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This page lists people with the Christian name Rebecca who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Rebecca         [male] Johnson  
Rebecca1614 est.         John Alderman  
Rebecca1648   Desboro   John Wymant   Bridget [not known]    
Rebecca1662 est.   Carlton       Henry Dexter  
Rebecca1677 est.         Richard King  
Rebecca1694   Desboro   George Watson   Mary [not known]    
Rebecca1708   Desboro   Richard King   Rebecca [not known]    
Rebecca1719   Desboro   John Bates   Elizabeth [not known]    
Rebecca1724 est.         Thomas Chapman  
Rebecca1741   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Elizabeth [not known]    
Rebecca1753 est.         Samuel Fetch  
Rebecca1765   Desboro   William Crick   Ann Morris   Samuel Monk  
Rebecca1768   Desboro     Mary Sutton    
Rebecca1774   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Elizabeth Hulbard    
Rebecca1775   Desboro   Henry Coleman   Jane Asser   William Tailby  
Rebecca1776 est.         Joseph Yeomans  
Rebecca1776 est.         William Perkins  
Rebecca1777   Desboro   Samuel Moor   Catherine Freer    
Rebecca1785   Desboro   Edward Chapman   Ruth [not known]    
Rebecca1785 est.         Charles Loake  
Rebecca1788   Desboro   William Chapman   Sarah Rudkin    
Rebecca1791   Market       Francis Essam  
Rebecca1794         James Panter  
Rebecca1794   Desboro   Jonathan Coe   Mary Crick    
Rebecca1794   Desboro   Robert Forster   Ann Green    
Rebecca1795   Desboro   Samuel Monk   Rebecca Crick    
Rebecca1799   Napton       John Tailby  
Rebecca1799     John Reynolds   Ann Asher    
Rebecca1799   Dean       William Willis  
Rebecca1801   Desboro   John Monk   Marcy [not known]    
Rebecca1804     William Tailby   Rebecca Coleman    
Rebecca1804   Desboro   Simeon Hanger   Jane Perkins    
Rebecca1804   Newton   Edward Chapman   Elizabeth [not known]   Septimus Swan  
Rebecca1805   Bedford       George Smith  
Rebecca1806   Desboro   Samuel Monk   Rebecca Crick   John Bosworth  
Rebecca1807   Yelvert       Charles Martin  
Rebecca1807   Earl Sh       Robert Coe  
Rebecca1808   Brigsto       James Chater  
Rebecca1810   Desboro   Wilmer Wright   Esther Tilley    
Rebecca1810   Leicest       Bartholomew Cox  
Rebecca1811         Benjamin Henry Elliott  
Rebecca1812   Sutton       Joseph Sanders  
Rebecca1814   Desboro   Thomas Eagle   Ann Coe   William Tye  
Rebecca1817   Desboro   Nathan Kendall   Jane Coe    
Rebecca1817   Ketteri       Samuel Rowthorn  
Rebecca1819   Desboro   Thomas Foster   Elizabeth Andrews   John Lansbury  
Rebecca1819   Arthing       Thomas Nicholls  
Rebecca1819   Thrapst       John Griffin  
Rebecca1820 est.          
Rebecca1821   Desboro   John Tomkins   Sarah [not known]   John Binley ;
Samuel Nursey  
Rebecca1822   Desboro   John Perkins   Elizabeth Yeomans   Charles Clarke  
Rebecca1822   Ketteri   Salathiel Knibbs   Hannah [not known]   George Burford  
Rebecca1822   Rothwel   Robert York   Ann [not known]    
Rebecca1822   Gedding       Joseph Miller  
Rebecca1823   Desboro   Thomas Buckby   Ann [not known]    
Rebecca1824   Wootton   John Radcliff   Elizabeth Radcliff   Joseph Jeffcoat  
Rebecca1825   Desboro   Thomas Page   Ruth [not known]    
Rebecca1826   Desboro   Robert Panter   Martha [not known]   George West  
Rebecca1826   Weston   Thomas Litchfield   Elizabeth Dipey   Thomas Monk  
Rebecca1826   Harring   Robert Coleman   Alice [not known]    
Rebecca1826   Weldon       John Sumpter  
Rebecca1827   Ketteri   Benjamin Mitchell   Elizabeth [not known]   Charles Johnson  
Rebecca1827   Crowlan       Joseph Lyon  
Rebecca1829   Desboro   James Coe   Hannah Page   George Morris ;
Samuel Ginns  
Rebecca1830     William Wallis   Ann [not known]    
Rebecca1832   Desboro   William Jobson   Mary [not known]   William Woollard  
Rebecca1833   Desboro   Samuel Coe   Mary Beaver    
Rebecca1833   Harboro   George Coe   Elizabeth Nichols    
Rebecca1834   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary [not known]   Henry Pridmore  
Rebecca1834   Rushton   David Miller   Frances Ward    
Rebecca1834     Benjamin Riley   Jane Maria Rayment    
Rebecca1834   Great B       Thomas Stanyon  
Rebecca1837   Desboro   Samuel Monk   Ann [not known]   John Peach Remington  
Rebecca1839     Thomas Thacker   Elizabeth [not known]    
Rebecca1839   Weekley   Septimus Swan   Rebecca Chapman   William Bamford  
Rebecca1841   Desboro   Isaac Freer   Lucy Smith    
Rebecca1843   Desboro   Thomas Thacker   Elizabeth [not known]   John Lett  
Rebecca1845   Ketteri   Charles Martin   Rebecca [not known]    
Rebecca1846   Market   Thomas Hillson   Sarah Jarvis    
Rebecca1849   Rothwel   John Church   Elizabeth Lawrence    
Rebecca1852   Ketteri       George Yeomans  
Rebecca1852   Braybro   John Bindley   Elizabeth Nicholls    
Rebecca1853   Desboro   Thomas Decker Smith   Mary Ann Woodcock    
Rebecca1854   Bliswor   John Griffin   Rebecca Levratt    
Rebecca1855   Hazelbu       Edward Hunt  
Rebecca1858   Pickwor       Thomas Tomblin  
Rebecca1858   Paulers       Henry Sturgess  
Rebecca1859   Desboro   Charles Clarke   Rebecca Perkins    
Rebecca1859   Weedon       William Wills  
Rebecca1860   Stoke A   Thomas Berridge   Mary Ann [not known]    
Rebecca A1862   Blackmo   Charles Johnson   Mary Ann Roots    
Rebecca1864   Burbage   Isaac Neal   Ann Nichols   Mark Godden  
Rebecca1865   Sutton   George Freeman   Elizabeth [not known]   Robert Bindley  
Rebecca1866   Ashley   John Tailby   Joanna Coe    
Rebecca1867   Ketteri   William Petchell   Jane Cursley    
Rebecca1868   Desboro   George Crick Coe   Sarah Ann Freer   Jacob Coe  
Rebecca1880   Desboro   George Payne   Ann Thorpe    
Rebecca1885   Countes   Thomas Neal   Clara Herbert    
Rebecca1886   Desboro   George Payne   Ann Thorpe    

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