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This page lists people with the Christian name Edward who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Edward   Desboro   Henry Corby   Joan [not known]    
Edward     Richard Yeomans   Mary Coe    
Edward     William Dicks      
Edward     Daniel Rogers   Barbara Wakelyn    
Edward         Mary [not known]  
Edward1538   Desboro       Joan [not known]  
Edward1559 est.          
Edward1568 est.         Elizabeth [not known] ;
Alice Goodman  
Edward1572   Desboro   Henry Silby      
Edward1576 est.         Joan Barrette  
Edward1576 est.         Custance Bushoppe  
Edward1576         Catherine [not known]  
Edward1577   Desboro   Peter Quenby   Ellen [not known]    
Edward1579   Desboro   Ralph Browneknaffe   Elizabeth [not known]    
Edward1580 est.   Ketteri       Elizabeth [not known]  
Edward1580   Desboro   William Haye      
Edward1581   Desboro   John Chapman      
Edward1581   Desboro   Edward Pulver      
Edward1582   Desboro   William Dicks      
Edward1582   Desboro   George Poulton   Elizabeth Isham    
Edward1582   Desboro   Philip Warner      
Edward1584 est.         Mary Slye  
Edward1585   Desboro   John Wright      
Edward1590 est.   Stoke D       Elizabeth Watson  
Edward1590 est.          
Edward1591   Desboro   John Clement   Margaret Campion    
Edward1597 est.          
Edward1598   Desboro   Alexander Lawnder   Elizabeth Pulton    
Edward1601   Desboro   John Silby   Elizabeth Subley   Lettice [not known]  
Edward1601   Desboro        
Edward1602   Desboro   John Poulton   Frances [not known]    
Edward1602 est.          
Edward1604   Desboro   Bartyn Gutteridge      
Edward1604   Desboro   John Dicks      
Edward1604   Desboro   Robert Tebotte   Mary Silby   Cicely [not known]  
Edward1606 est.   Desboro       Mary Wright  
Edward1606 est.   Rothwel       Joan Tebotte  
Edward1610   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Emme [not known]    
Edward1610   Desboro   Thomas Baily   Jane Alderman   Bridget Martin  
Edward1611   Desboro   Daniel Rogers   Barbara Wakelyn    
Edward1612   Desboro   John Barton      
Edward1613 est.   Drayton       Mary Selby  
Edward1615 est.     [male] Lole     Anne [not known]  
Edward1615 est.   Wold       Elizabeth Parker  
Edward1620 est.   Haselbe       Dorothy Bosworth  
Edward1620   Desboro   John Ireland      
Edward1623   Desboro   Thomas Hall      
Edward1623 est.         Agnes [not known]  
Edward1628   Desboro   Robert Mekins   Frances Numan    
Edward1629 est.   Rothwel       Elizabeth Skinner  
Edward1631 est.         Emm [not known]  
Edward1632 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Edward1632 est.         Mary [not known]  
Edward1632   Desboro   Richard Alderman   Frances [not known]    
Edward1633   Desboro   William Panter   Mary Codsbrook    
Edward1633   Desboro   John Wright   Agnes [not known]    
Edward1634   Desboro     Alice Panter    
Edward1634   Desboro   Thomas Patewell   Grace [not known]    
Edward1635 est.         Temperance [not known]  
Edward1635   Desboro   Edward Selby   Lettice [not known]    
Edward1635 est.   Desboro       Anne Wright  
Edward1638   Desboro   Edward Yeomans   Mary Wright    
Edward1641   Desboro   Richard Alderman   Frances [not known]    
Edward1643   Desboro   John Wymant   Bridget [not known]   Susannah Isoton  
Edward1650   Desboro   Anthony Panter   Ann [not known]    
Edward1651   Desboro   Richard Lole   Hannah Braynes    
Edward1654 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth Sharp  
Edward1654 est.   Rothwel       Susanna Alderman  
Edward1654 est.   Rocking       [female] [not known]  
Edward1657 est.         Rebecka Smith  
Edward1658 est.   Desboro       Martha Sage  
Edward1658 est.   Rothwel       Rebecka Smith  
Edward1659 est.   Desboro       Mary Sage  
Edward1660 est.         Mary [not known] ;
Hannah [not known]  
Edward1660 est.   Stoke A       Ann Drake  
Edward1661 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Edward1661 est.   Orton       Ann Palmer  
Edward1667 est.          
Edward1671   Desboro   Rowland Pateman   Jane [not known]    
Edward1673   Desboro   Edward Allen   Elizabeth Sharp    
Edward1677   Desboro   Edward Wyman   Susannah Isoton    
Edward1679   Desboro   Edward Dainty   Ann Palmer   Susannah [not known]  
Edward1679 est.         Elizabeth Tibbet  
Edward1681 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Edward1692 est.   Desboro       Mary Loake  
Edward1697   Desboro   John Cave   Mary [not known]    
Edward1699   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Elizabeth [not known]    
Edward1705 est.         Alice [not known]  
Edward1706 est.         Anne [not known]  
Edward1709   Desboro   John Pridmore   Martha [not known]    
Edward1710 est.         Mary [not known]  
Edward1713   Desboro   John Robinson   Mary [not known]    
Edward1713   Desboro   Joseph Lole   Ursula Thompson   Mary [not known]  
Edward1717   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Elizabeth [not known]    
Edward1718   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Elizabeth [not known]   Jane [not known]  
Edward1719 est.         Katherine Barratt  
Edward1719   Desboro   Edward Eagle   Mary Loake    
Edward1719   Desboro   Thomas Foster   Elizabeth Eagle    
Edward1723 est.         Grace Coles  
Edward1723 est.   Farndon       Hannah [not known]  
Edward1724 est.         Mary [not known]  
Edward1726 est.         Ann [not known]  
Edward1728   Desboro   William Coe   Anne [not known]    
Edward1730   Desboro   Edward Fakon   Mary [not known]   Mary [not known]  
Edward1731   Desboro   Edward Biddle   Alice [not known]   Mary Sage  
Edward1731   Desboro   Edward Coe   Anne [not known]    
Edward1731   Desboro   Thomas Cooke   Elizabeth [not known]    
Edward1732   Desboro   Emanuel Coe   Elizabeth Philips    
Edward1732 est.         Mary Panter  
Edward1733   Desboro   Thomas Marlow   Ann [not known]    
Edward1734   Desboro   Anthony Panter   Elizabeth [not known]    
Edward1734 est.         Elizabeth [not known] ;
Mary Scott ;
Mary [not known]  
Edward1738 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Edward1740 est.         Jane [not known]  
Edward1741   Desboro   Joseph Rowthourne   Mary [not known]   Mary Dunkley  
Edward1742 est.         Maria Marlow  
Edward1742   Desboro   Edward Slough   Mary [not known]    
Edward1742 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Edward1743   Desboro   Giles Marlow   Ann Turner   Mary Haseldine  
Edward1744   Desboro   Thomas Chapman   Rebecca [not known]   Sarah Freestone  
Edward1745 est.         Alice [not known]  
Edward1746 est.         Jane [not known]  
Edward1752   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Jane [not known]    
Edward1752   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary Panter    
Edward1753   Desboro   Richard Yeomans   Mary Coe    
Edward1754   Desboro   Daniel Fakon   Elizabeth White   Elizabeth Winsall  
Edward1755   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary Panter    
Edward1757 est.         Ruth [not known] ;
Susannah Jarvis  
Edward1760 est.     Edward Marlow   Jane [not known]   Jane Roads  
Edward1760 est.   Clipsto       Martha Watson  
Edward1762   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary Panter    
Edward1763   Watford   Edward Marlow   Alice [not known]   Sarah Hanbury  
Edward1765 est.   Bulwick       Ruth Morris  
Edward1765   Desboro   Thomas Yeomans   Elizabeth [not known]    
Edward1765   Desboro   Edward Asser   Jane [not known]    
Edward1765 est.   Desboro       Ann Essam  
Edward1766   Wilbars       Elizabeth [not known]  
Edward1767   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary Panter    
Edward1769   Desboro   Josiah Lole   Ann Eagle    
Edward1770 est.   Desboro       Catherine Morris  
Edward1770         Dorothy [not known]  
Edward1771   Desboro   John Biddle   Ann [not known]   Mary Yeomans  
Edward1771 est.         Sarah [not known] ;
Mary [not known]  
Edward1772 est.         Alice Coe  
Edward1773   Desboro     Sarah Marlow   Jane Coe  
Edward1774 est.   Desboro       Hannah Crisp  
Edward1774 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Edward1775   Desboro   Edward King   Maria Marlow   Elizabeth Jarvis  
Edward1776 est.         Mary [not known]  
Edward1776   Desboro   William Coe   Mary Green    
Edward1777   Desboro   William Coe   Elizabeth Biddle    
Edward1784   Desboro   John Tailby   Sarah [not known]    
Edward1784 est.         Hannah [not known]  
Edward1786 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Edward1787   Northam       Sarah [not known]  
Edward1788 est.         Ruth [not known]  
Edward1791 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Edward1792   Desboro   Edward Coe   Elizabeth [not known]    
Edward1795   Desboro   John Biddle   Mary Coe    
Edward1796 est.   Ashley       Elizabeth [not known]  
Edward1796     Edward Coe   Mary [not known]    
Edward1797   Desboro   Giles Marlow   Jane Marlow   Sarah [not known]  
Edward1797 est.         Sarah [not known]  
Edward1797   Desboro   [male] Coe   Mary [not known]   Ann Page  
Edward1797   Desboro   Edward Yeomans   Ann Essam   Mary [not known]  
Edward1799 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Edward1799     Joseph Rowthorne   Hannah Smeeton    
Edward1800   Gayton       Hannah [not known]  
Edward Reynolds1801   Desboro   Giles Loake   Elizabeth Pool    
Edward1802   Desboro     Elizabeth Coe    
Edward1804   Dublin       Mary Jane Cave  
Edward1805   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Jane Gamble   Mary [not known]  
Edward1809   Desboro   John Lole   Martha Rowthorn    
Edward1817 est.         Sarah [not known]  
Edward1817   Ketteri       Mary [not known]  
Edward1825   Desboro   John Coe   Elizabeth Quince   Hannah Loake  
Edward1828     Edward Coe   Ann Page    
Edward1828   Titchma       Mary Coe  
Edward1830   Rothwel       Elizabeth Slow  
Edward1831   Stoke A   Edward Ward   Elizabeth [not known]    
Edward1834   Bethnal   George Stratford   Jane [not known]    
Edward Wentworth1836   Mile En   Robert Lawson   Mary Essam    
Edward1836   Rothwel   James Martin      
Edward1837   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Mary [not known]   Emma Marlow  
Edward1840   Wilbars   William Sanders   Mary [not known]   Selina Marlow  
Edward1840   Middles   Edward Vandeleur   Mary Jane Cave    
Edward Miall1849   Market       Fanny Lovett Turner  
Edward1850   Wilbars   George Looms   Lucy Sanders    
Edward G1850   Desboro   George Emery   Eliza East    
Edward Ward1851   Leicest   John Mutton Walter   Elizabeth Loake    
Edward1852   Halifax   Benjamin Whymant   Ann Whymant   Sarah Jane Gray  
Edward William1852   Rothwel   William Marriott   Susanna Wiggins    
Edward1855   Rothwel   Daniel Marlow   Elizabeth Driver    
Edward1855   Sheffor       Eliza A [not known  
Edward1856   Desboro   William Morris   Grace Rowthorn   Elizabeth Coe  
Edward1857   Bliswor   John Griffin   Rebecca Levratt    
Edward1857   Sidlesh       Rebecca Symes  
Edward John1859   Darlast       Emma Page  
Edward Bullen1862   St Panc       Maud Caroline Cave  
Edward1864   Blaston   George Morris   Eliza Yeomans    
Edward Ernest1866   Desboro   William Lovett Turner   Anne Kilborn    
Edward W1872   Surbito   Lewis William Cave   Julia Watkins    
Edward1872   Ketteri   Benjamin Hart Bamford   Ann Amey    
Edward1875   Desboro   Luke Coe   Esther Coe   Emma Kilbourn  
Edward1875   Desboro   Thomas Ward   Mary Ann Lenton   Mary Ann Goodson  
Edward Samuel1875   Cotting       Sarah Jane Chapman  
Edward1876   Arthing   Thomas Carter Loke   Sarah Ann Tyrrell    
Edward1878   Desboro   John Freer   Sarah Jane Sanders    
Edward1880   Market   Joseph Foster   Matilda Burditt    
Edward George1880   Northam   Owen Rowthorn   Maria Cosford    
Edward1881   Desboro   Joseph Looms   Emma Crick    
Edward1882   Desboro   George Edward Bassett   Sarah Suter    
Edward1885   Wilbars   Thomas William Chapman   Mary Ann West    
Edward W1887   Shepher   Edgar Campbell Channer   Catherine Bridgman    
Edward Charles1892   Desboro   George Summerley   Elizabeth Morris    
Edward Lewis1899   Torquay   Edward Bullen Gilbert   Maud Caroline Cave    
Edward Kenneth1903   Desboro   Edward Samuel Horsley   Sarah Jane Chapman    

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