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This page lists people with the Christian name Samuel who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Samuel     Thomas Essum   Alice [not known]    
Samuel     Thomas Meddows      
Samuel     Richard Page      
Samuel     William Goodman   Mary [not known]    
Samuel         Jane Lumbardines  
Samuel         Mary Ann Marlow  
Samuel1548   Desboro   Giles Poulton   Ellen Fuller    
Samuel1571 est.   Desboro       Alice Marson  
Samuel1639   Desboro   Isaac Kent   Elizabeth [not known]    
Samuel1646 est.   Haselbe        
Samuel1652   Desboro   John Silby   Emey [not known]    
Samuel1652   Desboro   William Bugby   Jane [not known]    
Samuel1653 est.   Cransle       Mary Richards  
Samuel1656 est.   Desboro       Jane Gutteridge  
Samuell1660 est.   Rothwel       Elizabeth Bayley  
Samuell1662 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth Baker  
Samuel1663   Desboro   Richard Clarke   Sisley [not known]    
Samuel1679   Desboro   William Page   Mary [not known]   Hannah [not known] ;
Elizabeth [not known]  
Samuel1688 est.          
Samuel1689   Desboro   John Meddows   Grace Panter    
Samuel1693 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Samuel1694         Ann [not known]  
Samuel1695   Desboro   George Bagley   Anne [not known]    
Samuel1700 est.   Desboro       Mary [not known] ;
Elizabeth Chapman  
Samuel1701 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth Underwood ;
Ann [not known]  
Samuel1705 est.         Mary [not known]  
Samuel1710 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Samuel1712   Desboro   William Page   Mary [not known]    
Samuel1715   Desboro   William Nursey   Elizabeth [not known]    
Samuel1715 est.   Desboro       Mary Pidgeon  
Samuel1716   Desboro   Samuel Page   Elizabeth [not known]    
Samuel1721   Desboro   Samuel Spriggs   Mary [not known]    
Samuel1722   Desboro   Samuel Spriggs   Mary [not known]    
Samuel1723   Desboro   Samuel Goodman   Elizabeth Underwood    
Samuel1723   Desboro   John Bates   Elizabeth [not known]    
Samuel1724   Desboro   Samuel Page   Elizabeth [not known]   Elizabeth [not known]  
Samuel1725         Rebecca [not known]  
Samuel Rogers1729     John Mansfield   Elizabeth Rogers    
Samuel1729   Desboro   John Nursey   Mary [not known]    
Samuel1730   Desboro   John Sage   Martha Burt    
Samuel1730         Ann [not known]  
Samuel1731   Desboro   William Morris   Mary Nursey   Elizabeth Clarke  
Samuel1732   Desboro   Samuel Spriggs   Elizabeth Chapman    
Samuel1733   Gilcrux        
Samuel1733   Desboro   Thomas Cooke   Elizabeth [not known]    
Samuel1734 est.         Mary [not known]  
Samuel1736   Desboro   Edward Fakon   Mary [not known]    
Samuel1737   Desboro   John Crick   Susannah Brown   Elizabeth Jervis  
Samuel1737   Desboro   William Bosworth   Isabella [not known]    
Samuel1738 est.   Bozeat       Mary Gutteridge  
Samuel1741   Desboro   Samuel Winsall   Elizabeth [not known]   Judith Clark  
Samuel1742   Desboro   Richard Bollard   Mary [not known]    
Samuel1742 est.         Hannah Vardon  
Samuel1744 est.         Catherine Goodman  
Samuel1744 est.         Ann Marlow ;
Elizabeth [not known]  
Samuel1744 est.         Elizabeth Buttler  
Samuel1747   Desboro   Avary Richards   Elizabeth [not known]    
Samuel1747 est.   Desboro       Ann Morris  
Samuel1751   Desboro   Joseph March   Elizabeth [not known]    
Samuel1752 est.   Rothwel       Sarah Hunt  
Samuel1753   Desboro   Robert Moore   Mary Bosworth   Catherine Freer  
Samuel1753 est.   Cransle       Elizabeth Sage  
Samuel1755   Desboro   Henry Turner   Elizabeth [not known]   Martha [not known]  
Samuel1755 est.   Bringhu       Elizabeth Watson  
Samuel1756         Martha Morris  
Samuel1756 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth [not known]  
Samuel1758 est.         Catherine Freer  
Samuel1759   Desboro   Nathaniel Coe   Ann [not known]    
Samuel1759 est.         Sarah [not known]  
Samuel1760 est.     [male] Winsall      
Samuel1760   Desboro   William Page   Mary [not known]    
Samuel1762   Desboro   Benjamin Rowthorn   Ann [not known]    
Samuel1763   Desboro   William Crick   Ann Morris    
Samuel1763   Desboro   William Page   Mary [not known]    
Samuel1763   Desboro   William Coe   Elizabeth [not known]    
Samuel1763   Desboro   Samuel Holmes   Hannah Vardon    
Samuel1764   Desboro   William Sage   Ann Hills    
Samuel1764   Desboro   John Crisp   Elizabeth Ginns    
Samuel1764   Desboro   Joseph March   Elizabeth [not known]    
Samuel1765   Desboro   John Coaley   Elizabeth Roads    
Samuel1765 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth Morris  
Samuel1767   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Elizabeth Jervis    
Samuel1768 est.         Elizabeth Marlow  
Samuel1769   Desboro   George Barratt   Elizabeth Kidney    
Samuel1769   Desboro   Samuel Winsall   Judith Clark    
Samuel1770   Desboro       Rebecca Crick  
Samuel1770         Mary Hulberd  
Samuel1771   Desboro   Samuel Fetch   Rebecca [not known]    
Samuel1771 est.         Mary [not known]  
Samuel1772   Desboro   John Morris   Catherine Panter   Elizabeth Eagle  
Samuel1772 est.         Esther Coe  
Samuel1774   Desboro   Samuel Jobson   Ann Morris    
Samuel1774   Desboro   Samuel Morris   Elizabeth Clarke   Ann Loake  
Samuel1778   Desboro   Ferdinando Tompson   Ann Crick   Martha Webster  
Samuel1779   Desboro   William Crisp   Ruth Aprice    
Samuel1780   Cranfor       Mary [not known]  
Samuel1781   Desboro       Jane [not known]  
Samuel1781 est.   Brought       Martha Moore  
Samuel1782   Desboro   Libbeus Ginns   Ann Aprice   Sarah Balmford  
Samuel1783   Desboro       Catherine [not known]  
Samuel1783   Desboro   George Sumner   Ann Watson    
Samuel1783   Desboro   Samuel Moor   Catherine Freer    
Samuel1783     Thomas Loake   Ann Cave    
Samuel1784   Welford       Martha Sumner  
Samuel1785   Desboro   Richard Bamford   Ann Holmes   Mary Webster  
Samuel1787   Desboro   John Nursey   Lucy [not known]   Catherine Binley  
Samuel1787   Desboro   William Crick   Catherine Grane    
Samuel1788   Desboro   Randle Flude   Mary Smalley    
Samuel1788 est.   Desboro       Sarah Ginns  
Samuel1789         Ann Page  
Samuel1789   Desboro   John Coe   Mary Coe   Sarah [not known]  
Samuel1789   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Mary [not known]    
Samuel1790   Desboro   Edward Fekin   Elizabeth Winsall    
Samuel1791   Desboro   Samuel Turner   Martha [not known]   Ann Ginns  
Samuel1791         Elizabeth [not known]  
Samuel1791   Desboro   William Jobson   Mary Marlow    
Samuel1792   Desboro   Samuel Moor   Catherine Freer    
Samuel1792   Desboro   Robert Jarvis   Sarah Roads    
Samuel1792   Patwich        
Samuel1793   Desboro        
Samuel1793   Desboro   Robert Curtis   Elizabeth Sutton    
Samuel1794 est.         Sarah Tailby  
Samuel1794   Desboro   James Coe   Hannah Tompson    
Samuel1795   Desboro       Ann Ginns  
Samuel1795   Rothwel       Mary Remington ;
Ann Veazy ;
Eliza Cooke  
Samuel1796   Desboro   Jonathan Coe   Mary Crick   Mary Beaver ;
Mary [not known]  
Samuell1796 est.     John Winsall   Martha Aprice   Mary Burditt  
Samuel1796   Rothwel       Ann [not known]  
Samuel1796         Elizabeth Routhorn  
Samuel1797 est.         Susanna [not known]  
Samuel1797     Thomas Trasler   Phoebe Cowdell    
Samuel1797   Badby       Elizabeth [not known]  
Samuel1798   Desboro       Hannah Jobson  
Samuel1798   Desboro       Ruth [not known]  
Samuel1801   Desboro       Mary Jonson  
Samuel1803   Desboro   Thomas Burrows Kilborn   Elizabeth Smeeton   Martha Foster  
Samuel1803   Desboro   Samuel Monk   Rebecca Crick   Ann [not known]  
Samuel1803   Higham        
Samuel1804 est.         Ann Robinson  
Samuel1804   Desboro   John Yeomans   Elizabeth Moore   Catherine [not known]  
Samuel1804   Desboro   Samuel Coe   Mary Hulberd    
Samuel1805   Desboro   William Bosworth   Esther Crick   Sarah Salmon  
Samuel1805   Desboro   William Barratt   Dinah Tomson   Elizabeth Shrewsbury  
Samuel1805     Thomas Platt   Hannah Holmes    
Samuel1806 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Samuel1806         Sarah Chapman  
Samuel1807   Desboro   Samuel Thompson   Martha Webster   Ann Cave  
Samuel1807 est.         Catherine Page  
Samuel1807   Brigsto       Frances [not known]  
Samuel1809   Cranfor   Samuel Mitchell   Mary [not known]    
Samuel1809   Desboro   Samuel Morris   Ann Loake    
Samuel1810   Desboro       Elizabeth Torrill  
Samuel1810   Desboro   Samuel Kilborn   Martha Sumner   Eliza Baines  
Samuel1810   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Jane Gamble   Ann Ginns  
Samuel1811   Portsmo       Rebecca Spence  
Samuel1811   Tilbroo       Hannah Witney  
Samuel1811   Rushton       Mary [not known]  
Samuel1813   Desboro       Catherine Wallis  
Samuel1813 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Samuel1813   Harboro   John Lole   Martha Rowthorn    
Samuel1813   Desboro   John Loake   Martha [not known]    
Samuel1814   Desboro   Charles Thompson   Ruth Salmon    
Samuel1814   Rochdal       Mary Ann Jackson  
Samuel1815   Desboro   William Curtis   Elizabeth Crisp   Charlotte [not known]  
Samuel1815   Desboro       Rebecca Tomkins  
Samuel1815   Wilbars   [male] Chapman   Mary [not known]   Sarah [not known]  
Samuel1816   Desboro       Emma Hervey Cole  
Samuel1817   Desboro   William Crick   Hannah Wallis    
Samuel1818   Desboro   Samuel Morris   Ann Loake    
Samuel1819   Little        
Samuel1821   Oldham       Frances Chater  
Samuel1821   Thorpe       Mary Miller  
Samuel1822   Desboro   John Johnson   Catherine [not known]    
Samuel1822     James Blunsom   Sarah [not known]    
Samuel1822     John Norman   Sarah [not known]    
Samuel1822   Rothwel   Samuel Ginns   Ann [not known]   Hannah Yeomans  
Samuel1822   Alfreto       Elizabeth [not known]  
Samuel1823   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Susanna [not known]   Ann Panter  
Samuel1823   Bedwort       Ann Townsend ;
Elizabeth Hallam  
Samuel1823   Desboro   Daniel Fekin   Ruth Oram    
Samuel1824   Desboro   Samuel Ginns   Sarah Balmford   Maria Page ;
Rebecca Coe  
Samuel1824   Desboro   Thomas Foster   Elizabeth Andrews    
Samuel1824   Rothwel       Elizabeth Walker  
Samuel1825   Desboro   Samuel Burditt   Catherine Page    
Samuel1825   Ketteri   Thomas Barratt   Elizabeth [not known]    
Samuel1826   Rushton       Ann Slow  
Samuel1827   Desboro   William Clark Dawkins      
Samuel1827   Desboro   John Kendall   Hannah Palmer    
Samuel1827   Desboro   John Coe   Ann Cursley   Sarah [not known]  
Samuel1828   Desboro   Henry Turner   Ann Panter   Mary Croft  
Samuel1828   Northam       Barbara Marling  
Samuel1828   Little       Bridget Newton  
Samuel1829   Rothwel   Samuel Dainty   Elizabeth Routhorn   Elizabeth Smith  
Samuel1831   Desboro   John Kendall   Hannah Palmer    
Samuel1831   Pipewel   Samuel Holmes   Ruth [not known]   Elizabeth Bradshaw  
Samuel1831   Podingt       Elizabeth Hall  
Samuel1831   Rothwel   Thomas Loake   Elizabeth [not known]   Hannah Cursley  
Samuel1832   Oadby   Joseph Coe   Ann Sturgess   Eliza Yeomans  
Samuel1832   Desboro   Samuel Andrews   Mary Jonson    
Samuel1833   Earl Sh   Robert Coe   Rebecca Smith    
Samuel1834     William Crick   Hannah Wallis    
Samuel1835   Harring        
Samuel1836   Wilbars   William Swingler   Olive [not known]   Hannah Ingram  
Samuel1837   Desboro   Joseph Cursley   Sarah Marlow    
Samuel1837   Desboro   Jonathan Robinson   Lucy Barratt    
Samuel1837   Desboro   Samuel Kilborn   Eliza Baines    
Samuel1837   Corby   Samuel Barrett   Elizabeth Shrewsbury    
Samuel1837   Wilbars   Samuel Chapman   Sarah [not known]    
Samuel1837   Pytchle       Mary Ann Danner  
Samuel1838   Desboro   Richard Smith Yeomans   Mary Yeomans    
Samuel1838   Desboro   George Sumner Kilborn   Catherine [not known]    
Samuel1838   Desboro   John Thorpe   Ann Moore   Elizabeth Kendall  
Samuel1838   Rothwel   John Linnett   Hannah [not known]    
Samuel1838   Wilbars   William Roe   Sarah [not known]    
Samuel1839   Desboro   John Coe   Elizabeth Quince    
Samuel1839   Desboro   William Jobson   Mary [not known]    
Samuel1839     Benjamin Riley   Jane Maria Rayment   Margaret [not known]  
Samuel1840   Desboro   John Harris   Ann Sumner    
Samuel1840   Desboro   Samuel Monk   Ann [not known]   Emma Marlow  
Samuel1840   Desboro   James Winsall   Elizabeth Snaith    
Samuel1841   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Mary Burditt   Sarah Ann Bosworth ;
Charlotte Cockerill  
Samuel Hillyard1841   Rothwel   Thomas Loake   Eliza Hillyard   Julia Ann Jago ;
Ann Hillyard  
Samuel1842   Desboro   Thomas Sargeant   Eliza Marlow    
Samuel1842   Ketteri   William Wallis   Ann [not known]    
Samuel1843   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Ann Turner   Mary [not known] ;
Isabella Wilks  
Samuel Crick1843   Desboro   Daniel Marlow   Mary Ann Crick   Mary Ann Claypole  
Samuel1843   Great C   Thomas Stringer   Jane [not known]   Maria Moore  
Samuel1843     John Davison   Amy Deacon    
Samuel1843   Kilby   John Jarvis   Elizabeth [not known]   Elizabeth Roberts  
Samuel1843   Cold As   Thomas Bosworth   Sarah [not known]    
Samuel1845   Desboro   Charles Panter   Elizabeth Collins   Harriett Coe  
Samuel1845   Desboro   Thomas Ward   Hannah Eltitton   Eliza Page  
Samuel1846   Rothwel   Edward Coe   Ann Page    
Samuel1846   Desboro   Leonard Yeomans   Jane Kendall    
Samuel1846   Ketteri   William Barratt   Elizabeth Hunt    
Samuel Wilson1847   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Mary Wilson    
Samuel C1847   Desboro   Samuel Walker   Frances Chater    
Samuel1848   Desboro   Samuel Rowthorn   Rebecca Spence    
Samuel1849   Desboro   Ebenezer Burditt   Elizabeth Hanger    
Samuel1849   Rothwel   James Chapman   Sarah Shatford    
Samuel1849   Brampto   Joseph Almond   Elizabeth [not known]    
Samuel1850   Desboro   Richard Smith Yeomans   Mary Yeomans    
Samuel1850   Desboro   James Panter   Elizabeth [not known]   Eliza Coe  
Samuel1850   Middlet   John Timson   Elizabeth [not known]   Esther [not known]  
Samuel Crowther1851   Market       Mary Bosworth  
Samuel John1852   Bliswor   John Griffin   Rebecca Levratt    
Samuel1853   Desboro   William Johnson   Lois Rowthorn   Adelaide March  
Samuel1853   Desboro   Joseph Coe   Hannah Marlow   Clara Panter  
Samuel H1853   Old Lea   Wright Bird   Ann Taylor   Lizzie Eva Smith  
Samuel1854   Rothwel   David Whitmore   Amy Robinson    
Samuel1854   Ketteri       Mary A [not known]  
Samuel1855   Desboro   Henry Turner   Mary Ann Cross    
Samuel1855   Ketteri   George Buckby   Jane Page   Elizabeth Ann Asher  
Samuel1857   Desboro   James Holmes   Ruth Mobbs    
Samuel Francis1857   Desboro   George Burford   Rebecca Knibb   Clara d'Este Emery  
Samuel Essam1859   Desboro   Thomas Blissett   Caroline Essam   Mary Ann Coe  
Samuel1859   Desboro     Adelaide Crick Marlow    
Samuel1859   Desboro   Joseph Andrews   Dorothy Walters   Ruth Feakin  
Samuel James1860   Desboro   Joseph Crick   Eliza Kilborn   Sarah Ann Rowlett  
Samuel1861   Desboro   William Turner   Louisa Blissett    
Samuel1861   Desboro   Isaac Horsley   Sarah Hornbuckle   Lydia Coe  
Samuel1862   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Harriet Manton   Elizabeth Hickman  
Samuel1862   Rothwel       Clara Asher  
Samuel1863   Desboro   William Bindley   Karen Kendall    
Samuel1863   Desboro   Elisha Coe   Ann Martin   Emily Pridmore  
Samuel1864   Rothwel   Samuel Panter   Ann Slow    
Samuel1865   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Lydia Coe    
Samuel Robert1865   Desboro   Robert Coe   Eliza Marlow   Emily Selina Johnson  
Samuel1866   Desboro   John Andrews   Elizabeth Wallis   Ellen Tomkins  
Samuel George1866   Desboro   William Wallace   Mary Ann Reculist    
Samuel J1866   Shutlan   Thomas Smith   Mary Ann Coe    
Samuel1866   Rothwel   Samuel Holmes   Elizabeth Bradshaw   Hannah Marlow  
Samuel R1868   Desboro   Fielding Coe   Ann Turner    
Samuel1868   Sawley   George Cursley   Byzantia Payne    
Samuel H1870   Desboro   Robert Turner   Lydia Marlow    
Samuel Hillyard Sumner1870   Stepney   Thomas Loake   Mary Light    
Samuel1870   Dutton   Herbert Potts   Mary Ann Jarvis    
Samuel1870   Amerton       Maud Mary Lammie  
Samuel Benjamin1871   Desboro   Benjamin Flude   Lydia Walker   Frances Louisa Coe  
Samuel1872   Foxton   Thomas Tebbutt   Sarah Ann Turner    
Samuel Panter1872   Desboro        
Samuel James1873   Desboro   George Panter   Mary Ann Thornton    
Samuel1873   Desboro   James Martin   Ann Coe    
Samuel1874   Desboro   William Burditt   Ellen Ginns   Alice Catherine Byrne  
Samuel Turner1874   North N   Daniel Carter   Jane Turner   Frances Ellen Bassett  
Samuel Arthur1875   Desboro   George Crick Coe   Sarah Ann Freer   Mary Coe  
Samuel Watson1876   Desboro   Henry Marlow   Harriett Letts   Ada Marlow  
Samuel1876   Rothwel   Solomon Sumpter   Amelia Goodman    
Samuel1877   Leicest       Fanny Ward  
Samuel1877   Desboro   William Hales   Ann Turner    
Samuel John1878   Desboro   Herbert Kilborn   Mary Ann Elizabeth Deacon   Ruth Howl  
Samuel1878   Desboro   George Cross Turner   Jane Revell Heeds    
Samuel1878   Middlet   Samuel Stringer   Maria Moore    
Samuel1879   Desboro   Joseph Panter   Hannah Coe    
Samuel1879   Desboro   Charles Ginns   Kezia Coe    
Samuel1879   Rothwel   Samuel Law   Mary A [not known]   Elizabeth Ann Payne  
Samuel1880   Desboro   Frederick Ginns   Matilda Ward    
Samuel1880   Desboro   John Freer   Sarah Jane Sanders    
Samuel J1880   Rothwel   James Bethray Beeby   Eliza Catherine Coe    
Samuel1881   Great B   Robert Coleman   Charlotte Holmes    
Samuel John1881   Highnam       Ethel Maud Ingram  
Samuel1882   Desboro   Samuel Ward   Eliza Page    
Samuel James1883   Desboro   John George Merrill   Ada Page   Clara Louisa Worral  
Samuel1890   Desboro     Harriet Coe    
Samuel Charles1892   Desboro   Thomas Page   Maria Ginns    
Samuel1895   Desboro   Richard Crick   Lucy Loomes    
Samuel1896   Desboro   Samuel Coe   Clara Panter    
Samuel Leonard1902   Desboro   Samuel John King   Ethel Maud Ingram    
Samuel1907   Desboro   John Starkey   Elizabeth Timson    
Samuel Leonard1908   Desboro   Samuel John Kilborn   Ruth Howl    

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