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This page lists people with the Christian name James who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
James         Mary Coe  
James         Elsie Coe  
James     [male] Clarke   Mary [not known]    
James Ekins         Catherine Lovett Turner  
James William         Meady Abbott  
James1613 est.         Agnes [not known] ;
Ann [not known]  
James1631   Desboro   James Hill   Agnes [not known]    
James1649   Desboro   John Hill      
James1653 est.         Martha Gabett  
James1660 est.   Rothwel       Mary Tebbott  
James1663 est.   Rothwel       Mary Clarke  
James1670   Desboro   John Wyman   Elizabeth [not known]    
James1679   Desboro   Cornelius Sewell   Sarah Sharp    
James1688 est.          
James1696   Desboro   Anthony Foster   Catherine Panter    
James1707 est.         Alice [not known]  
James1717   Desboro   Giles Loake   Anne [not known]   Ann Yeomans  
James1721   Desboro   John Robinson   Mary [not known]   Catherine Eagle  
James1734   Desboro   Thomas Biddle   Mary [not known]    
James1736 est.   Yarwell       Sarah Coley  
James1743   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Jane [not known]    
James1749   Desboro   Joseph Rowthourne   Mary [not known]    
James1749 est.         Frances Coley ;
Catherine Panter  
James1752   Desboro   Joseph Rowthourne   Mary [not known]   Ann Curtis  
James1760   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Elizabeth Jervis    
James1760   Cosby   [male] Biggs     Mary Ball  
James1763   Desboro   Thomas Yeomans   Elizabeth [not known]    
James1765   Desboro     Susanna Line    
James1765   Desboro   William Savage   Jane Wallis    
James1766         Hannah Tompson  
James1770   Desboro   Edward Rowthorne   Mary Dunkley    
James1773 est.   Oxendon       Mary Coleman  
James1777   Desboro   John Tailby   Sarah [not known]    
James1779   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Jane Roads   Martha Swinbank  
James1781   Northam       Elizabeth [not known]  
James1782   Desboro   Randle Flude   Mary Smalley    
James1782   Desboro   John Tailby   Sarah [not known]    
James1786 est.         Jane [not known]  
James1789   Desboro   Daniel Fidgeon      
James Walker1791   Desboro     Elizabeth Holmes    
James1793 est.         Sarah [not known]  
James1795 est.         Sarah Essam  
James1796         Elizabeth [not known]  
James1797   Desboro   Joseph Rowthorne   Hannah Smeeton   Hannah March  
James1798   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Rebecca Moore   Mary Green  
James1798   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Sarah [not known]   Rebecca [not known] ;
Ann Foster  
James1798   Desboro     Ruth Coe    
James1798   Rothwel       Sarah [not known] ;
Hannah Cox  
James1799   Wood Ne       Elizabeth Snow  
James1802 est.         Ann [not known]  
James1804   Desboro   John Robinson   Mary Wallis   Ann Heel  
James1804   Desboro   Thomas Swain   Rachel Aprice   Mary Allen ;
Elizabeth [not known]  
James1805   Leicest       Mary Thorp  
James Morris1805     William Marvin   Ann Cave    
James1806   Desboro       Hannah Page  
James1806   Desboro   William Yeomans   Mary Biddle   Sarah Yeomans  
James1806   Desboro        
James1806         Sarah Holland  
James1806 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
James1807 est.         Sarah Howes  
James1808   Denford       Sarah Tebbutt  
James1809   Desboro   John Biggs     Mary Ann Biggs  
James1810   Desboro       Ruth [not known]  
James1810   Desboro   William Tailby   Rebecca Coleman    
James1810 est.     William Chater   Elizabeth [not known]   Rebecca [not known]  
James1811   Desboro   Richard Smith   Charlotte Coe   Elizabeth [not known]  
James1811   Desboro       Elizabeth Snaith  
James1812   Desboro   William Page   Ann Coe   Hannah Grain  
James1815   Hamilto       Janet Craig  
James W1815   Desboro   John Atkins   Ann [not known]   Susan [not known]  
James1815       Sarah Tomkins    
James1816   Gedding       Sarah Shatford  
James1816   Holboro       Elizabeth [not known]  
James1816   Corby       Ruth Tebbott  
James1817   Desboro   John Panter   Mary [not known]   Ann Neal ;
Lucy Ginns  
James1817   Ketteri        
James1817   Dudding       Jane Sharp  
James1818   Desboro       Hannah Ginns  
James1818   Desboro   James Walker   Ann [not known]    
James1818   Desboro   John Woolams   Rachel [not known]    
James1819   Desboro   James Marlow   Martha Swinbank    
James C1819   Ketteri       Martha Loake  
James1820   Middlet       Sarah C Coles  
James1820   Wilbars       Lucy Carter  
James1820   Desboro   William Gibbon   Sarah Henley    
James1821   Desboro   George Sumner   Ann Coe   Elizabeth Ann Ward  
James1821   Desboro   Samuel Holmes   Ruth [not known]   Ruth Mobbs  
James1822   Desboro   William Page   Sarah [not known]   Sarah Morris ;
Elizabeth Feakin  
James1822   Great H       Eleanor Frost  
James1823   Bethlem       Ann Buckby  
James1824   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Elizabeth [not known]    
James1824 est.         Hannah Matilda Burditt  
James1824   Ketteri       Sarah Tomkins  
James1824   Desboro   James Beeby   Elizabeth [not known]    
James1825   Boughto       Mary Ann [not known]  
James1826   Desboro       Elizabeth [not known]  
James1826   Desboro       Eliza Robinson  
James1826   Desboro     Sarah Marlow   Elizabeth Cable  
James1826   Southam   John Howard   Eliza Faithful   Amy Bower  
James1827   Desboro   John Tailby   Rebecca Woodfield    
James1827   Rushton       Elizabeth [not known]  
James1828   Desboro   Joseph Miller   Hannah Salmon   Clarissa Monk  
James1829   Desboro   Nathaniel Coe   Ann Coleman    
James1830   Desboro   Robert Kilborn   Catherine Ginns   Mary Ann Liner  
James1830   Rushton   William Patrick   Elizabeth Wells    
James1831   Brixwor       Martha Keeber  
James1832   Desboro   Jonathan Page   Sarah Jarvis   Mary Yeomans  
James1832   Desboro   William Fenton   Elizabeth [not known]    
James1833   Desboro   Samuel Monk   Ann [not known]   Martha Marks  
James1833   Desboro   John Johnson   Catherine [not known]    
James1833   Rothwel   James Martin     Ann Coe  
James1833   Rothwel   Samuel Merrill   Mary Remington    
James1834   Desboro   Robert Panter   Martha [not known]    
James1834   Desboro   John Pridmore   Elizabeth [not known]   Caroline Arnsby  
James1834     Joseph Slough   Elizabeth [not known]    
James1834   Rothwel   James Wells   Sarah [not known]    
James1835   Desboro   John Johnson   Catherine [not known]    
James1835   Arthing   Henry Thornton   Esther Robinson   Emma Feakin ;
Mary Curtis ;
Merab Barratt  
James1835   Hollowe       Caroline Kendall  
James1835   Braybro   Thomas Dunkley   Jane Coleman    
James1836   Desboro   Ebenezer Wilford   Jane Yeomans    
James1836   Rothwel   Benjamin Walker   Olave [not known]    
James1836   Brackle       Georgiana Ray  
James1836   Leicest   Bartholomew Cox   Rebecca [not known]    
James1837   Newton       Mahala Buckby  
James1837   Rothwel   James Glover   Sarah Holland   Mary Ann Mills  
James1838   Desboro   Robert Hulbert   Hannah Bamford    
James1838     Benjamin Henry Elliott   Rebecca [not known]    
James1838   Clipsto       Hannah Palmer ;
Ann Asher ;
Eliza Grace Jays  
James Andrew1838   Raunds       Mary Burton  
James1839   Desboro   Samuel Kilborn   Eliza Baines    
James1839   Rothwel   William York   Catherine [not known]   Elizabeth Ann Sumpter  
James1839   Cossing       Emma Noble  
James1840     James Robinson   Ann Heel   Elizabeth [not known]  
James1840     Charles Morris   Susannah Crick    
James1840   Desboro   Nathaniel Coe   Ann Coleman   Jane [not known]  
James1840   Desboro   James Walker   Hannah Matilda Burditt    
James1840   Whaplod       Georgiana Coe ;
Eliza [not known]  
James1840   Desboro   James Panter   Ann Foster    
James1840   Rothwel   Henry Walker   Elizabeth Peberdy   Ann Bosworth  
James1840     Thomas Brown   Ann [not known]    
James1840   Lubenha   Thomas Brown   Ann [not known]    
James1840         Eleanor Jones  
James1841   Desboro   Richard Smith Yeomans   Mary Yeomans   Kezia Holmes  
James1841   Desboro   George Buckby   Martha Marlow   Clara Marlow  
James1841   Desboro   John Hawes   Frances [not known]    
James1841   Desboro   Robert Binley   Ann Coe    
James1841   Northam       Victoria Barratt  
James1841   Chalton   William Harris   Mary [not known]   Charlotte Washington  
James1841   Hassock   James W Atkins   Susan [not known]    
James1841   Wood Ne   James Scotney   Jane Sharp    
James1842   Desboro   James Coe   Hannah Page    
James1843   Desboro   Ebenezer Wilford   Jane Yeomans    
James1844   Rothwel   John Flude   Sarah Burditt   Ann Leago ;
Caroline Horsley ;
Susan Butlin  
James1844   Rothwel       Elizabeth Ann Watts  
James1845   Rothwel   James Smith   Elizabeth [not known]    
James Perkins1846   Desboro   Charles Clarke   Rebecca Perkins    
James1846   Desboro   William Burditt   Alice Sharman   Eliza Foster ;
Mary Ann Ginns  
James1846   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Mary Burditt    
James1846   Desboro   Thomas Ward   Hannah Eltitton    
James1846   Wilbars        
James1847   Desboro   Joseph Paine   Mary Marlow   Clarissa Robinson Crisp  
James1848   Desboro   James Panter   Ann Foster   Eliza Foster  
James1848   Desboro   Henry Murkett   Elizabeth Smith   Elizabeth Thornton  
James1848   Rothwel   John Bosworth   Elizabeth [not known]    
James Bethray1848   Rothwel       Eliza Catherine Coe  
James1849   Desboro   Samuel Bosworth   Sarah Salmon    
James1849   Rothwel   Joseph Marlow   Eliza Curtis    
James1850   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Hannah Yeomans   Emma Curtis  
James1850   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Ann [not known]   Harriet Elizabeth Hibbert  
James1850   Desboro   George Tailby   Ann Deacon   Elizabeth Asher  
James1850   Banbury   William Frazer   Hannah [not known]   Harriet Ward  
James1850   Desboro   James Campbell   Janet Craig    
James1850   Great O   James Pain   Ruth Tebbott   Selina Maria Kendall  
James1850   Desboro   John Hornsby   Dinah Newcombe    
James1850   Rothwel   John West   Mary [not known]    
James1850   Rothwel   Robert Bambridge   Mary Crick    
James1850   Rothwel   William Cox   Ann Johnson    
James1851   Desboro   James Holmes   Ruth Mobbs    
James1851   Desboro   John Thorpe   Ann Moore   Ann Sharman  
James1851   Rothwel   William Asher   Sarah Deacon    
James1851   Sudbury   Michael George   Elizabeth [not known]    
James1851   Rothwel   John Goodman   Mary [not known]    
James1851   Rothwel   William Burditt   Elizabeth Sturgess    
James1852   Wilbars   Edmund Houghton   Comfort Tansley    
James1852   Balling       Lydia Marlow  
James A1852   Easton   William Hickman   Harriet Labut    
James1854   Coates       Sarah Barnes  
James Shirley F1854   Camden       Alice Amelia Kilborn  
James1855   Desboro   Thomas Bosworth   Mary Timpson   Charlotte Feakin  
James Henry1855   Irthlin       Hannah Hulbert  
James Richard1855         Elise Ada Foster Fowler  
James1855   Rushton   John Patrick   Ann Coe    
James1855   Liverpo        
James1856   Desboro   John Wilkins   Sarah Timpson    
James Green1856   Desboro   George Yeomans   Louisa Yeomans    
James1856   Cotting   William West   Mary Ann [not known]    
James1856   Bromsgr       Elizabeth [not known]  
James1856   Burbage   Isaac Neal   Ann Nichols   Mary [not known]  
James1857   Desboro   John Stevenson   Sarah Walters    
James W1857   Leicest   John Mutton Walter   Elizabeth Loake    
James1857   Crosswa   James Scotney   Jane Sharp    
James1857   Market   Joseph Cleaver   Louisa Yeomans    
James1858   Sherrin   Joseph Clarke   Sarah [not known]   Ann Farrell  
James1859   Corby   James Glover   Mary Ann Mills    
James1859   Stoke G   Thomas Evans   Sophia Nichols    
James1860   Desboro   Amos Coe   Emma Panter    
James1860   Desboro       Frances Kidd  
James1860   Desboro       Mary Ann Bamford  
James1860   Kingswo       Emma Dunkley  
James1861   Desboro   James Hawes   Hannah Ginns   Catherine Selina Kilborn  
James1861   Desboro   James Stratford   Ann Buckby   Mary Panter  
James George1861   Windsor   James Marlow   Elizabeth Cable    
James Coe1862   Desboro   George Coe Binley   Mary Panter   Caroline Marlow  
James1862   Woodsto       Frances Annie Cheney  
James1863   Desboro   James Panter   Elizabeth [not known]    
James1863   Braybro   Thomas Goodman   Maria Robinson    
James1864   Desboro   Abraham Seaton Marlow   Mary Ann Morris   Emily Chaney  
James1866   Great B   Thomas Winsall   Ellen Yeomans    
James1866   Leicest   William Shore   Sarah Ann [not known]   Elizabeth Caroline Read  
James Joseph1866   Weston       Ellen Evans  
James1867   Desboro   James Rowlett   Sarah Tomkins    
James1867   Brampto   William Glover   Elizabeth Foster    
James1867   Northam   John Rowthorn   Elizabeth [not known]    
James T1868   Desboro   Thomas Tebbutt   Sarah Ann Turner    
James1870   Desboro   Charles Feakin   Sarah Ann Bosworth    
James1870   Desboro   Charles Tomkins   Sarah [not known]   Mary Ann Sanders  
James Y1870   Desboro   John Forester Kendall   Peninah Yeomans    
James1870   Rothwel   William Tebbutt   Elizabeth Johnson    
James1870   Rothwel   James York   Elizabeth Ann Sumpter   Ellen Burditt  
James H1872   Clipsto   James Asher   Eliza Robinson    
James1872   Little   Joseph Foster   Matilda Burditt    
James Thomas1873   Desboro   James Yeomans   Harriet Elizabeth Hibbert   Ann Priscilla Tailby  
James1873   Desboro   Nathaniel Page   Frances March    
James1873   Kirklan   Thomas Clarke   Ann Jenkinson    
James1873   Scaldwe   William John Worth   Elizabeth James    
James H1873   Bridgen   John Ball   Jane [not known]    
James1873   Ketteri       Kate Elizabeth Coe  
James1873   Littlep       Harriett Florence Register  
James T1873   Leicest   William Bosworth   Sedilla Broughton    
James H1873   Rothwel   John H Yeomans   Mary A [not known]    
James1874   Desboro   Charles Morris   Janet Frazer   Alice Rick  
James1874   Southwi   William Scotney   Mary Ann Gaudern   Florrie Elkington  
James William1875   Rothwel   George Allen   Matilda Reckless    
James1876   Desboro   William Weyman   Mary Binley    
James W1876   Northam   William Curtis   Bridget Garland   Alice Clarissa Goode  
James Thomas1876   Lancast   James Byrne   Eleanor Jones    
James A1877   Leicest   William Wittering   Mary Ann White    
James Jesse1878   Desboro   James Paine   Clarissa Robinson Crisp   Mary Ann Tyrrell  
James William1878   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Eliza Panter   Ada Elizabeth Davenport  
James E1878   Desboro   David Frost   Charlotte Whitmee    
James1878   Kuilnes   William Goodman   Annie Maria [not known]    
James Kilsby1879   Rothwel       Hannah Maud Coe  
James1880   Desboro   James Murkitt   Elizabeth Thornton    
James1880   Middlet   Samuel Stringer   Maria Moore    
James William1882   Desboro   George Ward Sumner   Emma Kilborn    
James Straker1883   Desboro   Henry Idle   Alice Hannah Houghton    
James1883   Bulking   James Neal   Mary [not known]    
James Tailby1884   Desboro   Lawrence Lovett Turner   Jane Rosella Tailby    
James1885   Desboro   Henry James Chaplin   Sarah Page    
James S1885   Croft   Richard West   Ann [not known]    
James E1886   Welling   Walter Charles Sharman   Anne Evans    
James Albert1887   Desboro   William Alfred Cox   Mary Ann Smith    
James1887   Desboro   William Deacon Tailby   Amelia Rose Mee   Florence Prowitt  
James1887   Corby   John Glover   Elizabeth Ann B Sedgley    
James1888   Desboro   Alfred Page   Sophia Burditt    
James1889   Selly O   James Morris   Elizabeth [not known]    
James1892   Desboro   Tom Panter   Jane Sturgess    
James Jarvis1893   Desboro   Frederick Goodman   Martha Putman    
James William1893   Desboro   William York   Lucy Ward    
James1895   Desboro   Robert Coleman   Charlotte Holmes    
James Harris1897   Ilkesto   Robert Riches   Sarah Ann Pegg    
James Thomas1898   Desboro   Charles Panther   Elizabeth Lois Jacques    
James Harry1898   Desboro   Harry York   Harriett Page    
James Arnold1899   Desboro   James Thomas Yeomans   Ann Priscilla Tailby    
James1900   Desboro   Arthur William Glover   Louisa Eames    
James1900   Desboro   Samuel Feakin   Elizabeth Hickman    
James A1900   Desboro   William Coles   Elizabeth Ann Keyte    
James William1900   Desboro   William King   Sarah Ann Wallis    
James Lawrence1902   Leicest   John Stockburn Linnell   Mary Elizabeth Smith    
James William1902   Desboro   Frederick Glover   Florence Rose Ginns    
James T1903   Desboro   George Burton   Ann Johnson    
James William1903   Desboro   Robert Pateman   Ellen Sturges    
James Bernard1904   Churchi   William Henry Anson   Louisa Liner    
James Alexander1906   Desboro   William Henry Wyatt   Ellen Elizabeth Loomes    

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