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This page lists people with the Christian name Harry who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Harry1568 est.         Ann [not known]  
Harry1572   Desboro   Peter Quenby   Ellen [not known]    
Harry1572   Desboro   William Gamble      
Harry1583 est.   Desboro        
Harry1586   Desboro   Giles Tebotte      
Harry1589   Desboro   William Manton   Isabel Codsbrooke    
Harry1590   Desboro   Samuel Tebotte   Alice Marson    
Harry1590   Desboro   Robert Trotte   Ellen Hay    
Harry1591   Desboro   Samuel Tebotte   Alice Marson    
Harry1596   Desboro   John Silby   Elizabeth Subley    
Harry1602   Desboro   Robert Tebotte   Mary Silby    
Harry1604   Desboro   John Silby   Elizabeth Subley    
Harry1854   Probus       Hannah Earl Hill  
Harry1854   Northam   John Draper   Elizabeth Jarvis    
Harry1858   Desboro   Frederick Summerley   Mary Ann Coe   Emily Ginns  
Harry1859   Desboro   William Burditt   Ellen Ginns   Emily Johnson  
Harry1860   Desboro        
Harry1862   Desboro   Thomas Monk   Rebecca Litchfield    
Harry1862   Desboro   James King   Mahala Buckby   Sarah [not known]  
Harry1862   Ketteri   Alfred Coe   Charlotte Taylor    
Harry1863   Desboro   William Coe   Ann [not known]   Mary Ann Coe  
Harry1863   Ketteri   Alfred Parrish   Kezia Page    
Harry1865   Desboro   William Coe   Lucy Robinson    
Harry1865   Ketteri   Joseph Cheaney   Sarah Ann Bridgstock   Caroline Carew Dillon  
Harry1865   Market   Joseph Hazeldine   Emma Coe    
Harry1866   Desboro   Fielding Coe   Ann Turner   Louisa Annie Neal  
Harry1866   Rothwel   Job Marlow   Eliza Baxter   Lydia Baldwin  
Harry1866   Desboro   Owen Page   Louisa Rowthorn    
Harry1867   Ketteri   Eli Robinson   Sarah Coe    
Harry Elwood1867   Northam   William Deacon   Harriett Patrick    
Harry1868   Rothwel       Elizabeth Ann Marlow  
Harry1868   Lamport   John Allen   Ann Robinson    
Harry1868   Rothers   Henry Cockerill   Sarah Driver    
Harry B1868   Northam   John Ringrose   Mary Tailby    
Harry1869   Desboro   Clarke Page   Dinah Barratt   Lois Ginns  
Harry1869   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Mary Ann Marlow   Isabella Ann Morris  
Harry1869   Ketteri   Thomas Mitchell   Elizabeth [not known]    
Harry1869   Rothwel   Henry Bradshaw   Eliza Pridmore    
Harry1870   Desboro   John Andrews   Elizabeth Wallis   Louise Pinnock  
Harry1870   Desboro   William Pridmore   Mary Jane Monk    
Harry1870   Desboro   Frederick Ginns   Matilda Ward    
Harry1870   Far Cot   John Russell Barratt   Elizabeth Yeomans   Maria Hill  
Harry1870   Desboro   Thomas Yeomans   Sarah Ann [not known]   Sarah Looms  
Harry1870   Hoverin       Ada Cheaney  
Harry1870   Desboro   Thomas Hayden   Susan [not known]    
Harry1871   Apperkn   George Johnson   Jemima Page    
Harry1872   Desboro   Owen Panter   Mary Henrietta Fenton   Lydia Panter  
Harry1873   Rothwel   Charles Bosworth   Matilda Rowthorn   Melinda Morris  
Harry1874   Rothwel   James York   Elizabeth Ann Sumpter   Harriett Page  
Harry1874   Ketteri   Charles Bambridge   Anne Ginns    
Harry1874   Birming   Uriah Robinson   Ann Roe    
Harry1875   Foxton   Thomas Tebbutt   Sarah Ann Turner    
Harry1876   Northam   Owen Rowthorn   Maria Cosford    
Harry J1877   Desboro   Benjamin Hart Bamford   Ann Amey    
Harry1877   Ketteri   George Solomon Goodwin   Mary Ann Susannah Danes    
Harry1878   Seaton   William Davison   Sarah Jane Yeomans    
Harry1879   Desboro   George Lee   Emma Buckby    
Harry1879   Desboro   John Monk   Harriett Churcher    
Harry1879   Desboro   William Murkitt   Susannah Monk   Elsie Mary Sharman  
Harry1879   Rothwel   Charles Goodman   Mary J Kendall    
Harry1879   Ketteri   Samuel Buckby   Elizabeth Ann Asher    
Harry1879   Eye   John A Houghton   Sarah [not known]    
Harry1880   Desboro   William Morris   Sarah Ann Looms    
Harry1880   Market   Frederick Bickerly   Fanny Rayworth    
Harry1880   Sawley   George Cursley   Byzantia Payne    
Harry1880   Badby   John Bull   Elizabeth Wareing    
Harry1881   Desboro   Joseph Plowright   Anne Pridmore    
Harry1881   Ketteri   George Ginns   Elizabeth Sturgess    
Harry1881   Ketteri       Kate Mary Bosworth  
Harry1881   Blean   [male] Godden      
Harry1882   Desboro   George Ball   Eliza Marlow    
Harry1882   Leicest   George Bloxam   Christiana Gilbert    
Harry1882   Welling       Lucy Giles  
Harry F1882   Todding        
Harry1883   Desboro   John William Tyrrell   Eliza Clements    
Harry1883   Desboro   John Bosworth   Annie Hickman    
Harry1883   Desboro   James Stratford   Mary Panter    
Harry1883   Desboro   Joel Marlow   Clara Panter   Sabina Gribble  
Harry I1883   Camberw   Harry Sudds   Hannah Earl Hill    
Harry1883   Desboro        
Harry1884   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Eliza Panter    
Harry1884   Desboro   Henry Buckby   Elizabeth Binley    
Harry1884   Desboro   William Croft   Theresa [not known]    
Harry1884   Greens       Emily Hannah Boon  
Harry1885   Desboro   George Summerley   Elizabeth Morris   Annie Panter  
Harry1885   Desboro   Robert Coe   Mary Ann Harris    
Harry1885   Desboro   Samuel James Crick   Sarah Ann Rowlett   Alice Margurite Tomkins  
Harry E1885   Desboro   John Paine   Hannah Collis    
Harry1885   Desboro   Luke Freeman   Sarah Ann Holt    
Harry1886   Leicest   Fred March   Lois Johnson    
Harry1886   Desboro   Edward Sanders   Selina Marlow    
Harry1886   Desboro   John Howard Hawes   Elizabeth Page    
Harry1886   Rothwel   William Barton   Rosina Moore    
Harry1887   Desboro   Henry Stratford   Elizabeth Page    
Harry1887   Desboro   Joseph Tebbutt   Polly Coe    
Harry1887   Desboro   Owen Chapman   Mary Ann Elizabeth Dickins    
Harry J1887   Southil   William Hull   Clara [not known]    
Harry1888   Desboro   George Clifton Wooding   Elizabeth Binley    
Harry Arnold1889   Desboro   Titus Coe   Eleanor Panter    
Harry1889   Desboro   James Bosworth   Charlotte Feakin    
Harry1889   Desboro   George Allen   Maria Clow    
Harry1889   Pytchle   William Buckby   Elizabeth [not known]    
Harry1889   Rothwel   Alfred Perkins   Anne Priscilla Bosworth    
Harry1890   Desboro   Thomas Henry Blissett   Charlotte Kendall    
Harry1890   Desboro   John William Clow   Lizzie Ginns    
Harry Curtis1890   Desboro   James Feakin   Emma Curtis    
Harry1890   Desboro   Harry Coe   Mary Ann Coe    
Harry1890   Desboro   Frederick Bosworth   Harriet Ann Barton    
Harry1890   Warkton   John Lawrence   Louisa Eleanor Bishop    
Harry1890   Little   Robert Coleman   Charlotte Holmes    
Harry1890   Thrapst   Samuel Linnett   Clara Asher    
Harry1890   Crowlan   Charles Palmer   Elizabeth Lyon    
Harry1890   Welling   John Glover   Elizabeth Ann B Sedgley    
Harry1892   Desboro   Samuel Johnson   Adelaide March   Emily Annie Broughton  
Harry1893   Desboro   George Baldwin   Edith Rebecca Ginns    
Harry1893   Desboro   Beaver Coe   Charlotte Winsall   Matilda Coe  
Harry1893   Desboro   John Joseph Pridmore   Emma Quilla King    
Harry1893   Chapel   Jabez Berridge   Emma Wareing    
Harry1894   Desboro   Henry Dunkley   Hannah Page    
Harry1894   Ketteri   Henry Snow Wright   Mary Jane Knight    
Harry1894   Desboro   Samuel Horsley   Lydia Coe    
Harry1894   Desboro   Luke Albert Freeman   Maria Smith    
Harry1894   Desboro   George Smith   Ellen Ginns    
Harry1894   Desboro   Harry Panter   Lydia Panter    
Harry1895   Desboro   Thomas Austin Jones   Emily Louisa Binley    
Harry1895   Desboro   Joseph Turner   Fanny Baldwin    
Harry1896   Desboro   Charles Manton   Priscilla Coe   Florence Mary Bates  
Harry C1896   Desboro   Frederick Richard Whitby   Kate Ellen Bosworth    
Harry1896   Desboro   John William Davis   Mary Jane Dawson    
Harry1896   Rothwel   Henry Law   Emma Clarke    
Harry1897   Desboro   Owen Page Crick   Mary Elizabeth Ingram    
Harry Lewis1898   Desboro   Jesse Marlow   Sarah Ann Reckless    
Harry1898   Desboro   John Clements   Charlotte Coe    
Harry1898   Desboro   Frederick Charles Fenton   Emily Martin    
Harry1898   Desboro   John William Tyrrell   Sarah Ann Terry    
Harry1899   Desboro   Harry King   Sarah [not known]    
Harry1899   Desboro   Isaac Ball   Hannah Maria Coe    
Harry1899   Desboro   Arthur William Panter   Frances Maud Mitchell    
Harry1899   Desboro   David Sanders   Emma Wallis    
Harry1899   Desboro   Reuben Ginns   Rosina Yeomans    
Harry1900   Ketteri   Harry Andrews   Louise Pinnock    
Harry1902   Desboro   John Thomas Mitchell   Ada Morris    
Harry Austin1903   Ketteri   Frederick William Coe   Charlotte Elizabeth Smart    
Harry Edward1904   Desboro   Stephen Frederick Clarke   Alice Allen    
Harry Owen1905   Desboro   Ernest Whiting   Ellen Mansfield    
Harry1906   Desboro   Daniel Marlow   Ada Mitchell    

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