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This page lists people with the Christian name Stephen who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Stephen     Mark Pack      
Stephen1555         Elizabeth [not known]  
Stephen1584   Desboro   Gabriel Watson   Joan Hodgekin    
Stephen1612   Desboro   Ralph Sayge      
Stephen1612 est.         Ann [not known]  
Stephen1653   Desboro   John Sage   Katherine Spencer    
Stephen1745   Desboro   Gabriel Watson   Ann [not known]    
Stephen1746   Desboro   Thomas Cave   Mary [not known]   Ann Taylor  
Stephen1750   Desboro   Gabriel Watson   Ann [not known]    
Stephen1752         Ruth [not known]  
Stephen1787   Desboro   George Sumner   Ann Watson    
Stephen1792   Rothwel       Sarah Sarjant  
Stephen1793   Desboro   George Sumner   Ann Watson   Mary [not known]  
Stephen1799   Desboro   John Robinson   Mary Wallis   Ann Aprice  
Stephen1816   Maxey       Elizabeth Cox Green ;
Mary Ann Beaver  
Stephen1819   Desboro   Samuel Kilborn   Martha Sumner    
Stephen1845   Desboro   James Robinson   Ann Heel   Ellen Selby  
Stephen1846   Maxey   Stephen Black   Elizabeth Cox Green    
Stephen1848   Floodsf   John Barnes   Sarah [not known]    
Stephen1852   Desboro   John Ginns   Rowena Robinson   Ellen Baker  
Stephen1854   Rothwel   John Essex   Mary Shortland    
Stephen1873   Badby   Peter Wareing   Harriett Bird    
Stephen Frederick1877   Northam       Alice Allen  
Stephen1877   Ketteri   Robert Bailey   Sybel Nursey    
Stephen Hibbert1878     James Yeomans   Harriet Elizabeth Hibbert    
Stephen J G1885   Desboro   Joseph Barnes   Ellen Coe    
Stephen1900   Rothwel   John William Essex   Martha H Willis    

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