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This page lists people with the Christian name Dor who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Dorothy         John Stiffe  
Dorothy         [male] Watson  
Dorothy         Edward Weston  
Dorothy1556 est.         Robert Cook  
Dorothy1568 est.         Thomas Treslove  
Dorothy1572   Desboro   William Chapman      
Dorothy1586   Desboro   William Dicks      
Dorothy1586   Desboro   George Shelston      
Dorothy1587   Desboro   William Houghton   Ann Coop    
Dorothy1593   Desboro   William Warwicke      
Dorothy1596   Desboro   M Bennette     John Brette  
Dorothy1605 est.   Desboro       William Watkin  
Dorothy1612 est.         John Alderman  
Dorothy1620 est.   Braybro       Edward Waples  
Dorothy1620 est.         Robert Ladde  
Dorothy1652   Desboro   Edward Horsman   Mary [not known]    
Dorothy1661 est.         John Waples  
Dorothy1750 est.         John Forster  
Dorothy1780   Desboro   Thomas Hawes   Mary [not known]    
Dorothy1815   Desboro   William Walters   Jane [not known]   Joseph Andrews  
Dorcas1828   Eatingt       Roger Alvan Muggleton  
Dorcas1829   Rothwel   John Pinnock      
Dorcas1837     Joseph Kendall   Hannah Cox    
Dorothy1852   Kneesal   Edwin Sims Baguley   Lucy Tongue    
Dorcas1867   Rothwel   John Yeomans   Jane Coe    
Dora Emma1881   Oakham   William Giles   Mary Ann [not known]    
Dorcas1882   Desboro   George Henry Yeomans   Margaret Ann Ward   Charles William Laundon  
Dorothy1885   Bromley   John Lindsay Joyce   Elizabeth Ann Andrews    
Dorcas1887   Desboro   Reuben Ginns   Rosina Yeomans    
Dora A1889   Desboro   Thomas Bindley   Eliza Ann Barber    
Dorothy Rose1893   Sheepy   Richard Lovett Turner   Emma Amelia Russ    
Dora Lavinia1893   Desboro   Joseph Allan Dines   Jane Jones    
Dorothy Helen1894   Desboro   Frederick Burditt   Clara Johnson   Frank James Crick  
Dorothy S1894   Desboro   Frank Andrew Asher   Annie Eliza Pickering    
Dorothy Grace1895   Berkham   Richard Yeomans   Agnes Priestland    
Dorothy1895   Leicest   William Bollard   Emma Litchfield    
Dorothy Hannah1897   Manton   William Dean   Mabel Amelia Tailby    
Dorothy Annie1898   Kelmars   Joseph Cope   Dinah Isabella Sturgess    
Dorothy1898   Desboro   George Marlow   Lydia Coe    
Dorothy Emma1899   Desboro   Ernest Pettitt   Emma Horner    
Doris M1899   Ketteri   Harry Coe   Louisa Annie Neal    
Dorothy1899   Desboro   John Henry Barber   Ellen Laura Crick    
Doris L1900   Rothwel   Harry Bosworth   Melinda Morris    
Dorothy Rose1900   Desboro   Frederick Glover   Florence Rose Ginns    
Doris1900   Desboro   Fred James Clements   Emma Panter    
Dorothy1900   Pytchle   William Buckby   Elizabeth [not known]    
Dora1900   Desboro   John Allen Ginns   Kate Ann Tailby    
Doris E1900   Desboro   Harry Marlow   Lydia Baldwin    
Dorothy Maude1900   Desboro   Ernest William Shingfield   Mary Ann Glover    
Doris1900   Ketteri   Arthur Loake   Amelia Andrews    
Dorothy M1900   Ketteri   George Alfred Mayes   Ada Asher    
Dorothy Ivy1900   Desboro   Edward Samuel Horsley   Sarah Jane Chapman    
Dora1901   Desboro   Horace Johnson Coe   Ellen Yeomans    
Doris1901   Rothwel   Charles Albert Wells   Susan Morris    
Doris1902   Welling   Albert Edward Elkington   Ellen Martin    
Dorothy Blanche1902   Desboro   Francis John Ginns   Anne Amelia Goodman    
Dorothy1902   Ketteri     Edith Emily Hodson    
Doris Maud1903   Desboro   Alfred James Dawkins   Lizzie Page    
Doris1904   Desboro   Frederick Joseph Coe   Kate Marlow    
Dorothy Eva1904   Desboro   William Curtis   Sarah Elizabeth Spencer    
Dorothy Maud1904   Desboro   Charles William Laundon   Dorcas Yeomans    
Dorothy Edith1904   Rushden   Bernard George Coe   Sarah Edith Green    
Doris Amelia1905   Desboro   Frederick Oram   Phoebe Marlow    
Doris Phoebe1905   Desboro   Samuel Coe   Emily Pridmore    
Dora1906   Morton   John Edward Gardner   Annie Flude    
Doris1906   Desboro   John Thomas Lynn   Ellen Thornton    
Dorothy1907   Lowdham   George Ernest Aiers   Lucy Marlow   Frederick Arthur Groocock  
Dorothy1908   Desboro   Richard Vickers   Kate Noble    
Doris Emma1908   Desboro   Ernest Whiting   Ellen Mansfield    
Doris1908   Desboro   Harry White   Emily Hannah Boon    
Dorothy Irene1909     Fred Andrews   Minnie Buckby    
Doris1909   Desboro   Frederick Charles Summerly   Elizabeth Marlow    
Doris May1909   Desboro   Arthur John Sturgess   Eliza Elizabeth Hillyer    
Dorothy Violet1911   Desboro   Thomas Manton   Julia Panter    
Dorothy E1920   Desboro   Arthur Blissett   Edith Ellen Johnson    

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