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This page lists people with the Christian name Frank who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Frank         Edith Manton  
Frank1824   Great C       Mary A Currington  
Frank H1850   Ketteri   Jonathan Willis   Emma Breakspear    
Frank Roughton1860   Ketteri       Hannah Elizabeth Kinder  
Frank1864   Maidwel   William Smith   Ann Gilbert   Mary Ann Martin  
Frank Andrew1865   Desboro   Joseph Asher   Ann Andrews   Annie Eliza Pickering  
Frank1865   Rothwel   John Barlow   Eliza Coe    
Frank1866   Desboro   Charles Page   Clara Coe    
Frank1867   Desboro   George Groocock   Hannah Feakin   Margaret Maria Nursey  
Frank W1867   Ketteri   George Green Hales   Elizabeth Robinson    
Frank1870   Desboro   William Coe   Clara Bosworth    
Frank1870   Market   John Law   Clara Morris   Eliza Catherine Johns  
Frank1878   Islingt   Montague Yeomans   Eliza Thurman    
Frank1881   Lodding   James Tailby   Elizabeth Asher    
Frank1881   Desboro   Luke Freeman   Sarah Ann Holt    
Frank1881   St Alba   Mark Keep   Louisa Veasey    
Frank Palmer1881   Ketteri   Thomas Ceybird   Harriet Palmer    
Frank1881   Desboro   Thomas Bruorton   Elizabeth [not known]    
Frank1883   Desboro   John Bosworth   Annie Hickman    
Frank Joseph1883   Desboro   Joseph Marlow   Caroline Augusta Ginns   Julia Mary Beevers  
Frank Malpas1884   Desboro   Joseph Allan Dines   Jane Jones    
Frank1884   Desboro   Alfred Page   Sophia Burditt    
Frank E1884   Market   Joseph Edward Baines   Judith Harrison S Goode    
Frank1884   Daventr   William Coe   Alice Roberts    
Frank1885   Desboro   Albert Page   Lucy Rebecca Panter    
Frank1885   Desboro   Thomas Pridmore   Paulina Rowlatt    
Frank1885   Braybro   Frederick Kilborn   Maria Ann Cheney    
Frank1886   Pytchle   William Buckby   Elizabeth [not known]    
Frank1887   Desboro   Joseph Allan Dines   Jane Jones    
Frank1887   Desboro   William Allen   Elizabeth Hawes    
Frank1887   Desboro   Eli Ward   Lydia Ginns    
Frank1888   Desboro   Albert Marlow   Harriett Collis    
Frank Leslie Roughton1889   Desboro   Frank Roughton Turner   Hannah Elizabeth Kinder    
Frank1889   Desboro   Robert Turner   Lydia Marlow    
Frank1889   Scaldwe   Thomas Worth   Kate Elizabeth Durham    
Frank1890   Desboro   William Summerley   Emma Nursey    
Frank J1890   Rothwel   William Taylor   Elizabeth Mary J [not known]    
Frank1891   Desboro   Arthur G Nursey   Agnes Coe    
Frank1891   Desboro   William Alfred Sherratt   Hannah Willshaw    
Frank1892   Desboro   Thomas Bindley   Eliza Ann Barber   Emily Topp  
Frank1892   Desboro   Isaac Coe   Agnes Coe    
Frank1894   Desboro   John Walker   Ann Elizabeth March    
Frank1894   Desboro   Joseph Martin   Mary Ann Coles    
Frank H1894   Ketteri   George Freer   Sarah A Tebbutt    
Frank1894   Desboro   John Joseph Pridmore   Emma Quilla King    
Frank1895   Desboro   William Coe   Jane Smith    
Frank Cyril1896   Rothwel   Harry Bosworth   Melinda Morris    
Frank1896   Desboro   Tom Wareing   Emma Ann Berridge    
Frank Harold1896   Desboro   William Curtis   Sarah Elizabeth Spencer    
Frank Joseph1897   Desboro   Jesse Marlow   Sarah Ann Reckless    
Frank1897   Desboro   Robert Bindley   Rebecca Freeman    
Frank1897   Desboro   John Edward Ginns   Emma Baldwin    
Frank1897   Desboro   Arthur W Morris   Sarah Ann Coe    
Frank James1898   Desboro   Samuel James Crick   Sarah Ann Rowlett   Dorothy Helen Burditt  
Frank Albert1898   Desboro   Frederick Charles Cox   Eliza Ann Dimbleby    
Frank Edward1898   Rothwel   Frank Law   Eliza Catherine Johns    
Frank W1899   Desboro   William Wright Smith   Eliza Ann Coe    
Frank Tailby1899   Desboro   Frederick Thomas Goode   Florence Guilford    
Frank Aubrey1899   Irchest   Albert Francis Harrold   Sarah Jane King    
Frank P1900   Desboro   Frank Andrew Asher   Annie Eliza Pickering    
Frank1900 est.   Desboro       Hilda Maud Willis  
Frank William1905   Desboro   Frederick John Burton   Ada Coe    

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