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This page lists people with the Christian name Thomas who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Thomas         Elizabeth Dipey  
Thomas         Ann Hughes  
Thomas         [female] Lole  
Thomas   Desboro   Bartin Gutteridge   Alice [not known]    
Thomas         Elizabeth Gutteridge  
Thomas     Thomas Groocock   Mary [not known]    
Thomas         [female] Lole  
Thomas     Charles Thimelby   Anne Poulton    
Thomas     [male] Corby   [female] [not known]    
Thomas     Thomas Meddows      
Thomas         Hanah [not known]  
Thomas         Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas     Thomas Buckby   Annys [not known]    
Thomas     Robert Dexter   Hannah [not known]    
Thomas     William Dawkins   Mary Austin    
Thomas     Avary Richards   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas     Robert Ingram   Margery [not known]    
Thomas     Francis Dawes      
Thomas     Thomas Panter   Emme [not known]    
Thomas         Ann Foster  
Thomas         Jane Lewis  
Thomas         Ethel Maria Kilborn  
Thomas1548         Margaret [not known]  
Thomas1551 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1553 est.         Margett [not known]  
Thomas1555   Lamport   John Isham   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1555 est.         Alice [not known] ;
Isabel [not known]  
Thomas1555 est.          
Thomas1560         Jane [not known]  
Thomas1561 est.         Ellen [not known]  
Thomas1564   Desboro   Anthony Panter   Margaret [not known]   Emme [not known]  
Thomas1568 est.   Newton       Dorothy James  
Thomas1568 est.   Grafton       Agnes Fidge  
Thomas1570         Isabel [not known]  
Thomas1571         Lucisesse [not known]  
Thomas1573   Desboro   Gregory Shepherd      
Thomas1574/75   Desboro   Libbyes Walker   Joan [not known]    
Thomas1576   Desboro   Giles Chapman     Elizabeth Barrette  
Thomas1577 est.          
Thomas1578     Ferdinando Poulton   Katherine Jackman    
Thomas1578 est.   Desboro        
Thomas1579 est.   Brought       Elizabeth Marson  
Thomas1579 est.          
Thomas1580 est.   Braybro       Margett Brette  
Thomas1580 est.   Lamport        
Thomas1581   Desboro   Richard Groococke   Frances [not known]    
Thomas1581   Desboro   John Underwoode      
Thomas1581/82   Desboro   Thomas Numan   Ellen [not known]    
Thomas1581   Desboro   Edmund Wimond   Aylse Barrett    
Thomas1582   Desboro   Mark Pack      
Thomas1582 est.   Desboro        
Thomas1583/84   Desboro   John Chapman      
Thomas1584   Desboro   Peter Quenby   Ellen [not known]    
Thomas1585 est.   Maidwel       Jane Alderman  
Thomas1585 est.   Desboro        
Thomas1585 est.          
Thomas1585 est.          
Thomas1589   Desboro   Christopher Barnard      
Thomas1590/91   Desboro   Robert Rowledge   Agnes Harrys   Ellen Daniels  
Thomas1590   Desboro   Richard Barrette      
Thomas1590         Joan [not known]  
Thomas1591 est.   Stoke       Agnes Rowledge  
Thomas1591   Desboro   William Warwicke      
Thomas1593   Desboro   George Shelston      
Thomas1594         Agnes [not known] ;
Ann [not known]  
Thomas1594/95   Desboro   Laurence Davies      
Thomas1594/95   Desboro   John Lawke   Elizabeth Codsbrook    
Thomas1596/97   Desboro   Robert Tebotte   Mary Silby    
Thomas1596         Margery [not known] ;
Agnes [not known]  
Thomas1597   Desboro   Edward Weale   Joan Barrette    
Thomas1599   Desboro   Robert Silbye   Mary Tebotte    
Thomas1601   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Emme [not known]    
Thomas1601/02   Desboro   Thomas Brette      
Thomas1602   Desboro   Robert Franklyn   Joan Wright   Mary [not known]  
Thomas1602   Desboro   Thomas Griffin   Lucisesse [not known]    
Thomas1603   Desboro   John Poulton   Frances [not known]    
Thomas1603   Desboro   Philip Manton   Frances Matthas    
Thomas1603 est.          
Thomas1606/07   Desboro   Francis Davies      
Thomas1608 est.   Thorpe       Jane Brett  
Thomas1608   Desboro   John Codsbrooke      
Thomas1609   Desboro   Daniel Rogers   Barbara Wakelyn    
Thomas1610 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1612 est.   East Fa       Elizabeth Heward  
Thomas1613 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1613 est.         Grace [not known]  
Thomas1615 est.         Sara [not known]  
Thomas1615 est.   Arthing       Mary Bellowes  
Thomas1616 est.   Rothwel       Elizabeth Wales  
Thomas1617 est.   Rothwel       Elizabeth Reynolds  
Thomas1618   Desboro   William Panter   Mary Codsbrook    
Thomas1618 est.         Hellen [not known]  
Thomas1618 est.   Desboro       Mary Tee  
Thomas1618   Desboro   Giles Groococke      
Thomas1619 est.         Grace [not known]  
Thomas1619 est.   Ketteri       Elizabeth Hearte  
Thomas1619 est.         Alice [not known]  
Thomas1620/21   Desboro   Thomas Loake   Agnes [not known]   Joan [not known]  
Thomas1620 est.         Alice [not known]  
Thomas1622   Desboro   Edward Yeomans   Mary Wright   Ellen Packe  
Thomas1622   Desboro   Richard Skinner   Elizabeth Spencer    
Thomas1622 est.         Agnes [not known]  
Thomas1623 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1623   Desboro   John Atkins   Ann Andrewe    
Thomas1623/24   Desboro   John Wright   Agnes [not known]    
Thomas1625/26   Desboro   Roger Chapman   Susanna Chapman    
Thomas1628   Desboro   Thomas Hall      
Thomas1630 est.         Alice [not known]  
Thomas1630 est.         Ellen [not known]  
Thomas1630   Desboro   John Alderman   Dorothy [not known]    
Thomas1630/31   Desboro   John Brette   Dorothy Benette    
Thomas1630 est.         Ellen [not known]  
Thomas1630 est.          
Thomas1631 est.   Hucott       Mary Serjannt  
Thomas1631 est.   Hocott       Ann Loake  
Thomas1631   Desboro   Thomas Howes   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1632 est.         Catherine [not known]  
Thomas1632 est.   Desboro       Alice Corby  
Thomas1632 est.          
Thomas1632 est.          
Thomas1632   Desboro   William Snowe   Elizabeth Rippin    
Thomas1633   Essex        
Thomas1633   Desboro   James Hill   Agnes [not known]    
Thomas1633   Desboro   Thomas Iliffe   Sara [not known]    
Thomas1634 est.         Mary [not known] ;
[female] [not known]  
Thomas1634 est.         Sarah [not known]  
Thomas1634 est.   Rothwel       Mary Robinson  
Thomas1636   Desboro   [male] Alderman   Becky [not known]    
Thomas1638/39   Desboro   Nicholas Braine   Ellen Tebbatt    
Thomas1639   Desboro   Edward Bayley   Bridget Martin    
Thomas1640   Desboro   Thomas Franklin   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1641   Desboro   Edward Selby   Lettice [not known]    
Thomas1641   Desboro   Robert Moore   Agnes [not known]    
Thomas1646/47   Desboro   Thomas Louke   Joan [not known]   Jane [not known]  
Thomas1647   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Ellen [not known]   Ann [not known] ;
Hannah [not known]  
Thomas1648   Desboro   George Watson   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1648/49   Desboro   Thomas Rowledge   Ellen Daniels    
Thomas1649/50   Desboro   Thomas Sage   Catherine [not known]    
Thomas1651 est.         Elizabeth Watson  
Thomas1651   Desboro   Thomas Serjeant   Alice Corby    
Thomas1652   Desboro   William Chapman   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1652/53   Desboro   William Cupid   Temperance [not known]    
Thomas1652/53   Desboro   William Robinson   Anne [not known]    
Thomas1652 est.         Hannah [not known]  
Thomas1652 est.         Ann [not known]  
Thomas1652 est.         Alice Yeomans  
Thomas1653 est.          
Thomas1653 est.   Rothwel       Alice Underwood  
Thomas1653 est.   Sibbert       Mary Perkins  
Thomas1654 est.         Hannah [not known]  
Thomas1654 est.   Brought       Jane Faulkner  
Thomas1654 est.   Desboro       Alice Clarke  
Thomas1654 est.         Sarah Underwood  
Thomas1655 est.   Thorpe       Mary [not known]  
Thomas1656 est.   Desboro       Alice Marson  
Thomas1657 est.   Thorpe       Ann Jervis  
Thomas1658 est.   Desboro       Hannah Seargiant  
Thomas1658 est.   Arthing       Ann Andrew  
Thomas1659 est.   Gamling       Alice Tomlin  
Thomas1659 est.   Rothwel       Mary Humpherey  
Thomas1661 est.   Rothwel       Mary Baxter  
Thomas1661 est.         Mary Goodman  
Thomas1662 est.   Ketteri       Mary Sheard  
Thomas1662 est.   Rothwel       Ailce Norris  
Thomas1668   Desboro   Ferdinando Poulton   Mary Gifford    
Thomas1672   Desboro   Anthony Panter   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1673   Desboro   John Miller   Eleanor Cozbrook    
Thomas1673   Desboro   Thomas Brett   Ann [not known]   Anne [not known]  
Thomas1673/74   Desboro   Rodger Williams   Elizabeth Porter    
Thomas1673 est.         Hannah [not known]  
Thomas1674   Desboro   John Barnes   Ann Codsbrook    
Thomas1674   Desboro   James Blockley   Martha Gabett    
Thomas1674/75   Desboro   Thomas Loake   Jane [not known]    
Thomas1677   Desboro   Richard Yeomans   Grace Harris    
Thomas     John Miller   Eleanor Cozbrook    
Thomas1677/78   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Hannah [not known]    
Thomas1677 est.         Cicely [not known] ;
Mary Bringhurst ;
Sarah Kirke  
Thomas1677 est.         Ann [not known]  
Thomas1678   Desboro   John Iliffe   Catherine [not known]    
Thomas1678/79   Desboro   John Meddows   Grace Panter   Mary [not known]  
Thomas1678/79   Desboro   William Haseldine   Elizabeth [not known]   Anne Rose  
Thomas1678 est.         Mary Nursey  
Thomas1678 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1679/80   Desboro   Edward Wyman   Susannah Isoton    
Thomas1679/80   Desboro   George Watson   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1680   Desboro   Henry Serjeant   Catherine [not known]    
Thomas1681   Desboro   Anthony Panter   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1687/88   Desboro   William Gutteridge   Elizabeth [not known]   Ann Scott  
Thomas1688 est.         Susanna [not known]  
Thomas1688 est.         Elizabeth Nursey  
Thomas1688 est.          
Thomas1688 est.          
Thomas1688 est.         Elizabeth Eagle  
Thomas1688 est.         Catherine [not known]  
Thomas1688 est.         Alice [not known]  
Thomas1688   Desboro   Nathaniel Garaine      
Thomas1690 est.          
Thomas1690 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1691 est.          
Thomas1692 est.   Desboro       Mary Ginns  
Thomas1695 est.         Alice [not known]  
Thomas1696/97   Desboro   Thomas Groocock   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1697 est.   Desboro       Bridget Vialls ;
Sarah Biddle  
Thomas1697 est.   Desboro       Mary Barlow  
Thomas1697 est.   Desboro       Anne Carvill  
Thomas1698 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth Rudkin  
Thomas1700 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth Sage  
Thomas1701   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Elizabeth [not known]   Ann [not known]  
Thomas1701 est.         Mary [not known]  
Thomas1701 est.         Susanna [not known]  
Thomas1703 est.         Anne [not known]  
Thomas1705   Desboro   Thomas Loake      
Thomas1705 est.   Desboro       Anne Smith  
Thomas1706 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1707   Desboro   William West   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1707   Desboro   William King   Sarah [not known]    
Thomas1707   Desboro   Richard Hopkins   Martha [not known]    
Thomas1707 est.         Mary [not known]  
Thomas1708 est.         Jane [not known]  
Thomas1709 est.         Mary [not known]  
Thomas1711   Desboro   William Sage   Anne [not known]    
Thomas1711 est.         Ann [not known]  
Thomas1712   Desboro   John Ginns   Elizabeth [not known]   Sarah Fowler  
Thomas1712 est.         Annys [not known]  
Thomas1713   Desboro   John Coe   Mary Bibber   Elizabeth Hulbard  
Thomas1713/14   Desboro     Mary Robinson    
Thomas1713 est.         Catherine [not known]  
Thomas1713 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1714   Desboro   Thomas Loake   Susanna [not known]    
Thomas1714   Desboro   Philip Watson   Susannah [not known]    
Thomas1715   Desboro   Thomas Loake   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1715/16   Desboro   Giles Loake   Anne [not known]    
Thomas1715/16   Desboro   Thomas Gutteridge   Alice [not known]    
Thomas1715 est.   Desboro       Mary Bishop  
Thomas1716   Westmin   Thomas Barnett      
Thomas1717   Desboro   Thomas Loake   Elizabeth Sage    
Thomas1717 est.         Jane Smeeton  
Thomas1717   Desboro   Thomas Haselden   Anne Rose   Elizabeth Frear  
Thomas1717 est.         Sarah Dixon  
Thomas1718   Desboro   William Hodson   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1719   Desboro   Thomas Frier   Mary [not known]   Anne Sage  
Thomas1719   Desboro   John Campion   Mary Starbrooke    
Thomas1719/20   Desboro   Thomas Rudkin   Susanna [not known]    
Thomas1719 est.         Mary [not known]  
Thomas1720   Desboro   Jonathan Rudkin   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1721/22   Desboro   John Johnson   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1722 est.         Mary Loake  
Thomas1722 est.         Ann [not known]  
Thomas1723   Desboro   Thomas Ward   Bridget Vialls    
Thomas1723   Desboro   Thomas Loake   Elizabeth Sage    
Thomas1724 est.         Hannah Buckby  
Thomas1724 est.         Rebecca [not known]  
Thomas1725         Grace Frier  
Thomas1725   Desboro   John Sage   Martha Burt    
Thomas1725/26   Desboro   Edward Eagle   Mary Loake   Sarah Roads  
Thomas1726/27   Desboro   Samuel Spriggs   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1726/27   Desboro   Thomas Rudkin   Susanna [not known]    
Thomas1727/28   Desboro   Thomas Cave   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1728 est.         Kezia [not known]  
Thomas1728   Desboro   John Cooper   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1729   Bridgno   Arthur Lowe Pearcy   Jane Knott   Anne Gutteridge  
Thomas1729   Desboro   Bartin Gutteridge   Anne Hill    
Thomas1729   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1729   Desboro   Thomas Cave   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1729 est.         Anne Warpoles  
Thomas1730 est.         Ann Pebody  
Thomas     John Buckby   Emm [not known]    
Thomas1730   Desboro   Thomas Hulbert   Ann [not known]   Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1730   Desboro     Mary Aprice    
Thomas1730 est.         Elizabeth Harrison  
Thomas1731/32   Desboro   William Cave   Eleanor [not known]    
Thomas1731         Ruth Morris  
Thomas1732   Desboro   Thomas Biddle   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1732   Desboro   William Cooke   Mercy [not known]    
Thomas1734   Desboro   Thomas Cave   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1734   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Elizabeth [not known]   Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas     Perott Aprice   Marget [not known]    
Thomas1735 est.         Sarah Moore  
Thomas1736/37   Desboro   Thomas Platt   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1736 est.   Dry Sto       Ruth Morris  
Thomas1737 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1737 est.         Sarah [not known]  
Thomas1737 est.         Ann [not known]  
Thomas1738/39   Desboro   Perott Aprice   Marget [not known]    
Thomas1739 est.         Elizabeth Marlow  
Thomas1740   Desboro   Thomas Smeeton   Ann [not known]   Ann Smith  
Thomas1740   Desboro   John Howard   Elizabeth [not known]   Mary [not known]  
Thomas1740 est.         Catherine Sage  
Thomas1741   Desboro   George Loake   Sarah [not known]   Ann Cave  
Thomas1741   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Mary Bishop    
Thomas1741   Desboro   John Forster   Elizabeth [not known]   Ann Chamberlain  
Thomas1741 est.         Abby [not known]  
Thomas1742 est.         Ann Wells  
Thomas1742   Desboro   Thomas Loake   Hannah Buckby    
Thomas1744   Desboro   Benjamin Flude   Suzanna Caris    
Thomas1744 est.         Elizabeth Maykins  
Thomas1744 est.         Catherine [not known]  
Thomas1744   Desboro   William Morris   Mary Nursey   Mary Nursey  
Thomas1744/45   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Sarah Fowler    
Thomas1744 est.         Phillis [not known]  
Thomas1744 est.         Avis Herbert  
Thomas1745   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Jane [not known]    
Thomas1745 est.         Ann [not known]  
Thomas1745 est.         Mary Panter  
Thomas1745   Desboro   Jonathan Page   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1745   Desboro   John Panter   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1745 est.          
Thomas1745   Desboro       Elizabeth Ferry  
Thomas1746   Desboro   Henry Jervis   Mary [not known]   Elizabeth Grane  
Thomas1746 est.         Elizabeth Ghost  
Thomas1747 est.   Weston       Hannah Cave  
Thomas1747/48   Desboro   Thomas Dexter   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1747 est.         Mary [not known]  
Thomas1748 est.         Mary [not known]  
Thomas1750   Desboro   William Marlow   Mary Humphrey   Mary Hews  
Thomas1750 est.   Cransle       Mary Gutteridge  
Thomas1750 est.         Mary [not known]  
Thomas1750 est.         Mary [not known]  
Thomas1750 est.         Rose [not known]  
Thomas1751   Desboro   Thomas Hulbert   Elizabeth [not known]   Elizabeth Iliffe  
Thomas1752   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Sarah Fowler   Mary [not known] ;
Rose Hight ;
Sarah Wakelin  
Thomas1752 est.         Sarah [not known]  
Thomas1753         Elizabeth Asher  
Thomas1753   Desboro   John Cooper   Mary Wright    
Thomas1753   Desboro   Thomas Haselden   Elizabeth Frear   Mary Tomson  
Thomas1753   Desboro   John Crick   Susannah Brown    
Thomas1753 est.         Elizabeth [not known] ;
Ann [not known]  
Thomas1754 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth Haseldine ;
Mary [not known]  
Thomas1754   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary Panter    
Thomas1755   Desboro   Thomas Ward   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1755   Desboro   William Panter   Ann [not known]    
Thomas1755   Desboro   William Sage   Ann Hills    
Thomas1756   Desboro   John Williamson   Elizabeth Sturges    
Thomas1756   Desboro   Thomas Chapman   Rebecca [not known]   Mary Smart  
Thomas1757   Desboro   George Haselden   Sarah [not known]    
Thomas1758   Desboro   William Panter   Ann [not known]    
Thomas1758   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Elizabeth Tomson    
Thomas1758 est.   Desboro       Sarah Coley ;
Ann Maykins  
Thomas1759   Desboro   William Cave   Margaret Tolten    
Thomas1760   Desboro   William Coe   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1760   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Elizabeth Hulbard    
Thomas1760   Desboro       Ann Hulbert  
Thomas1761 est.         Phoebe Cowdell  
Thomas1762 est.   Desboro       Mary Coe  
Thomas1762   Desboro   Thomas Clark   Catherine [not known]    
Thomas1762   Desboro   William Dams   Ruth [not known]    
Thomas1762   Desboro   Thomas Burrass   Sarah [not known]    
Thomas1762   Desboro   Thomas York   Phillis [not known]    
Thomas1762   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Elizabeth Hulbard    
Thomas1762 est.         Mary Moore  
Thomas1763         Sarah [not known]  
Thomas1763   Desboro   John Andrews   Sarah Loake    
Thomas1763   Desboro   William Savage   Jane Wallis    
Thomas1763   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Elizabeth Maykins    
Thomas1764 est.   Bulwick       Rowena Aprice  
Thomas1764     Thomas Loake      
Thomas1764 est.   Little       Jane Iliffe  
Thomas1765   Desboro   Thomas Bosworth   Elizabeth Harrison    
Thomas1766 est.         Mary Freer  
Thomas1766   Desboro   Samuel Winsall   Judith Clark    
Thomas1766   Desboro   Thomas Hubbard   Catherine Sage    
Thomas1766   Desboro   Thomas Smeeton   Ann Smith    
Thomas1767   Desboro   John Wallis   Esther Patrick   Ann Marlow  
Thomas1767   Desboro   Thomas Bosworth   Elizabeth Harrison    
Thomas1767   Desboro   George Morris   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1768   Desboro   William Barratt   Jane [not known]    
Thomas1769   Desboro   John Aprice   Elizabeth Morris    
Thomas1769   Desboro   William Yeomans   Ann Sharman    
Thomas1769   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary Panter   Mary Burrows  
Thomas1770   Desboro   Edward King   Maria Marlow   Mary [not known]  
Thomas1770 est.         Ann [not known]  
Thomas1771   Desboro   Thomas Smeeton   Ann Smith    
Thomas1771   Desboro   Richard Yeomans   Mary Coe    
Thomas1772 est.         Alice Turner  
Thomas1772   Desboro   John Frier   Mary Smith    
Thomas1772   Desboro   Samuel Morris   Elizabeth Clarke    
Thomas1772   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Elizabeth Jervis    
Thomas1772   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Elizabeth Hulbard   Jane Gamble  
Thomas Burrows1773         Elizabeth Smeeton  
Thomas1773   Desboro   Randle Flude   Mary Smalley    
Thomas1773   Desboro   Thomas Miles   Rose [not known]    
Thomas1773 est.   Desboro       Susanna Robinson  
Thomas1774   Desboro   John Cave   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1774 est.   Wilbars       Hannah Holmes  
Thomas1774         Rachel Aprice  
Thomas1774   Desboro   John Biddle   Ann [not known]    
Thomas1774   Desboro   John Lole   Ann Allen    
Thomas Butter1774   Desboro     Mary Sewil    
Thomas1774   Desboro   Thomas Hawes   Mary [not known]   Mary Sage  
Thomas1774   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Elizabeth Jervis    
Thomas1775   Desboro   John Maykins   Elizabeth Baldwin    
Thomas1775   Desboro   Corneilus Fenton   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1775 est.   Great B       Jane Mould  
Thomas1775 est.         Mary [not known]  
Thomas1775 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1775     Thomas Yeamans   Elizabeth Ghost    
Thomas1776         Mary [not known]  
Thomas1776   Desboro   Robert Marlow   Alice Crick    
Thomas1776   Desboro       Ruth [not known]  
Thomas1776         Hannah Coe  
Thomas1776   Desboro   William Nursey   Mary Watson    
Thomas1776   Desboro   Samuel Holmes   Hannah Vardon    
Thomas1776   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Elizabeth Loake    
Thomas1776   Desboro   Thomas Frear   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1776   Desboro   Joseph Thompson   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1776 est.         Ann Biddle  
Thomas1777         Elizabeth Andrews  
Thomas1777   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1777   Desboro   Thomas Jarvis   Elizabeth Grane    
Thomas1777   Desboro   Thomas Hopcroft   Sarah Coley    
Thomas1778   Desboro   Benjamin Flude   Sarah [not known]    
Thomas1778   Desboro   William Panter   Sarah [not known]    
Thomas1778 est.   Rothwel       Catherine Curtis  
Thomas1778 est.   Desboro       Mary Mary Maudling  
Thomas1779 est.         Mary [not known]  
Thomas1779 est.   Desboro       Susannah Panter  
Thomas1779 est.         Mary [not known]  
Thomas1780   Desboro   Libbeus Ginns   Ann Aprice   Martha Ginns  
Thomas1780   Desboro   Richard Webster   Martha Graine    
Thomas1781   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Jane Roads    
Thomas1781     Thomas Trasler   Phoebe Cowdell    
Thomas1781   Desboro   James Oliver   Catherine Panter    
Thomas1782   Desboro   Thomas Hawes   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1783 est.         Ann Coe  
Thomas1783   Desboro   John Yomans   Mary Howard   Grace MacGregor  
Thomas1783   Desboro   John Jarvis   Ann Page    
Thomas1783   Desboro   Joseph Green   Mary Page    
Thomas1783 est.   Stony S       Mary Fekin  
Thomas1784   Desboro   Lister Ginns   Hannah Woodcock    
Thomas1784   Desboro   John Deacon   Hannah March    
Thomas1785     Thomas Loake      
Thomas1785   Rothwel       Mary [not known]  
Thomas1785 est.         Alice [not known]  
Thomas1786   Desboro   William Salmon   Grace Freer    
Thomas1786   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Ann Hulbert    
Thomas   Desboro   Robert Jarvis   Ann Rudkin    
Thomas1786   Desboro   John Miller   Elizabeth Chester   Ann [not known]  
Thomas1787         Temperance Coe  
Thomas1787   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Sarah [not known]    
Thomas1787   Desboro   William Burditt   Mary Frear    
Thomas1788   Desboro   John Tailby   Sarah Burditt    
Thomas1788   Desboro   John Tolton   Mary Johnson    
Thomas1788 est.   Woodbri       Mary Miller  
Thomas1789   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Rose Hight    
Thomas1789   Desboro   John Robinson   Emmy [not known]    
Thomas1790 est.         Jane Page  
Thomas1791   Desboro       Mary Yeomans  
Thomas1791   Desboro   John Rudkin   Nancy Page    
Thomas1791 est.         Susannah [not known]  
Thomas1792 est.         Mary [not known]  
Thomas1792   Desboro   Joseph Rowthorne   Hannah Smeeton    
Thomas1793   Desboro   Thomas Burrows   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1793   Desboro   Edward Yeomans   Ann Essam    
Thomas1793   Desboro   Nathan Kendal   Ann Andrews    
Thomas1794   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Sarah [not known]   Hannah [not known]  
Thomas1794   Desboro   John Winsall   Martha Aprice    
Thomas1794   Desboro   David Sutton   Sarah [not known]    
Thomas1794   Rothwel       Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1794   Walton        
Thomas1795 est.   Desboro       Mary [not known]  
Thomas1795 est.         Martha Foster  
Thomas1795   Desboro       Mary [not known]  
Thomas1795   Desboro       Mary [not known]  
Thomas1795   Wilbars   Edward Ward   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1795 est.         Martha [not known]  
Thomas1796   Desboro   John Coe   Mary [not known]   Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1796   Northam       Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1797   Desboro   William Yeomans   Mary [not known]   Mary [not known]  
Thomas1797   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Sarah Wakelin   Mary Yeomans  
Thomas1797   Desboro   John Coe   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1797   Rushton       Ann [not known]  
Thomas1798   Desboro   Thomas Wallis   Ann Marlow    
Thomas1798   Desboro   Richard Smith   Charlotte Coe    
Thomas1799   Desboro   Giles Marlow   Jane Marlow   Ruth Coe  
Thomas1799 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1799   Desboro   John Lole   Martha Rowthorn    
Thomas1800   Kings W       Jane Angel ;
Charlotte [not known]  
Thomas1801   Desboro   Samuel Monk   Rebecca Crick   Mary Ann [not known]  
Thomas1801   Desboro       Charlotte Tye  
Thomas1801   Desboro   Thomas Buckby   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1801   Rothwel       Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1801   Leicest       Mary [not known]  
Thomas1802         Rachel Cursley  
Thomas1802   Rushton       Mary Burrows ;
Mary Kiddle  
Thomas1802   Desboro   Thomas Buckby   Mary [not known]   Ann [not known]  
Thomas1802   Desboro   Richard Smith   Charlotte Coe    
Thomas1802   Desboro   Abraham Coe   Elizabeth Riddle    
Thomas1802   Desboro   Robert Jarvis   Sarah Roads    
Thomas1803   Desboro   [male] Fenton   Mary [not known]   Frances Hulbert  
Thomas1803   Desboro   William Barratt   Dinah Tomson   Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1803   Desboro   Thomas Eagle   Ann Coe    
Thomas1803   Swinesh       Jane [not known]  
Thomas1804   Stanton   Timothy Burrows   Ann Webster    
Thomas1804     William Blissett   Martha [not known]   Mary [not known] ;
Jane Foster  
Thomas1804   Ketteri   [male] Loasby   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1804   Weston       Charlotte Penn  
Thomas1805 est.         Charlotte [not known]  
Thomas1805   Braybro       Jane Coleman  
Thomas1805   Desboro   William Bosworth   Esther Crick    
Thomas1806     Jonathan Salmon   Catherine Foster    
Thomas1806   Northam       Charlotte [not known]  
Thomas Burrows1806 est.         Susanna [not known]  
Thomas1807   Desboro   John Allen   Sarah [not known]    
Thomas1807   Desboro   John Lole   Martha Rowthorn    
Thomas1807   Desboro   William Lansbury   Ann [not known]    
Thomas1807   Desboro   John Allen   Dinah Tomson    
Thomas1807 est.   Stamfor       [female] Teeson  
Thomas1808   Cold As       Sarah [not known]  
Thomas1808   Foxton       Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1811   Wilbars   William Phillips   Ann [not known]    
Thomas1812   Desboro   Thomas Loake   Martha Foster   Eliza Hillyard  
Thomas1812   Ketteri       Mary [not known]  
Thomas1812   Desboro   Thomas Burrows Kilborn   Elizabeth Smeeton    
Thomas1812   Rothwel       Ann [not known]  
Thomas1813   Desboro       Rebecca Wilson  
Thomas1813   Desboro   Thomas Eagle   Ann Coe    
Thomas1813   Hecking       Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1813   Stoke A       Mary Ann [not known]  
Thomas1814   Desboro   John Aprice   Ann Panter    
Thomas1814   Clipsto       Ann [not known]  
Thomas1815   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Susanna [not known]   Hannah Coe  
Thomas1816   Desboro   Samuel Ginns   Sarah Balmford   Ann Turner  
Thomas1816   Desboro   William Paine   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1817   Desboro   John Panter   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1817   Braybro   Job Swingler   Rose [not known]    
Thomas1818   Stoke A   Edward Ward   Elizabeth [not known]   Hannah Eltitton  
Thomas1818   Desboro       Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1818   Rothwel   Thomas Miller   Ann [not known]    
Thomas1819   Desboro   Stephen Sumner   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1819   Desboro   John Wittering   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1819   Cold As        
Thomas1819   Thurmas   William Barratt   Margaret Bentley    
Thomas1819   Brackle       Mary Ann Lansbury  
Thomas1820   Desboro   John Marlow   Elizabeth Woodcock   Ann Perkins  
Thomas1820   Desboro   William Morris   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1820   Desboro   Samuel Barratt   Catherine [not known]    
Thomas1820   Rothwel   William Shortland   Elizabeth Yeomans    
Thomas1820   Lutterw       Bathsheba Russell  
Thomas1821     Joseph Miller   Hannah Salmon   Ann Dainty  
Thomas1821   Lydding     Elizabeth Spriggs   Hannah Eagle  
Thomas1821   Stoke G       Sophia Nichols  
Thomas1821   Horsham   Philip Laker   Sarah [n.k.]   Eliza Kemp  
Thomas1821   Northam   Samuel Ginns   Ann [not known]    
Thomas1821   Leicest       Sarah Jarvis  
Thomas1821   Desboro       Sarah [not known]  
Thomas1822   Desboro   John Ginns   Ann Coe   Jane Groocock  
Thomas1822   Desboro   Simeon Panter   Ann [not known]    
Thomas1822   Rothwel   John Bosworth     Mary Timpson ;
Mary Ann Liner  
Thomas1822   Rothwel   John Sargeant     Eliza Marlow  
Thomas1822   Market   Robert Trasler   Lucy Platt   Mary Coe  
Thomas1822   Desboro   Richard Buswell   Elizabeth Bromwich    
Thomas1823   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Hannah [not known]   Mary Wilson  
Thomas1823   Brought       Dinah Parr  
Thomas1824   Desboro   John Coe   Elizabeth [not known]   Mary Brown  
Thomas1824   Melton       Harriet [Holmes or Ginns]  
Thomas1824   Desboro   William Fenton   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas Decker1824   Sutton       Mary Ann Woodcock  
Thomas1824   Desboro   William Fowler   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1825   Rothwel   William Willis   Rebecca [not known]   Lucy Ginns  
Thomas1825   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Mary Yeomans   Naomi Perkins  
Thomas1825   Kilby   John Jarvis   Elizabeth [not known]   Harriet Ross  
Thomas1826   Lubenha       Sarah Ann Turner  
Thomas1826   Rothwel   James Wells   Sarah [not known]    
Thomas1826   Leicest       Mary Jane Baynes  
Thomas1827   Desboro   Samuel Bamford   Mary Webster   Ruth Marlow  
Thomas1827   Desboro   Stephen Robinson   Ann Aprice   Ann Turner ;
Elizabeth [not known] ;
Ann Maria [not known]  
Thomas1827   Carlton   Thomas Curtis   Ann [n.k.]   Ann [not known]  
Thomas1827   Stanion   Thomas Bell   Lucy [n.k.]   Ann Rebecca Chappell ;
Sarah [not known]  
Thomas1828   Desboro   John Coe   Margaret Elkington    
Thomas1828   Rothwel   James Martin      
Thomas1829   Desboro   Thomas Marlow   Ruth Coe   Elizabeth Coe  
Thomas1829   Farring   Josias Walters   Betsy [not known]   Elizabeth Jervis ;
Margaret Emma Hill  
Thomas1829   Wilbars   William Swingler   Olive [not known]   Lois Stanion  
Thomas1829   Rothwel       Sarah Page  
Thomas1829     Samuel Gibson   Sarah Chapman    
Thomas1829   Leicest   Thomas Stacey   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1830   Desboro   Robert Kilborn   Catherine Ginns   Selina Robinson ;
Clarissa Robinson  
Thomas1830   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Elizabeth [not known]   Mary Ann Marlow  
Thomas1830   Desboro   Thomas Salmon   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1830   Hornton       Sophia [not known]  
Thomas1831   Desboro   Robert Coleman   Alice [not known]    
Thomas1831   Desboro   Samuell Winsall   Mary Burditt   Ellen Yeomans  
Thomas1831   Desboro   James Beeby   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1831   Brighto       Caroline Hunt  
Thomas1832   Desboro   Thomas Groocock   Mary Burrows    
Thomas1832   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Mary [not known]   Elizabeth Loake  
Thomas1833   Desboro   Thomas Blissett   Mary [not known]   Caroline Essam  
Thomas1833   Desboro   Thomas Monk   Mary Ann [not known]   Rebecca Litchfield  
Thomas1833     John Lansbury   Charlotte Eaton    
Thomas Willington1833   Hurley       Mary Ann Cheney ;
Mary Maria Cheney  
Thomas1834   Desboro   John Stanyon   Elizabeth [not known]   Rebecca Burditt  
Thomas1834   Desboro   Thomas Loake   Eliza Hillyard   Mary Light ;
Annie Chamberlain  
Thomas1834   Rothwel       Catherine Hulbert  
Thomas1834   Northam   John Slow   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1834   Rothwel       Lucy [not known]  
Thomas1835   Desboro   Robert Binley   Ann Coe    
Thomas1835   East Fa       Mary Ann White  
Thomas1835   Ketteri   William Wallis   Ann [not known]    
Thomas Foster1835   Desboro   Samuel Kilborn   Martha Foster    
Thomas1836   Desboro     Elizabeth Morris    
Thomas1836   Braybro       Maria Robinson  
Thomas1836   Banbury       Mary Slow  
Thomas1836   Benefie       Hannah [not known]  
Thomas1836   Bilston       Sarah [not known]  
Thomas1836   Ketteri   Benjamin Mitchell   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1836   Stratfo       Susan [not known]  
Thomas Carter1837   Draught   John Loke   Hannah [n.k.]   Sarah Ann Tyrrell  
Thomas1837   Thorpe       Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1837   Rothwel       Eliza [not known]  
Thomas Foster1838   Desboro   Samuel Kilborn   Martha Foster    
Thomas1838   Kelmars   Daniel Haycock      
Thomas1839   Desboro   Robert Foster   Elizabeth Sharp   Eliza Thorpe  
Thomas1839   Desboro   Thomas Smith   Elizabeth [not known]   Elizabeth Croft  
Thomas1839   Derby       Eliza Ann Swindell  
Thomas1839   Earl Sh   Robert Coe   Rebecca Smith    
Thomas1840   Rothwel   Benjamin Walker   Olave [not known]    
Thomas1840   Shutlan       Mary Ann Coe  
Thomas1840   Desboro   John Watts   Hannah [not known]    
Thomas1840   Desboro   William Morris Iliffe   Ann Rowley    
Thomas1840   Uppingh   Thomas Spriggs   Hannah Eagle    
Thomas1840     Samuel Gibson   Sarah Chapman    
Thomas1840         Mary Dunkley  
Thomas1841   Desboro       Martha Tye  
Thomas1841   Queenhi       Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas1841   Corby       Eliza Ann [not known]  
Thomas William1842   Barton       Charlotte Sophia Dobbs  
Thomas1842   Northam   Thomas Clark   Charlotte Penn   Mary Hannah Ager  
Thomas1842   Farndon   Josiah Chambers   Hannah Loseby    
Thomas1843   Desboro   Isaac Freer   Lucy Smith   Sarah Ann Coe  
Thomas1843   Desboro   James Swain   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1843   Desboro   Thomas Bosworth   Mary Timpson   Ann Feakin  
Thomas1843   Desboro   Joseph Robinson   Mary Loake    
Thomas1843     William Keyte   Ann [not known]   Ann Panter  
Thomas1843   Desboro   John Lansbury   Rebecca Foster    
Thomas1843   Braybro   Thomas Dunkley   Jane Coleman    
Thomas1843   Ketteri       Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas Swain1844   Desboro   Charles Manton   Rowena [not known]   Clara Ginns  
Thomas1844   Desboro   Thomas Ward   Hannah Eltitton   Mary Ann Lenton  
Thomas Hanger1844   Desboro   Ebenezer Burditt   Elizabeth Hanger    
Thomas1844   Desboro   Thomas Thacker   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas Otho1844   Rothwel       Rosella Tailby  
Thomas1844   Ketteri       Mary Yeomans  
Thomas1844   Carlton       Eliza Fenton  
Thomas1844   Barrow   James Jarrett   Mary Thorp    
Thomas1844   Lubenha   Thomas Brown   Ann [not known]    
Thomas1844   Thorpe   Joseph Clarke   Sarah [not known]   Ann Farmer  
Thomas1845   Desboro   William Harris   Hannah [not known]    
Thomas1845   Rothwel     Elizabeth Foster    
Thomas1845   Desboro   James Glover   Sarah Holland    
Thomas1845   Desboro   William Fox   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1845   Wilbars       Elizabeth Ann Summerley  
Thomas1846   Desboro   Richard Smith Yeomans   Mary Yeomans   Sarah Ann [not known]  
Thomas1846   Desboro   John Panter   Rowena Aprice    
Thomas1846   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Jane Groocock    
Thomas Charles1846   Rothwel   James Hercock   Sarah C Coles    
Thomas1847   Desboro   John Pridmore   Elizabeth [not known]   Paulina Rowlatt  
Thomas1847   Shap   James Clarke   Margaret [.n.k.]   Ann Jenkinson  
Thomas1847   Ketteri   George Marlow   Elizabeth Mattock    
Thomas Morris1848   Desboro   William Coe   Sarah Coe   Maria Allcoat ;
Laura Hulley  
Thomas1848   Desboro   Thomas Nicholls   Rebecca Wilson    
Thomas1848   Arthing   Thomas Yeomans   Dinah Parr    
Thomas1848   Whetsto   William Smith   Hannah Randall   Elizabeth Ann Wright  
Thomas1849   Desboro   James Hawes   Hannah Ginns   Elizabeth Dainty  
Thomas1849   Little   George Allen   Eliza [not known]   Mary Ann Morris  
Thomas1849   Wilbars   Andrew Browitt   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1850   Desboro   Joseph Yeomans   Ann [not known]    
Thomas Henry1850   Desboro   John Coe   Margaret Elkington   Sarah Ann Panter  
Thomas Burditt1850   Desboro   Henry Burditt Blunsom   Elizabeth Foster    
Thomas1850   Desboro   William Ceybird   Eliza Spriggs   Harriet Palmer  
Thomas1850   Rothwel   Robert Foster   Ann Coltman    
Thomas1850   Arthing       Mary Ann Toasland  
Thomas1851   Desboro   Samuel Monk   Ann [not known]    
Thomas1851   Desboro   Thomas Robinson   Ann Turner   Mary [not known]  
Thomas1851   Desboro       Caroline Allen  
Thomas1851   Herefor       Sarah Ann Hall  
Thomas1851   Wilbars   John Lee   Jane Marlow    
Thomas1852   Desboro   William Buckby   Mary Turner   Ann Panter Binley  
Thomas1853   Desboro   John Flude   Elizabeth Yeomans    
Thomas1853   Stoke P       Lucy Letitia Overton  
Thomas Abijah1854   London   Benjamin Riley   Hannah Cragg    
Thomas1854   Burbage   Isaac Neal   Ann Nichols   Clara Herbert  
Thomas1855   Desboro   William Coe   Lucy Robinson    
Thomas1855   Desboro   Rufus Tyrrell   Harriett [Holmes or Ginns]    
Thomas1855   Easton   William Hickman   Harriet Labut    
Thomas1856   Desboro   John Deacon   Ann Chapman   Ellen Stratford  
Thomas B1856   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Ann Panter    
Thomas Manton1856   Desboro   William Bennett   Rowena Manton   Clara Kendall  
Thomas Frederick1856   Ketteri   Daniel Barton   Jane Brown    
Thomas1857   Desboro   William Panter   Sarah Coe   Emma Pridmore  
Thomas Henry1857   Desboro   Thomas Blissett   Caroline Essam   Charlotte Kendall  
Thomas1857   Rushton   John Jeffs   Frances [not known]    
Thomas Austin1858   Desboro   Daniel Jones   Ann Austin   Emily Louisa Binley  
Thomas1858   Rothwel   Edward Titman   Mary Coe    
Thomas1859   Desboro   William Morris   Grace Rowthorn   Julia Andrews  
Thomas1859   Desboro   George Bamford   Ann [not known]    
Thomas Edward1859   Wigston   Thomas Riddington   Harriet [n.k.]   Clara Marlow  
Thomas1859   Rothwel   Lewis Dawkins   Elizabeth Coe    
Thomas1859   Rothwel   John West   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1860   Desboro   Thomas Monk   Rebecca Litchfield    
Thomas1860   Desboro   Charles Page   Clara Coe   Maria Ginns  
Thomas Payne1860   Gayton   Walter George   Mary Anne Paine    
Thomas M1860   Wilbars   William Chapman   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas Alfred1860   Tur Lan   Alfred Bindley   Louisa Markham    
Thomas1861   Seaton   William Tomblin   Ann Farrin   Rebecca Allen  
Thomas William1861   Wilbars       Mary Ann West  
Thomas James1861   Cransle   William Lea   Ann Elizabeth Chater    
Thomas1862   Oxford   Thomas Loake   Mary Light    
Thomas Charles1862   Desboro   Charles Liner   Ann Slow   Elizabeth Burditt  
Thomas1862   Harboro   William Hornsby   Alice Dawes    
Thomas1862   Braybro   William Bindley   Hannah [not known]   Eliza Ann Barber  
Thomas Henry1862   Desboro   Henry Cockerill   Sarah Driver    
Thomas1862   Rothwel   John Peach Remington   Rebecca Monk    
Thomas1863   Desboro   William Clarke   Sarah Monk    
Thomas1863   Wilbars   Thomas Swingler   Lois Stanion    
Thomas1863   Birming   [male] Ireland   Mary [not known]    
Thomas1864   Desboro   George Groocock   Hannah Feakin   Elizabeth Bosworth  
Thomas1864   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Mary Brown   Sarah Ann Lines  
Thomas1864   Scaldwe   William John Worth   Elizabeth James   Kate Elizabeth Durham  
Thomas Howard1865   Desboro   Joseph Ginns   Eliza Ann Robinson   Emma Morris  
Thomas1865   Rothwel   Thomas Sargeant   Eliza Marlow   Mary A Coe  
Thomas1865   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Ann Panter    
Thomas1865   Rothwel   William Frisby   Sarah Clipson    
Thomas Henry1865   St Panc   Henry Esden   Catherine Britten   Julia Eliza Ginns  
Thomas William1865   West Ha       Hannah Martin  
Thomas1866   Rothwel   Thomas Breakspear   Mary Slow    
Thomas Robert1867   Desboro   James Kilborn   Mary Ann Liner   Mary Isabella Clarke  
Thomas William1867   Midhurs   Thomas William Wyatt   Charlotte Sophia Dobbs    
Thomas W1867   Rothwel   William Willis   Eliza Austin    
Thomas1868 est.         Ellen Buckby  
Thomas William1868   Alvasto   John Bloore   Sarah B [n.k.]   Emma Thorpe  
Thomas1868   Leicest   Mark Barkby   Hannah Heathcote    
Thomas Bradshaw1868   Rothwel   Samuel Holmes   Elizabeth Bradshaw    
Thomas1868   Desboro   Thomas Hayden   Susan [not known]    
Thomas1869   Desboro   Benjamin Flude   Lydia Walker   Meady Abbott  
Thomas Henry1869   Desboro   Joseph Crick   Eliza Kilborn    
Thomas1869   Rothwel   John West   Lucy Moore   Louisa York  
Thomas1869   Aston       Amelia [Not Known]  
Thomas William1870   Desboro   Thomas Gadsby   Eliza Ann Swindell    
Thomas I1871   Desboro     Emma Freer   Frances Jane Barton  
Thomas1872   Desboro   Thomas Marlow   Elizabeth Coe    
Thomas Alfred1872   Tur Lan   Alfred Bindley   Louisa Markham   Sarah E Ginns  
Thomas1872   Cotting   William West   Mary Ann [not known]    
Thomas1872   Sawley   George Cursley   Byzantia Payne    
Thomas1873   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Caroline Allen    
Thomas1873   Horsham   Thomas Laker   Eliza Kemp   Annie Holmes  
Thomas1874   Desboro   Thomas Swain Manton   Clara Ginns   Julia Panter  
Thomas1874   Desboro   George Mansfield   Caroline Dunkley    
Thomas William1874   Desboro   John Crick   Lois Page   Sarah Eliza Glover  
Thomas1874   Northam   Owen Rowthorn   Maria Cosford    
Thomas1875   Braybro   Thomas Goodman   Maria Robinson    
Thomas1876   Desboro   Thomas Yeomans   Sarah Ann [not known]    
Thomas William1876   Opensha   Edwin Langman   Mary Lucy Eayrs   Mary Ellen Gentle  
Thomas1876   Walgrav   William Coles   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1876   Bilston   Thomas Beavon   Sarah [not known]    
Thomas1876   Daventr   Levi Yeomans   Harriet Cox    
Thomas1877   Florenc   Joseph Crofts   Mary Ann Shenton    
Thomas A1878   Desboro   Alfred Ginns   Mary Jane Slow    
Thomas1878   Burton   Owen Chapman   Mary Ann Elizabeth Dickins    
Thomas Henry1878   Pershor   Thomas Bruorton   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1879   Desboro   Thomas Manton Bennett   Clara Kendall    
Thomas Allen1880   Desboro   George Ball   Eliza Marlow    
Thomas1880   Desboro   John Marlow   Rose Ann Tyrrell    
Thomas1880   Desboro   George Thomas Kilborn   Hannah Maria Panter    
Thomas R1880   Kirklan   Thomas Clarke   Ann Jenkinson    
Thomas Kilborn1881   Desboro   James Hawes   Catherine Selina Kilborn    
Thomas Crowther1881   Rothwel   Samuel Crowther Betts   Mary Bosworth    
Thomas James1882   Desboro   Alfred Panter   Mary Elizabeth Ginns   Georgina Barnes  
Thomas Alfred1882   Desboro   Thomas Carter Loke   Sarah Ann Tyrrell    
Thomas1883   Desboro   Henry James Chaplin   Sarah Page    
Thomas George1883   Desboro   Alfred Panter   Mary Ann Bindley    
Thomas1883   Desboro   Thomas Pridmore   Paulina Rowlatt    
Thomas1883   Selly O   James Morris   Elizabeth [not known]    
Thomas1884   Desboro   Solomon Coe   Harriet Ward    
Thomas1884   Desboro   Charles Feakin   Sarah Ann Bosworth    
Thomas A1885   Desboro   Herbert Bindley   Hannah Page    
Thomas1886   Desboro   Ralph Winsall   Mary Jane Crick    
Thomas1886   Desboro   James Bosworth   Charlotte Feakin    
Thomas1887   Desboro   John Panter   Selina Coe    
Thomas Charles1887   Desboro   George Smith   Ellen Ginns   Ellen Panter  
Thomas1887   Desboro   John Freer   Jane Eagle    
Thomas R1887   Market   Frederick Bickerly   Fanny Rayworth    
Thomas1887   Leicest   Alfred Davenport      
Thomas A E1887   Ketteri   George Green Hales   Elizabeth Robinson    
Thomas W1888   Desboro   Thomas Wright   Ellen Buckby    
Thomas1888   Desboro   Charles Panther   Elizabeth Lois Jacques    
Thomas Charles1888   Desboro   Frederick Richard Whitby   Kate Ellen Bosworth    
Thomas Herbert1889   Desboro   Thomas Austin Jones   Emily Louisa Binley    
Thomas1890   Desboro   William Alfred Cox   Mary Ann Smith    
Thomas Henry1890   Desboro   George Mumford   Sarah Ann Crick    
Thomas1891   Denton   Edward Squire   Eliza A [not known    
Thomas William1892   Wilbars   Thomas William Chapman   Mary Ann West    
Thomas William1893   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Julia Andrews    
Thomas1893   Corby   Amos Clarke   Mary Jane Fletcher    
Thomas Walter1894   Desboro   Samuel Holmes   Hannah Marlow    
Thomas Edmund1895   Desboro   Frederick Thomas Goode   Florence Guilford    
Thomas1895   Desboro   Joseph Looms   Emma Crick    
Thomas Henry1896   Desboro   Joshua Panter Coe   Mary Panter    
Thomas Harry1896   Desboro   Harry Coe   Isabella Ann Morris    
Thomas Hector1897   Desboro   Henry Sturgess   Rebecca Morton    
Thomas Irving1897   Desboro   Arthur Coe   Esther Horsley    
Thomas1897   Desboro   Tom Allen   Elizabeth Annie Pridmore    
Thomas Henry1898          
Thomas Henry Clifford1899   Desboro        
Thomas Burditt1899   Desboro   James York   Ellen Burditt    
Thomas1899   Bedford   Frederick Peacock   Edith Marlow    
Thomas A1900   Desboro   Thomas Alfred Binley   Sarah E Ginns    
Thomas1900   Desboro   Richard Crick   Lucy Loomes    
Thomas L1900   Desboro   Tom Freeman   Eliza Rick    
Thomas1902   Desboro   Herbert Dean   Eleanor Susanna [not known]    
Thomas1903   Desboro   William James Fraser   Harriet Coe    
Thomas Herbert1903   Desboro   Horace Edmund Wyatt   Elizabeth Jane Kirby    
Thomas1905   Desboro   John Thomas Mitchell   Ada Morris    
Thomas Bernard1905   Desboro   Thomas Henry Esden   Julia Eliza Ginns    
Thomas Robert1905   Desboro   Thomas Robert Kilborn   Mary Isabella Clarke    
Thomas1910   Desboro   William Leonard Brown   Annie Hall    

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