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This page lists people with the Christian name M who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Mark         Jane Loake  
Mary         Randle Flude  
Mary         Samuel Mitchell  
Mary         James Jarrett  
Maria     [male] Silby      
Mary         Richard Hooke  
Martin   Desboro   Giles Poulton   Catherine Lovett   Mary Osborne  
Mary   Kelmars   Morris Osborne     Martin Poulton  
Myles   Rothwel   Edward Hampden   Elizabeth Preston   Agnes Poulton  
Mary Catherine     William Poulton   Mary Smith   Lewis Quenet  
Mary     Ferdinando Poulton   Julia Garton    
Maria Elizabeth         Nathaniel Johnson  
Mabel         Mervyn Bindley  
Maggie         Clifford Charles Feakin  
Mary     Henry Sharpe   Elizabeth Robinson    
Mary         Thomas Holioake  
Mary     Charles Thimelby   Anne Poulton    
Mary   Rothwel   Myles Hampden   Agnes Poulton    
Margarette   Rothwel   Myles Hampden   Agnes Poulton    
Matthew     Samuel Watson      
Mary         Robert Forister  
Mary         [male] Thorpe  
Mary     Thomas Essum   Alice [not known]    
Martha Benoni     John Mansfield   Elizabeth Rogers    
Mary     Richard Shelton   Martha [not known]    
Mary         Andrew Thorpe  
Mary         [male] Iliffe  
Mary     John Sergeant   Mary [not known]    
Mary         [male] Welford  
Mary         [male] Burt  
Mary     Thomas Smith   Anne Smith    
Mary         [male] Yeomans  
Mary         Andrew Thorp  
Mary         Job King  
Mary         [male] Champayne  
Mary         [male] Clarke  
Margaret         [male] Jarman  
Mary         John Crumpton  
Mary         William Wintertorn  
Martha         Robert Carter  
Mary         [male] Putt  
Mary Haser          
Mary     [male] Jarvis      
Mary         William Morris  
Mary         [male] Dawkins  
Mary         William Marlow  
Martha         [male] Reculest  
Mary         Richard Marchall  
Mary         Charles Morris  
Mary         David or Nathaniel Coe  
Martha Maud     George Kilborn   Hannah Hill    
Mary         [male] Wodford  
Mary         [male] Coates  
Mary     Richard Loake   Margery [not known]    
Margette       Margery Hyll    
Margery     Richard Wilkingson   Amy [not known]    
Margaret     John Hilton      
Margery         William Wine  
Mary     Richard Coop      
Margery     Jonas Barrette      
Mary     George Poulton      
Mabel         George Ward Sumner  
Mary     Edward Weston   Dorothy [not known]    
Maria     Edward Weston   Dorothy [not known]    
Mary         Edward Driver  
Mary     [male] Dudley   Ann Biggs    
Mary     [male] Moor   Elizabeth Biggs    
Margaret1530         [male] Wyman  
Margaret1542         [male] Nutte  
Margeret1545 est.          
Margaret1546 est.         Anthony Panter  
Mary1549   Desboro   Giles Poulton   Ellen Fuller    
Margett1553   Desboro       Alexander Wimonde  
Margett1553 est.         Thomas Tailor  
Mary1553         John Whittring  
Mary1554         John Wakelyn  
Mary1557 est.         Richard Davies  
Margaret1560         Richard Reynolds  
Mark1561 est.          
Maud1562         [male] Gruffyth  
Margery1562         Richard Loake  
Margaret1562         [male] Pike  
Margaret1564 est.   Desboro       John Clement  
Margery1564 est.          
Margaret1564         [male] Dawes  
Margery1565 est.   Desboro       Waters Coop  
Mary1565         [male] Walker  
Margery1566         Robert Ingram  
Margaret1567         Henry Tebotte  
Margaret1570         William Lante  
Martin1571/72   Desboro   Roger Marson     Catherine Manton  
Martha1571     Ferdinando Poulton   Katherine Jackman   William Pen  
Mary1571   Desboro   Henry Bradburye      
Mark1571 est.   Desboro       Frances Gybbons  
Mary1572   Desboro   Thomas Tebotte   Elizabeth [not known]   Robert Silbye  
Mark1573   Desboro   Giles Alderman   Isabel [not known]   Frances Hensworth  
Mary1573   Desboro   John Whittring   Mary [not known]   Peter Naule  
Martha1574 est.         Henry Watson  
Margaret1574   Desboro   Richard Codsbrooke      
Mary1575 est.   Desboro       Robert Tebotte  
Margaret1575/76   Desboro   Edmund Wimond   Aylse Barrett    
Maurice1575 est.   Huthorp        
Margaret1575         Thomas Hawes  
Mary1578   Desboro   Philip Pulton      
M1578 est.   Desboro        
Margery1578         John Silby  
Mary1579 est.   Desboro       William Gawsticke  
Margett1580 est.         Thomas Payge  
Mary1580   Desboro   Edward Smythe      
Mary1580         Richard Cupisse  
Mark1582   Desboro   Ralph Browneknaffe   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1584 est.         Edward Barrette  
Mary1585 est.         Alexander Wimond  
Margery1585   Desboro   Thomas Barrette      
Mary1587 est.         John Drake  
Margaret1587   Desboro   Richard Groococke   Frances [not known]    
Mary1590   Desboro   Giles Tebotte      
Mary1591/92   Desboro   Richard Barrette      
Mary1596   Desboro   John Codsbrooke     William Panter  
Mary1596   Desboro   Richard Elliotte      
Matthew1596   Desboro   Robert Silbye   Mary Tebotte    
Mary1596   Desboro   John Wright      
Mary1596/97   Desboro   Henry Lockewood   Susanna Whittring    
Margery1596         Thomas Franklyn  
Mary1598   Desboro   Richard Barrette      
Mary1599 est.   Desboro       Daniel Lole  
Mary1599   Desboro   Thomas Rippin     William Alderman  
Mary1599   Desboro   Hugh Ebbatte   Ann Austye    
Mary1600 est.     Ferdinando Poulton   Katherine Jackman   [male] Troughton  
Margery1601   Desboro   Richard Launders   Christian [not known]    
Margaret1601         William Hobson  
Mary1603   Desboro   Thomas Lee      
Margaret1603         Alexander Wimond  
Mary1604   Desboro   Francis Dawes      
Mary1606 est.   Desboro       Edward Yeomans  
Mathew1606 est.         Ann [not known]  
Mary1607/08   Desboro   John Walker   Joan Lockewood    
Mary1608   Desboro   John Silby   Elizabeth Subley   Edward Barrett  
Margaret1608   Desboro   Richard Launders   Christian [not known]    
Margery1608/09   Desboro   Harry Robyns   Ann [not known]    
Martin     Richard Webster      
Mary1610   Desboro   John Whittering      
Mary1611 est.   Walgrav       Ralph Hills  
Margaret1612 est.         George Beesley  
Margaret1613 est.         Richard Turner  
Miles1613 est.   Great B        
Mary1614 est.   Earls B       Nicholas Baynes  
Mary1614   Desboro   Francis Tee     Thomas Marriott  
Mary1614         [male] Newman  
Mary1615 est.   Lawton       Thomas Charles  
Mary1615   Desboro   William Weston      
Mary1615   Desboro   John Quenby   Ann Plowright    
Mary1618 est.         Thomas Franklin  
Mathew1618   Desboro   Charles Thimelby   Anne Poulton    
Mary1618 est.         Henry Lenton  
Mary1619   Desboro   John Atkins   Ann Andrewe    
Mary1620   Desboro   Richard Andrew   Alice Watson    
Mary1620         John Burton  
Mary1621/22   Desboro   Giles Groococke      
Martin1622 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth Dawes  
Margaret1623 est.   Desboro       Richard Turner  
Mary1624   Desboro   Alexander Wimond   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mathew1626   Desboro   Mathew Marriott   Ann [not known]    
Mary1626   Desboro   John Brette   Dorothy Benette    
Margaret1626/27   Desboro   John James      
Mary1627   Desboro   Edward Yeomans   Mary Wright    
Mary1628   Desboro   William Panter   Mary Codsbrook    
Margaret1628   Desboro   John Bentley   Ellen Weston    
Mary1630 est.         William Chapman  
Mary1630   Desboro   Henry Wright   Elizabeth Warner    
Mary1630 est.         Richard Cheny  
Mary1631 est.         John Ward  
Mary1631 est.   Desboro       John Knight  
Mary1631 est.   Desboro       Thomas Knight  
Mary1631   Desboro   John Wright   Agnes [not known]    
Mary1632 est.         Edward Horsman  
Margaret1632 est.   Desboro   James Hill   Agnes [not known]    
Mary1632 est.   Desboro       Simon Brett  
Mark1632   Desboro   John Alderman   Rebecca [not known]    
Mary1633 est.         William Andrews  
Mary1633   Desboro     Elizabeth Lockewood    
Mary1633   Desboro   John Chapman   Katherine Groococke    
Mary1633/34   Desboro   Richard Skinner   Elizabeth Spencer    
Mary1634 est.         Thomas Groocock  
Mary1634 est.   Great O       William Midlebrooke  
Mary1634 est.   Rothwel       Thomas Harper  
Mary1635   Desboro   Christopher Watson   Ann [not known]    
Mary1636 est.   Blackla       Ferdinando Poulton  
Margery1636   Desboro   John Selby   Em [not known]    
Mary1637   Desboro   Richard Wingrave   Agnes Apleyard    
Mary1638   Desboro   Richard Alderman   Frances [not known]    
Martin1640   Desboro   Roger Watson   Agnes Marson    
Mary1640   Desboro   Thomas Iliffe   Alice [not known]    
Mary1640/41   Desboro   John Atkins   Bridget Marriott    
Margaret1641/42   Desboro   William Hasselden   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1642   Desboro   William Alderman   Mary Ripping   Christopher Smith  
Margaret1642   Desboro   Martin Hankin   Elizabeth Dawes    
Mary1643   Desboro   Isaac Kent   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1644/45   Desboro   Richard Daniel   Elizabeth [not known]    
Martin1648   Desboro   Henry Watson   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1648   Desboro   Robert Moore   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1648   Desboro       Humphry Chambers  
Mary1649/50   Desboro   William Chapman   Mary [not known]    
Mary1650   Desboro   George Meakins   Godith Lusnam    
Mary1651 est.   Ketteri       Nathaniel Palmer  
Martha1651 est.   Sibbert       William Clarke  
Margery1651     John Silby   Emey [not known]    
Mary1651   Desboro   Bartin Gutteridge   Alice [not known]    
Mary1651/52   Desboro   William Midlebrooke   Mary Cheaney    
Mary1651/52   Desboro   Thomas Franklin   Sarah [not known]    
Mary1652/53   Desboro   Edward Roe   Temperance [not known]    
Mary1652/53   Desboro   George Watson   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1652/53   Desboro   Thomas Serjeant   Alice Corby    
Mary1652 est.         John Brampton  
Mary1652 est.         William Robinson  
Mary1652 est.         John Ward  
Mary1652/53   Desboro   John Sage   Katherine Spencer   Edward Eagle  
Mary1653   Desboro   Edward Horsman   Mary [not known]    
Mary1653 est.   Desboro       John Lenton  
Mary1653 est.   Desboro       William Nursey  
Mary1653 est.         William Page  
Martha1653 est.         James Blockley  
Mary1653 est.         Thomas Yarnam  
Margaret1653 est.   Rothwel       William Cooke  
Mary1653 est.   Ketteri       Samuel Lawford  
Mary1654 est.         Richard Lole  
Mary1654 est.         Richard Robinson  
Mary1654 est.   Ketteri       Christopher Voin  
Mary1655 est.         William Sanders  
Martha1658 est.   Desboro       Edward Coe  
Mary1659 est.   Orton       Hugh Lucas  
Mary1659 est.   Rothwel       Thomas Austin  
Mary1659 est.   Rothwel       John Aston  
Mary1660 est.         George Watson  
Mary1660 est.         Edward Coe  
Mary1660 est.         Jonathan Baylee  
Mary1660 est.   Rothwel       James Boddimer  
Mary1661 est.   Desboro       John Loake  
Mary1661 est.   Clipsto       Thomas Munn  
Mary1661 est.   Rothwel       George Davis  
Mary1661 est.         Thomas Parker  
Mary1662 est.   Ketteri       Thomas Yasquine  
Mary1662   Rushton   John Loake   Elizabeth Groococke    
Mary1663 est.   Rothwel       James Page  
Mary1670   Rushton       John Welford  
Martha     Thomas Loake   Jane [not known]    
Mary     Thomas Loake   Jane [not known]    
Mary1671   Desboro   William Nursey   Mary Campion   Thomas Wallis  
Mary1672   Desboro   John Lenton   Mary Walter    
Mary1673   Desboro   William Gutteridge   Ruth Manton    
Mary1675   Desboro   William Page   Mary [not known]    
Mary1676/77   Desboro   Lewis East   Ann Loake    
Mary1676/77   Desboro   Humphry Chambers   Mary Davies    
Mary1677   Desboro   Richard Alderman   Elizabeth Wyman    
Martha1677   Desboro   James Blockley   Martha Gabett    
Mary1677/78   Desboro   Gabriel Watson   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1677 est.         John Coe  
Mary1677 est.         William Iliffe  
Mary1677 est.         Anthony Foster  
Mary1677 est.         Thomas Clarke  
Mary1678 est.         William West  
Mary1678 est.         Richard Brooke  
Mary1679   Desboro   John Loake   Mary Winsall    
Martha1679   Desboro   William Clarke   Martha King    
Mary1679 est.         John Cave  
Mary1680/81   Desboro   Richard Robinson   Mary Pridmore    
Mary1681 est.         Perott Aprice  
Mary1682 est.         Joseph Loake  
Mary1682/83   East Ha   James Blockley   Martha Gabett    
Mary1683 est.         William Miller  
Margaret1683 est.         William Panter  
Mary1684   Rothwel   John Vials   Sarah Humphery    
Martha1686 est.         Richard Aprice  
Mary1687   Desboro   Edward Coe   Hannah [not known]    
Mary1688 est.         Jonathan Rudkin  
Mary1689 est.         Gabriel Watson  
Martha1689 est.         Richard Hopkins  
Martha1691 est.         John Pridmore  
Mary1692 est.   Desboro       Edward Eagle  
Mary1692 est.         John Smeeton  
Mary1692 est.   Desboro       Thomas King  
Mary1693 est.         Joseph Roper  
Mary1693 est.         John Robinson  
Mary1694 est.   Bliswor       George Barriff  
Mary1694/95   Desboro   Richard King   Rebecca [not known]    
Mary1694 est.         William Page  
Mary1694   Desboro   Ferdinando Thompson   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1695     William Iliffe   Mary [not known]    
Mary1696/97   Desboro   William Cave   Jane East    
Mary1696 est.         Richard Lole  
Mary1696   Desboro   Richard Brooke   Mary [not known]    
Mary1697 est.   Desboro       Thomas Smith  
Martha1697 est.         Richard Shelton  
Mary1697 est.         John Dormount  
Mary1697 est.         John Sergeant  
Mary1697   Desboro   Thomas Groocock   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1698   Desboro   Joseph Loake   Mary [not known]    
Martha1698 est.   Desboro       John Sage  
Mary1698 est.         William Hodson  
Mary1698 est.   Desboro       John Campion  
Mary1699   Desboro   William King   Sarah [not known]    
Mary1699 est.         William Lenton  
Mary1699 est.         William Cox  
Mary1700   Desboro       William Dawkins  
Martha1700 est.         Henry Lenton  
Mary1700 est.         Samuel Spriggs  
Mary1701 est.         Thomas Frier  
Mary1701 est.         John Dawmont  
Mary1701         William Smith  
Mary1702 est.   Desboro   William Iliffe   Anne [not known]   John Wyatt  
Mary1702 est.         John Nursey  
Mary1703   Desboro   John Barratt   Joane Lenton    
Mary1703   Desboro   Richard King   Rebecca [not known]    
Mary1703 est.         Thomas Meddows  
Mary1703 est.         William Harrison  
Mary1703 est.         Joseph Slough  
Mary1703 est.         John Johnson  
Mary1705 est.         Samuel Wheatly  
Mary1706   Desboro   William Nursey   Elizabeth [not known]   William Morris  
Mary1706   Desboro   John Coe   Mary Bibber    
Martha1706   Desboro   Thomas Groocock      
Mary1706   Desboro   James Clark      
Mary1706 est.         William Buckby  
Mary1706 est.         [male] Clarke  
Mary1707   Desboro        
Mary1707   Desboro   Thomas Wallis   Mary Nursey    
Mary1707   Desboro   William Sage   Anne [not known]    
Mary1707   Desboro   Perott Aprice   Mary Yeoman    
Mary1707 est.         Thomas Biddle  
Mary1708   Desboro   Thomas Loake   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1709 est.         Thomas Cave  
Mary1709 est.         William Goodman  
Mary1710   Desboro   Thomas Holbert   Elizabeth Nursey    
Mary1710   Desboro   John Turner   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1710/11   Desboro   John Smeeton   Mary [not known]    
Mary1710/11   Desboro   William Lenton   Hannah [not known]    
Mary1710 est.         Edward Fakon  
Mary1710         William West  
Mary1711 est.   Desboro       John Barrett  
Mary1711     Robert Smith     William Poulton  
Mary1711   Desboro   George Dawkins   Susanah Waymant   William Kidney  
Mary1713   Desboro   Edward Eagle   Mary Loake    
Mercy1713 est.         William Cooke  
Mary1713 est.         Henry Jervis  
Mary1713 est.   Desboro       John Haselden  
Mary1714   Desboro   John Curtis   Eleanor [not known]    
Martha1715 est.         Richard Belcher  
Martha1715/16   Desboro   John Kestin   Sarah [not known]    
Mary1715 est.   Desboro       Thomas Panter ;
David Chamberlin  
Marget1715 est.         Perott Aprice  
Mary1715 est.   Desboro       Samuel Crick  
Mary     William Hodson   Mary [not known]    
Mary1716 est.   Desboro       Richard Bagnall  
Mary1717 est.         William Marlow  
Mary1717   Desboro   Thomas Smith   Mary Barlow    
Mary1717/18   Desboro   Bartin Gutteridge   Esther Courtman    
Mary1717   Desboro   Robert Foster   Susannah [not known]    
Mary1717   Desboro   William Marchall   Joanna [not known]    
Mary1717   Desboro   John Bates   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1717 est.         Joseph Rowthourne  
Mary1718   Desboro   Joseph Paine   Elizabeth [not known]    
Martha1718   Desboro   Henry Lenton   Martha [not known]    
Mary1719   Desboro   Giles Loake   Anne [not known]   Thomas Grant  
Mary1719 est.         Thomas Platt  
Mary1720   Desboro   John Sage   Martha Burt    
Mary1720   Desboro   John Nursey   Mary [not known]    
Martha1721   Desboro   John Sage   Martha Burt    
Mary1721/22   Desboro   Joseph Slough   Mary [not known]   William Ling Tompson  
Mary1721/22   Desboro   John Campion   Mary Starbrooke    
Mary1722   Desboro   Bartin Gutteridge   Anne Hill   Samuel Edwards  
Mary1723   Desboro   William Coley   Frances [not known]    
Mary1723   Desboro   Henry Lenton   Martha [not known]    
Mary1723 est.         Edward Lole  
Mary1723 est.         Robert Moore  
Mary1724   Desboro   Henry Thorpe   Sarah [not known]    
Martha     Giles Loake   Anne [not known]    
Mary1724 est.         Edward Slough  
Mary1724 est.         William Page  
Mary1724 est.         Richard Bollard  
Mary1724 est.         John Panter  
Mary1725 est.         Charles Wood  
Mary1725/26   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1725   Desboro   John Pebody   Anne [not known]    
Mary1725   Desboro   Samuel Spriggs   Mary [not known]    
Mary1725   Desboro   Thomas Biddle   Mary [not known]    
Mary1725/26   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1726   Desboro   William Cave   Eleanor [not known]    
Mary1726/27   Desboro   William Cox   Mary [not known]    
Mary1726/27   Desboro   William Goodman   Mary [not known]    
Mary1726 est.         John Quince  
Mary1727   Desboro   Thomas Sage   Elizabeth Rudkin    
Mary1727   Desboro   James Aprice   Alice [not known]    
Mary1727/28   Desboro   John Sage   Martha Burt    
Mary1727   Desboro       Edward Biddle  
Mary1728   Desboro   Edward Coe   Anne [not known]   Richard Yeomans  
Mary1728   Desboro   Samuel Winsall   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1728/29   Desboro   William Cox   Mary [not known]    
Mary1728 est.         William Heward  
Martha1729   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1730/31   Desboro   John Wallis   Frances [not known]   John Bringhurst  
Mary1730 est.         William Serjeant  
Mary1731   Desboro   John Barrett   Mary Horner    
Mary1732 est.         Robert Whittring  
Mary1733 est.         George Cave  
Mary1733   Desboro   William Morris   Mary Nursey    
Mary1733   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Mary Bishop   Edward Coe  
Mary1733   Desboro   Henry Jervis   Mary [not known]   William Salmon  
Mary1733 est.         Robert Simpson  
Mary1733 est.         John Cooper  
Mary1734   Desboro   John Forster   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1734   Desboro   John Crick   Susannah Brown    
Mary1734/35   Desboro   John Uarthing   Anne [not known]    
Mary1734 est.         Trantum Andrews  
Mary1734 est.         Samuel Humphrey  
Margaret1735 est.         William Cave  
Mary1735   Desboro   George Morris   Elizabeth Nursey    
Martha1735   Desboro   Richard Macianess   Elizabeth Forster    
Mary1735         Edward Rowthorne  
Mary1735   Desboro        
Mary1737 est.         William Coe  
Mary1737   Desboro   Robert Dexter   Hannah [not known]    
Mary1737 est.         George Morris  
Mary1738/39   Desboro   Thomas Hulbert   Ann [not known]    
Mary1738/39   Desboro   William Kidney   Mary Dawkins    
Mary1738 est.         John Biddle  
Martha1739   Desboro   Richard Belcher   Martha [not known]    
Mary1739   Desboro   Joseph Rowthourne   Mary [not known]   George Frier  
Mary1739 est.         John Biddle  
Maria1740   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Jane [not known]   Edward King  
Mary1740   Desboro   Ferdinando Thorpe   Winifred [not known]    
Mary     Giles Marlow   Ann Turner    
Mary1740/41   Desboro   Jonathan Freeman   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1740 est.         Benjamin Tebbutt  
Mary1741/42   Desboro   Thomas Haselden   Elizabeth Frear   Edward Marlow  
Mary1741   Desboro   John Curtis   Catherine [not known]    
Martha1741   Desboro   William Goodman   Mary [not known]    
Mary1741   Desboro       William Coe  
Mary1741   Farndon   Edward Weston   Hannah [not known]   William Morris  
Mary1742 est.         Christopher Robinson  
Mary1742/43   Desboro   John Panter   Mary [not known]    
Mary1742 est.         Thomas Howard  
Mary1743/44   Desboro   Charles Wood   Mary [not known]    
Martha1743/44   Desboro   Joseph Rowthourne   Mary [not known]    
Mercy1743         John Curtis  
Mary1744   Desboro   Robert Nursey   Elizabeth [not known]   Thomas Morris  
Martha1744   Desboro   Edward Coe   Ann [not known]    
Mary1744 est.         Richard Barrun ;
David Sutton  
Martha1744 est.         Charles Iliffe  
Mary1745 est.         Thomas Green  
Mary1745   Desboro   Charles Wood   Mary [not known]    
Mary1745   Desboro   Richard Bollard   Mary [not known]    
Mary1746   Desboro   Gabriel Watson   Ann [not known]   William Nursey  
Mary1746   Desboro   Richard Robinson   Elizabeth Smith    
Mary1746/47   Desboro   John Cox   Elizabeth Loake    
Mary1746/47   Desboro   Richard Fisher   Susannah [not known]    
Mercy1746/47   Desboro   Richard Page   Isabella [not known]   John Long  
Martha1746/47   Desboro   William Sage   Ann Hills    
Mary1747   Desboro   Joseph March   Elizabeth [not known]   John Kendal  
Mary1747 est.         Thomas Sommers  
Mary1747         Thomas Hawes  
Martha1748         William Panter  
Mary1748   Desboro   John Cox   Elizabeth Loake   William Holeach  
Mary1748 est.         Thomas Simmons  
Mary1748 est.         William Holbard  
Mary1748 est.         Charles Morris  
Mary1748 est.         John Webster  
Mary1748         [male] Paine  
Mary1749   Desboro   William Kidney   Mary Dawkins    
Mary1749/50   Desboro   William Sage   Ann Hills    
Mary1749 est.         John Scott  
Mary1749   Desboro       Thomas Haseldine  
Mary1750   Desboro   Benjamin Flude   Suzanna Caris    
Marcilla     Thomas Ward   Ann Pebody    
Mary     Thomas Ward   Ann Pebody    
Mary1750 est.         Thomas Ward  
Mary1750 est.   Cotting       David Kidney  
Mary1750 est.         Thomas Miles  
Mary1751   Desboro   George Haselden   Sarah [not known]    
Mary1752   Desboro   Daniel Fakon   Elizabeth White   Jonathan Kidney  
Mary1752   Desboro   Trantum Andrews   Mary [not known]   William Benningbridge  
Mary1752 est.          
Mary1752 est.   Desboro       Richard Houghton  
Mary1753   Desboro   Thomas Frier   Anne Sage   William Burditt  
Mary1753   Desboro   Robert Simpson   Mary [not known]    
Mary1753 est.         John Frier  
Martha1754         Richard Webster  
Mary1754 est.   Desboro       John Mugleton  
Mary1754 est.   Desboro       Robert Hulbert  
Matthew1754         Ann Morris  
Mary1755   Desboro   Samuel Morris   Elizabeth Clarke   Benjamin Paine  
Mary1755 est.         Benjamin Flude  
Martha1755   Desboro   Gabriel Watson   Ann [not known]   Edward Langley  
Mary1756 est.         Nathaniel Coe  
Mary1756   Desboro   Nathaniel Coe   Ann [not known]    
Mary1756   Desboro   Thomas Burrass   Sarah [not known]    
Mary1756   Desboro   Jonathan Page   Elizabeth [not known]    
Moses1756   Desboro   Robert Yeomans   Elizabeth Powell    
Martha1756 est.          
Mary1756 est.         [male] Riddle ;
Edward Hobey  
Mary1756 est.   Desboro       John Burdit  
Mary1756   Rushton       John Tolton  
Mary1757 est.         Thomas Marlow  
Mary1757 est.         George Haseldine  
Mary1757   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Elizabeth Hulbard    
Mary1757   Desboro   William Page   Mary [not known]    
Mary1757 est.         John Curtis  
Mary1757 est.         John Cowpen  
Mary1758   Desboro   Edward Eagle   Grace Coles   Joseph Marlow  
Mary1758   Desboro   John Williamson   Elizabeth Sturges    
Martha1758   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Elizabeth Hulbard    
Martha     Thomas Bosworth   Elizabeth Harrison    
Mary     Thomas Bosworth   Elizabeth Harrison    
Mary1758 est.          
Mary1758 est.         Thomas Frear  
Mary1758 est.         Thomas Ginns  
Mary1759   Desboro   George Sumner   Ann [not known]    
Martha1759   Desboro   Thomas Bosworth   Elizabeth Harrison    
Mary1759 est.         William Chapman  
Mary1760   Desboro   Thomas Ball   Ruth Morris   James Biggs  
Mary1760   Desboro   Thomas Barker   Abby [not known]    
Martha1760   Desboro   Samuel Morris   Elizabeth Clarke    
Mary1760   Desboro   Robert Moore   Mary Bosworth   Thomas Hill  
Mary1760   Sutton       Edward Hobey  
Mary1761 est.   Desboro       Joseph Green  
Mary     Thomas Hulbert   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1761   Desboro   Thomas Howard   Mary [not known]   John Yomans  
Mary1761   Desboro   Ferdinando Tompson   Ann Crick    
Mary1761   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary Panter    
Mary1762 est.   Desboro       Thomas Marlow  
Mary1762   Desboro   William Mabbat   Alice [not known]    
Mary1762 est.   Desboro       John Coe  
Martha1762 est.   Desboro   William Morris   Mary Nursey   [male] Iliff  
Mary1763   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Elizabeth Jervis   Jonathan Coe  
Mary1763   Desboro   John Aprice   Elizabeth Morris   George Coe  
Mary1763         George Coe  
Mary1763 est.         Edward Faken  
Mary1764   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Mary Haseldine   William Goud  
Mary1764   Desboro   Richard Barrun   Mary [not known]   David Coe  
Mary1764   Desboro   John Jarvis   Ann Page   William Morris  
Mary1764   Desboro   Charles Iliffe   Martha [not known]    
Martha1764   Desboro   Robert Moore   Ann Burdett    
Mary1764         William Grane  
Mary1765   Desboro   Giles Marlow   Elizabeth Foster    
Mary1765   Desboro   Samuel Iliffe   Elizabeth Buttler    
Mary1765 est.   Desboro       Thomas Chapman  
Mary1766         Thomas Panter  
Martha1766   Desboro   John Aprice   Elizabeth Morris   John Winsall  
Mary1766   Desboro   Thomas Simmons   Mary [not known]    
Mary1766   Desboro       John Maykins  
Mary1767   Desboro   William Holbard   Mary [not known]   Samuel Coe  
Mary1767   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Elizabeth Maykins    
Martha1767   Desboro   Thomas Clark   Catherine [not known]    
Mary1767   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary Panter   John Biddle  
Mary1768   Desboro   Samuel Holmes   Hannah Vardon   William Crick  
Martha Morris1768   Desboro   John Morris   Catherine Panter    
Martha1768   Desboro   William Rowthorn   Prudence Card    
Martha     Charles Iliffe   Martha [not known]    
Mary1768   Desboro   John Long   Mercy Page    
Martha1768   Desboro   Ferdinando Tompson   Ann Crick    
Martha1768   Desboro   Richard Yeomans   Mary Coe    
Mary1768   Desboro   Stephen Cave   Ann Taylor    
Mary1768 est.         Richard Manton  
Mary1768   Fritwel       [male] Coe  
Mary1768   Desboro     Mary Green    
Mary1769 est.          
Mary1769   Desboro   Henry Coleman   Jane Asser   James Annis  
Martha1769   Desboro   Thomas Bosworth   Elizabeth Harrison    
Mary1769   Desboro   Thomas Hubbard   Catherine Sage    
Martha1770 est.         Samuel Turner  
Mary1770   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Mary Haseldine    
Martha1770   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Elizabeth Maykins    
Mary1770   Desboro   Samuel Jobson   Ann Morris    
Mary1770   Desboro   William Perkins   Elizabeth Robinson   William Jarvis  
Mary1770   Desboro     Mary Green   Joseph Thompson  
Mary1770   Desboro       Thomas Coe  
Mary1771   Desboro   John Wallis   Esther Patrick   John Robinson  
Matthias1771         Sarah [not known]  
Mary1771   Desboro   Samuel Winsall   Judith Clark    
Mary1771   Desboro   Josiah Lole   Ann Eagle    
Mary1771   Desboro   John Long   Mercy Page    
Martha1771   Desboro   George Frier   Mary Rowthorne    
Mary1771   Desboro       John Maykins  
Mary1772 est.         Robert Panter  
Mary1772   Desboro   Giles Marlow   Elizabeth Foster    
Martha1772   Desboro   William Morris   Mary Weston   Samuel Cave  
Mary1772 est.          
Mary1772 est.         Robert Burrows  
Mary1772   Desboro   Lewis Dawkins   Alice Wells    
Mary1772   Desboro   Thomas Frear   Elizabeth Haseldine    
Mary1772   Desboro   John Webster   Mary Grane    
Mary Anna1772   Desboro   John Dexter   Anna Grace [not known]    
Martha1772   Desboro   George Frier   Mary Rowthorne    
Mary1772   Desboro   Robert Marlow   Alice Crick    
Mary1773         William Yeomans  
Mary1773 est.         William Jobson  
Mary1773   Desboro   William Yeomans   Ann Sharman   Edward Biddle  
Mary1773   Desboro   Samuel Page   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1773         Samuel Crick ;
Thomas Buckby  
Mary1773 est.         Thomas King  
Mary1773     William Webster   Sarah Hayward    
Mary1773 est.         Joseph Rowthorn  
Mary1774   Desboro   Corneilus Fenton   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1774   Desboro   John West   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1774 est.   Desboro       Thomas Hawes  
Mary1774     Thomas Loake   Ann Cave    
Martha1775   Desboro   Edward Rowthorne   Mary Dunkley   John Lole  
Martha1775   Desboro   Robert Moore   Ann Burdett   Samuel Hight  
Mary1775 est.   Desboro       John Yeomans  
Mary1775 est.         Charles Smith  
Mary1775 est.         Thomas Burrows  
Mary1776 est.         Edward Coe  
Mary1776   Desboro     Jane Roads    
Mary1776   Desboro   John Morris   Catherine Panter   John Iliffe  
Mary1776   Desboro   Samuel Case   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1776   Desboro   John Miller   Elizabeth Chester   Thomas Frear  
Mary1776   Desboro   William Panter      
Mary1777   Hillmor       William Paine  
Mary1777   Wilbars       [male] Chapman ;
[male] Daulby  
Mary1777   Desboro   Thomas Hawes   Mary [not known]    
Mary1777   Desboro   John Maykins   Elizabeth Baldwin    
Mary1777   Desboro   William Burditt   Mary Frear    
Mary1777   Desboro   Thomas Frear   Mary [not known]   William Coe  
Mary1777 est.         John Frear  
Mary1778   Desboro       [male] Fenton  
Mary1778   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Mary [not known]    
Mary Mary1778 est.   Desboro       Thomas Riddle  
Mary1778 est.         Edward Manton  
Mary1778 est.         William Yeomans  
Mary1779   Desboro   John Nursey   Lucy [not known]   William Foster  
Mary1779 est.         Thomas Ward  
Mary1779   Desboro   David Deacon   Ann [not known]    
Martha1779 est.         Joseph Robinson  
Mary1780   Desboro       Jonathan Yeomans  
Martha1780   Desboro   Corneilus Fenton   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1781         Thomas Freer  
Martin1781   Desboro   Giles Marlow   Elizabeth Foster    
Mary1781   Desboro   Benjamin Paine   Mary Morris    
Mary1781 est.         John Coe  
Martha1781   Desboro   Robert Forster   Ann Green    
Mary1781 est.   Desboro       Benjamin Slow  
Mary1781 est.   Desboro       William Fenton  
Mary1781   Desboro   Edward Faken   Mary [not known]   Thomas Jarvis  
Martha1781   Desboro   [male] Iliff   Martha Morris   [male] Haddon  
Mary1782   Desboro     Susanna Robinson    
Mary1783   Desboro   Aaron Yeomans   Ann Treadgold    
Marcy1783 est.         John Monk  
Mary1784 est.         John Robinson  
Martha1784   Desboro   George Sumner   Ann Watson   Samuel Kilborn  
Martha1784   Desboro   David Coe   Mary Barram    
Martha1784   Desboro   Samuel Coe   Elizabeth Morris    
Martha1784         William Morris  
Martha1785   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Jane Roads   William Norton ;
John Bosworth  
Martha1785   Desboro   Richard Webster   Martha Graine    
Mary1785   Desboro   William Woodcock   Elizabeth Cox    
Mary1785   Desboro   Richard Yeomans   Elizabeth Smith   Jonathan Yeomans  
Martin1785   Desboro   Jonathan Coe   Mary Crick    
Mary1785 est.   Desboro       Richard Webster  
Martha1786   Desboro       Samuel Thompson  
Martha1786 est.         William Blissett  
Mary1786         Thomas Austin  
Martha1786         William Dawkins  
Mary1786 est.         William Wood  
Mary1786   Desboro   Gerrad Brow   Hannah [not known]    
Mary     John Tolton   Mary Johnson    
Mary1786   Desboro   Richard Manton   Mary [not known]    
Mary1786   Desboro   Samuel Fekin   Elizabeth Marlow    
Mary1786   Thorpe       Benjamin Cheney  
Mary1787   Desboro   John Yomans   Mary Howard    
Mary1787 est.   Desboro       John Gamble  
Matthias1787 est.   Napcoat        
Mary1788   Ketteri       John Panter  
Margaret1788   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Jane Roads   George Letts  
Mary1788   Desboro   Randle Flude   Mary Smalley    
Mary1788   Desboro     Mary Panter    
Mary1788   Desboro   Thomas Hopcroft   Ann Maykins    
Martha1789   Creaton       Thomas Ginns  
Mary1789 est.         Jonathan Eagle  
Mary1789   Daventr       Abraham Daulby  
Martha1789     Benjamin Paine   Mary Morris    
Martha1789     David Deacon   Ann [not known]    
Mary1789   Desboro   George Coe   Mary Aprice    
Mary1790   Desboro   Richard Webster   Martha Graine   Samuel Bamford  
Mary1790   Desboro   John Yomans   Mary Howard   Thomas Ginns  
Martha1790   Desboro   John Nursey   Lucy [not known]    
Mary1790   Desboro   William Coe   Elizabeth Townley    
Mary1790 est.         John Robertson  
Mary1790   Rothwel       Thomas Marriott  
Mary1790   Wilbars   Edward Ward   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1791   Desboro   John Beaver   Elizabeth Yeomans   Samuel Coe  
Mary1791   Oxton       Thomas Blissett  
Mary1791   Reasby       John Essex  
Matthew1791   Desboro   George Sumner   Ann Watson   Sarah [not known]  
Mary1791         Daniel Marlow  
Martha1791 est.         Joseph Marvil  
Mary1791         George Bosworth  
Mary1792   Lydding       Libbeus Ginns  
Martha1792   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Sarah [not known]    
Mary1792 est.         Thomas Torrill  
Martha1792   Desboro   George Coe   Mary Aprice    
Mary1792   Desboro   John Tolton   Mary Johnson    
Mary1792   Desboro   Thomas Hopcroft   Ann Maykins    
Mary1792   Northam       Morris Essex  
Mary1793 est.         Joseph Flude  
Mary1793 est.         Ferdinando Morley  
Martha1793   Desboro   William Jobson   Mary Marlow    
Mary1793   Desboro     Sarah Deacon    
Mary1794   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary [not known]   George Tyrrell  
Mary1794   Desboro   Matthew Oram   Ann Morris    
Morris1794   Rothwel       Mary [not known]  
Mary1794   Pipewel       John Ginns  
Martha1795 est.         Thomas Loake  
Mary1795   Harwick       William Pridmore  
Martha1795 est.         John Loake  
Mary1795 est.         Nathaniel Grain  
Mathew1795   Desboro   Benjamin Paine   Mary Morris    
Mary Ann1795   Long It   John Iliffe   Mary Morris   Charles Lewin  
Mary1795   Desboro   John Frear   Mary [not known]    
Martha1795 est.         Thomas Cockerill  
Mary1796   Desboro   John Reynolds   Ann Asher   Joseph Dawkins  
Mary Ann1796   Lodding       Thomas Monk  
Mary1796   Desboro       Thomas Morris  
Mary1796         William Jobson  
Mary1796   Desboro   Edward Manton   Mary [not known]    
Mary1796   Groombr       Henry Wallis  
Mary1797   Desboro   Lister Ginns   Hannah Woodcock    
Mary1797   Great A       Stephen Sumner ;
John Johnson  
Mary1797 est.         Leonard Sharp  
Mary1797   Desboro       Edward Yeomans  
Mary1797   Desboro     Elizabeth Whitering    
Mary1797   Desboro   John Biddle   Mary Coe    
Moses1797   Desboro       Alice [not known  
Martha1798   Desboro   Richard Yeomans   Elizabeth Smith    
Mary1799         John Branson  
Margaret1799   Thurmas       William Barratt  
Mary1800   Desboro   Joseph Green   Mary Page   James Yeomans  
Mary1800   Desboro   Christopher Jonson   Sarah [not known]   Samuel Andrews  
Martha1800 est.         James Marlow  
Mary1800     [male] Coe   Elizabeth [not known]   John Clark  
Mary1800   Desboro   Abraham Coe   Elizabeth Riddle    
Mary1800   Desboro   John Winsall   Martha Aprice    
Mary1800     William Payne      
Mary1801   Desboro   Robert Burrows   Mary Coe   Thomas Groocock  
Mary1801   Wilbars       Thomas Yeomans  
Mathew1801   Rushton   Robert Panter   Mary Meadows   Elizabeth [not known]  
Mary1801         William Morris ;
John Bates  
Mary1801 est.         John Wittering  
Mary1801   Rothwel   Charles Thompson   Ruth Salmon   John Miller  
Mary1801   Desboro   Thomas Curtis   Susanna Robinson    
Mary1802   Desboro   Joseph Burditt   Ann Hulbert   John Slow  
Martha1802   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary [not known]    
Martha1802   Desboro     Mary Swinbank    
Mary1802   Desboro   Benjamin Slow   Mary Forster    
Mary1802   Leicest       Thomas Stacey  
Mary1803   Desboro   William Morris   Hannah Barratt   John Wallis  
Mary1803   Coventr       Richard Smith Yeomans  
Mary Ann1803   St Panc       John Wilks  
Mary1803   Desboro     Ann Loake    
Mary Ann1803   Cottesm       William Tailby  
Mary1803   Harling       William Harris  
Martha1803   Desboro   John Andrews   Sarah Maykins    
Mary1803   Uppingh       Francis Law  
Mary1804   Desboro   John Nursey   Sarah Coleman   John Spriggs  
Margaret1804   Newton       John Coe  
Mary1804 est.         Thomas Ginns  
Martha1804   Desboro   John Ambrose   Sarah [not known]   William Reckless  
Mary1804   Desboro   William Morris   Mary Jarvis    
Mary1804   Desboro   James Marlow   Jane [not known]    
Martha1804   Desboro   Samuel Morris   Ann Loake    
Martha1805   Rothwel       Robert Panter  
Mary1805   Ashby M   James Burdett   Mary [n.k.]   Samuell Winsall ;
Daniel Feakin  
Mary1805   Rushton       Samuel Coe  
Mary1805   Desboro   William Waterfield   Ruth [not known]    
Mary1805   Rothwel       George Smith  
Mary1805   Rothwel       William Yeomans  
Martha1806   Desboro   Thomas Foster   Elizabeth Andrews   Samuel Kilborn  
Mary1806   Claybro       John Eagle  
Martha1806   Rothwel   John Woolams   Rachel [not known]    
Martha1806   Desboro   Edward Chapman   Ruth [not known]    
Mary Ann1806          
Mary1806   Rothwel       John Dunkley  
Mary1806         Joseph Wareing  
Mary1807   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Rebecca Moore   Joseph Croft  
Mary1807   Desboro       Joseph Robinson  
Mary1807   Desboro   Jonathan Eagle   Mary [not known]    
Mary1807   Desboro   Jonathan Yeomans   Mary Swinbank    
Mary1807   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Jane Gamble    
Mary1807   Wilbars       William Sanders  
Mary1807   Thrussi       John Coleman  
Martha1808         John Coe  
Martha1808   Desboro   Giles Marlow   Jane Marlow   George Buckby  
Mary1808   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Jane Coe    
Mary1808   Desboro   Wilmer Wright   Esther Tilley    
Martha1808   Desboro   John Moore   Ann Deacon    
Mary Ann1809   Great G   John Griffin   Ann [not known]   John Allen  
Mary1809   Wilbars   William Phillips   Ann [not known]    
Matthew1809 est.         Rhoda Harrison  
Mary1810   Cotting       Thomas Groocock  
Mary1810   Wilbars       Frederick Boyce  
Mary1810   Desboro   John Maykins   Mary Coe    
Mary1810 est.     William Remington   Hannah [n. k.]   Samuel Merrill  
Mary1811   Desboro       Edward Coe  
Maryann1811 est.         George Bamford  
Mary1811   Rothwel       William Moore  
Mary1811   Rothwel       Joseph Baxter  
Mary Ann1811   Snailsd       George Barrett  
Mary1811   Desboro   John Andrews   Sarah Maykins    
Mary1811   Rothwel       John Freeman  
Mary1811   Theddin       Samuel Bamford  
Mary1812 est.     Jonathan Allen   Betsy [not known]   James Swain  
Mary Ann1812   Welford   Joseph Biggs   Jane Gee   James Biggs  
Mary Ann1812   Desboro       Henry Turner  
Matilda1812 est.     John Goodwin   Elizabeth [not known]   John Thomas Stones  
Mary1813   St Panc   Joseph Essam   Sarah Hamnett   Robert Lawson  
Maria1813   Horning   William Baines   Elizabeth Ward   Robert Kilborn  
Mary1813   Cotting   John Carter   Elizabeth [not known]    
Maria1813   Midhurs       George Robinson  
Mary1814   Desboro   John Marlow   Elizabeth Woodcock   Joseph Paine  
Martha1814   Desboro   Samuel Kilborn   Martha Foster    
Martha1814   Desboro   William Loake   Rachel Sweet   John Dawson Fowkes  
Mary1814   Desboro   Thomas Garley   Jane Page    
Mary1814   Rothwel       Joseph Seaton  
Martha1815   Desboro   Thomas Loake   Martha Foster   James C Bradshaw  
Mary1815   Rothwel       Libbeus Ginns  
Mary1815     John Coe   Elizabeth [not known]    
Martha1815   Desboro   Henry Turner   Ann Panter    
Mary1815   Market   John Scott   Hannah Burrows   [male] Neal  
Michael1815   London       Elizabeth [not known]  
Mary1815   Rothwel       John Goodman  
Mary Jane1815   Desboro   Samuel Cave   Martha Morris   Edward Vandeleur  
Margaret1815   Abthorp       William Foster  
Mary1815   Rothwel       John Dunkley  
Mary1815     [n.k.] Wood      
Mary1816   Desboro       Thomas Yeomans  
Mary1816   Desboro   David Miller   Frances Ward   Samuel Sharman  
Martha1816   Desboro   George Letts   Margaret Marlow    
Mary Ann1816   Oundle       William Atkins  
Mary1816   Rothwel       John Fifield  
Mary Ann1817   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Mary Yeomans   John Batchelor  
Martha1817 est.     Edward Bamford   Elizabeth [not known]   Robert Jarvis  
Mary1817 est.         William Johnson  
Mary Ann1817   Thorpe       William Cheney  
Mary1817   Desboro   Thomas Eagle   Ann Coe    
Mary Ann1817          
Mary Ann1817   Tur Lan       Thomas Berridge  
Mary A1817   Dunmow   John Tarbert     Joseph Shuttlewood  
Mary1818   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Susanna [not known]   Robert Bambridge  
Mary1818   Desboro   [male] Timpson   Sarah Essam   Thomas Bosworth  
Mary Ann1818     Samuel Crick   Ann Ginns   Daniel Marlow  
Miriam1818   Desboro   Samuel Page   Jane [not known]    
Mary Ann1818   Corby       John Stanyon  
Mary1818   Banbury       William Sturgess  
Mary1818   Rothwel       John West  
Mary1818   Wilbars       Andrew Browitt  
Martha1819   Desboro   Samuel Turner   Ann Ginns   Richard Yeomans  
Mary1819   Desboro   Jonathan Deacon   Ann [not known]   William Watts  
Mary Jane1820   Desboro   John Tailby   Rebecca Woodfield    
Mary Anne1820   Desboro   William Paine   Mary [not known]   Walter George  
Mary1821   London       George Fenton  
Maria1821   Desboro   Samuel Morris   Ann Loake    
Mary1821   Winwick       William Lovett Turner  
Mary Ann1821   Desboro   Samuel Kilborn   Martha Foster    
Mary Ann1821          
Matthew1821   Great C       Ann [not known]  
Mary1822   Ketteri   Samuel Wilson   Ann Robinson   Thomas Panter  
Mary1822   Desboro   John Yeomans      
Maria1822   Desboro   William Jarvis   Ann Paine    
Martha1822   Ketteri       George Miller  
Mary Ann1822   Castle       James Panter  
Mary Ann1822   Market   Emanuel Coe   Hannah Scott    
Maria1822     John Marriott   Ann [not known]   John Tailby  
Mary1822   Ketteri       Edward Cheaney  
Mary Ann1823   Desboro   Stephen Sumner   Mary [not known]    
Maria1823   Ketteri       William Foster  
Mary1823   Gumley       Thomas Coe  
Martha1823   Desboro   Samuel Andrews   Mary Jonson    
Mary1823   Desboro   Samuel Andrews   Mary Jonson    
Martha1823   Rothwel       Joseph Tebbutt  
Mary Ann1823   Desboro   Thomas Salmon   Charlotte [not known]    
Maria1823   Desboro   William Crick   Hannah Wallis    
Mary Ann1823   Wilbars       Woodford Bradshaw  
Mary Ann1823     Charles Lewin   Mary Ann Iliffe    
Mary Ann1823   Oldham       Wright Sixsmith ;
Samuel Hamer  
Martha1823   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Phoebe Marlow    
Martha1823   Desboro       John Ward  
Mary1823   Leicest       Charles Amatt  
Maria1824   Desboro   Samuel Page   Hannah Jobson   Samuel Ginns  
Mary Ann1824   Stoke A       Robert Coe  
Mary1824   Market   George Coe   Elizabeth Curtis   Thomas Trasler  
Mary Ann1825   Desboro     Rhoda Turner    
Maria1825   Gedding   David Miller   Frances Ward    
Mary1825   Rothwel        
Mary1825   Little       John Essex  
Mary Ann1825   Brigsto       John Loake  
Martha1826   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Hannah Yeomans    
Mary Ann1826   Tur Lan       Thomas Decker Smith  
Mary Ann1826   Leicest       Frederick Summerley ;
John Jarvis  
Mary1826     James Rowthorn   Hannah March    
Mark1826   Leicest       Hannah Heathcote ;
Elizabeth Gordon  
Martha1826   Market   George Coe   Elizabeth Curtis    
Mary Ann1826   Stoke A     Elizabeth Cook    
Mary1826   Desboro   Edward Coe   Ann Page   Edward Titman  
Mary1826     George Bosworth   Mary [not known]    
Mary1826   Rothwel   Thomas Miller   Ann [not known]    
Mary1827   Desboro   John Coe   Margaret Elkington    
Mary1827   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Elizabeth [not known]   John Asher  
Martha1827   Daventr        
Martha1827   Belgrav       [male] Davenport  
Mary1827   Leicest   Thomas Stacey   Mary [not known]    
Mary1827     William Loake   Rachel Sweet    
Maria1828   Desboro   Thomas Monk   Mary Ann [not known]    
Mary1828   Ketteri       William Buckby  
Mary1828   Desboro   Mathew Panter   Elizabeth [not known]   George Coe Binley  
Mary Ann1828   Desboro   Richard Buswell   Elizabeth Bromwich    
Mary1829   Desboro   Jonathan Robinson   Lucy Barratt    
Mary1829   Desboro   Thomas Smith   Elizabeth [not known]   Robert Ginns  
Mary1829   Desboro   Thomas Groocock   Mary Burrows   George Coe  
Mary1829   Desboro   William Fenton   Elizabeth [not known]    
Maryanne1829   Desboro     Elizabeth Morris    
Mary Elizabeth1829   Desboro       Richard Smith Yeomans  
Mary Ann1829   Rocking       Isaac Dunkley  
Mary1829   Haselbe   John Letts   Lucy Goddard   George Pelley  
Martha1829   Rothwel   Thomas Marriott   Mary [not known]    
Mary1830   Desboro   Joseph Croft   Mary Yeomans   Samuel Turner  
Martin1830   Desboro   John Coe   Martha Wallis   Ann Wilson  
Mary1830   Burton       William Wittering  
Mary Ann1830 est.         Stephen Black  
Mary Ann1830   Mottisf       Ebenezer Howard  
Mary Ann1830   Desboro   Richard Buswell   Elizabeth Bromwich   Alfred Jaques  
Mary1830   Birming       [male] Ireland  
Mary1830   Ketteri   Robert Loke Loasby   Jane [not known]    
Mary Ann1831   Desboro   Samuel Coe   Catherine Wallis    
Merab1831   Desboro   David Barratt   Ann Reynolds   James Thornton  
Mary Ann1831     John Lansbury   Charlotte Eaton   Thomas Green  
Mary Ann1831   Desboro   William Reckless   Martha Ambrose    
Mary1831   Rothwel       Herbert Yeomans  
Mary Ann1831   Rothwel   Samuel Tebbutt   Elizabeth [not known]   George Plowright  
Mary Jane1831   Desboro   William Baynes   Ann [not known]   Thomas Thorpe  
Mary Jane1831   Lubenha   William Goode   Susanna Eagle   Job Pickering  
Maria1831   Northam   Thomas Church   Charlotte [not known]    
Mary1831   Northam   Samuel Ginns   Ann [not known]    
Mary1831   Rothwel   James Wells   Sarah [not known]    
Mary Ann1831   Pontefr       George Rawling  
Martha1831   Newton       Flavel Butlin  
Martha1832   Welton       James Monk  
Mary Ellen1832   Desboro   John Ginns   Ann Coe    
Mary Ann1832     Robert Kilborn   Catherine Ginns   John Essex  
Mary Ann1832   Desboro   James Marlow   Ruth [not known]   Thomas Coe  
Mary Jane1832   Desboro   Ebenezer Burditt   Elizabeth Hanger    
Mary1832   Desboro   Thomas Fenton   Frances Hulbert    
Mary Ann1832 est.         John Jones  
Martha1832   Rothwel   Joseph Tye   Sarah [n.k.]    
Martha1832   Ketteri   Thomas Lamb   Ann Hughes    
Mary Ann1833   Desboro   John Allen   Mary Ann Griffin   Francis Phillips  
Martha1833   Desboro   Samuel Page   Hannah Jobson    
Maria1833   Desboro   William Coe   Sarah Coe   Job Coe  
Martha1833   Desboro   Thomas Fenton   Frances Hulbert   Robert Binley ;
George Panter  
Mary Ann1833   Westmin   John Wilks   Mary Ann [not known]    
Mary1833   Desboro   John Tomkins   Sarah [not known]    
Mary1833   Rothwel   Charles Martin   Rebecca [not known]    
Mary Elizabeth1833   Pickwor       John Wood  
Mary Ann1833   Willing       Charles Johnson  
Mary Howe1833   Rothwel     Jane Richardson    
Mary Ann1833   Desboro   James Beeby   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1833   Abthorp   William Foster   Margaret [not known]   William Sheriff  
Maria1834   Desboro   Samuel Bosworth   Sarah Salmon    
Mary1834   Desboro   George Yeomans   Hannah [not known]   James Page  
Mark1834   Desboro   John Tailby   Rebecca Woodfield    
Mary Ann1834   Desboro   John Harris   Ann Sumner    
Mahala1834   Desboro   George Buckby   Martha Marlow   James King  
Mary1834   Desboro   James Asher   Elizabeth [not known]   William Asher  
Mary1834   Desboro   George Tyrrell   Mary Coe    
Mary Ann1834   Rocking   John Branson   Mary Dodwell   Henry Haddon Cave  
Martha1834   Pitsfor       James Clements  
Mary Ann1834   Arthing   Henry Thornton   Esther Robinson    
Maria1834   Braybro   Robert Robinson   Elizabeth [n.k.]   Thomas Goodman  
Margaret1834   Tilney       Herbert Kilburn  
Mary1834   Ketteri       Owen Robinson  
Martha1834   Earls B       Job Robinson  
Mary1834   Rothwel   John Goodman   Mary [not known]    
Mary1834   Rothwel   John Pinnock      
Mary1834   Rothwel   Samuel Gibson   Sarah Chapman    
Mary Ann1834   Cotting       William West  
Matilda1835   Desboro   William Baines   Clarissa Braines    
Mary Ann1835   Desboro   Robert Jarvis   Martha Bamford   Herbert Potts  
Mary A1835   Great C       Frank Berridge  
Mary Ann1835   Cotting       William West  
Mary1835   Rothwel   William Willis   Rebecca [not known]    
Mary1836   Desboro   John Slow   Mary Burditt   Thomas Breakspear  
Mary Jane1836   Desboro   Benjamin Flude   Ann Feakin    
Martha1836   Desboro   George Sumner Kilborn   Catherine [not known]    
Mary Ann1836   Desboro   William Reckless   Martha Ambrose   William Wallace  
Mary1836   Chertse       Thomas Loake  
Mary1836   Ridgmon   Joseph Mead   Sarah [n.k.]    
Mary Ann1836     Benjamin Riley   Jane Maria Rayment    
Mary1836   Desboro   John Watts   Hannah [not known]    
Mary Ann1836   Market   William Hanger   Sarah Thompson    
Mary1837   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Hannah Yeomans    
Martha1837   Desboro   Nathaniel Coe   Ann Coleman   Robert Marlow  
Mary Ann1837   Lubenha   John Bates   Eliza [not known]    
Mary Ann1837   Desboro   Thomas Fenton   Frances Hulbert    
Mary1837   Pipewel   Samuel Palmer   Frances [not known]   Caleb Marlow  
Mary1837   Desboro   William Coe   Eliza [not known]   James Guppy  
Mary1837   Desboro   Anthony Nicholas   Eliza [not known]    
Mary1837   Rothwel   Joseph Marlow   Eliza Curtis    
Mary Ann1837   Shutlan       Henry Sturgess  
Mary1837   Holm Ha   John Coker   Hannah Smith    
Martha1837   Rothwel   Edward Coe   Ann Page    
Martha1837   Tideswe       Richard Coe  
Mary A1837   Weston       Isaac Timson  
Mary Ann1837   Little   John Cheney   Frances [not known]   Thomas Willington Wakefield  
Mary1837   Raunds       James Andrew Bugby  
Mary Cheney1837     William Chater   Ann Cheney    
Maria1837   Northam       Herbert Palmer Chapman ;
Owen Rowthorn  
Mary Ann1837   Welling       Samuel Keech  
Martha1837   Rothwel   Charles Martin   Rebecca [not known]    
Maria1838   Desboro        
Mary Ann1838   Desboro   William Burditt   Alice Sharman    
Mary Ann1838   Corby       James Glover  
Mary1838 est.         William Sharman  
Mary1838   Desboro   John Watts   Hannah [not known]    
Mary1838   Wilbars   Joseph Almond   Elizabeth [not known]    
Matilda1838   Andover   William Newman   Eliza [n.k.]   William Lovett Turner  
Mary1838   Rothwel   John Bosworth   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary Jane1839   Desboro   John Bosworth   Rebecca Monk   Henry Marlow  
Maria1839   Desboro   James Marlow   Ruth [not known]   Benjamin Dunkley  
Matilda1839   Desboro   Richard Yeomans   Martha Turner   John David Clarke  
Mary1839   Desboro   Thomas Buckby   Ann [not known]   John Henry Whymant  
Maria F1839   Otley       Joseph Redman  
Mary1839   Gedding       Amos Page  
Mary Ann1839   Oundle   William Atkins   Mary Ann [not known]   Henry Sardeson  
Mary Ann1839   Shoredi   Robert Lawson   Mary Essam    
Mary1839   Whetsto   William Smith   Hannah Randall    
Mary Ann1840   Desboro   Ebenezer Wilford   Jane Yeomans    
Matilda1840   Desboro   William Burditt   Alice Sharman   Charles Jordan ;
Joseph Foster  
Mary1840   Desboro   George Tailby   Ann Deacon   John Ringrose  
Montague1840   Desboro   Samuel Yeomans   Catherine [not known]   Eliza Thurman ;
Phoebe Coulthard  
Mary Ann1840   Desboro   Henry Thornton   Esther Robinson   George Panter  
Mary Ann1840   Desboro   Joseph Paine   Mary Marlow   Benjamin Riley  
Mary1840     William Keyte   Ann [not known]    
Mary Ann1840   Rothwel   Timothy Liner   Elizabeth Loake   James Kilborn ;
Thomas Bosworth  
Margaret Emma1840   Salisbu       Thomas Walters  
Mary1840   Northam   Samuel Curtis   Charlotte [not known]    
Mary Ann1840   Hillmor   William Watts   Mary Deacon   William Farrow  
Mary Ann1840   Market       Thomas West  
Mary1840   Wilbars   William Swingler   Olive [not known]    
Mary1840     John Clark   Mary Coe    
Martha1841   Desboro   Henry Turner   Mary Ann Cross    
Matilda1841   Desboro   George Yeomans   Hannah [not known]    
Martha1841   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Ann [not known]   John Foster  
Mary Ann1841   Desboro   Joseph Coe   Ann Sturgess   Thomas Smith  
Mary Ann1841   Rothwel       John Pridmore  
Mary Eleanor1841   Arthing   William Lovett Turner   Mary Crafts    
Mary Ann1841   Desboro   Joseph Rowthorn   Elizabeth Makins    
Matilda1841   Rothwel       Charles Bosworth  
Matilda1841   Ketteri       John Robinson  
Maria Jane1841   Ketteri       George Wallace  
Margaret1841   Spitalf   Richard Parrott     Albert Edward Curtis  
Mary1841   Rothwel   William Cox   Ann Johnson    
Mary Jane1842   Desboro   James Biggs   Mary Ann Biggs    
Mary Ann1842   Desboro   Charles Panter   Elizabeth Collins   John Collis  
Mary Jane1842   Desboro   Samuel Monk   Ann [not known]   William Pridmore  
Mary Ann1842   Desboro   Samuel Yeomans   Catherine [not known]    
Mary1842   Desboro   Thomas Marlow   Ruth Coe   George Thorpe  
Mark1842   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary [not known]    
Mary Ann1842   Desboro   William Morris   Grace Rowthorn   Abraham Seaton Marlow  
Mary1842   Rothwel       James Thornton  
Martha1842   St Panc   Benjamin Riley   Hannah Cragg    
Mary Jane1842   Rochdal   William Wilson   Elizabeth Hodgson    
Mary Jane1842     Edward Vandeleur   Mary Jane Cave    
Mary Ann1842   Market   John Draper   Elizabeth Jarvis    
Mary Ann1842   Desboro        
Mary Ann1843   Desboro   Robert Ginns   Ann Norris   Joseph Tebbutt  
Martha1843   Naseby   John Bosworth   Elizabeth [not known]   Joseph Bosworth  
Mary1843   Desboro   William Crawford   Elizabeth Yeomans    
Mary N1843   Leeds       Charles Emsley  
Margaret1843   Elgin       Samuel Riley  
Mary A1843   Lodding       John H Yeomans  
Mary1844   Desboro   James Yeomans   Sarah Yeomans   Thomas Bellamy  
Matilda1844   Desboro   William Baines   Clarissa Braines   John Thomas Goode  
Matilda1844   Desboro   Henry Burditt Blunsom   Elizabeth Foster    
Mary Ann1844   Desboro   Robert Dawkins   Hannah Cooke    
Mary Ann1844   Desboro   David Whitmore   Amy Robinson   William Bilson  
Maria1844   Weston       Samuel Stringer  
Matilda1844   Desboro   William Reckless   Martha Ambrose   George Allen  
Mary Ann1844   Quorndo       Robert Ashby  
Mary Ann1844   Barrow   James Jarrett   Mary Thorp    
Mary Ann1844   Southwi       Lewis Kingston ;
William Scotney  
Mary Ann1844   Rothwel   Thomas Smith   Ann Foster    
Maria1844   Rushton   Joseph Miller   Rebecca [not known]    
Mary Jane1845   Desboro   William Coe   Sarah Coe    
Maria1845   Desboro   William Baines   Clarissa Braines   William Daniel  
Martha1845   Desboro   Henry Thornton   Esther Robinson   George Foster  
Mary1845   Owston   Isaac Horsley   Sarah Hornbuckle    
Mary Elizabeth1845   Watford       Jonathan James Deacon  
Mary Ann1845   Middlet       Samuel Crick Marlow  
Mary1845   Harlaxt       Samuel Ginns  
Mary1845   Braybro   John Dunkley   Mary [not known]   Thomas Gadd  
Mary Ann1846   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Mary Wilson    
Matilda1846   Desboro   George West   Rebecca Panter    
Maria1846   Desboro   George Tailby   Ann Deacon    
Mark Augustus1846     John Ginns   Sophia Peck   Eliza Allen ;
Martha Stock  
Maria Ann1846   Harring   William Cheney   Mary Ann Willis   Frederick Kilborn  
Mary Ann1846   Weldon   William Carriss   Ann [n.k.]    
Mary Ann1846   Wilbars   Samuel Chapman   Sarah [not known]    
Martha1846   Rothwel   John Slow   Mary Burditt    
Mary1846   Rothwel   William Marriott   Susanna Wiggins   John Blakemore  
Mary1846   Rothwel   John Linnett   Hannah [not known]    
Mary Ann Susannah1846   Glaptho       George Solomon Goodwin  
Matilda1846   Stamfol       Joseph Tye  
Mary Jane1847   Desboro   Henry Turner   Mary Ann Cross    
Mary Henrietta1847     Thomas Fenton   Frances Hulbert   Owen Panter  
Mary Elizabeth1847   Rothwel   William Essex   Jane Carter    
Mary1847   Ashley   Robert Kilborn   Maria Baines   William Cheney  
Mary Ann1847   Desboro   John Jeffs   Frances [not known]    
Mary A1847   Stoke G   Thomas Evans   Sophia Nichols    
Mary Elizabeth1847   Silvers   Joseph Rush     Alfred Kilborn  
Martha1847   Ketteri   John Ward   Martha [not known]    
Martha1847   Harpole       William Thacker  
Mary A1847   Leicest       George Burgess  
Mary1847   Leicest   Bartholomew Cox   Rebecca [not known]    
Maria1847   Leicest   Joseph Gadsby   Ann [not known]    
Mary Ann1848   Desboro   James Panter   Ann Neal    
Matilda1848   Desboro   Thomas Ward   Hannah Eltitton   Frederick Ginns  
Mary Ann1848   Desboro   John Asher   Mary Coe   Charles Coe ;
George Warr  
Mary Ann1848   Desboro   Thomas West   Harriet [Holmes or Ginns]    
Mary Ann1848   Desboro   Rufus Tyrrell   Harriett [Holmes or Ginns]   Charles Roughton  
Millicent1848   Winwick   James Middleton   Mary [n.k.]    
Mary1848   Rothwel   James Smith   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary A1848   Bethnal   George Stratford   Ann Abbott    
Mary Lucy1848   Brigsto   William Eayrs   Joanna E A[n.k.]   Edwin Langman  
Mary Ann1848   Market   Thomas Hillson   Sarah Jarvis    
Mary Jane1849   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Jane Groocock    
Mary1849   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary [not known]   Robert Rick ;
Frederick Johnson Coe  
Mary Ann1849   Smeeton   John Lenton   Sarah Richardson   Thomas Ward  
Mary1849   Desboro   Joseph Coe   Hannah Marlow    
Mary J1849   Rothwel       Charles Goodman ;
John Thomas Issett  
Mary1849   Crosswa   James Scotney   Jane Sharp    
Maria1849   Ketteri       George Kilborn  
Mary Ann1850   Desboro   James Robinson   Ann Heel   Henry Bellamy  
Mary1850   Desboro   Thomas Bosworth   Mary Timpson   Samuel Crowther Betts  
Matilda1850   Desboro   Robert Coleman   Alice [not known]    
Mary Ann1850   Desboro   Thomas Decker Smith   Mary Ann Woodcock    
Martha1850     Frederick Barber   Sarah Riley    
Mary1850   Shrewsb       Thomas Robinson  
Mary1850   Desboro       William Weyman  
Mary Ann Elizabeth1850   Harding       Owen Chapman  
Maria1850   Bliswor   John Griffin   Rebecca Levratt    
Mary Townsend1850   Birming   Samuel Drakeford   Ann Townsend    
Martha1850   Rushton   [n.k.] Tye   Harriet [n.k.]   Thomas Jarvis  
Margaret1850   Desboro   George Loake   Jane Ordish    
Mary Ann1850   Barlast   Thomas Shenton     Joseph Crofts  
Mary Ann1850   Little   George Allen   Eliza [not known]    
Maria1850   Wolvey       Thomas Morris Coe  
Matilda1850   Rothwel   Samuel Sharman   Mary Miller    
Mary Jane1850   Pipewel   Caleb Marlow   Mary Palmer    
Margaret1850   Abthorp   William Foster   Margaret [not known]    
Maria1850   Southwi   James Scotney   Jane Sharp    
Mary1851   Desboro   Charles Morris   Susannah Crick    
Mary Jane1851   Desboro   Thomas Marlow   Elizabeth Coe    
Matthew1851   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary [not known]   Harriett Marlow  
Mary Ann1851   Desboro   John Wilkins   Sarah Timpson    
Mary Ann1851   Ketteri   John Tailby   Sarah Jane Tailby    
Mary A1851   Wilbars   John Sumpter   Rebecca Baldwin   Philip Dimbleby  
Mary1851   Clipsto   Thomas Brown   Ann [not known]    
Mary1851   Rothwel   John Essex   Mary Shortland    
Mary A1851   Stoke A   Thomas Berridge   Mary Ann [not known]    
Mary Ann1852   Desboro   George Morris   Eliza Yeomans   Thomas Allen  
Margaret Ann1852     Thomas Ward   Hannah Eltitton   George Henry Yeomans  
Mary Jane1852   Desboro   Edward Coe   Hannah Loake   Job Panter  
Mary Ann1852   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Ann Panter    
Mary Jane1852   Desboro   Ebenezer Burditt   Elizabeth Hanger    
Mary Ann1852   Gayton   Walter George   Mary Anne Paine    
Maria1852   Northam   John Draper   Elizabeth Jarvis    
Mary S1852   Corby   Isaac Dunkley   Mary Ann Sharp    
Mary Ann1853   Desboro   David Rowthorn   Lucy Yeomans    
Matilda1853   Desboro   James Holmes   Ruth Mobbs    
Mary Ann1853   Desboro   Thomas Kilborn   Selina Robinson    
Mary Ann1853   Assingt       William Giles  
Mary Ann1853   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Mary Brown   Joseph Miller  
Mary1853   Rothwel   William Asher   Sarah Deacon    
Mary1853   Wilbars   Samuel Pridmore   Harriett [n.k.]    
Mary Ann1853   Rothwel   Woodford Bradshaw   Mary Ann Harrison    
Mary Jane1854   Desboro   Charles Clarke   Rebecca Perkins    
Mary Ann Elizabeth1854   Desboro   John Deacon   Ann Chapman   Herbert Kilborn  
Mary Maria1854   Desboro   William Cheney   Mary Ann Willis   Thomas Willington Wakefield  
Mary1854   Rothwel   Thomas Sargeant   Eliza Marlow    
Mary Ann1854   Desboro   Joseph Toasland   Sarah Reculist   Thomas Dodson  
Mary Ann1854   Ketteri   William Barratt   Elizabeth Hunt    
Mary Ann1854   Great A   George Allen   Eliza [not known]    
Mary Ann1854   Braybro   John Bindley   Elizabeth Nicholls    
Mary Ann1855   Desboro   John Walker   Elizabeth Nursey   Walter John Williams  
Mary Ann1855   Desboro   Joseph Ginns   Eliza Ann Robinson   James Burditt  
Mary Jane1855   Desboro   Lewis Panter   Jane Turner   Job Coe  
Mary Ann1855   Braybro   George Bindley   Elizabeth Barbara Croft   Alfred Panter  
Mary1855   Desboro   John Fox   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary Hannah1855   Northam       Thomas Clark  
Matthias1855   Rothwel   Robert Caldwell   Elizabeth Page    
Mary Ann1855   Rothwel   Samuel Merrill   Eliza Cooke   William Chaplin  
Miller1856   Desboro   Isaac Freer   Lucy Smith   Ellen Coe  
Mary Ann1856   Desboro   William Page   Ann Kendall   William Binley  
Mary Eleanor1856   Harring   William Lovett Turner   Mary Crafts    
Mary Jane1856   Desboro   Samuel Sharman   Elizabeth Walker    
Mary Ellen1856   St Buri       William Hubbert  
Mary Ann1856   Birming       George William Worral  
Mark1856   Carding       Louisa Veasey  
Mary Ann1856   Rothwel   William Tebbutt   Elizabeth Johnson   Nathaniel Coe  
Mary Ann1856   Ketteri   Nelson Cattell   Ann [not known]   Alfred West  
Montague Pell1857   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Lydia Coe   Ann Elizabeth Wilford  
Mary1857   Desboro   William Burditt   Ellen Ginns    
Mary Ann1857   Desboro   George Bosworth   Isabella Ann Yeomans   Herbert York  
Mary Jane1857   Desboro   John Slater Slow   Sarah Richardson   Alfred Ginns  
Martha1857   Gayton   Walter George   Mary Anne Paine    
Martha A1857   Arthing   Thomas Yeomans   Dinah Parr    
Mary I1857   Edmonto   Herbert Crick   Emma Essam    
Mary1857   Earls B   Job Robinson   Martha Clark   Joseph Hollis  
Martha1857   Eaton S   Samuel Stock     Mark Augustus Ginns  
Mary A1857   Rothwel       Samuel Law  
Mary1858   Desboro   Charles Tomkins   Sarah [not known]   Joseph Morris  
Mary Elizabeth1858   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Naomi Perkins   Alfred Panter  
Mary Ann1858   Brixwor   James Clements   Martha Keeber    
Mary Jane1858   Ketteri   William Ginns   Elizabeth Norris    
Mary Ann1858   Pickwor   John Wood   Mary Elizabeth Smith   Henry Johnson  
Mary E1858   Draught   William Smith   Ann Gilbert    
Mary Jane1858   Ketteri   Samuel Nursey   Rebecca Tomkins    
Martha1858   Wilbars   Samuel Chapman   Sarah [not known]    
Maria1858   Rothwel   Thomas Barlow   Catherine Hulbert    
Mary Ann1858   North K   George Kilborn   Hannah Hill    
Mary Jane1858   Barnack   William Knight   Jane Andrews   Henry Snow Wright  
Mary Ellen1858   Oakham   John Jackson   Ann Baines    
Margaret Hannah1858   Manches       Edwin Woodcock Marlow  
Mary A1858   Burton   James Chapman   Sarah Shatford    
Mary J1858   Easton       Albert Smith  
Mary A1858   Rothwel   Joseph Tye   Matilda [not known]    
Mary Ann1858   Wilbars   Roger Alvan Muggleton   Dorcas Page    
Mary1858   Wilbars   Andrew Browitt   Mary [not known]    
Mary Ann1858   Northam   John Rowthorn   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary Ann1859   Desboro   Samuel Turner   Mary Croft    
Mary Jane1859   Desboro   John Thorpe   Ann Moore    
Mary Ann1859   Market   Henry White   Elizabeth [n.k.]   William Wittering ;
George Buckby  
Mary Driver1859   Rothwel   Daniel Marlow   Elizabeth Driver   Benjamin Allbright  
Mary Eliza1859   Pipewel   Ebenezer Howard   Mary Ann Paice    
Mary1859   Ketteri       Nathaniel Coe  
Mary Jane1860   Desboro   Thomas Crick   Hannah Coe   Ralph Winsall  
Mary Ann1860   Desboro   Herbert Yeomans   Lois Coe   Joseph Dawkins  
Mary Ann1860   Desboro   William Harris   Hannah [not known]   Robert Coe  
Mary1860   Desboro   John Pridmore   Mary Ann Butlin    
Mary Jane1860   Desboro   George Groocock   Hannah Feakin   George Doughty  
Mary Ann1860   Desboro   Robert Coe   Mary Ann Cooke   Samuel Essam Blissett  
Mary Ann1860   Desboro   George Bamford   Ann [not known]   Henry Manton Morris ;
James Tyrrell  
Mary Ann1860   Desboro   George Rowe   Adelaide Crick Marlow    
Mary Ann1860   Desboro   George Wittering   Ann Wallis    
Mary Jane1860   Pipewel       Charles Stratford  
Mary J1860   Desboro   John Tailby   Joanna Coe    
Maria1860   Rothwel       William Benjamin Slow  
Mary1860   Rothwel       William Morris  
Mary Jane1860   Rothwel   Woodford Bradshaw   Mary Ann Harrison    
Maria1860   Desboro   Henry Sturgess   Mary Ann Robinson    
Mary A1860   Risca       Francis Morris  
Mary1860   Aston       James Neal  
Martha1860   Rushton   John Patrick   Ann Coe    
Mary Ann1860   Burslem   John Robinson   Sarah [not known]    
Mary1861   Desboro   James Panter   Elizabeth [not known]   Joshua Panter Coe  
Mary Jane1861   Desboro   William Sturman   Louisa Eagle   Hugh Blissett  
Mary Ann1861   Desboro   John Andrews   Elizabeth Wallis   Henry Albert Kilsby  
Mary1861   Desboro   Frederick Morris   Sybil Panter    
Mary Ann1861   Ketteri   Joseph Onley   Emma Marlow   William Wallis  
Mary Jane1861   Stanton   Frederick Barber   Sarah Riley    
Mary1861   Desboro       James Stratford  
Maria Slater1862   Desboro   John Slater Slow   Sarah Richardson   William Hadcock Tomkins  
Maria1862   Desboro   Samuel Ginns   Maria Page   Thomas Page  
Maria1862   Desboro   Robert Hulbert   Louisa Meakins    
Mary1862   Desboro   James Rowlett   Sarah Tomkins    
Mary Ann1862   Old   John Allen   Ann Robinson   Jesse Coe  
Mary Ann1862   Rothwel   Thomas Martin   Elizabeth [n.k.]   Frank Smith  
Mary Jane1862   Billesd       Amos Clarke  
Maria1862   Long Bu   John Clarke   Elizabeth Baines    
Mary A1863   Desboro   George Coe   Lucy Morris   Thomas Sargeant  
Mary A1863   Desboro   John Jarvis   Mary Ann Coe    
Mary A1863   Desboro   Daniel Jones   Ann Austin   William Henry Liner  
Mary1863   Pipewel   John Tailby   Joanna Coe    
Mary Ellen1863   Otley   Joseph Redman   Maria F [not known]   George Liner  
Mary Elizabeth1863   Desboro   Henry Cockerill   Sarah Driver    
Martha1863   Desboro       Frederick Goodman  
Mary J1863   Bilston   Thomas Beavon   Sarah [not known]    
Mary Ann1863   Cotting   William West   Mary Ann [not known]   Thomas William Chapman  
Mary Ann1864   Desboro   Thomas Smith   Elizabeth Croft   William Alfred Cox  
Maud Caroline1864   Desboro   Henry Haddon Cave   Mary Ann Branson   Edward Bullen Gilbert  
Mary1864   Desboro   John Stevenson   Sarah Walters    
Mary1864   Clipsto   Joseph Buswell   Eliza [not known]   Simeon Watts Panter  
Mary J1864   Ketteri   Thomas Mitchell   Elizabeth [not known]    
Maria1864   Wilbars   George Looms   Lucy Miller    
Mary Ann1864   Lubenha     Ann Turner   John Robert Marlow  
Maria1865   Desboro   George Baldwin   Lucy Buckby   Richard Lovett Newman Turner  
Martha Watham1865   Atherst   William Keyte   Ann [not known]    
Mary Ann1865   Desboro   Amos Coe   Emma Panter   George William Cross  
Mary A1865   Desboro   George Feakin   Sarah [not known]    
Martha1865   Rothwel   Edward Barlow   Elizabeth Slow    
Madeleine1865   Wilbars   Edmund Houghton   Comfort Tansley   William Dunkley  
Maria1865   Rowley   Uriah Robinson   Ann Roe    
Mary E1865   Earls B       Alfred Robinson  
Martha H1865   Rothwel   William Willis   Eliza Austin   John William Essex  
Mary Ellen1865   Maxey   Stephen Black   Mary Ann Beaver    
Matilda Maria1865   Holborn       Arthur Pettifer  
Mary A1866   Desboro   George Marlow   Hannah Moore    
Mary Ann1866   Desboro   Solomon Coe   Rebekah [not known]   Harry Coe  
Mary A1866   Brampto   James Asher   Eliza Robinson    
Maria1866   Coates,   John Barnes   Sarah [not known]    
Matilda1866   Ketteri     Matilda Reckless    
Minnie1866   Ketteri   Henry Oakley   Eliza Plowright   Frederick Roland Patrick  
Mary Ann1866   Market   Joseph Cleaver   Louisa Yeomans    
Martha1866   Ketteri   Alfred Coe   Charlotte Taylor    
Mary A1866   Market   Charles Coe   Eliza [not known]    
Mary A1867   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Lydia Coe    
Mary Elizabeth1867   Rothwel   John Church   Elizabeth Lawrence    
Mary Elizabeth1867   Desboro   James Yeomans   Kezia Holmes   William Buckby  
Maria1867   Rothwel   Leonard Clow   Ann Oram   George Allen  
Martha Jane1867   Denford       Charles Leonard Robinson Beeby  
Mary1867   Bradnin   George Walters   Harriet Turner    
Mary Ellen1867   Clipsto   James Buswell   Hannah Palmer    
Mary Ellen1867   Rothwel   George Laywood   Fanny Plowright    
Mary E1867   Leicest   Charles Hanger   Elizabeth Broughton    
Mary Jane1867   Rothwel       Arthur James Crick  
Margaret1867   Desboro   Thomas Hayden   Susan [not known]    
Margaret Maria1868   Desboro   Benjamin White Nursey   Betsy Barnes   Frank Groocock  
Mary1868   Desboro   George Coe Binley   Mary Panter    
Martin1868   Desboro   John Coe   Elizabeth Martin   Adelaide Hornsby  
Mary J1868   Desboro   Samuel Coe   Eliza Yeomans    
Mary Ann1868   Rothwel   Samuel Dainty   Elizabeth Smith   John George Groocock Coe  
Margaret1868   Nateby   Thomas Clarke   Ann Jenkinson    
Mary Elizabeth1868   Gretton   Alfred Ingram   Elizabeth [n.k.]   Owen Page Crick  
Margaret1868   Manches       Peregrine Thomas  
Mary Jane1868   Desboro   John Yeomans   Jane Dixon    
Mary1868   Horton   Hezekiah Whiting   Sarah Bustin    
Mary E1868     Abraham Coe   Kezia March    
Mary Isabella1868   Kilby       Thomas Robert Kilborn  
Maria1868   Yarwell       Harry Barratt  
Mary Jane1869   Desboro   George Coe   Mary Groocock    
Martha Elizabeth1869   Desboro   William Wallace   Mary Ann Reculist   Robert Marlow Sanders  
Mary Ann1869   Desboro   William P Ginns   Ruth Marlow    
Mary Maria1869   Desboro   William Lovett Turner   Anne Kilborn    
Matilda Pitt Lovett1869   Desboro   William Lovett Turner   Ellen Harriet Fairmaner    
Matilda Elizabeth1869   Desboro   Henry Blunsom   Eliza Panter   Arthur Page  
Mary A1869   Desboro   Robert Ginns   Mary Smith    
Mary Ann1869   Ketteri   George Johnson   Jemima Page    
Mary Maria1869   Newboro   Benjamin Cheney   Harriett Letts   Robert Panter  
Mary Rebecca1869   Desboro   George Amatt   Louisa Lovell    
Marian1869   Edmonto   Herbert Crick   Emma Essam    
Martha Annie1869   Rothwel   Thomas Cross   Ann [n.k.]   George Walters  
Mary Elizabeth1869   Sibbert   George York   Esther Wells    
Mary Maria1869   Kentish   Samuel Keech   Mary Ann Danner   Joseph Walter Jeffcoat  
Mary Ann1869   Rothwel   William Willis   Eliza Austin    
Maria1869   Foxton   Thomas Tebbutt   Sarah Ann Turner    
Mary Ann1869         George Sumpter  
Maud Mary1869   Sandy   William Deacon   Harriett Patrick    
Mary Ann1870   Desboro   Benjamin Dunkley   Maria Marlow   Henry Thomas Hornsey  
Maria Carew1870   Heyshot   Charles Carew Dillon   Ellen Robinson    
Mary1870   Desboro   Joseph Tebbutt   Mary Ann Ginns   Frederick George Flude  
Mary Ann1870   Desboro   Henry Willis Cheney   Charlotte Kilborn   Frederick Arthur Linthwaite  
Mary A1870   Drayton   William Stokes   Lucy [not known]    
Mary J1870   Desboro   John Woods   Mary Mead    
Minnie1870   Weldon   Amos Page   Mary Eyre    
Mary A1870   East Fa   Thomas West   Mary Ann White    
May L1870   Birming   William Thompson   Louise Pauline Janetta Dutriut    
Mary Jane1870   Leicest   John James Fowkes   Emma Panter    
Mary Ann1870   Middlet   Henry Hatfield   Elizabeth [n.k.]   George Henry Payne  
Mary1870   Halifax   George Ingham     George Edward Rawling  
Mary Ann1870   Rothwel   Edward Barlow   Elizabeth Slow    
Matilda1870   Ketteri   John Robinson   Matilda Phillips    
Martha A1870   Market   Joseph Hazeldine   Emma Coe    
Mary Jane1870   Corby   John Moore   Adelaide Rebecca Tailby    
Mary Ann1870   Ampthil   George Rawling   Mary Ann Marshall    
Mary Ann1870   Desboro        
Maria1871   Desboro   Thomas Smith   Elizabeth Croft   Luke Albert Freeman  
Mary Elizabeth1871     Thomas Morris   Caroline Allen    
Minnie1871   Rothwel   Henry Bradshaw   Eliza Pridmore    
Mary Ann1871   Walgrav   William Coles   Elizabeth [not known]   Joseph Martin  
Maud Mary1871   Ayr       Samuel Markham  
Mary Ann1871   Kings C   William Scotney   Mary Ann Gaudern    
Mark1871   Chatham   [male] Godden     Rebecca Neal  
Mary Ann1872   Desboro   John Winsall   Lois Ralph   Joseph Dawkins  
Mary Ann1872   Desboro   Levi Ginns   Ann Rebecca Bell    
Mabel Amelia1872   Milvert   William Deacon Tailby   Amelia Rose Mee   William Dean  
Mary J1872   Desboro   George Bosworth   Emma Hall    
Mary Jane1872   Desboro   Titus Coe   Elizabeth Tilley    
Mary E1872   Sheffie   Joseph Bosworth   Martha Bosworth    
Mary1872   Ketteri   William Petchell   Jane Cursley    
Mary Ann1872   Newbold   Job Holyoak   Emma Turner    
Martin1872   Wilbars   Thomas Swingler   Lois Stanion    
Meady1872   Polebro       James William Goodliffe ;
Thomas Flude  
Mary Sophia1873   Desboro   Charles Walker   Frances Idle    
Mary Jane1873   Desboro   George Crick Coe   Sarah Ann Freer   George William Ginns ;
John Law  
Mary Ann1873   Desboro   Robert Coe   Eliza Marlow   Augustus Jesse Coe  
Martha1873   Desboro   John Woods   Mary Mead   Alfred Taylor  
Martha1873   Rothwel   Leonard Clow   Ann Oram    
Mary Ann1873   Wilbars       James Tomkins  
Maud Mary1873   Monsal   Richard Coe   Martha Hollingworth    
Minnie Louisa1873   Rothwel   James Blunsom   Elizabeth Ann Watts    
Mary Ellen1873   Stourbr       Henry Wareing  
Mollie1873   Ketteri   George Yeomans   Rebecca East    
Maud Ann1874   Desboro     Frances Wallis   George Calcutt  
Millicent1874   East Fa   Thomas West   Mary Ann White    
Mary E1874   Dutton   Herbert Potts   Mary Ann Jarvis    
Mary Ellen1874   Harlton       Thomas William Langman  
Mary Ann1874   Rothwel   William Willis   Eliza Austin    
Mary Elizabeth1874   Spaldin       John Stockburn Linnell  
Margaret Helen1875   Desboro   Lawrence Lovett Turner   Jane Rosella Tailby    
Maria1875   Desboro   Frederick Ginns   Matilda Ward    
Mary H1875   Great A   Thomas Walters   Margaret Emma Hill    
Mary J1875   Desboro   Samuel Coe   Eliza Yeomans    
Matilda1875   Desboro   Alfred Panter   Sarah Burditt   George Collis  
Mary Eleanor1875   Desboro   George Edward Bassett   Sarah Suter   Ernest James W March  
Margaret1875   Market   William Edward Cave   Alice Kew Van    
Margaret Mary1875   Weldon   Amos Page   Mary Eyre    
Mary Ellen1875   Kirklan   Thomas Clarke   Ann Jenkinson    
Margaret L1875   Netley   Samuel Riley   Margaret [not known]    
Margaret1875   Rothwel   William Baines Kilborn   Elizabeth Slow    
Mary Ann1875   Sawley   George Cursley   Byzantia Payne    
Mary A1875   Rothwel   Thomas Barlow   Catherine Hulbert    
Mary Jane1875   Wilbars       William King  
Melinda1876   Desboro   Charles Morris   Janet Frazer   Harry Bosworth  
Mary Jane1876   Desboro   William Summerley   Emma Nursey   Tichborne Coe  
Martha1876   Brixwor   John William Tyrrell   Eliza Clements   Alfred Tebbutt  
Mervyn Gidley1876   Great A   Thomas Walters   Margaret Emma Hill    
Minnie1876   Desboro   Matthew Coe   Harriett Marlow   Frederick Samuel Bradley  
Mary P1876   Thorpe   Joseph Allan Dines   Jane Jones    
Mary Elizabeth1876   Wilbars   Philip Dimbleby   Mary A Sumpter   William Whymant  
Mary Ann1876   Ketteri   Joseph Henry Thornton   Sarah Ann Jelley    
Mary Ann1876   Orton   Abraham Seaton Marlow   Ann Law    
Mary Jane1876   Newark       John William Davis  
Mabel Charlotte1876   Desboro   Thomas Dixon   Eliza Ann [not known]    
Mary1877   Desboro   George Marlow   Hannah Moore    
Mary Ann1877   Desboro   Henry Marlow   Elizabeth Flude   Samuel Andrews  
Mary Elizabeth1877   Desboro   Charles Feakin   Sarah Ann Bosworth   Bertie Coe  
Mary Emma1877   Desboro   John Monk   Harriett Churcher    
Mary1877   Desboro   Joseph Plowright   Anne Pridmore   Arthur Tebbutt  
Mark1877   Ashley   John Tailby   Joanna Coe    
Maria1877   Desboro   William Prowitt   Emma Houghton    
Mary Ann1877   Desboro   Levi Tailby   Ellen Coe   Henry Smith  
Minnie M J1877   Cambrid   Thomas Freer   Sarah Ann Coe    
Mary1877   Desboro     Mary Coe    
Martha Ellen1877   Wilbars   William Chapman   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary Emily1877   Rothwel   Charles Hafford Fifield   Annie Hale    
Mary1877   Desboro       Samuel Arthur Coe  
Marshall Savidge1877   Hornsey   Montague Yeomans   Eliza Thurman    
Maud1877   Ludwort   James Redman   Lydia Marlow    
Mary1877   Desboro   Charles Dunkley   Alma Mary Fenton    
Mary Ann1878   Desboro   Hiram Page   Sarah Allen    
Mary Ann1878   Desboro   James Murkitt   Elizabeth Thornton    
Mary Elizabeth1878   Desboro   John Groocock   Elizabeth Coe    
Mary Ann1878   Desboro   John Marlow   Rose Ann Tyrrell    
May Eleanor1878   Little   Thomas Hawes   Elizabeth Dainty    
Mary Ann1878   Brampto   William Glover   Elizabeth Foster   Ernest William Shingfield  
Mary Josephine Helen1878   Brigg   Henry Haddon Cave   Mary Ann Branson    
Mary E1878   Desboro   Edward Sanders   Selina Marlow    
Mary Ann1878   Desboro   Thomas Banks   Eliza Fenton    
Mary Nellie1878   Market   Samuel Feakin   Sarah Ann Bosworth    
Mary Eleanor1878   Ketteri   Henry Bellamy   Mary Ann Robinson    
Maud A1878   Rothwel   Thomas Otho Guilford   Rosella Tailby    
Matilda1879   Desboro   William Cleaver   Emma Yeomans    
Maria1879   Desboro   Eli Ward   Lydia Ginns    
Maria1879   Desboro   Thomas Ward   Mary Ann Lenton    
Margaret Lily1879   Desboro   George Foster   Martha Thornton    
Mary Ann1879   Desboro   William Allen   Elizabeth Hawes    
Mary1879   Desboro   John Panter   Selina Coe    
Mary Ann1879   Desboro   George Panter   Isabella Hales    
Maria1879   Desboro   Robert Coe   Eliza Marlow    
Matilda Catherine1879   Desboro   John Thomas Goode   Matilda Baines    
Maud1879   Desboro   Joseph Cheaney   Sarah Ann Bridgstock    
Matilda J E1879   Weston   Joseph Manger   Emma Tompkins    
Mary Ann1879   Derby   Robert Goodson   Emma Shepherd   Edward Ward  
Mary Jane1879   Foxton   Thomas Tebbutt   Sarah Ann Turner    
Mary E1879   Croft   Richard West   Ann [not known]    
Maggie1880   Desboro   George Frederick Woollard   Sarah Pridmore    
Mary Ann1880   Desboro   Herbert Kilborn   Mary Ann Elizabeth Deacon    
Mary Elizabeth1880   Desboro   Alfred Panter   Mary Ann Bindley    
Mary Ann1880   Desboro   John William Tyrrell   Eliza Clements   James Jesse Paine  
Mark1880   Desboro   Titus Coe   Eleanor Panter    
Mary1880   Desboro   George Freeman   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mary1880   Desboro   Thomas Yeomans   Sarah Ann [not known]    
Mabel1880   Sheffie   John Howgate Ranns   Annie Jane Bird    
Mary Eleanor1880   Desboro   Henry James Chaplin   Sarah Page    
Mary A1880   Desboro   George Coe   Hannah [not known]    
Maud1880   Leicest   Henry Chaplin   Selina Perkins    
Matilda1880   Scaldwe   William John Worth   Elizabeth James    
Mary Ann S1880   Rauceby   John Shaw   Elizabeth Ann Minta    
Martha Ann1880   Maccles   [male] Bowers   Elizabeth Jane Eagle    
Mary Ann1880   Leicest   Walter Bevan Flude   Dinah Panter    
Mary E1880   Ketteri   William Burditt   Catherine Goodwin    
Mary H1880   Biddulp   William Alfred Sherratt   Hannah Willshaw    
Matilda1880   Harrowd   James Foster   Frances Kidd    
Mary1881   Desboro   William Hall   Sarah Ann Coe    
Martha1881   Desboro   Robert Coe   Eliza Marlow    
Maggie1881   Desboro   James Yeomans   Kezia Holmes    
Mary Jane1881   Yardley   Henry Sturgess   Rebecca Morton   William Bates Fenton  
Mary E1881   Littlep   Christopher Crabb   Annie Maria Cross    
Mary1881     James A Bull   Ann [not known]   Allen Allbright  
Maud Annie1881   Ketteri   Nelson Cattell   Ann [not known]   Alfred Richardson Key  
Mary Eleanor1882   Desboro   Alfred Samuel Lovett Turner   Amy Coe   Walter Dicks  
Mary Ann1882   Desboro   Eli Ward   Lydia Ginns    
Morris1882   Desboro   Titus Coe   Eleanor Panter    
Mary1882   Desboro   William Burditt   Ellen Ginns    
Mary Ann1882   Desboro   James Clarke   Ann Farrell    
Mary1882   Desboro   Joseph Miller   Mary Ann Coe    
Matilda1882   Arthing   William Bates   Eliza [n.k.]   George Coe  
Mabel Alice1882     William Marlow   Annie Crick    
Mary Ann1883   Desboro   Charles Panter   Elizabeth Ann Summerley    
Margaret Lilian1883   Desboro   George Bindley   Clara Ellen Marlow    
Mary Ann1883   Desboro   Thomas Deacon   Ellen Stratford    
Mary A1883   Desboro   John Collis   Mary Ann Panter    
Mary Ann1883   Welling   Henry John Hart   Jane Line    
May1883   Desboro   Titus Coe   Eleanor Panter    
Mary Ann1883   Desboro   John Bailey Smith   Selina Ward    
Matilda1883   Desboro     Sarah Elizabeth Stokes    
Mary Ann1883   Wilbars   Thomas William Chapman   Mary Ann West    
Mabel L1883   Desboro   George Henry Barber   Sarah Frost    
Mabel1883   Stony S   Charles Bromwich Buswell   Elizabeth Tamkin    
Mary Jane1884   Desboro   Brian Tyrrell   Elizabeth Sturgess Coe   Frederick Stratford  
Mary Ann1884   Desboro   Robert Culpin   Elizabeth Deacon    
Martha A1884   Desboro   George Feakin   Ann Yeomans    
Miriam1884   Desboro   James Burditt   Mary Ann Ginns    
Mary Ann1884   Desboro   George Payne   Ann Thorpe    
May1884   Pytchle   William Buckby   Elizabeth [not known]    
Mabel1884   Leicest   George Luck   Charlotte Ward    
Maria1884   Arthing   Thomas Dodson   Mary Ann Toasland    
Mabel1884   Ketteri   William Hales   Ann Turner    
Mary Elizabeth1885   Desboro   Tom Panter   Jane Sturgess    
Mary Alice1885   Desboro   Thomas Carter Loke   Sarah Ann Tyrrell    
Minnie Esther1885   Desboro   Samuel Essam Blissett   Mary Ann Coe   Frederick Levi Hornsby  
Mary Eleanor1885   Desboro   John George Merrill   Ada Page    
Mary Eleanor1885   Desboro   John Plowright   Eliza Ginns    
Mary Ethel1885   Desboro   James Paine   Clarissa Robinson Crisp    
Miriam1885   Desboro   Albert Coe   Harriet Coe    
Mabel Emily1885   Draught     Ellen Sturges    
Mary A1885   Desboro   Richard Crick   Lucy Loomes    
Mary Ann1885   Desboro       Bennett Allen  
Maud1885   Mile En   William Thacker   Martha Starmer    
Minnie1885   Rothwel       Reginald Marriott  
Maurice John1886   Desboro   John Walker   Ann Elizabeth March    
Mary E1886   Desboro   James Yeomans   Harriet Elizabeth Hibbert    
Mabel1886   Desboro   William Bollard   Emma Litchfield    
Mary Margarite1886   Little   William Alfred Sherratt   Hannah Willshaw    
Mary A1886   Stoke M   James Marlow   Emily Chaney    
Mildred1886   Desboro   Samuel Horsley   Lydia Coe    
Mary J1886   Ketteri   John Robert Marlow   Mary Ann Turner    
Mary J1887   Desboro   Albert Marlow   Harriett Collis    
Mabel1887   Desboro   Samuel Coe   Emily Pridmore    
Mabel Elizabeth1887   Desboro   Henry Johnson   Mary Ann Wood    
Marshall1887   Desboro   Robert Coe   Eliza Marlow    
Mary C1887   Wootton   Robert Pateman   Ellen Sturges    
Maud1887   Ketteri   George Solomon Goodwin   Annie Higgins    
Mabel1887   Desboro   George Freer   Sarah A Tebbutt    
May1887   Leicest   Edward John Andrews   Emma Page    
Maud M1887   Welling   Edward Squire   Eliza A [not known    
Mary Ann1888   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Julia Andrews   Frederick James Clements  
May1888   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Eliza Panter    
Mary Alice1888   Desboro   Simeon Watts Panter   Mary Buswell    
Montague Wilford1888   Desboro   Montague Pell Yeomans   Ann Elizabeth Wilford    
Mabel A1889   Desboro   William Charles Coe   Amelia Ginns    
Mary1889   Desboro   William Freeman   Hannah Binley    
Maggie1889   Desboro   Joseph Marlow   Caroline Augusta Ginns    
Montague J1889   Desboro   James Yeomans   Harriet Elizabeth Hibbert    
Mary1889   Desboro   George Freer   Sarah A Tebbutt    
Mary L B1889   Welling   James Foster   Frances Kidd    
Morris1890   Desboro   George Summerley   Elizabeth Morris    
Mabel Amelia1890   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Julia Andrews   Percival James Gilbert  
Minnie1890   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Emma Pridmore    
Mabel1890   Desboro   John Panter   Selina Coe    
Maurice1890   Desboro   James Stratford   Mary Panter   Emily Munday  
Mary A1890   Desboro   Thomas Wright   Ellen Buckby    
Mabel1890   Desboro   George Baldwin   Edith Rebecca Ginns    
Marguerite1890   Ketteri   John Howgate Ranns   Annie Jane Bird    
Maurice1890   Desboro   Arthur Coe   Emily Stevenson    
Mabel1890   Ketteri   George Frederick Woollard   Sarah Pridmore    
Mary Ann1890   Desboro   Tom Allen   Elizabeth Annie Pridmore    
Matilda1890   Desboro   Alfred Robert Baines   Lucy Allen    
May1890   Desboro   Owen Chapman   Mary Ann Elizabeth Dickins    
Mary A E1890   Desboro   Thomas Bindley   Eliza Ann Barber    
Margaret C1890   Desboro   Edgar Campbell Channer   Catherine Bridgman    
Mary Ann1890   Desboro   Joseph Clarke   Catherine [not known]    
Maud1890   Yardley   Henry Sturgess   Rebecca Morton    
Maud1890   Welling   George Harris   Lydia Page    
Maud Ellen1890   Ketteri   Frederick Rowlett   Lucy Nursey    
Mabel Ellen1890   Desboro   John Henry Barber   Ellen Laura Crick    
Maude Marguerite Kinder1891   Desboro   Frank Roughton Turner   Hannah Elizabeth Kinder    
Mabel Annie1891   Desboro   Robert Bassett   Ellen Panter    
Martha Agnes1891   Desboro   Harry King   Sarah [not known]    
Margaret1891   Desboro   Clarke Page   Eliza Jane Marriott    
Mary Ann1891   Desboro   Frederick Harris   Edith Elizabeth Bosworth    
Minnie1891   Desboro   William Coe   Jane West    
Martha L1891   Kelmars   Joseph Cope   Dinah Isabella Sturgess    
Mabel1891   Rothwel   John William Essex   Martha H Willis    
Mabel Gladys1891   Welling   James Foster   Frances Kidd    
May1892   Desboro   Richard Lovett Newman Turner   Maria Baldwin    
Minnie1892   Desboro   William Buckby   Mary Elizabeth Yeomans   Fred Andrews  
Mervyn1892   Desboro   Robert Bindley   Rebecca Freeman   Mabel Harris  
Matilda1892   Desboro   Job Coe   Mary Jane Panter   Harry Coe  
Maud1892   Desboro   George Solomon Goodwin   Annie Higgins    
Mabel1892   Desboro   Harry Summerley   Emily Ginns    
Mabel Eveline1892   Desboro   William Prowitt   Emma Houghton    
Martha A1892   Peterbo   William Sandall   Sarah [not known]    
Maggie Gilbey1892 est.         Henry Blissett  
Martha Alice1892   Sneinto   Lewis Jackson   Daisy Houghton    
Minnie1893   Desboro   Tom Wareing   Emma Ann Berridge    
Martha1893   Desboro   John Clements   Charlotte Coe    
Mary E1893   Kelmars   Joseph Cope   Dinah Isabella Sturgess    
Mary A1893   Welling   Walter Charles Sharman   Anne Evans    
Mabel1893   Desboro   Robert Augustus Marlow   Ann Coe    
Mabel Ruth1893   Desboro   Christopher Crabb   Annie Maria Cross    
Mabel1893   Rothwel   Frederick Harris   Edith Elizabeth Bosworth    
May1893   Desboro   Alfred Linton   Kate Thorpe    
Mary A1894   Desboro   Henry Boon   Charlotte Smith Coe    
Maud Eveline1894   Desboro   William Curtis   Sarah Elizabeth Spencer   Henry Oscar Turner  
Mary A1894   Desboro   George Thomas Kilborn   Hannah Maria Panter    
Mabel1894   Desboro   Frederick George Flude   Mary Tebbutt   Harold Coe  
May1894   Desboro   Arthur Marlow   Lily Coe    
Mabel1894   Desboro   Samuel Horsley   Lydia Coe    
Mabel Elizabeth1894   Desboro   Arthur William Panter   Frances Maud Mitchell    
Mabel1894   Desboro   Josiah Panter   Louisa Turner    
Minnie1894   Rothwel   Frederick Boon   Mary A [n.k.]   Ernest Summerly  
May1895   Desboro   Frederick Joseph Coe   Kate Marlow    
Mabel1895   Desboro   George Burrows Groocock   Harriett Coe Martin    
Mabel1895   Desboro   Frederick William Stenson   Elizabeth Ward    
Mary Ann1895   Desboro   James Bosworth   Charlotte Feakin    
May1895   Ketteri   Owen Henry Willis   Alice Turland    
May1895   Wilbars   Edward Samuel Horsley   Sarah Jane Chapman    
Mary Eveline1895     Harry Summerley   Emily Ginns    
Mary B1896   Desboro   George Feakin   Ann Yeomans    
May E1896   Leicest   John William Timpson   Ellen Wilson    
Mabel W1896   Desboro   John William Nicholson   Ann Bosworth    
Matilda1896   Desboro   Richard Lovett Newman Turner   Maria Baldwin    
Mabel1896   Desboro   William Robert Looker   Elizabeth Maria Marlow    
May1896   Desboro   Isaac Ball   Hannah Maria Coe    
Mary1896   Desboro   Frederick Charles Summerly   Elizabeth Marlow    
Millicent1896   Desboro   Henry Dunkley   Hannah Page   Arthur Henry Ryan  
Maud I1896   Ketteri   George Freer   Sarah A Tebbutt    
Muriel Louisa1896   Churchi   William Henry Anson   Louisa Liner    
Mabel Ellen1896   Desboro     Frances Ellen Bassett    
May1896   Desboro   Walter Smith   Sarah [not known]    
May Victoria1897   Desboro   Joseph Marriott   Abigail Murray    
May1897   Desboro   Alfred Davenport   Elizabeth Binley    
Marjorie Winifred1897   Desboro   Francis John Ginns   Anne Amelia Goodman    
Margaret Alice1897   Desboro   John William Goode   Elizabeth Rodgers    
Miriam1897   Desboro   Harry Page   Lois Ginns    
Mabel1897   Desboro   John George Dunkley   Florence Tomkins    
Minnie1897   Desboro     Elizabeth Stratford    
Mildred E1897   Rothwel   Charles Frank Bosworth   Rose Hannah Willis    
Mabel Elizabeth1897   Desboro   John Lawrence   Louisa Eleanor Bishop    
Mabel1897   Desboro   Enoch Baxter   Elizabeth Jane Wilford    
Mabel Evelyn1897   Desboro   Bertie Lancaster Thompson   Kate Evelyn Crick    
Mary Lily1897   Ketteri   Arthur Loake   Amelia Andrews    
Minnie1897   Rothwel   Charles Albert Wells   Susan Morris    
Mabel1898   Desboro   John William Tyrrell   Eliza Clements    
Mildred1898   Desboro   James Burditt   Mary Ann Ginns    
Marguerite1898   Desboro   George Panter   Jane Amy Kate W Bilson    
Mabel1898   Desboro   Arthur Freer   Emma Lily Perkins    
Mercy Eva1898   Desboro   Henry Snow Wright   Mary Jane Knight    
Minnie1898   Desboro   William Coe   Jane Smith    
Mabel1898   Desboro   John Burgess   Florence Page    
May1898   Desboro   George Summerley   Elizabeth Morris    
Mabel1898   Desboro   Joseph Baxter Swan   Emma Freer    
Mabel1898   Desboro   Beaver Coe   Charlotte Winsall    
Mabel1898   Desboro   William James Fraser   Harriet Coe    
Margaret1898   Desboro   Thomas William Chapman   Mary Ann West   Alfred E Bradshaw  
Minnie1898   Rothwel   Frederick Harris   Edith Elizabeth Bosworth    
Millicent Rose1898   Manton   William Dean   Mabel Amelia Tailby    
Mabel Evelyn1898   Desboro   Alfred Loasby   Emma Amelia Ginns    
Maud M1899   Desboro   Ernest Hall   Emma Feakin    
Mildred A1899   Braybro   Robert Marlow   Lizzie Ann Croft    
May Eveline1899   Desboro   George William Bassett   Naomi Sturman    
Maud E1899   Desboro   William Edward Ruddick   Caroline Carew Dillon    
Marjorie C1899   Leicest   Samuel Francis Burford   Clara d'Este Emery    
Mark Arthur1899   Desboro   Frederick Glover   Florence Rose Ginns    
Mabel Lilian1899   Ketteri        
Maud1900   Desboro   John Thomas Mitchell   Ada Morris    
Mabel1900   Desboro   Albert Edward Chapman   Lilly Allen    
Mabel1900   Desboro   Fred James Clements   Emma Panter    
Minnie1900   Desboro   Edward Coe   Emma Kilbourn    
Maud M1900   Desboro   Percy Davies Allen   Annie Adela Hunt    
Martin1900   Desboro   Harry Coe   Mary Ann Coe    
Maud A1900   Rothwel   Arthur James Sumpter   Kate Walker    
Mabel1900   Desboro   Robert Coleman   Charlotte Holmes    
Mary1900   Churchi   William Henry Anson   Louisa Liner    
Mabel Matilda1900   Marston   Albert Bonsor   Elizabeth Maria Goode    
Mabel1901   Desboro   Thomas Manton   Julia Panter    
Maggie1901   Desboro   James York   Ellen Burditt    
May1901   Desboro   Hugh Blissett   Mary Jane Sturman    
Marjorie1901   Desboro   John Dillon   Annie Maria Kilborn    
Marjorie1901   Guildfo   George Dawkins   Charlotte Fanny Puttock    
Mabel Maud1902   Desboro   Robert Grain Page   Rosa Smith    
Mary Elizabeth E1903   Desboro   Allen Allbright   Mary Bull    
Mabel1903   Desboro   Arthur William Glover   Louisa Eames    
Mabel1903   Desboro   Ernest Pettitt   Emma Horner    
Margaret1904     Frederick Burditt   Clara Johnson    
Mildred1904   Desboro   James William Feakin   Ada Elizabeth Davenport    
Maud Amelie1904   Desboro   Charles Goodman   Cecilia Pauline Eastclose Thompson    
Mabel1904   Leicest   Fred Herbert Stanley   Alethea Thorpe    
Maudie Kate1904   Desboro   Richard Vickers   Kate Noble    
Mary Ann1904   Desboro   Eli Coe   Jane Mary Ann Marlow    
Mildred1904   Ketteri   William Ernest Marlow   Emily Rennie Dunmore    
May1904   Desboro   Samuel Holmes   Hannah Marlow    
Mildred Lucy1905   Desboro   Martin Coe   Adelaide Hornsby    
Mabel1905   Rothwel   John Chandler   Ellen [Not Known]    
May1905   Desboro   Robert Deacon Culpin   Eliza Morris    
Millicent1906   Desboro   Frederick Charles Fenton   Emily Martin    
Mabel1906   Desboro   Charles William Laundon   Dorcas Yeomans    
Minnie1906   Desboro   Frederick Turner   Eliza Ann Tyrrell    
Muriel1906   Desboro   Howard Burditt   Annie Madeline Prowitt    
Mildred1907   Desboro   William Coe   Florence Jane Thorpe    
Mabel1907   Desboro   Ernest James W March   Mary Eleanor Bassett    
Minnie Elizabeth1907   Desboro   Reginald Marriott   Minnie Maids    
Miriam1907   Desboro   Arthur William Feakin   Rose Hannah Marlow    
May1908   Desboro   John William Robinson   Lettie Cyprus Walters    
Maud1908   Desboro   Albert Edward Elkington   Ellen Martin    
Maud Sarah Ann1908   Desboro   Cecil Henry Beeby   Sarah Hall   Frederick Thomas Blissett  
Minnie1909   Rothwel   Arthur Remington   Harriet Morris    
Maudy1909   Desboro   John Coe Bindley   Sarah Wareing    
Madeline1909   Desboro   Howard Burditt   Annie Madeline Prowitt    
Marjorie Elizabeth1910   Desboro   Walter Marlow   Clara Sophia Browne    
Marion1910   Desboro   Walter Elkington   Clara Maria Page    
Miles W1910   Desboro   Stephen Frederick Clarke   Alice Allen    
Margaret1910   Desboro   Harry Summerley   Emily Ginns    
Margaret1910   Desboro   Richard Vickers   Kate Noble    
Muriel Eva1910   Notting   Jabez Coe   Frances Mary Murkett    
Marion1910   Desboro   William Thomas Crick Marlow   Gertrude Ethel Kemshead    
Mona1910   Bradfor   George Hartwell Townend   Blanch Elizabeth Illingworth    
Mary E1911   Desboro   Henry Wareing   Mary Ellen Pixley    
Mary Elizabeth1911   Desboro   Thomas Robert Kilborn   Mary Isabella Clarke    
Mildred1911   Leicest   Fred Herbert Stanley   Alethea Thorpe    
Margaret Ellen1914   Worksop   Horace Coe   Elsie Coe    
Mildred1914   Ketteri   Reuben Horsley   Geneva Shortland    
Margaret M1933     Charles Harold Vines   Beatrice M Harris    

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