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This page lists people with the Christian name Hannah who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Hannah     William Iliffe   Anne [not known]   [male] Dexter  
Hannah         William Waples  
Hannah         [male] Smeeton  
Hannah     Thomas Smeeton   Ann [not known]    
Hannah         William Howard  
Hannah         [male] Dawkins  
Hannah   Ketteri       Salathiel Knibbs  
Hannah         Emanuel Coe  
Hannah1616   Desboro   John Tipladye      
Hannah1633 est.   Nether       Richard Lole  
Hannah1633 est.   Cranfor       Richard Brayne  
Hannah1648   Desboro   William Robinson   Anne [not known]    
Hannah1652 est.         Thomas Gilbert  
Hannah1653   Desboro   Richard Robinson   Elizabeth [not known]    
Hannah1654 est.         Thomas Gillbond  
Hannah1656 est.         Robert Moore  
Hannah1658 est.   Desboro       Thomas Porter  
Hannah1659 est.   East Fa       Elias Crowell  
Hannah1660 est.         Thomas Panter  
Hannah1669 est.         Edward Coe  
Hannah1670   Desboro   Thomas Gilbert   Hannah [not known]    
Hannah1670   Desboro   John Barnes   Ann Codsbrook    
Hannah1673 est.         Thomas Morston  
Hannah1677 est.         Edmund Smeaton  
Hannah1680   Desboro   Robert Moore   Hannah King    
Hannah1681   Desboro   Anthony Lole   Alice Olliver    
Hannah1689 est.         William Lenton  
Hannah1691 est.         William Whitehead  
Hannah1692 est.   Wilbars       John Turrall  
Hannah1692 est.   Desboro       Reins Dimbleby  
Hannah1694 est.         Samuel Page  
Hannah1696 est.         William Carvill  
Hannah1704 est.   Desboro       Joseph Freeman  
Hannah1704 est.         Robert Dexter  
Hannah1712   Desboro   William Whitehead   Hannah [not known]    
Hannah1714   Desboro   William Carvill   Hannah [not known]    
Hannah1715   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Elizabeth [not known]   Robert Goodman  
Hannah1715 est.   Desboro       Richard Hollowell  
Hannah1716   Desboro   Joseph Lole   Ursula Thompson    
Hannah1723   Desboro   John Buckby   Emm [not known]   Thomas Loake  
Hannah1723 est.         Edward Weston  
Hannah1728   Desboro   John Wallis   Frances [not known]    
Hannah1729   Desboro   Thomas Sage   Elizabeth Rudkin   William Page  
Hannah1729   Desboro   William Coe   Anne [not known]    
Hannah1729   Desboro   Robert Dexter   Hannah [not known]    
Hannah1730 est.         Robert Loake  
Hannah1730   Rushton       Charles Iliffe  
Hannah1731   Desboro   William Coe   Anne [not known]    
Hannah1732   Desboro   Robert Dexter   Hannah [not known]    
Hannah1734   Desboro   John Loake   Elizabeth [not known]   William Crowson  
Hannah1737   Desboro   Thomas Cave   Mary [not known]   Thomas Talbot  
Hannah1739   Desboro   John Verdon   Ann [not known]   Samuel Holmes  
Hannah1739   Desboro   Edward Biddle   Alice [not known]    
Hannah1745 est.         Joseph Burditt  
Hannah1748 est.         John Page  
Hannah1750   Desboro   Robert Loake   Hannah Timson    
Hannah1754         John Cox  
Hannah1755   Desboro   John Panter   Mary [not known]    
Hannah1756   Desboro   Robert Loake   Hannah Timson    
Hannah1756   Desboro   Joseph March   Elizabeth [not known]    
Hannah Grace1756   Desboro   John Dexter   Anna Grace [not known]    
Hannah1758   Desboro   Joseph March   Elizabeth [not known]    
Hannah1758   Desboro   Jonathan Page   Elizabeth [not known]    
Hannah1759   Desboro   Daniel Fakon   Elizabeth White   Ferdinando Tompson  
Hannah1759   Desboro   George Haselden   Sarah [not known]    
Hannah1759   Desboro   Edward Hobey   Elizabeth [not known]    
Hannah1759         John Reynolds  
Hannah1759         Joseph Dawkins  
Hannah1760   Desboro   William Sage   Ann Hills    
Hannah1761   Desboro   Thomas Freer   Ann [not known]    
Hannah1762 est.   Desboro       Lister Ginns  
Hannah1763   Desboro   Thomas Bosworth   Elizabeth Harrison    
Hannah1763   Desboro   Thomas Smeeton   Ann Smith   Joseph Rowthorne  
Hannah1764     Thomas Loake      
Hannah1764   Desboro   Samuel Iliffe   Elizabeth Buttler    
Hannah1764   Desboro   John Lole   Ann Allen    
Hannah1764 est.   Desboro       John Drake  
Hannah1765 est.         John Deacon  
Hannah1765   Desboro     Catherine Foster    
Hannah1766   Desboro   George Barratt   Elizabeth Kidney    
Hannah1766   Desboro   Samuel Holmes   Hannah Vardon   Thomas Platt  
Hannah1766   Desboro   John Jarvis   Ann Page    
Hannah1766   Desboro   Ferdinando Tompson   Ann Crick   James Coe  
Hannah1767   Desboro   William Mabbat   Alice [not known]    
Hannah1768   Desboro   Giles Marlow   Elizabeth Foster    
Hannah1768   Desboro   Thomas Freer   Ann [not known]    
Hannah1768   Desboro   John Andrews   Ann Marlow    
Hannah1768 est.         Gerrad Brow  
Hannah1769   Desboro   Robert Moore   Ann Burdett    
Hannah1770         Giles Marlow  
Hannah1770   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Elizabeth Hulbard    
Hannah1771   Desboro   John Crisp   Elizabeth Ginns   Edward Reculest  
Hannah1771 est.         William Lansbury  
Hannah1772   Rushton       John Binley  
Hannah1772     William Webster   Sarah Hayward    
Hannah1774 est.         Giles Loake  
Hannah1774   Desboro   John Page   Ann Moor    
Hannah1774   Desboro   Samuel Carter   Elizabeth [not known]    
Hannah1774         Joseph Crutchly  
Hannah1775 est.   Desboro       Thomas Coe  
Hannah1777   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Mary Haseldine    
Hannah1777   Desboro   Giles Marlow   Elizabeth Foster    
Hannah1777   Desboro   George Barratt   Ann Grane   William Morris  
Hannah1777     William Cave   Ann [not known]    
Hannah1777   Desboro   Samuel Page   Sarah [not known]    
Hannah1778     Edward Fekin   Elizabeth Winsall    
Hannah1779   Desboro   Samuel Page   Sarah [not known]   Joseph Cursley  
Hannah1779   Desboro   William Sharman   Elizabeth March    
Hannah1779   Desboro   John Wallis   Esther Patrick    
Hannah1779   Desboro       William King  
Hannah1781 est.   Desboro       Joseph Robinson  
Hannah1782   Desboro   Ferdinando Tompson   Hannah Faken    
Hannah1783   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Mary Haseldine    
Hannah1783   Desboro   William Salmon   Grace Freer    
Hannah1784 est.         John Morris  
Hannah1784 est.         Edward Chapman  
Hannah1785   Desboro   John Cox   Hannah Eagle    
Hannah1787   Desboro   Lewis Cave   Ann [not known]    
Hannah1787   Desboro   Richard Bamford   Ann Holmes    
Hannah1787   Desboro   Nathan Kendal   Ann Andrews    
Hannah1787   Desboro   John Cox   Hannah Eagle    
Hannah1788   Desboro        
Hannah1789   Desboro   William Panter   Elizabeth Coe    
Hannah1789 est.          
Hannah1790   Desboro   William Panter   Elizabeth Coe    
Hannah1791         Joseph Miller  
Hannah1791   Desboro   William Burditt   Mary Frear    
Hannah1792   Desboro   Robert Burrows   Mary Coe   John Scott  
Hannah1794     Thomas Trasler   Phoebe Cowdell    
Hannah1794   Desboro   Thomas Curtis   Susanna Robinson    
Hannah1794   Desboro   John Lole   Martha Rowthorn    
Hannah1795   Desboro   Lister Ginns   Hannah Woodcock    
Hannah1796         James Rowthorn  
Hannah1796     Thomas Wallis   Ann Marlow   William Crick  
Hannah1796   Desboro   Charles Smith   Mary [not known]    
Hannah1796   Desboro   John Cox   Hannah Eagle    
Hannah1797   Desboro   William Jobson   Mary Marlow   Samuel Page  
Hannah1798   Desboro       Thomas Panter  
Hannah Moore1798   Desboro     Elizabeth Kendal    
Hannah1798   Whichfo       Edward Webb  
Hannah1799 est.   Desboro       Abraham Daulby  
Hannah1801   Slipton       William Beeby  
Hannah1802   Desboro   George Palmer   Sarah [not known]   John Kendall  
Hannah1802   Desboro   John Crisp   Elizabeth [not known]    
Hannah1803   Pitsfor       George Yeomans  
Hannah1803   Rothwel   John Woolams   Rachel [not known]    
Hannah1803   Desboro   Thomas Page   Susannah Panter    
Hannah1805   Desboro   John Reynolds   Ann Asher    
Hannah1805   Desboro       Francis Harding  
Hannah1807   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Rebecca Moore   Daniel Feakin  
Hannah1807   Rothwel   Charles Thompson   Ruth Salmon   George Meakins  
Hannah1807   Desboro   Joseph Burditt   Ann Hulbert    
Hannah1808   Desboro   Thomas Page   Susannah Panter   James Coe  
Hannah1808     William Bosworth   Esther Crick   John Plowright  
Hannah1808   Desboro   William Salmon   Lucy Hobill    
Hannah1808   Desboro   John Yeomans   Elizabeth Moore    
Hannah1809   Desboro   William Yeomans   Ann Smalley    
Hannah1810 est.     Edward Sidgley   Sarah [not known]   John Richards  
Hannah1811   Desboro   Richard Bamford   Ann Holmes   Robert Hulbert ;
Jonathan Robinson  
Hannah1811   Desboro   William Page   Ann Coe    
Hannah1811   Desboro   Thomas Buckby   Mary [not known]    
Hannah1811   Desboro   John West   Elizabeth Renoylds    
Hannah1811   Gedding       Joseph Sturges  
Hannah1812   Desboro   William Cox   Elizabeth Salmon   Joseph Kendall ;
James Wells  
Hannah1812   Desboro   William Yeomans   Ann Smalley   Samuel Ginns  
Hannah1813   Great G   Nathaniel Grain   Mary [not known]   James Page  
Hannah1814   Desboro   John Andrews   Sarah Maykins    
Hannah1815   Desboro   Thomas Eagle   Ann Coe   Thomas Spriggs  
Hannah1816         Samuel Gambrell  
Hannah1816   Sadding       Richard Bruin Humfrey  
Hannah1817   Desboro   John Tomkins   Sarah [not known]    
Hannah1817   Carlby        
Hannah1818   Desboro       William Harris  
Hannah Matilda1818   Desboro   William Burditt   Catherine Tebbut   James Walker  
Hannah1818   Desboro       John Watts  
Hannah1819   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Mary Yeomans   James Hawes  
Hannah1819   Rothwel       Robert Dawkins  
Hannah1819   Whetsto       William Smith  
Hannah1820   Methley       William Frazer  
Hannah1820   London       Benjamin Riley  
Hannah1821     Samuel Coe   Mary Beaver    
Hannah1821   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Martha Ginns   William Jobson ;
George Wittering  
Hannah1821   Desboro   William Bosworth   Hester [not known]    
Hannah1822   Clipsto       William Bindley  
Hannah1823   Newton       Thomas Ward  
Hannah1823   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Sarah [not known]   Joseph Coe  
Hannah1824   Desboro   John Slow   Mary Burditt    
Hannah1824   Pytchle       John Marlow  
Hannah1826   Irthlin   Samuel Coe   Sarah [not known]   Thomas Crick  
Hannah1826         John Linnett  
Hannah1826   Kilby   John Jarvis   Elizabeth [not known]    
Hannah1827   Desboro   James Rowthorn   Hannah March   George Eaton  
Hannah1828   Sibbert   John Leago   Jane [not known]    
Hannah1829   Rothwel       David Pridmore  
Hannah1831   Desboro   Lester Ginns   Sarah Page    
Hannah1831   Desboro   John Johnson   Catherine [not known]   Charles Marlow  
Hannah1831   Leicest     Mary Loake   Edward Coe  
Hannah1832   Desboro   William Reckless   Martha Ambrose    
Hannah1833   Desboro   Joseph Cursley   Sarah Marlow   Samuel Loake  
Hannah1834   Ketteri   Elisha Loasby   Elizabeth [not known]    
Hannah1834   Newbold       George Kilborn  
Hannah1834   Hadlow       Horace Wallis  
Hannah1835   Wilbars   Thomas Bosworth   Rachel Cursley   William Marlow  
Hannah1835   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Hannah Yeomans   George Groocock  
Hannah Penninah1835   Desboro   William Baynes   Ann [not known]   John Simmons  
Hannah1835   Rothwel   James Smith   Elizabeth [not known]    
Hannah1839   Fleckne   John Smeeton   Frances [not known]   Joseph Clarke  
Hannah1839   Guilsbo       Thomas Boon  
Hannah1839   Desboro        
Hannah1840   Rothwel   William Moore   Mary [not known]   George Marlow  
Hannah1840   Stoke N   Benjamin Riley   Hannah Cragg    
Hannah1841   Holm Ha   John Coker   Hannah Smith    
Hannah1841   Stoke A       Samuel Swingler  
Hannah1841     Samuel Gibson   Sarah Chapman    
Hannah1841   Clipsto       James Buswell  
Hannah1842   Desboro   David Rowthorn   Lucy Yeomans   Ernest Charles Walker  
Hannah1842   Desboro   Joseph Paine   Mary Marlow   John Edwin B P Billson  
Hannah1842   Leicest   Bartholomew Cox   Rebecca [not known]    
Hannah1845   Desboro   Benjamin Flude   Ann Feakin   William Moore  
Hannah1845   Desboro   John Coe   Esther Johnson   Joseph Panter  
Hannah1847   Rothwel   William Cox   Ann Johnson    
Hannah1848   Desboro   James Marlow   Ruth [not known]   Espartero Barratt  
Hannah Earl1848   Ringste       Harry Sudds  
Hannah1849   Rothwel   Joseph Rowthorn   Elizabeth Makins    
Hannah Heygate1850   Harring   William Lovett Turner   Mary Crafts   Charles Kilborn  
Hannah1850   Rothwel   Thomas Spriggs   Hannah Eagle    
Hannah1853   Cranfor       George Solomon Goodwin  
Hannah1854   Stoke A   Thomas Berridge   Mary Ann [not known]   Amos Tansley Houghton  
Hannah Maria1855   Desboro   Lewis Panter   Jane Turner   George Thomas Kilborn  
Hannah1855   Desboro   Robert Hulbert   Louisa Meakins   James Henry Maddison  
Hannah Maria1855   Desboro   Joseph Taylor   Lucy Miller    
Hannah1856   Biddulp       William Alfred Sherratt  
Hannah1857   Desboro   John Collis   Lucy Bosworth   John Paine  
Hannah Elizabeth1858   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Mary Brown   Alfred Neale  
Hannah1858   Liverpo       George Coe  
Hannah1860   Market   Charles Coe   Eliza [not known]    
Hannah1860   Rothwel   William Burditt   Elizabeth Sturgess    
Hannah1861   Desboro   William Bindley   Karen Kendall   William Freeman  
Hannah Bosworth1862   Desboro   William Marlow   Hannah Bosworth   John Whiting  
Hannah1864   Desboro   George Marlow   Leah Rowthorn   Samuel Holmes  
Hannah Elizabeth1864   Matlock       Frank Roughton Turner  
Hannah1865   Desboro   Reuben Coe   Ann Payne   John Panter  
Hannah1865   Baslow       Mark Barkby  
Hannah1867   Desboro   William Page   Ann Kendall   Herbert Bindley  
Hannah1869   Desboro   Thomas Smith   Elizabeth Croft    
Hannah1869   Rothwel   John Essex   Mary Shortland    
Hannah1872   Ashley   John Tailby   Joanna Coe    
Hannah1873   Rothwel   George Letts   Elizabeth Willford    
Hannah1873   Rothwel       Thomas William Johnson  
Hannah Elizabeth1873   Litcham       Joseph Watts  
Hannah1874   Desboro   George Groocock   Hannah Feakin   George Swan  
Hannah Maria1874   Desboro   William Coe   Ann [not known]    
Hannah1875   Desboro   Nathaniel Page   Frances March   Henry Dunkley  
Hannah Maud1877   Desboro   Henry Coe   Elizabeth Morris   James Kilsby Dines  
Hannah Maria1878   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Mary Ann Marlow   Isaac Ball  
Hannah1879   Desboro   Josiah Thorpe   Eliza Feakin    
Hannah Mary1880   Desboro   Caleb Joshua   Loveiza Vaughan    
Hannah1884   Desboro   Samuel Ward   Eliza Page    
Hannah1888   Earls B   George Smart   Sophia Chater Robinson    
Hannah1888   Rothwel   William Groocock   Catherine Johnson    
Hannah1889   Desboro   Eli Coe   Jane Mary Ann Marlow    
Hannah Elizabeth1890   Desboro   James Paine   Clarissa Robinson Crisp    
Hannah1894   Desboro   Joseph Looms   Emma Crick    
Hannah1902   Desboro   Robert Bindley   Rebecca Freeman    

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