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This page lists people with the Christian name Georg who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
George William         Mary Ann Coe  
George   Sawclif       Isabel Poulton  
George         Mary Ann White  
George     Richard Davy   Elizabeth [not known]    
George   Littleb        
George     Edward Weale   Joan Barrette    
George     John Davye   Jane [not known]    
George         Elizabeth [not known]  
George   Orlingb       Ann Nursey  
George1553   Desboro   Giles Poulton   Ellen Fuller   Elizabeth Isham  
George1561 est.          
George1574 est.   Weston       Ann Smythe  
George1578   Desboro   Richard Davies   Mary Wymonde   Elizabeth Weldon  
George1583   Desboro   Gregory Hyll      
George1585   Desboro   Giles Barrett   Aylse Wimond    
George1589   Desboro   Robert Trotte   Ellen Hay    
George1590   Desboro   Thomas Griffin   Lucisesse [not known]    
George1590   Desboro   George Shelston      
George1590 est.          
George1599   Desboro   John Poulton   Frances [not known]    
George1603   Desboro   John Davies      
George1611 est.   Desboro       Agnes Robbins  
George1611   Desboro   Philip Manton   Frances Matthas    
George1611   Desboro   Saunders Saye      
George1612 est.   Potters       Margaret [not known]  
George1615   Desboro   Robert Warre   Elizabeth Watson    
George1620   Desboro   Robert Mekins   Frances Numan   Godith Lusnam  
George1623   Desboro   George Davies   Elizabeth Weldon    
George1629 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
George1633 est.   Wilbars       Joan Chapman  
George1633 est.          
George1633   Desboro   Thomas Rowledge   Ellen Daniels    
George1639   Desboro   Thomas Iliffe   Alice [not known]    
George1641   Desboro   Richard Davies   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1642   Desboro   William Barloe   Grace [not known]    
George1652   Desboro   Richard Davy   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1654 est.         Jane Pane  
George1654 est.   Wilbars       Alice Ladd  
George1657 est.   Gedding       Elizabeth Clarke  
George1660 est.         Mary [not known]  
George1661 est.   Rothwel       Mary Ponder  
George1662 est.          
George1664   Haselbe   Samuel Bagley     Anne [not known]  
George1672         Susanah Waymant  
George1677 est.          
George1677   Desboro   William Haseldine   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1678   Desboro   George Watson   Mary [not known]    
George1687   Desboro   George Smith   Jane Pane    
George1694 est.   Wilbars       Mary Estall  
George1695 est.         Elizabeth Tomkins  
George1706   Desboro   John Barratt   Joane Lenton   Elizabeth Diglas  
George1706   Desboro   Thomas Morris     Elizabeth Nursey  
George1706   Desboro   John Barrel      
George1711 est.   Desboro       Catherine Panter  
George1715   Desboro   Jonathan Rudkin   Mary [not known]    
George1718   Desboro   Thomas Loake   Elizabeth Sage   Sarah [not known]  
George1722   Desboro   Thomas Haselden   Anne Rose   Sarah [not known]  
George1722   Desboro   Thomas Frier   Mary [not known]   Sarah [not known] ;
Mary Rowthorne  
George1724 est.         Ann [not known]  
George1731     George Morris   Elizabeth Nursey   Mary [not known]  
George1731   Desboro   Thomas Ilym   Catherine [not known]    
George1733 est.         Mary Whitworth  
George1739   Desboro   George Barratt   Elizabeth Diglas   Elizabeth Kidney ;
Ann Grane  
George1742   Desboro   George Sumner   Ann [not known]   Ann Watson  
George1749   Desboro   George Haselden   Sarah [not known]   Mary Rowthorn  
George1749     Lewis Cave   Ann Sansome    
George1750   Desboro   George Frier   Sarah [not known]    
George1751   Desboro   George Cave   Mary Whitworth   Ann Ball  
George1755   Desboro   George Morris   Mary [not known]    
George1755   Desboro   George Morris   Mary [not known]    
George1755 est.   Litchbo       Elizabeth Freestone  
George1758   Desboro   George Morris   Mary [not known]    
George1766   Desboro   William Coe   Mary Panter   Mary Aprice  
George1770   Desboro   Lewis Dawkins   Alice Wells   Sarah Miller ;
Alice Palmer  
George1771   Desboro   George Barratt   Elizabeth Kidney    
George1771   Stather       Charlotte [not known]  
George1772   Desboro   Thomas Bosworth   Elizabeth Harrison    
George1773   Desboro   George Sumner   Ann Watson   Ann Coe  
George1781         Mary [not known]  
George1783 est.   Great A       Ann Sumner  
George1784 est.         Sarah [not known]  
George1784   Desboro   Thomas Frear   Mary [not known]    
George1784 est.          
George1785   Desboro   John Mundy   Sarah [not known]    
George1786         Jane [not known]  
George1786   Desboro   John Tailby   Sarah Burditt    
George1788   Desboro   Richard Wadds   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1790   Desboro   William Yeomans   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1791   Desboro   Christopher Jonson   Sarah [not known]    
George1793   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Mary [not known]   Jane Cole Binley  
George1793 est.         Margaret Marlow  
George1793   Desboro   George Coe   Mary Aprice   Elizabeth Curtis  
George1796   Rushton       Mary Coe  
George1796 est.         Sarah [not known]  
George1796   Cottesb       Ann [not known]  
George1797   Desboro   John Robinson   Mary Wallis   Sarah Swain  
George1797   Desboro   William Yeomans   Mary Biddle   Hannah [not known]  
George1797 est.         Elizabeth Nichols  
George1803   Desboro   Robert Maykins   Elizabeth Barratt   Hannah Thompson  
George1804   Desboro   Thomas Buckby   Mary [not known]   Martha Marlow  
George1804   Desboro   John Winsall   Martha Aprice    
George1805   Desboro   Richard Smith   Charlotte Coe   Rebecca [not known] ;
Mary Horner  
George1807 est.         Sarah [not known]  
George Sumner1809   Desboro   Samuel Kilborn   Martha Sumner   Catherine [not known]  
George1811   Desboro   William Barratt   Dinah Tomson   Mary Ann [not known]  
George1811 est.         Maryann [not known]  
George1811   Desboro       Rebecca Coe  
George1811   Great A       Eliza [not known]  
George1811   Heyshot       Maria [not known]  
George1812   Sibsey       Susanna Mayfield  
George1813     George Sumner   Ann Coe    
George1814   Braybro   William Tailby   Elizabeth [not known]   Ann Deacon  
George1814   Desboro   John West   Elizabeth Renoylds    
George1815   Desboro   William Salmon   Lucy Hobill    
George1815   Desboro   William Page   Ann Coe   Elizabeth Clarke ;
Jemima Coe  
George1815   Desboro   George Coe   Elizabeth Curtis    
George1816     George Bosworth   Mary [not known]    
George1817   Desboro   William Dawkins   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1818   Market   George Coe   Elizabeth Curtis    
George1819   Bethnal   George Stratford   Jane [not known]   Ann Abbott  
George1819   Thurmas   William Barratt   Margaret Bentley    
George1820   Desboro   Joseph Miller   Hannah Salmon   Priscilla Monk ;
Martha Simkin  
George1820     George Crick   Jane Cole Binley    
George1820   Desboro   William Tailby   Rebecca Coleman    
George1820   Chelten       Amelia [not known]  
George1820   Nympsfi       Rebecca Knibb  
George1820   Desboro   Samuel Bamford   Mary Webster    
George1821     James Blunsom   Sarah [not known]    
George1821         Catherine Feakin  
George1821   Harring       Elizabeth [not known]  
George1821   Desboro       Elizabeth Mattock  
George1821   Moulton       Ann [not known]  
George1822   Desboro   John Coe   Ann Cursley   Sarah Panter  
George1822   Desboro   William Eagle   Elizabeth Coe   Emma [not known]  
George1822   Desboro   Richard Smith Yeomans   Mary Yeomans   Louisa Yeomans  
George1822     William Fenton   Elizabeth [not known]   Mary [not known]  
George1822   Market       Elizabeth Taylor  
George1822   Desford       Jane Ordish  
George1824   Desboro   George Robinson   Sarah Swain    
George1824   Desboro   John Johnson   Catherine [not known]    
George1825   Wilbars       Lucy Sanders ;
Lucy Miller  
George1825   Desboro       Jane Page  
George1825   Raunds       Hannah Rowthorn  
George1826   Desboro   Thomas Yeomans   Mary [not known]   Ann Binley  
George1826   Rothwel       Rebecca Panter  
George1826   Desboro   Nathaniel Coe   Ann Coleman   Lucy Morris  
George1826   Desboro   Thomas Smith   Elizabeth [not known]   Elizabeth Holmes  
George1826   Desboro   Richard Buswell   Elizabeth Bromwich    
George1827   Church   John Baldwin   Frances [not known]   Lucy Buckby  
George1827   Maryleb       Mary Letts  
George1828   Desboro   Robert Marlow   Ann Robinson   Lucy Ginns  
George1828   Desboro   John Panter   Mary [not known]   Lucy Coe ;
Mary Ann Thornton ;
Martha Fenton  
George1828   Desboro   George Buckby   Martha Marlow    
George1828   Desboro   [male] Wittering     Ann Wallis ;
Hannah Ginns  
George1829   Desboro   John Ginns   Ann Coe    
George1829   Desboro   John Tailby   Rebecca Woodfield   Dinah Cox  
George1829   Rushton   George Bamford   Maryann [not known]   Ann [not known]  
George1829     James Asher   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1829   Biggles       Eliza East  
George1829   Rothwel   William Willis   Rebecca [not known]    
George1830   Desboro   John Plowright   Hannah Bosworth   Mary Ann Tebbutt  
George1830   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Mary [not known]   Eliza Yeomans  
George1831     Samuel Page   Hannah Jobson    
George1831   Desboro   James Yeomans   Sarah Yeomans    
George1831   Desboro   Samuel Nursey   Catherine Binley    
George1831     William Tailby   Mary Ann Watkins    
George1831   Woodhou       Mary Ann Marshall  
George1831   Leicest   Bartholomew Cox   Rebecca [not known]    
George1832   Desboro   John Stanyon   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1832     William Morris   Mary [not known]    
George1832   Braybro   William Bindley   Ann [not known]   Elizabeth Barbara Croft  
George1832   Farring   Josias Walters   Betsy [not known]   Harriet Turner  
George1832   Nobottl       Eliza Agnes Hill  
George1833   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1833   Desboro   George Sumner Kilborn   Catherine [not known]   Hannah Hill  
George Coe1833   Desboro   Robert Binley   Ann Coe   Mary Panter  
George1834   Rothwel   Timothy Liner   Elizabeth Loake    
George Haddon1834   Desboro   William Cave   Elizabeth Haddon    
George1834   Desboro   John Thomas Stones   Matilda Goodwin    
George1834   Ketteri   Thomas Lamb   Ann Hughes    
George1834   Desboro        
George1835   Desboro   John Flude   Sarah Burditt   Isabella Wilks  
George1835   Desboro   Thomas Groocock   Mary Burrows   Hannah Feakin  
George1835   Desboro   William Marlow   Alice Harris   Hannah Moore  
George1835   Wilby   Joseph Johnson      
George1835   Desboro   James Marlow   Ruth [not known]   Leah Rowthorn  
George1835   Ketteri   John Marlow   Ann Loasby    
George1835   Tilbroo   Samuel Gambrell   Hannah Witney    
George1835   Ketteri   Thomas Barratt   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1836   Desboro   John Wallis   Mary Morris   Maria Jane Denton  
George1836   Rothwel   William Roe   Sarah [not known]   Adelaide Crick Marlow  
George Edward1836   Slawsto       Sarah Suter  
George Green1836   Ketteri       Elizabeth Robinson  
George1836   Sibbert       Esther Wells  
George1836   Rothwel   James Wells   Sarah [not known]    
George1837   Sutton       Elizabeth [not known]  
Georgiana1837   Grafton       George Thomas Holmes  
George1837   Bourn       Matilda Reckless  
George1837   Harrow        
George1837   Leicest   Bartholomew Cox   Rebecca [not known]    
George1838   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Elizabeth [not known]   Mary Groocock ;
Lucy Ginns  
George1838     John Norman   Sarah [not known]    
George1838   Grantha       Sarah Ann Tailby  
George William1838   Ketteri       Louisa Markham  
George1838     John Essex   Mary [not known]    
George1839   Desboro   Thomas Bosworth   Rachel Cursley   Isabella Ann Yeomans  
George1839     John Davison   Amy Deacon    
George1839   Rushton   George Smith   Rebecca [not known]    
George1839   Kilby   John Jarvis   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1840   Ketteri   Samuel Rowthorn   Rebecca Spence    
George1840   Ketteri   John Bridgford   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1841   Desboro   Joseph Cursley   Sarah Marlow   Byzantia Payne  
George1841   Desboro   Robert Ginns   Ann Norris    
George1841   Desboro   William Panter   Sarah Coe   Sarah Ann Nursey  
George1841   Rushton   William Fox   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1841   Cadeby       Elizabeth Crofts  
George1842   Desboro   Robert Coleman   Alice [not known]    
George1842   Desboro   John Thorpe   Ann Moore   Mary Marlow  
George John1842   Rothwel   John Bull   Elizabeth [not known]    
George Bradlaugh1842   Stone       Lydia Walker  
George1842   Desboro   George Stratford   Ann Abbott    
George1842   Rothwel       Fanny Plowright  
George Thomas1842   Corby       Ann Elizabeth Chater  
George1843   Desboro   Samuel Kilborn   Eliza Baines   Maria Brown  
George1843   Desboro   John Bosworth   Rebecca Monk   Emma Hall  
George1843   Desboro   James Holmes   Ruth Mobbs    
George1843   Little   George Allen   Eliza [not known]    
George1843   Rothwel   Thomas Miller   Ann Dainty    
George1843   Loughbo       Mary A [not known]  
George Crick1844   Desboro   Joseph Coe   Ann Sturgess   Sarah Ann Freer  
George1844   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Mary Burditt   Sarah [not known]  
George1844   Desboro   Samuel Andrews   Mary Jonson    
George1844   Desboro   John Lee   Jane Marlow   Emma Buckby  
George1844   Desboro   William Ginns   Elizabeth Norris   Elizabeth Sturgess  
George1844   Earl Sh   Robert Coe   Rebecca Smith    
George1845   Desboro   Samuel Monk   Ann [not known]    
George1845   Desboro     Ann Panter   Isabella Hales  
George Louis1845   Desboro   William Cave   Elizabeth Haddon   Annie Grainger  
George1845   Aylesto       Christiana Gilbert  
George1845   Corby   Samuel Barrett   Elizabeth Shrewsbury    
George1845   Rothwel       Elizabeth Willford  
George1845   Braybro       Elizabeth Driver  
Georgiana1846   Desboro   John Coe   Esther Johnson   James King  
George1846   Desboro   William Coe   Lucy Robinson    
George1846   Abthorp   William Foster   Margaret [not known]   Martha Thornton  
George1846   Barrow   James Jarrett   Mary Thorp    
George1846   Desboro       Lizzie [not known]  
George1846   Rothwel   Robert Foster   Ann Coltman    
George1847   Desboro   Samuel Payne   Elizabeth Torrill   Ann Thorpe  
George1847   Turvey       Jemima Page  
George W1847     Robert Dawkins   Hannah Cooke    
George1847   Rothwel   Robert York   Ann Shortland    
George Solomon1847   Great G       Mary Ann Susannah Danes ;
Annie Higgins ;
Hannah Hodson  
George1847   Oadby   [male] Davenport   Martha [not known]    
George1847   West Bu       Caroline [not known]  
George1848   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Harriet Manton   Amelia Walker ;
Ann Yeomans  
George1848   Desboro   Thomas Buckby   Ann [not known]   Alice Mary Clarke  
George1848   Desboro   James Stratford   Ann Buckby    
George1848   Irthlin       Susanna Walker  
George1848   Peterbo   Charles Amatt   Mary [not known]   Louisa Lovell  
George1848   Rothwel   Lewis Dawkins   Elizabeth Coe    
George1849   Desboro   Thomas Yeomans   Mary [not known]    
George Essex1849     William Crick   Kitty Essex    
George1849   Desboro   Richard Yeomans   Martha Turner    
George Cross1849   Desboro   Henry Turner   Mary Ann Cross   Jane Revell Heeds  
George1849   Desboro   George Buckby   Jane Page   Harriet Wallis  
George1849   Desboro   Leonard Yeomans   Jane Kendall   Rebecca East  
George1849   Lodding   Henry Watkins   Fanny Bailey    
George1850   Desboro   Isaac Freer   Lucy Smith   Sarah A Tebbutt  
George1850   Desboro   Thomas Willis   Lucy Ginns    
George Henry1850   Desboro   John Yeomans   Jane Coe   Margaret Ann Ward  
George Frederick1850   Ketteri   William Woollard   Rebecca Jobson   Sarah Pridmore ;
Emma Shepherd  
George1850   Desboro   Rufus Tyrrell   Harriett [Holmes or Ginns]    
George1850   Derby       Caroline Dunkley  
George1850   Great B   John Stanyon   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1850   Stoke G   Thomas Evans   Sophia Nichols    
George William1851   Desboro   William Johnson   Lois Rowthorn   Elizabeth Coe  
George B1851   Desboro   William Nursey   Elizabeth Barratt    
George1851   Bendish     Amy Mumford   Sarah Ann Crick  
George1851   Rothwel       Ann Binley  
George Watts1851   Desboro        
George Walker1852   Desboro   George Fenton   Mary [not known]    
George1852   Market   Joseph Starmer   Charlotte White    
George1852   Desboro        
George1852   Rothwel   Robert Bambridge   Mary Crick    
George Shaw1853   Mickleo       Isabella Mary Ann Cave  
George1853   Clipsto   Thomas Brown   Ann [not known]    
George1854   Desboro   Samuel Coe   Eliza Yeomans   Hannah [not known] ;
Clara Marlow  
George1854   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Ann [not known]    
George Ward1854   Desboro   James Sumner   Elizabeth Ann Ward   Emma Kilborn  
George William1854   Desboro   William Fenton   Jane Walpole    
George1854   Ketteri   James Page   Elizabeth Feakin    
George Burrows1855   Desboro   George Groocock   Hannah Feakin   Harriett Coe Martin  
George Thomas1855   Desboro   Thomas Kilborn   Selina Robinson   Hannah Maria Panter  
George1856   Desboro   John Panter   Rowena Aprice    
George William1856   Desboro   Joseph Crick   Eliza Kilborn   Jane Blunsom  
George1856   Desboro   George Tailby   Ann Deacon   Sarah Lee  
George Gamble1856   Desboro   James Asher   Eliza Robinson   Eliza Moore  
George Henry1856   Desboro   Thomas West   Harriet [Holmes or Ginns]    
George William1856   Leicest       Mary Ann Gardner  
George Henry1856   Desboro   George Burford   Rebecca Knibb   Elizabeth Horrainne Roberts  
George William1857   Desboro   William Turner   Louisa Blissett   Louisa Panter ;
Harriett [not known]  
George1857   Desboro   Frederick Summerley   Mary Ann Coe   Elizabeth Morris  
George Albert1857   Desboro   George Yeomans   Louisa Yeomans    
George1857   Great A   John Ball   Caroline Allen   Eliza Marlow  
George1857   Braybro   Henry Goodman   Charlotte Underwood    
George John1857   Wadenho        
George1857   Desboro   James Chapman   Sarah Shatford    
George1858   Desboro   Herbert Yeomans   Lois Coe   Elizabeth Kilborn ;
Charlotte Elizabeth Annie Slow  
George1858   Desboro   George Baldwin   Lucy Buckby   Edith Rebecca Ginns  
George1858   Desboro   Lewis Dawkins   Sarah Walker    
George1859   Desboro   John Nursey   Jane Coe    
George Henry1859   Stanton   Frederick Barber   Sarah Riley   Sarah Frost  
George T1859   Rothwel   Robert York   Ann Shortland    
George Henry1859   Podingt   Samuel Meadows   Elizabeth Hall    
George Samuel1859   South K   George Kilborn   Hannah Hill    
George1859   Burbage   Isaac Neal   Ann Nichols    
George Henry1860   Desboro   George Coe   Mary Groocock    
George1860   Desboro   John Coe   Ann Yeomans    
George1860   Rothwel   Job Marlow   Eliza Baxter   Lydia Coe  
George1860   Desboro   William Clarke   Sarah Monk   Ann Whiting  
George1860   Desboro   James Guppy   Mary Coe    
George1860   Bliswor   John Griffin   Rebecca Levratt    
George1861   Desboro   Thomas Smith   Elizabeth Croft   Ellen Ginns  
George William1861   Slawsto   George Edward Bassett   Sarah Suter   Naomi Sturman  
George1861   Sutton   William Doughty   Elizabeth [not known]   Mary Jane Groocock ;
Sarah Ann Coe  
George1861   Earls B       Sophia Chater Robinson  
George1861   Desboro   Isaac Yeomans   Ada Monk   Susan Wearenear  
George1862   Desboro   Robert Ginns   Mary Smith    
George1864   Desboro   Charles Liner   Ann Slow   Mary Ellen Redman  
George1864   Braybro   George Bindley   Elizabeth Barbara Croft   Clara Ellen Marlow  
George1864   Lamport   John Allen   Ann Robinson   Maria Clow  
George William1864   St Panc   George Tailby   Dinah Cox    
George B1864   Yardley   Charles Alfred Denton   Elizabeth A Denton   Sarah Jane Bamford  
George1864   Walgrav   William Coles   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1864   London       Charlotte Ward  
George1864   Gedding       Ann Maria Oram  
George1865   Desboro   James Panter   Elizabeth [not known]   Jane Amy Kate W Bilson  
George T1865   Ketteri   George Ginns   Elizabeth Sturgess    
George A1865   Ketteri   Eli Robinson   Sarah Coe    
George1865   Chalton   James Harris   Charlotte Washington   Lydia Page  
George Edward1865   Ashton       Naomi Winsall  
George Frederick Hillyard1866   Oxford   Thomas Loake   Mary Light    
George1866   Desboro   William Coe   Clara Bosworth    
George William1866   Desboro   John David Clarke   Matilda Yeomans    
George Henry1866   Welling   Charles Belcher   Esther Smith    
Georgiana J1866   Ketteri   William Lea   Ann Elizabeth Chater    
George Clifton1867         Elizabeth Binley  
George W1867   Leicest   John James Fowkes   Emma Panter    
George H1867   Hodnet   James Robinson   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1867   Little       Mary Ann Asher  
George Edward1867   Desboro   George Rawling   Mary Ann Marshall   Mary Ingham  
George1867   Rothwel       Mary Ann [not known]  
George1869   Desboro   George Lee   Emma Buckby    
George1869   Desboro   Espartero Barratt   Hannah Marlow   Harriet Coe  
George Edwin O1869   West Ha   George Louis Cave   Annie Grainger    
George1869   Cold As   Daniel Bosworth   Ruth Sharpe Feakin    
George Edwin1869   Birming   Uriah Robinson   Ann Roe    
George1869   Queenhi   Thomas Bruorton   Elizabeth [not known]    
George1870   Minton   William Stokes   Lucy [not known]    
George1870   Rushton   Charles Swan   Sarah Ann Baxter   Hannah Groocock  
George1870   Braybro   Henry Goodman   Charlotte Underwood    
George1870   Bradnin   George Walters   Harriet Turner   Martha Annie Cross  
George1870   Rothwel     Matilda Reckless    
George1870   Sawley   George Cursley   Byzantia Payne    
George1870   Edith W       Frances Elizabeth Harris  
George Dean Pitt L1871   Desboro   William Lovett Turner   Ellen Harriet Fairmaner   Alice Maud Beavis  
George W1871   Desboro   William York   Isabella Wilks    
George1871   Ketteri   Daniel Feakin   Alice Dawkins    
George Thomas1871   Bethnal   George Thomas Plumb   Ann Elizabeth Chater    
George1872   Desboro   George Morris   Eliza Yeomans    
George Edward1872   Desboro   John Slater Slow   Sarah Richardson    
George Frederick1872   Desboro   Joseph Redman   Maria F [not known]    
George1872   Fleckne   Joseph Clarke   Hannah Smeeton    
George1872   Ketteri   John William Brown   Jane [not known]   Annie Smith  
George Henry1872   Brixwor       George Henry Payne  
George1872   Oxendon       Lily Maud Brown  
George1872   Desboro   John Reynolds Dawkins   Emma Ansell   Charlotte Fanny Puttock  
George H1872   Desboro   William Hales   Ann Turner    
George1873   Desboro   Thomas Ward   Mary Ann Lenton   Annie Goodwin  
George William1873   Desboro   Henry Ginns   Elizabeth Yeomans   Mary Jane Coe  
George1873   Market   George Feakin   Sarah [not known]    
George1873   Desboro   Thomas Yeomans   Sarah Ann [not known]   Ellen Elizabeth Panter  
George1873   Desboro   George Panter   Sarah Ann Nursey   Elizabeth Morris Law  
George Henry1873   Oundle   George Solomon Goodwin   Mary Ann Susannah Danes   Emma Elizabeth Morris  
George1873   Bilston   Thomas Beavon   Sarah [not known]    
George1873   Rothwel   William Baines Kilborn   Elizabeth Slow    
George1873   Rothwel   Samuel Panter   Ann Slow    
George1873   Desboro   Benjamin Dunkley   Maria Marlow   Elizabeth Jane Clow  
George1874   Great O       Edith Ellen Flude  
George1875   Desboro   George Lee   Emma Buckby    
George Henry1875   Desboro     Eliza Marlow    
George1875   Newton   James King   Mahala Buckby    
George1875   Market   John Law   Clara Morris   Clara Beedsworth  
George Minta1875   Kirton   John Shaw   Elizabeth Ann Minta    
George1875   Rothwel   George Letts   Elizabeth Willford    
George Alfred1875   Inderwe       Ada Asher  
George1875   Foxton   Thomas Tebbutt   Sarah Ann Turner    
George1875   Leicest   Henry Vines   Eliza Humphreys    
George William1876   Desboro   William Deacon Tailby   Amelia Rose Mee   Charlotte Kilborn Bosworth  
George Thomas1876   Desboro   William Tebbutt   Emma Ginns   Sarah Ann Murkitt  
George David1876   Desboro   David Frost   Charlotte Whitmee   Lily Paine  
George Henry1876   Wolverh   Daniel Carter   Jane Turner    
George Eagle1876   Maccles   [male] Bowers   Elizabeth Jane Eagle    
George W1876   Uppingh        
George1876   Burton       Maud Ann Monk  
George1877   Desboro   Joseph Asher   Ann Andrews    
George Henry1877   Desboro   Thomas Gadsby   Eliza Ann Swindell    
George Edward1877   Desboro   Joseph Miller   Mary Ann Coe    
George1877   Leicest   Henry Jesson   Sarah Meadows Jones    
George Edward1877   Rothwel   William Willis   Eliza Austin    
George Thomas1877   Longton   George Clamp   Elizabeth Crofts    
George1877   Ketteri   George Buckby   Harriet Wallis    
George A1877   Croft   Richard West   Ann [not known]    
George Edgar Carew1878   Desboro   Charles Carew Dillon   Ellen Robinson   Rose Edith Coe  
George1878   Wootton   John Burton   Elizabeth Gilbert    
George1878   Desboro   John Collis   Mary Ann Panter   Matilda Panter  
George1878   Desboro   William Croft   Theresa [not known]    
George I1878   Northam   James Coe   Jane [not known]    
George William1879   Desboro   George Frederick Woollard   Sarah Pridmore    
George Ward1879   Desboro   George Ward Sumner   Emma Kilborn   Mabel Barlow  
George1880   Desboro   William Cleaver   Emma Yeomans    
George Henry1880   Desboro   John Freer   Jane Eagle   Sarah Ann Wigley  
George1880   Desboro   George Foster   Martha Thornton    
George1880   Desboro   George Bosworth   Emma Hall    
George Henry1880   Desboro   Joseph Plowright   Anne Pridmore    
George Henry1880   Desboro   Reuben Ginns   Rosina Yeomans    
George W1880   Desboro   Thomas Pugh   Sarah Ann Hall    
George William1880   Leicest   George Bloxam   Christiana Gilbert    
George Fellows1880   Sibbert   George York   Esther Wells    
George1880   Little   Robert Coleman   Charlotte Holmes    
George J1880   Earls B   Joseph Hollis   Mary Robinson    
George Hartwell1880   Bradfor       Blanch Elizabeth Illingworth  
George1881   Desboro   John Pridmore   Mary Ann Butlin   Kate Evelyn Crick  
George1881   Brought   Charles Panther   Elizabeth Lois Jacques    
George1881   Desboro   Joseph Looms   Emma Crick    
George Ernest1881   Cononle       Lucy Marlow  
George1882   Desboro   Thomas Manton Bennett   Clara Kendall    
George Howard1882   Desboro   John Howard Hawes   Elizabeth Page   Agnes Johnson  
George1882   Desboro   Edwin Johnson   Elizabeth Jane Sturman    
George H1882   Ketteri   Samuel Buckby   Elizabeth Ann Asher    
George Henry1882   Rothwel   George Perkins   Ann Binley    
George1883   Desboro   Solomon Coe   Harriet Ward   Matilda Bates  
George F1883   Desboro   John Groocock   Elizabeth Coe    
George Randolph1883   Desboro   James Paine   Clarissa Robinson Crisp    
Georgina1883   Desboro   Joseph Barnes   Ellen Coe   Thomas James Panter  
George1883   Northam   Owen Rowthorn   Maria Cosford    
George1883   Ketteri   George Yeomans   Rebecca East    
George William1884   Desboro   George William Bassett   Naomi Sturman    
George Henry1884   Desboro   Tom Panter   Jane Sturgess    
George William1884   Peterbo   William Sandall   Sarah [not known]    
George Essex1885   Desboro   William Marlow   Annie Crick    
George1885   Desboro   James Stratford   Mary Panter    
George Horace1885   Desboro   George Crick Coe   Sarah Ann Freer    
George1885   Desboro   Alfred Smith   Sarah Jane Davis    
George Edgar1885   Desboro   Titus Coe   Eleanor Panter    
George1885   Rothwel   George Palmer   Ann Maria Oram    
George Henry1886   Brigg   George Shaw Sowter   Isabella Mary Ann Cave    
George1886   Desboro   George Marlow   Hannah Moore    
George H1886   Desboro   William Wittering   Mary Ann White    
George1886   Desboro   Henry Murkett   Agnes Goodman   Emma Bennett  
George1886   Desboro   James Yeomans   Kezia Holmes    
George1886   Desboro   Joseph Turner   Fanny Baldwin    
George Tebbot1886   Desboro   James Pain   Selina Maria Kendall    
George1886   Ketteri   Owen Henry Willis   Alice Turland    
George1887   Desboro   William Weyman   Mary Binley    
George Frederick1887   Desboro   John Plowright   Eliza Ginns    
George William1887   Desboro   William Freeman   Hannah Binley    
George1887   Braybro   Charles Dunkley   Alma Mary Fenton    
George Albert1887     Robert Coe   Mary Ann Harris    
George H1887   Wigston   George Luck   Charlotte Ward    
George Bamford1887   Desboro   Henry Manton Morris   Mary Ann Bamford    
George A1887   Braybro   Alfred Tailby   Elizabeth A Elmore    
George1888   Desboro   George Bindley   Clara Ellen Marlow    
George William1888   Desboro   Mark Keep   Louisa Veasey    
George1888   Ketteri   Charles Leonard Robinson Beeby   Martha Jane Gunn    
George1888   Blaston   William Vines   Sarah Coulson    
George Edward1888   Desboro     Sarah J Clow    
George W1888   Daventr   William Coe   Alice Roberts    
George1889   Desboro   Thomas Sargeant   Mary A Coe    
George1889   Desboro   Joseph Tebbutt   Polly Coe    
George William1889   Desboro   John Robert Crick   Tersa Kendall    
George W1889   Desboro   George Johnson   Jemima Page    
George1889   Desboro   George Mansfield   Caroline Dunkley    
George Robert1889   Desboro   Charles Feakin   Ellen Coe    
George Turner1889   Desboro   Josiah Panter   Louisa Turner   Louisa Magdaline Johnson  
George1890   Desboro   Henry Buckby   Elizabeth Binley    
George Slow1890   Desboro   George Yeomans   Charlotte Elizabeth Annie Slow    
George Harold1890   Desboro   Thomas William Bloore   Emma Thorpe    
George1890   Desboro   William Buckby   Mary Elizabeth Yeomans    
George1890   Arthing   Joseph Thomas Nicholls   Abigail Peters    
George T1890   Aston   Albert Charles Baines   Jane Rea    
George Henry1890   Harring   Joseph Hall   Caroline Manning   Frances Clarke  
George Thomas1891   Desboro   Samuel Holmes   Hannah Marlow    
George1891   Northam   Robert Ward   Sarah Ann [not known]    
George William1892   Chapel   Arthur William Glover   Louisa Eames    
George H1893   Kegwort   George Doughty   Sarah Ann Coe    
George1894   Stamfor   John George Wood   Ann Swingler    
George1894   Desboro   George Yeomans   Ellen Elizabeth Panter   Elizabeth Lucas Mills  
George William1894   Desboro   George Culpin   Frances Elizabeth Harris    
George Gilbert1895   Desboro   Frederick George Marlow   Annie Maria Burton    
George H1895   Rothwel   Samuel Markham   Maud Mary Lammie    
George1896   Desboro   John Clements   Charlotte Coe    
George1896   Mountso   Albert Edward Chapman   Lilly Allen    
George Edwin1896   Desboro   Josiah [or Joseph] Jobson   Ann Panter    
George Henry1897   Desboro   Herbert Dean   Eleanor Susanna [not known]    
George William1897   Desboro   William Andrews   Charlotte Rebecca Frost   Ida Gladys Mary Jane Harrold  
George1897   Desboro   Joseph Barnes   Ellen Coe    
George1897   Desboro   John Chandler   Ellen [Not Known]    
George1898   Desboro   George Allen   Maria Clow    
George1898   Desboro   John Allen Ginns   Kate Ann Tailby    
George A1898   Desboro   George David Frost   Lily Paine    
George E1898   Ibstock   Edward John Andrews   Emma Page    
George1899   Desboro   Henry Ginns   Ellen Overton    
George1900   Desboro   Henry Dunkley   Hannah Page    
George1901   Desboro   Jesse Marlow   Sarah Ann Reckless    
George1902   Desboro   John Coe Bindley   Sarah Wareing    
George E1902   Desboro   George William Tailby   Charlotte Kilborn Bosworth    
George Victor T1902       [female] Illingworth    
George1903   Desboro   Harry Summerley   Emily Ginns    
Georgina1903   Ketteri   James William Goodliffe   Meady Abbott    
George William1905   Desboro   Isaac Ball   Hannah Maria Coe    
George William1905   Desboro     Sarah Jane Ginns    
George William1905   Desboro   George Thomas Tebbutt   Sarah Ann Murkitt    
George1905   Ketteri   James William Goodliffe   Meady Abbott    
George1907   Desboro   John Thomas Mitchell   Ada Morris    
Georgy1907   Desboro   George Panter   Elizabeth Morris Law    
George1909   Ketteri   Frederick Peacock   Edith Marlow    
George Morris1910   Desboro   Robert Deacon Culpin   Eliza Morris    

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