gretton       William Clark Dawkins  
Catherine1798   Desboro   William Yeomans   Ann Smalley    
Catherine1798   Desboro   Robert Curtis   Elizabeth Sutton    
Catherine1801   Desboro   William Robinson   Sarah [not known]    
Catherine1801   Desboro   Nathan Kendal   Ann Andrews    
Catherine1802     Thomas Ginns   Sarah Wakelin   Robert Kilborn  
Catherine1805         Samuel Yeomans  
Catherine1807   Desboro   Thomas Wallis   Ann Marlow   Samuel Coe  
Catherine1807 est.     Jonathan Page     Samuel Burditt  
Catherine1809         Catherine [not known]  
Catherine1810   Desboro   Robert Busby   Sarah [not known]    
Catherine1812   Gedding       George Sumner Kilborn ;
Joseph Johnson  
Catherine1812 est.     Joseph Yeomans   Rebecca Moore   John Reculist  
Catherine1816   Desboro   Samuel Feikin   Ann Page   George Bassett  
Catherine1817   Desboro   Thomas Page   Ruth [not known]    
Catherine1818   Brafiel       Spencer King  
Catherine1820   Rothwel   Stephen Essex   Sarah Sarjant    
Catherine1834   Desboro   Richard Buswell   Elizabeth Bromwich    
Catherine1835   Desboro   Robert Hulbert   Hannah Bamford   Thomas Barlow  
Catherine1838   Harring   [male] Hall   Ann [not known]    
Catherine1838   Market   [male] Neal   Mary Scott    
Catherine1841   Alresfo       Henry Esden  
Catherine Millicent1842   Belper       Charles Arthur Buxton  
Catherine Nancy1842   Clither       Charles Willis Cheney  
Catherine1845   Dartmou       Edgar Campbell Channer  
Catherine Lovett1847   Kelmars   William Lovett Turner   Mary Crafts    
Catherine1848   Rothwel        
Catherine1848   Ketteri       William Burditt  
Catherine1850   Desboro   John Jones   Mary Ann [not known]    
Catherine1853   Rothwel   Edward Titman   Mary Coe    
Catherine1855   Market       Edwin Kilborn  
Catherine1856   Stoke A   Thomas Berridge   Mary Ann [not known]   Edmund Harold Houghton  
Catherine1857   Rothwel   William Johnson   Deborah Marlow   William Groocock  
Catherine A1858   Desboro   Isaac Dunkley   Mary Ann Sharp    
Catherine1860   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Lydia Coe    
Catherine Selina1860   Desboro   Thomas Kilborn   Clarissa Robinson   James Hawes  
Catherine1860   Monks K       Joseph Clarke  
Catherine1869   Desboro   Charles Coe   Mary Ann Asher    
Catherine Ann1870   Rugby   George Kilborn   Hannah Hill    
Catherine Campbell1874   Sherfor   Edgar Campbell Channer   Catherine Bridgman    
Catherine S1878   Market   Henry Esden   Catherine Britten    
Catherine S1880   Leicest   John H Shaw   Lucy [not known]    
Catherine1880   Aston   Albert Charles Baines   Jane Rea    
Catherine Ann1885   Desboro   Charles Panter   Elizabeth Ann Summerley    
Catherine1889   Rushton   Thomas Jarvis   Martha Tye    
Catherine Gertrude1890   Desboro   Richard Lovett Newman Turner   Maria Baldwin    
Catherine M1900   Tavisto   Edward Bullen Gilbert   Maud Caroline Cave    
Catherine Iris1902   Desboro   Thomas Henry Esden   Julia Eliza Ginns    

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