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This page lists people with the Christian name N who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Nicholas     Charles Thimelby   Anne Poulton    
Nicholas     George Watson      
Nicholas1553   Desboro       Ellen Warner  
Nicholas1566 est.          
N1566 est.          
Nicholas1577 est.          
Nicholas1592   Desboro   William Manton   Isabel Codsbrooke    
Nicholas1596 est.         Joan Ladde  
Nicholas1602   Desboro   Maurice Farre      
Nicholas1612 est.         Ellen Tebbatt  
Nicholas1614 est.   Earls B       Mary Neuscotte  
Nathaniel1647   Desboro   Richard Hooke   Mary Rolston    
Nathaniel1650   Desboro   John Wymant   Bridget [not known]    
Nathaniel1651 est.         Mary Bassett  
Nathaniel1670 est.          
Nathaniel1731   Desboro   William Coe   Anne [not known]   Ann [not known]  
Nathaniel1755   Desboro   John Coe   Elizabeth [not known]   Mary Coles  
Nancy1759 est.         John Rudkin  
Nathan1762 est.         Ann Andrews  
Nathaniel1773   Desboro   Nathaniel Coe   Ann [not known]    
Nathaniel1783     John Coe   Mary Coe    
Nathaniel1790   Desboro   Richard Wadds   Elizabeth [not known]    
Nathan1794 est.         Jane Coe  
Nathaniel1795 est.         Mary [not known]  
Nathaniel1803   Desboro   James Coe   Hannah Tompson   Ann Coleman  
Noah1809   Desboro     Ruth Paine    
Noah1810   Great C       Sarah [not known]  
Nathaniel1819   Arnesby   John Coe   Elizabeth [not known]   Sarah Robinson  
Naomi1828   Desboro   John Perkins   Elizabeth Yeomans   Thomas Ginns  
Naomi1832     William Eagle   Elizabeth Coe    
Nathaniel1834   Desboro   Samuel Coe   Sarah [not known]   Abigail Marlow  
Nelson1835   Ketteri       Ann [not known]  
Nathaniel1837     Nathaniel Coe   Ann Coleman    
Nathaniel1843   Desboro   Nathaniel Coe   Ann Coleman   Ann Aprice  
Nancy April1843   Desboro   John Panter   Rowena Aprice    
Nathaniel1851   Desboro   James Page   Hannah Grain   Frances March  
Naomi1851   Ketteri   William Barratt   Elizabeth Hunt    
Naomi1852   Desboro   William Panter   Sarah Coe    
Nathaniel1854   Desboro   George Coe   Lucy Morris   Anne Coe  
Newman Shrewsbury1854   Corby   Samuel Barrett   Elizabeth Shrewsbury    
Nathaniel1856   Desboro   Nathaniel Coe   Sarah Robinson   Mary Ann Tebbutt ;
Mary Moore  
Naomi1858   Desboro   William Sturman   Louisa Eagle   George William Bassett  
Naomi1864   Desboro   Thomas Winsall   Ellen Yeomans   George Edward Cuss  
Nellie1864   Cloughf   Henry Cunliffe   Priscilla Marlow    
Naomi1873   Sutton   George Freeman   Elizabeth [not known]   Albin Ginns  
Nathaniel1874   Northam   James Coe   Jane [not known]    
Nelly L1876   St Panc   Abraham Coe   Kezia March    
Nellie1877   Desboro   Joseph Miller   Mary Ann Coe    
Nathaniel1878   Desboro   George William Johnson   Elizabeth Coe   Maria Elizabeth Penn  
Nellie1879   Desboro   John Paine   Hannah Collis    
Nellie1879   Bilston   Thomas Beavon   Sarah [not known]    
Nellie1883   Desboro   Charles Stratford   Mary Jane Palmer [or Marlow?]    
Northcot1883   Isham   William Wills   Ellen Wilford    
Nellie1884   Desboro   Frederick Ginns   Matilda Ward   Frederick Allen  
Nellie1884   Desboro   James Bosworth   Charlotte Feakin    
Nellie1885   Leicest   Samuel Crick Marlow   Mary Ann Claypole    
Nellie1886   Keighle   Arthur J Lacey   Elizabeth Martha Tucker    
Nellie1886   Cambrid       Charles Reuben Panter  
Nettie1887   Desboro   George Lee   Emma Buckby    
Nellie1888   Desboro   George Marlow   Lydia Coe    
Nellie1888   Desboro   Samuel Horsley   Lydia Coe   Arthur Monk  
Nellie Ada1889   Rushton   George B Denton   Sarah Jane Bamford    
Nathaniel1889   Ketteri   Nathaniel Coe   Mary Moore    
Nellie1890   Desboro   William Giles   Mary Ann [not known]    
Nesta H1890   Ketteri   Alfred Barlow   Ella Jane Mobbs    
Nellie1892   Desboro   Jethro Coe   Sarah Elizabeth Crick    
Nellie1893   Desboro   Thomas Austin Jones   Emily Louisa Binley    
Nellie1894   Desboro   William Buckby   Mary Elizabeth Yeomans    
Nathaniel1895   Desboro   John Harry Coe   Kate Elizabeth Panter   Blanche Emma Palmer  
Nellie1895   Desboro   John Joseph Pridmore   Emma Quilla King    
Nellie1895   Desboro   Reuben Ginns   Rosina Yeomans    
Nellie1896   Desboro   Arthur William Panter   Frances Maud Mitchell    
Nellie1896   Desboro        
Nora M1897   Desboro   Harry King   Sarah [not known]    
Nellie1898   Desboro   Richard Crick   Lucy Loomes    
Nellie1898   Rushton   Henry Thomas Hornsey   Mary Ann Dunkley    
Nora1899   Desboro   Samuel Johnson   Adelaide March    
Nellie F1900   Desboro   John Farmer Sheavyn   Bertha Priscilla Baker    
Norah E1900   Desboro   Albert Coe   Jane Wallington    
Nellie S1900   Desboro   Harry Grove   Kate Mary Bosworth    
Nellie1900   Desboro   Charles William Swan   Elizabeth Hannah York    
Nellie1900   Desboro   John Clements   Charlotte Coe    
Nellie1900   Ketteri   Frederick William Summerly   Carrie Smith    
Nellie Maud1901   Desboro   John Chatterton   Ellen Amelia Feakin    
Nellie M1901   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Elizabeth Coe    
Nellie1903   Desboro   George Panter   Elizabeth Morris Law    
Nellie1906   Ketteri   Frederick Peacock   Edith Marlow    
Nellie May1908   Desboro   Arthur William Glover   Louisa Eames    
Nellie1909   Desboro   Frederick James Clements   Mary Ann Morris    
Nellie1909   Rothwel   Henry Law   Emma Clarke    
Newman James1910   Rothwel   Allen Allbright   Emily Feakin    
Nellie Dora Elsie1911   Desboro   Herbert Ernest Giles   Lenora Kilmister    
Nerissa1911   Desboro   Henry Smith   Mary Ann Tailby    
Norman1912   Desboro   Arthur Marlow   Florence Annie Maud Davenport    

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