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This page lists people with the Christian name Will who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
William         Rowena Manton  
William         Louisa Eagle  
William         Jane [not known]  
William         Charlotte Freer  
William         Elizabeth Trasler  
William Adams         Lucy Kilborn  
William         Anne [not known]  
William         Mary Smith  
William     John Atkins   Bridget Marriott    
William         Elizabeth [not known]  
William     Francis Hill      
William     Thomas Foster   Elizabeth Eagle    
William         Anne [not known]  
William     William Nursey   Elizabeth [not known]    
William     Gabriel Rudkin   Sarah Simpson    
William         Mary [not known]  
William         Mary Ann Watts  
William         Hannah Sefton  
William         Mary [not known]  
William     William Morris   Mary Weston    
William     William Pike      
William     William Iliffe      
William     James Hill   Agnes [not known]    
William     [male] Panther      
William         Elizabeth Spriggs  
William         Elizabeth Wells  
William     [male] Biggs      
William1544         B [not known]  
William1553 est.          
William1553 est.          
William1554 est.          
William1554 est.         Ellen [not known]  
William1556 est.          
William1558 est.         Agnes [not known]  
William1561 est.          
William1564 est.   Arthing       Elizabeth Grufythe  
William1564 est.   Gedding       Ann Coop  
William1565 est.         Alice Gruffyth  
William1570         Margaret [not known]  
William1571 est.   Desboro       Isabel Codsbrooke  
William1571 est.   Braybro       Alice Wakelyn  
William1575 est.   Braybro       Elizabeth Lockewood  
William1575 est.         Margery [not known] ;
Joan Banburne  
William1575   Desboro   Henry Bradburye      
William1576   Desboro   Richard Davies   Mary Wymonde    
William1577 est.   Brampto       Alice Panter  
William1577   Penn       Martha Poulton  
William1578     Roger Vaus   Agnes [not known]    
William1579 est.   Marson       Mary Canton  
William1579 est.          
William1580 est.         Bridget [not known]  
William1581 est.   Arthing       Elizabeth Groocoke  
William1583 est.          
William1583 est.          
William1584   Desboro   George Shelston      
William1584   Desboro   Giles Chapman      
William1585   Desboro   William Jakes   Elizabeth Grufythe    
William1585   Desboro   Richard Groococke   Frances [not known]    
William1587 est.         Joan Wyne  
William1588   Desboro   John Underwoode      
William1588/89   Desboro   John Clement   Margaret Campion    
William1590 est.          
William1590 est.          
William1593/94   Desboro   Henry Lockewood   Susanna Whittring    
William1594   Desboro   Richard Lawke      
William1594 est.          
William1595   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Emme [not known]   Mary Codsbrook  
William1595 est.          
William1596 est.         Agnes Ladde  
William1596   Desboro   Maurice Farre      
William1596   Desboro     Elizabeth Weale    
William1597/98   Desboro   William Bedieuce      
William1599 est.   Desboro        
William1600 est.          
William1600 est.   Rothwel       Joane Gray  
William1600   Desboro   William Warwicke      
William1600   Desboro   Arthur Ladde      
William1601         Margaret [not known]  
William1604   Desboro   Daniel Rogers   Barbara Wakelyn    
William1605 est.   North K       Dorothy Dix  
William1605/06   Desboro     Bridget Numan    
William1606/07   Desboro   John Silby   Elizabeth Subley    
William1606/07   Desboro   Robert Silbye   Mary Tebotte    
William1606/07   Desboro   William Andrewe     Alice [not known]  
William1607   Desboro   Clement Pope      
William   Desboro   William Weston      
William1609 est.   Arthing       Emm Radgdale  
William1609   Desboro   Francis Dawes      
William1609   Desboro   Giles Groococke      
William1611   Desboro   John Codsbrooke     Anne Day  
William     Richard Webster      
William1611   Desboro   William Weston      
William1611   Desboro   Harry Robyns   Ann [not known]    
William1611/12   Desboro   William Laurence   Bridget [not known]    
William1612 est.         Frances [not known]  
William1613   Desboro   John Poulton   Frances [not known]    
William1614   Desboro   Mark Alderman   Frances Hensworth   Mary Ripping  
William1614 est.   Kilby       Elizabeth Rippin  
William1614 est.   Sibbert       Susanna Lockins  
William1614   Desboro   William Nutte      
William1614/15   Desboro   William Dawes      
William1615 est.   Clendon       Catherine Welldon  
William1616   Desboro   Richard Andrew   Alice Watson    
William1616   Desboro   John Atkins   Ann Andrewe    
William1617   Desboro   George Davies   Elizabeth Weldon    
William1618 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1618   Desboro   Edward Dicks      
William1619 est.   Desboro       Catherine Greene ;
Grace [not known]  
William1619   Desboro   Richard Skinner   Elizabeth Spencer    
William1620   Desboro   William Gutteridge      
William1620 est.         Susanna [not known]  
William1622         Frances [not known]  
William1622 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1622 est.         Jane [not known]  
William1623   Desboro   Edward Dicks      
William1623 est.         Agnes [not known]  
William1624   Desboro   Mathew Marriott   Ann [not known]    
William1625         [female] [not known]  
William1626/27   Desboro   Robert Middlebrook   Dinis Bill    
William1628   Desboro   Rowland Tampion   Joan [not known]    
William1629   Desboro   George Beesley   Margaret [not known]    
William1630 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1630 est.         Anne [not known]  
William1630 est.         Mary [not known]  
William1630 est.         Jane [not known]  
William1631 est.   Brigsto       Joane Coles  
William1631   Desboro   Edward Yeomans   Mary Wright    
William1633 est.         Ann [not known] ;
Mary [not known]  
William1633 est.         Jane [not known]  
William1634/35   Desboro   William Panter   Mary Codsbrook    
William1634 est.   Desboro       Mary Cheaney  
William1634   Desboro   William Snowe   Elizabeth Rippin    
William1635 est.   Desboro       Sarah [not known] ;
Temperance [not known]  
William1635   Desboro   William Rowlett   Frances [not known]    
William1635   Desboro   Robert Iliffe   Alice Wright    
William1636/37   Desboro   Richard Alderman   Frances [not known]    
William1637   Desboro   Edward Tebbatte   Cicely [not known]    
William1638   Desboro   William Barloe   Catherine Greene    
William1638/39   Desboro   William Hasselden   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1638/39   Desboro   Thomas Iliffe   Sara [not known]    
William1640   Desboro   John Panter   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1640   Desboro   William Rowlett   Frances [not known]    
William1640   Desboro   William Niccolls   Jane [not known]    
William1641   Desboro   Edward Goodman   Agnes [not known]    
William1641   Desboro   John Chapman   Katherine Groococke    
William1642/43   Desboro   Henry Lenton   Ellen Walker    
William1642/43   Desboro   Edward Selby   Lettice [not known]    
William1647   Desboro   Henry Lenton   Ellen Walker    
William1647   Desboro   William Chapman   Mary [not known]    
William1647   Desboro   John Codesbrooke   Elizabeth [not known]    
William165?   Desboro   Anthony Panter   Ann [not known]    
William1650/51   Desboro   William Andrews   Mary [not known]    
William1651 est.   Desboro       Martha King  
William1651     John Silby   Emey [not known]    
William1651/52   Desboro   William Codsbrook   Anne Day    
William1651 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1651 est.   Middlet       Ruth Barrett  
William1652   Desboro   William Brown   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1652 est.         Mary [not known]  
William1653 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1653 est.   Desboro       Mary Campion  
William1653 est.         Mary [not known]  
William1653 est.   Middlet       Elizabeth Alwinkle  
William1653 est.   Rothwel       Margaret Wells  
William1654 est.     Bartin Gutteridge   Alice [not known]   Ruth Manton ;
Elizabeth [not known]  
William1654 est.          
William1655 est.         Mary Pulton  
William1655 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1656 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth Palmer  
William1659     John Ward   Mary [not known]    
William1659 est.         Ann [not known]  
Will1660 est.   Rothwel       Ann Robinson  
William1662 est.         Judith Shortland  
William1662 est.   Thorpe       Christian Watt  
William1665 est.         Catherine [not known]  
William1668         Jane East  
William1670/71   Desboro   William Clarke   Martha King    
William1670   Desboro   John Waples   Elizabeth [not known]   Hannah [not known]  
William1670 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1671/72   Desboro   William Page   Mary [not known]   Mary [not known]  
William1672   Desboro   Philip Watson   Elizabeth Burdit    
William1672/73   Desboro   James Blockley   Martha Gabett    
William1673/74   Desboro   John Silbey   Frances [not known]    
William1674   Desboro   William Gutteridge   Ruth Manton    
William1674   Desboro   Humphry Chambers   Mary Davies    
William1674 est.         Grace [not known]  
William1676   Desboro   William Clarke   Martha King    
William1676   Desboro   William Robins   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1676/77   Desboro   William Goodman   Ann [not known]   Susan Dexter  
William1677/78   Desboro   Robert Moore   Hannah King    
William1677 est.         Ann [not known]  
William1677 est.         Mary [not known]  
William1678 est.         Mary [not known]  
William1678   Rothwel   John Vials   Sarah Humphery    
William1678 est.         Grace [not known]  
William1679   Desboro   William Gutteridge   Ruth Manton    
William1679/80   Desboro   William Nursey   Mary Campion    
William1680 est.         Sarah [not known]  
William1682   Desboro   Gamaliell Jarvis   Ann [not known]    
William1683 est.         [female] [not known] ;
Mary King  
William1683 est.         Margaret Robinson  
William1688 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1688 est.          
William1688 est.         Catherine [not known]  
William1689 est.         Hannah [not known]  
William1689 est.         Anne [not known]  
William1691 est.         Hannah [not known]  
William1691 est.         Elizabeth Barlow  
William1694   Desboro   Henry Serjeant   Catherine [not known]   Sarah [not known]  
William1695   Desboro   William Buckby   Grace [not known]   Mary [not known]  
William1696 est.         Hannah [not known]  
William1696 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth Carvill  
William1696/97   Desboro   Thomas Wallis   Mary Nursey    
William1697 est.         Joanna [not known]  
William1698   Desboro   William King   Sarah [not known]    
William1698 est.         Mary [not known]  
William1699 est.         Mary [not known]  
William1699 est.   Desboro       Mary [not known] ;
Ann Bird  
William1700   Desboro       Mary Nursey  
William1701         Mary [not known]  
William1702   Desboro   John Barratt   Joane Lenton    
William1702 est.         Eleanor [not known]  
William1702 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1703 est.         Mary [not known]  
William1704 est.         Ann Foster  
William1704   Desboro   George Dawkins   Susanah Waymant   Mary Austin  
William1705 est.         Frances [not known]  
William1706   Desboro   William Swan      
William1706 est.         Anne [not known]  
William1707   Desboro   William Cave   Jane East    
William1707   Desboro   John Coe   Mary Bibber    
William1707   Desboro   Thomas Foster   Elizabeth Eagle    
William1707   Desboro   William Lenton   Hannah [not known]    
William1708 est.   Middlet       Elizabeth Bringhurst  
William1709   Desboro   Edward Marlow   Elizabeth [not known]   Mary Humphrey  
William1709 est.         Mary [not known]  
William1710 est.          
William1710         Elizabeth [not known] ;
Mary [not known]  
William1712   Desboro   Thomas Holbert   Elizabeth Nursey    
William1712   Desboro   David Cooper   Lydia [not known]    
William1712 est.   Desboro       Ann Johnson  
William1713 est.         Mercy [not known]  
William1713 est.   Wilbars       Alice Scott  
William1715   Desboro   Henry Reynalls   Susanah [not known]    
William1715   Desboro   William Marchall   Joanna [not known]    
William1715   Desboro   Thomas Underwood   Anne Carvill    
William1715   Desboro   Thomas Haselden   Anne Rose    
William1715   Desboro   Robert Grane   Catherine Eagle   Elizabeth Sage  
William1715 est.   Rothwel       Ann Routhorne  
William1716   Desboro   Joseph Rowthourne   Anne [not known]   Ann Jarvis  
William1716   Desboro   John Curtis   Eleanor [not known]   Ann [not known]  
William     William Hodson   Mary [not known]    
William1716   Northam       Mary Dawkins  
William1717   Desboro   Thomas Sage   Elizabeth Rudkin    
William1717   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Catherine [not known]    
William1717   Desboro   William Cox   Mary [not known]    
William1717   Desboro   Jonathan Rudkin   Mary [not known]    
William1718 est.         Judith Chapman  
William1718 est.         Elizabeth Panter  
William1718   Desboro   Samuel Page   Elizabeth [not known]   Mary [not known]  
William1718   Desboro   Samuel Spriggs   Mary [not known]    
William1718/19   Desboro   John Robinson   Mary [not known]    
William1719   Desboro        
William1719   Desboro   William Cave   Eleanor [not known]    
William1719   Desboro   John Sage   Martha Burt   Ann Hills  
William1719 est.         Isabella [not known]  
William1720   Desboro   William Hodson   Mary [not known]    
William1721   Desboro   Samuel Goodman   Elizabeth Underwood    
William1721   Tur Lan   William Caris   Francis [n.k.]   Elizabeth [not known]  
William1722 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1722 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1723/24   Desboro   Samuel Wheatly   Mary [not known]    
William1723/24   Desboro   John Nursey   Mary [not known]    
William     Giles Loake   Anne [not known]    
William1724   Desboro   John Buckby   Emm [not known]    
William1724   Desboro   William Iliffe   Anne [not known]    
William1724   Desboro   Bartin Gutteridge   Anne Hill    
William1724   Desboro   William Coe   Anne [not known]    
William1724   Desboro   William Coley   Frances [not known]    
William1725   Desboro   John Bates   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1727   Desboro   Samuel Goodman   Elizabeth Underwood    
William Ling1727   Desboro     Sarah Tompson   Mary Slough  
William1728   Desboro   William Buckby   Mary [not known]   Elizabeth Morris  
William1728   Desboro   William Sargeant   Sarah [not known]    
William1728 est.         Mary [not known]  
William1729   Desboro   William Morris   Mary Nursey   Mary Weston ;
Ann Walker  
William1729 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1730 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1731   Desboro   Thomas Cave   Mary [not known]    
William     Joseph Slough   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1731   Desboro   William Cooke   Mercy [not known]    
William1732 est.         Ann [not known]  
William1732   Desboro   Richard Page   Alice Aprice   Hannah Sage  
William1732   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1732/33   Desboro   John Wallis   Frances [not known]    
William1732 est.         Anne Verdon  
William1733   Desboro   William Cave   Eleanor [not known]    
William1733 est.         Ann [not known]  
William1733 est.         Hannah Loake  
William1734   Desboro   Robert Dexter   Hannah [not known]    
William1734   Desboro   William Coe   Anne [not known]    
William     Perott Aprice   Marget [not known]    
William1734         Ann Palmer  
William1735 est.         Margaret Tolten  
William1735   Bisbroo       Ruth [not known] ;
Elizabeth [not known]  
William1735   Desboro   William Kidney   Mary Dawkins    
William1736   Desboro   William Essam   Judith Chapman    
William1736   Desboro   William Marlow   Mary Humphrey   Mary [not known]  
William1736     Thomas Morris   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1736   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Mary Pidgeon   Ann Morris  
William1736     William Dawkins   Mary Austin    
William1737 est.         Mary Panter  
William1737 est.         Elizabeth Mackoness  
William     William Goodman   Mary [not known]    
William1738   Desboro   Thomas Forster   Sarah Dixon    
William1739   Desboro   Robert Nursey   Elizabeth [not known]   Mary Watson  
William1739   Desboro   John Wheeler   Grace Moore    
William1739   Desboro   John Curtis   Catherine [not known]    
William1739   Desboro   William Bosworth   Isabella [not known]    
William1739 est.         Mary Jervis  
William1740 est.         Elizabeth Coe  
William1740   Woodfor       Jane Busby  
William1740   Desboro   John Forster   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1741   Desboro   Henry Jervis   Mary [not known]   Ann [not known]  
William1741 est.         Jane Wallis  
William1742   Desboro   Thomas Chapman   Rebecca [not known]   Sarah Rudkin  
William1742 est.         Elizabeth Archer  
William1742 est.         Catherine Sargeant  
William1743   Desboro   William Carless   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1744 est.         Elizabeth Thorpe  
William1744/45   Desboro   Thomas Haselden   Elizabeth Frear    
William1744 est.         Alice [not known]  
William1745   Desboro   William Busby   Elizabeth Panter    
William1745   Desboro   Thomas Platt   Mary [not known]    
William1745   Desboro     Mary Yeomans   Ann Sharman  
William1746   Desboro   George Haselden   Sarah [not known]    
William1746   Desboro   Thomas Hulbert   Ann [not known]   Mary [not known]  
William1746   Desboro   William Page   Mary [not known]   Sarah Eagle  
William1746     Lewis Cave   Ann Sansome    
William1746         Prudence Card  
William1747 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth Robinson  
William1747   Stoke A       Sarah Hayward  
William1748   Desboro   William Coe   Elizabeth [not known]   Elizabeth Biddle  
William1748 est.         Mary Cox  
William1749   Desboro   Benjamin Carlis   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1750 est.         Jane [not known]  
William1750/51   Desboro   William Panter   Ann [not known]    
William1750 est.   Desboro       Catherine Grane  
William1751         Elizabeth Coe  
William1751         Martha Marlow  
William1751   Desboro   Robert Simpson   Mary [not known]    
William1752   Sibbert       Mary Frear  
William1752 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth Smith  
William1752 est.   Cotting       Comfort Cox  
William1752 est.         Elizabeth Paine  
William1753   Desboro   John Cox   Elizabeth Loake    
William1753 est.   Desboro       Grace Freer  
William1753 est.         Frances Gibson  
William1754   Desboro   Thomas Ward   Ann Pebody    
William1754   Desboro   John Cox   Elizabeth Loake    
William1754   Desboro   John Maykins   Agnes Loake    
William1754 est.   Desboro       Sarah Sage  
William1755         Elizabeth Crisp ;
Esther Crick  
William1755   Desboro   George Cave   Mary Whitworth   Ann [not known]  
William1755   Desboro   Thomas Loake   Kezia [not known]   Jane Jonson  
William1755 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth Page  
William1755   Desboro   Joseph Buttler   Jane [not known]    
William1755 est.   Desboro       Mary Green  
William1756   Desboro     Ann Ward    
William1756   Desboro   George Haselden   Sarah [not known]    
William1756 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth March  
William1756 est.   Great O        
William1757   Desboro   George Morris   Mary [not known]    
William1757   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary Panter   Elizabeth Townley  
William1757 est.   Oakenha       Elizabeth Yeomans  
William1758 est.         Ann [not known]  
William1758   Desboro   Charles Iliffe   Hannah Coltman    
William1758 est.   Thorpe       Mary Andrews  
William1758 est.          
William1759   Desboro   John Crisp   Elizabeth Ginns   Ruth Aprice  
William1759   Desboro   John Cooper   Mary Wright    
William1759 est.         Mary [not known]  
William1760 est.         Sarah [not known]  
William1760   Desboro   Christopher Robinson   Mary [not known]    
William1760   Desboro   William Buckby   Elizabeth Morris    
William1760   Desboro   Richard Pool   Ann Bullock    
William1760   Desboro   Edward Brocher   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1760   Frolesw       Ann Ball  
William1760 est.   Rothwel       Sarah Alderman  
William1761 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth March  
William     Thomas Hulbert   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1762   Desboro   John Cox   Elizabeth Loake    
William1762   Desboro   Richard Barrun   Mary [not known]    
William1763   Desboro   Richard Pool   Ann Bullock    
William1763   Desboro   Richard Yeomans   Mary Coe    
William1763   Desboro   John Biddle   Mary [not known]    
William1763   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Elizabeth Hulbard    
William1763 est.         Elizabeth Cox  
William1764   Desboro   Robert Cox   Elizabeth Hoby   Esther Coe  
William1764   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Elizabeth Jervis    
William1765   Desboro   Thomas Freer   Ann [not known]    
William1765   Desboro   William Mabbat   Alice [not known]    
William1765   Desboro   Samuel Morris   Elizabeth Clarke    
William1765     John Brotherhood      
William1766         Ann Smalley  
William1766   Desboro   John Wallis   Esther Patrick   Jane Damms  
William1766   Desboro   John Maykins   Elizabeth Baldwin    
William1767   Watford   Edward Marlow   Alice [not known]    
William1767   Desboro   William Page   Hannah Sage   Ann Coe  
William1767   Desboro   George Barratt   Elizabeth Kidney   Dinah Tomson  
William1767   Desboro   Edward King   Maria Marlow    
William1767         Mary Marlow  
William1767   Desboro   William Crick   Ann Morris    
William Chapman1767   Desboro   Robert Hulbard   Elizabeth Putt    
William     James Oliver   Frances Coley    
William1767   Desboro   William Jarvis   Ann [not known]    
William1767 est.   Gedding       Sarah Sturgis  
William1768   Desboro   Robert Coals   Sarah [not known]    
William     William Curtis   Jane Busby    
William1768   Desboro   John Yomans   Catherine [not known]    
William1768 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1768 est.   Middlet       Mary Marlow  
William1769   Desboro   David Kidney   Mary Simson    
William1769   Desboro   John Jarvis   Ann Page    
William Easson1769   Desboro     Alice Rowthorn    
William1770     John Tailby   Sarah [not known]   Rebecca Coleman  
William1770   Desboro   David Kidney   Mary Simson    
William1770 est.         Mary [not known]  
William Richard1770 est.         Sarah [not known]  
William1771 est.         Mary Holmes  
William1771   Desboro   Corneilus Fenton   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1771   Desboro   William Chapman   Sarah Rudkin    
William1771 est.         Hannah [not known]  
William1772   Desboro   William Salmon   Grace Freer   Lucy Hobill  
William1772   Desboro   Samuel Holmes   Hannah Vardon   Ann Kilborn  
William1772   Desboro   James Oliver   Frances Coley    
William1772   Desboro     Mary [not known]    
William1773         Mary [not known]  
William1773   Desboro   Benjamin Flude   Mary [not known]    
William1773 est.         Jane Coleman  
William1773   Desboro   William Dams   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1773   Desboro   John West   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1773 est.   Desboro       Mary Perkins  
William1773 est.   Desboro       Elizabeth Jarvis  
William1773 est.   Rothwel       Ann Kidney  
William1773 est.   Braybro       Isabella Sutton  
William1774   Desboro   William Perkins   Elizabeth Robinson   Rebecca [not known]  
William1774   Desboro   Edward Hobey   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1774 est.   Shirbur       Catherine Thorpe  
William1774   Dublin        
William1775 est.   Desboro       Ann Oliver  
William1775     William Webster   Sarah Hayward    
William1776   Desboro   Benjamin Essam   Ann March    
William1776   Desboro   Jonathan Page   Catherine Busby    
William1776   Desboro   Thomas Hawes   Mary [not known]    
William1776 est.         Mary Jarvis  
William1776         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1777   Desboro   Edward King   Maria Marlow    
William1777   Desboro   Corneilus Fenton   Elizabeth [not known]   Mary Jarvis  
William1777   Desboro   Thomas Haseldine   Mary Tomson    
William1777   Desboro   Thomas Hubbard   Catherine Sage    
William1778   Desboro   William Nursey   Mary Watson    
William1778   Desboro   William Burditt   Mary Frear   Catherine Tebbut  
William1778   Desboro   John Miller   Elizabeth Chester    
William1778   Desboro   Joseph Thompson   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1778   Desboro   Aaron Yeomans   Ann Treadgold    
William1778 est.         Mary Biddle  
William1779   Desboro   Robert Forster   Ann Green   Mary Nursey  
William1779   Desboro   John Cox   Hannah Eagle   Elizabeth Salmon  
William1779   Desboro     Catherine Panter    
William1779         Mary Frear  
William1779   Desboro       Martha [not known]  
William1780   Desboro   John Morris   Catherine Panter   Hannah Barratt  
William1780   Ketteri       Sarah Henley  
William1781   Desboro       Elizabeth Crisp  
William1781   Desboro   Ferdinando Tompson   Hannah Faken    
William1781 est.   Desboro       Sarah [not known]  
William1782   Desboro   John Nursey   Lucy [not known]    
William1782   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Mary Nursey    
William1782 est.          
William1783 est.   Old       Catherine Cave  
William1784   Rothwel       Sarah [not known]  
William1785   Desboro   Ferdinando Tompson   Hannah Faken    
William1786 est.         Martha [not known]  
William1786   Rothwel       Elizabeth Yeomans  
William1786         Ruth Moore  
William1786 est.         Mary [not known]  
William1786 est.   Frolesw   William Marvin   Ann Ball   Ann Cave  
William1786   Desboro   John Deacon   Hannah March    
William1787   Desboro   William Barratt   Jane [not known]    
William     David Coe   Mary Barram    
William1787   Desboro   Joseph Green   Mary Page    
William1787   Desboro   William Coe   Elizabeth Townley    
William1787   Desboro   John Coe   Mary Coe    
William1787 est.         Ruth [not known]  
William1787   Horning   William Baines   Ann Palmer   Elizabeth Ward  
William1788 est.   Kilby       Martha Marlow  
William1788 est.   Rothwel       Ruth Panter  
William1789   Desboro       Martha [not known] ;
Ann [not known]  
William1789 est.         Ann [not known]  
William1789 est.         Frances Hulbert  
William1789   Desboro   Giles Loake   Hannah [not known]   Rachel Sweet  
William1789   Desboro   John Biddle   Mary Coe    
William1789   Desboro   Edward Yeomans   Ann Essam    
William1789   Desboro   William Crisp   Ruth Aprice    
William1789 est.         Ann [not known]  
William1790   Desboro   John Robinson   Emmy [not known]    
William1791   Desboro   Lewis Cave   Ann [not known]   Elizabeth Haddon  
William1791   Desboro   Randle Flude   Mary Smalley    
William1791   Desboro   William Crick   Mary Holmes   Hannah Wallis  
William1791         Ann [not known]  
William1791     Thomas Trasler   Phoebe Cowdell    
William1791   Desboro   Samuel Crick   Esther Coe    
William1791   Desboro   Edward Winsall   Alice Coe    
William1791 est.         Ann Woodford  
William1791 est.         Jane [not known]  
William1792   Watford   Edward Marlow   Sarah Hanbury    
William1792   Desboro   William Jarvis   Mary Perkins   Ann Paine  
William1792   Desboro   William Wallis   Jane Damms    
William1792   Desboro   John King   Mary Tomson   Hannah [not known]  
William1792   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Ann Hulbert    
William1792   Desboro   Samuel Coe   Mary Hulberd    
William1792   Desboro   Joseph Dawkins   Hannah [not known]    
William1792   Desboro   Edward Manton   Sarah [not known]    
William1792   Desboro   Thomas Curtis   Susanna Robinson    
William1792   Wilbars        
William Clark1793   Desboro       Catherine Price  
William1793 est.         Ann Foster  
William1793   Wilbars   Edward Ward   Elizabeth [not known]   Ann [not known]  
William1793   Desboro   Richard Merrill   Sarah [not known]    
William1793   Desboro   Robert Loveday   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1793         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1794   Desboro   William Perkins   Rebecca [not known]   Jane [not known]  
William1794   Desboro   Joseph Rowthorne   Hannah Smeeton    
William1794   Desboro   William Grane   Mary [not known]    
William1794   Desboro   John Robinson   Mary Wallis    
William1794   Great A       Hannah Abbott  
William1796         Ann Biddles  
William1796 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1796   Desboro   William Barratt   Dinah Tomson   Margaret Bentley  
William1796   Desboro   Randle Flude   Mary Smalley    
William1797   Desboro   Edward Reculest   Hannah Crisp   Martha Ambrose  
William1797   Desboro   William Morris   Mary Jarvis   Mary [not known]  
William1798   Desboro   Jonathan Coe   Mary Crick   Sarah Coe  
William1798   Desboro   William Panter   Elizabeth Coe    
William1798   Scotlan       Hannah [not known]  
William1798   Desboro   Richard Bamford   Ann Holmes    
William1798 est.         Mary [not known]  
William1798   Desboro   Thomas Buckby   Mary [not known]    
William1798   Desboro   Robert Maykins   Elizabeth Barratt    
William1799   Desboro   William Jobson   Mary Marlow   Mary [not known]  
William1800   Desboro       Ann [not known]  
William1800   Desboro   William Fenton   Mary Jarvis   Elizabeth [not known]  
William1801   Desboro       Mary [not known]  
William1801         Sarah [not known]  
William1801   Maulden       Mary [not known]  
William1801   Desboro   Thomas Page   Susannah Panter    
William1801   Leicest       Ann [not known]  
William1802   Desboro   Thomas Eagle   Ann Coe   Elizabeth Coe  
William1802   Desboro   William Tailby   Rebecca Coleman   Mary Ann Watkins  
William1802   Desboro   Benjamin Slow   Mary Forster    
William1803 est.         Hester [not known]  
William1803   Desboro   Charles Thompson   Ruth Salmon    
William1803   Desboro   William Yeomans   Mary [not known]   Mary [not known]  
William1803   Desboro   William Cox   Elizabeth Salmon    
William1803   Desboro   Thomas Hopcroft   Ann Maykins    
William1803   Braybro       Ann [not known]  
William1803   Brampto       Sarah Thompson  
William1804   Desboro   Christopher Jonson   Sarah [not known]   Ruth Johnson  
William1804   Desboro   Abraham Coe   Elizabeth Riddle   Eliza [not known]  
William1804   Desboro   Thomas Wallis   Ann Marlow   Ann [not known]  
William1804   Wilbars   William Swingler     Olive [not known]  
William1804 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1804   Desboro   William Salmon   Lucy Hobill    
William1805   Rothwel       Mary [not known]  
William1805   Lubenha       Sarah [not known]  
William1805         Susanna Eagle  
William1805   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Hannah Coe    
William1805 est.         Rebecca [not known]  
William1806   Desboro   William Foster   Mary Nursey   Sarah Dawkins ;
Maria Croft  
William1806   Desboro   Robert Nursey   Esther West    
William1806 est.         Elizabeth [not known]  
William1806   Desboro        
William Morris1806   Long It   John Iliffe   Mary Morris   Ann Rowley  
William1807   Pipewel   William Phillips   Ann [not known]    
William1807   Stamfor       Jane Cursley  
William1808   Desboro   William Cox   Elizabeth Salmon    
William1808   Harboro   William Coe   Frances Hulbert    
William1808   Wilbars       Mary [not known]  
William1809   Horning   William Baines   Elizabeth Ward   Clarissa Braines  
William1809   Rushton   Benjamin Cheney   Mary Blunsom   Mary Ann Willis  
William1809   Desboro   William Marriott   Jane [not known]    
William1810   Desboro   John Marlow   Elizabeth Woodcock   Alice Harris  
William1811   Desboro   Nathan Kendall   Jane Coe    
William1811   Cranfor   Samuel Mitchell   Mary [not known]    
William1811   Rothwel       Sarah [not known]  
William1811   Rothwel       Ann Johnson  
William1812   Atherst       Ann [not known]  
William1812 est.         Charlotte Chapman  
William1812   Bilton       Mary Deacon  
William1812   Desboro   Samuel Morris   Ann Loake    
William1812   Ketteri   William Chater   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1813   Desboro   Joseph Miller   Hannah Salmon    
William1813   Desboro   William Salmon   Lucy Hobill    
William1813 est.         Lucy Nursey  
William1813   Desboro   George Letts   Margaret Marlow    
William1813   Winton   Richard Wilson   Jane Munkhouse   Elizabeth Hodgson  
William1813   Potters       Mary [not known]  
William1813   Staploe       Ann [not known]  
William1814   Desboro   Samuel Turner   Ann Ginns   Louisa Blissett  
William1814     James Blunsom   Sarah [not known]    
William1814   Rothwel   Robert York   Ann [not known]   Catherine [not known]  
William1815   Desboro   William Burditt   Catherine Tebbut   Alice Sharman  
William1815   Desboro   Robert Foster   Ann [not known]   Sarah Page  
William1815 est.         Sarah [not known]  
William1815   Sowe       Margaret [not known]  
William1816   Desboro       Hannah [not known]  
William Lovett1816   West Ha   [not known]   Mary [n.k.]   Mary Crafts ;
Matilda Newman ;
Ellen Harriet Fairmaner  
William1816     Thomas Burrows Kilborn   Elizabeth Smeeton    
William Robert Pallet1816   Wisbeac       Frances [not known]  
William1816         Ann Cheney  
William1817   Desboro   Samuel Nursey   Catherine Binley   Elizabeth Barratt ;
Sarah Tomkins  
William1817 est.         Mary [not known]  
William1817 est.         Ann [not known]  
William1817 est.         Rebecca Eagle  
William1817   Middles       Elizabeth Nursey  
William1817   Rothwel   Thomas Marriott   Mary [not known]   Susanna Wiggins  
William1817   Huncote       Hannah Randall  
William1818   Marston       Clarissa Robinson  
William1818   Theddin       Elizabeth [not known]  
William1818   Desboro   Samuel Barratt   Catherine [not known]   Elizabeth Hunt  
William1818   Drayton       Lucy [not known]  
William1818   Braybro   Job Swingler   Rose [not known]    
William1818   Desboro   John Atkins   Ann [not known]   Mary Ann [not known]  
William1818   Duston       Maria Baines  
William1818   Braybro   John Bindley   Ann [not known]   Hannah [not known]  
William1819   Desboro   John Panter   Mary [not known]   Sarah Coe  
William1819   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Mary [not known]   Grace Rowthorn  
William Eaton1819     John Lansbury   Charlotte Eaton   Eliza [not known]  
William1819   Desboro   William Crick   Hannah Wallis    
William1819   Weston       Sophia Wright  
William1819   Desboro       Elizabeth Yeomans  
William Rasin1819   Desboro   Richard Atkins   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1819   Rothwel       Ann Tomlin East  
William1820   Desboro   Richard Buswell   Elizabeth Bromwich    
William1820   Desboro   Joseph Burditt   Ann Hulbert   Elizabeth Sturgess  
William1820   Gedding       Ruth Waters  
William1821     John Essex   Mary [not known]   Jane Carter  
William1821   Desboro   John Biddles   Sarah [not known]   Ann Willis  
William1821         Hephzibah Johnson  
William1821     George Bosworth   Mary [not known]    
William1821     John Jarvis   Elizabeth [not known]   Rachel Martin  
William1822   Desboro   Thomas Monk   Mary Ann [not known]    
William1822   Desboro   George Crick   Jane Cole Binley   Kitty Essex ;
Jane Carter  
William1822   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Elizabeth [not known]   Lucy Robinson  
William1822     William Walters   Jane [not known]    
William1822   Brought   Charles Johnson   Mary [not known]   Deborah Marlow  
William1822   Rothwel       Eliza Spriggs  
William1823   Desboro   William Morris   Mary [not known]    
William1823   Wilbars   James Asher   Mary [n.k.]   Sarah Deacon  
William1824   Desboro   George Yeomans   Hannah [not known]    
William1824   Desboro   John Ginns   Ann Coe   Elizabeth Norris  
William1824   Bisbroo       Ann Farrin  
William1824   Rothwel   Thomas Newham   Elizabeth [not known]   Sarah Ann Essam  
William1825   Desboro   Robert Marlow   Ann Robinson   Lydia Norton  
William Woodfield1825   Desboro   John Tailby   Rebecca Woodfield    
William1825   Desboro   William Curtis   Elizabeth Crisp   Jane Newbold Lewis  
William1825   Desboro   Thomas Buckby   Ann [not known]   Mary Turner  
William1825   Steving       Sarah Monk  
William1825   Brought   Frances Lea   Frances [n.k.]   Ann Elizabeth Chater  
William Johnson1826   Desboro   Samuel Andrews   Mary Jonson   Emma Saunders  
William1826   Desboro   William Fenton   Elizabeth [not known]   Jane Walpole  
William1826   Desboro   William Jarvis   Ann Paine    
William1827   Desboro   Ebenezer Wilford   Jane Yeomans    
William1827   Manches       Emily Sanders  
William1827   Desboro   George Buckby   Martha Marlow   Jane Cursley  
William1827   Desboro   William Jobson   Mary [not known]   Hannah Ginns  
William1827   Desboro   Samuel Page   Hannah Jobson    
William1827   Aldwink       Jane Humphries  
William1827   Leicest     Frances [n.k.]   Rebecca Jobson  
William1827   Rothwel   Stephen Essex   Sarah Sarjant    
William1827   Cotting       Mary Ann [not known]  
William1827   Stoke A   John Harris   Ann [n.k.]   Julia Yeomans  
William1828   Desboro   William Eagle   Elizabeth Coe    
William1828   Desboro   Samuel Page   Hannah Jobson   Ann Kendall  
William1828   Rothwel       Elizabeth Johnson  
William Henry Townley1828   Whilton   Joseph Essen   Elizabeth Townley   Rhoda Smith ;
Annie Healy  
William1828   Rothwel   James Wells   Sarah [not known]    
William1829   Desboro   John Wittering   Mary [not known]   Mary Wilkins  
William1829     John Johnson   Ann Tebbutt    
William1829   Grendon       Harriet Labut ;
William1829   Northam   John Slow   Elizabeth [not known]   Charlotte Liner  
William1829   Cotting       Mary Ann [not known]  
William1830   Desboro   Ebenezer Burditt   Elizabeth Hanger   Ellen Ginns  
William1830   Desboro   William Reckless   Martha Ambrose    
William1830   Dingley   John Miller   Mary Thompson    
William1830   Desboro   Edward Coe   Mary [not known]    
William1830   Lydding       Sarah [not known]  
William1831   Desboro   John Johnson   Catherine [not known]   Lois Rowthorn ;
Clarissa Robinson  
William1831   Desboro   Jonathan Robinson   Lucy Barratt    
William1831   Pitsfor   John Thompson     Louise Pauline Janetta Dutriut  
William1831   Wilbars       Elizabeth [not known]  
William1831   Rothwel   William Bindley   Ann [not known]   Dinah Smalley  
William1831   Sutton       Elizabeth [not known]  
William1832   Rothwel   James Glover   Sarah Holland   Elizabeth Foster  
William1832   Hexton   George Allen   Eliza [not known]    
William1832   Maidwel        
William1832   Rothwel   Thomas Bollard   Hepzibah [n.k.]    
William1833   Abthorp       Mary Foster  
William1833   Glendon       Lydia Baxter  
William1833   Hunting       Sophia Meadows Boutell  
William Cropper1833   Willoug       Annie [not known]  
William1834   Desboro   John Wallis   Mary Morris   Mary Ann Reculist  
William1834   Desboro   Joseph Coe   Ann Sturgess   Ann [not known]  
William1834   Desboro   Jonathan Deacon   Ann [not known]   Harriett Patrick  
William1834   Sutton       Alice Dawes  
William1834   Earl Sh   Robert Coe   Rebecca Smith    
William1834   Maidwel       Ann Gilbert  
William1834   Thorpe   John Frisby     Sarah Clipson  
William1834   Ashley   James Freestone   Elizabeth [n.k.]    
William1834   Desboro   John Watts   Hannah [not known]    
William Solomon1834   Lincoln       Elizabeth Whombell  
William1834   St Neot       Jane Andrews  
William1834   Market   [male] Neal   Mary Scott    
William1835   Desboro   James Page   Hannah Grain   Charlotte Glover  
William Benjamin1835   Desboro   John Slow   Jane Slater    
William John1835   Scaldwe   William Worth   Ann [n.k.]   Elizabeth James  
William1835   Clipsto       Mary Asher  
William1836   Desboro   Samuel Bosworth   Sarah Salmon    
William1836   Desboro   John Deacon   Ann Chapman    
William1836     William Morris   Mary [not known]    
William1836   Pipewel   Thomas Payne     Sarah [not known]  
William1836   Marston       Letitia [not known]  
William1837   Desboro   William Baines   Clarissa Braines   Emma Ann [not known]  
William1837   Sutton   Gilbert Daisley      
William1837   Rushton   Samuel Bamford   Mary [not known]   Rebecca Swan  
William1838   Desboro   William Coe   Sarah Coe    
William1838 est.         Mary [not known]  
William1838   Cranwel       Emily Robinson  
William1838   Walgrav       Elizabeth [not known]  
William1838   Thorpe   Joseph Clarke   Sarah [not known]    
William1839   Leicest   Francis Morris   Eliza Fisher    
William1839   Ketteri   William Wallis   Ann [not known]    
William1839   Desboro   Thomas Brown   Ann [not known]    
William1839   Desboro   John Slow   Mary Burditt    
William1839   Ketteri   Thomas Barratt   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1840   Desboro   William Marlow   Alice Harris   Hannah Bosworth ;
Sarah Payne  
William Baines1840   Desboro   Samuel Kilborn   Eliza Baines   Elizabeth Slow  
William1840   Desboro   Thomas Fenton   Frances Hulbert    
William1840   Desboro   John Linnett   Hannah [not known]    
William1840   Rothwel   Joseph Baxter   Mary [not known]    
William1840   Northam   George Meakins   Hannah Thompson    
William1840   Desboro   William Barratt   Elizabeth Hunt    
William1840   Leicest       Sarah Ann [not known]  
William1840   Market   John Draper   Elizabeth Jarvis    
William1840     William Chater   Ann Cheney    
William1840   Market   William Hanger   Sarah Thompson    
William Ward1840   Smeeton   Thomas Ward   Ann [n.k.]   Jane [not known]  
William1840   Leicest   Thomas Stacey   Mary [not known]    
William1841   Desboro   Thomas Ginns   Mary Yeomans    
William1841   Desboro   Robert Binley   Ann Coe   Karen Kendall  
William Gamage1841   Pitsfor       Ann Yeomans  
William1841   Shoredi   William Fowler   Elizabeth Nursey    
William1841     George Stratford   Jane [not known]    
William1841   Rothwel   Edward Coe   Ann Page    
William1841   Desboro   John Lee   Jane Marlow   Elizabeth Carter  
William1841   Rothwel       Emma [not known]  
William1842   Rothwel       Hannah Flude  
William P1842   Desboro       Ruth Marlow  
William1842   Desboro   John Allen   Mary Ann Griffin   Elizabeth Hawes  
William1842   Harring   William Cheney   Mary Ann Willis   Mary Kilborn  
William1842   Bulwick   Thomas Vines   Elizabeth [n.k.]   Sarah Coulson  
William1842   Oundle   William Atkins   Mary Ann [not known]    
William1842   Rothwel   Samuel Merrill   Ann Veazy    
William Edward1843   Desboro   William Cave   Elizabeth Haddon   Alice Kew Van  
William1843   Rothwel   Robert York   Ann Shortland   Isabella Wilks  
William Robert1843   Westmin   William Fowler   Elizabeth Nursey    
William1843   Isham       Sarah Scott  
William1843   Rothwel       Eliza Austin  
William Henry1844   Desboro   Charles Clarke   Rebecca Perkins   Emily Teresa Tailby  
William1844   Desboro   Samuel Bosworth   Sarah Salmon   Sedilla Broughton  
William Lovett1844   Kelmars   William Lovett Turner   Mary Crafts   Anne Kilborn  
William1844   Fleckno       Mary Ann Whitmore  
William A1844   Rothwel   William Ashton   Hephzibah Johnson    
William Wyles1844   Kings C       Emma Green ;
Sarah Ann Stokes  
William1845   Desboro   John Plowright   Hannah Bosworth    
William1845   Desboro   Joseph Paine   Mary Marlow    
William1845   Desboro   Henry Murkett   Elizabeth Smith   Susannah Monk  
William1845   Wilbars   William Swingler   Olive [not known]    
William1845   Northam   Joseph Jeffcoat   Sarah [not known]    
William1845   Welford     Ann Wilson    
William1845   Rothwel   Joseph Rowthorn   Elizabeth Makins    
William1846   Desboro   John Coe   Margaret Elkington   Clara Bosworth  
William1846   Desboro   John Pridmore   Elizabeth [not known]   Mary Jane Monk ;
Lucy [not known]  
William Donald1846   Warmfie   William Frazer   Hannah [not known]    
William Green1846   Desboro   John Wilkins   Sarah Timpson    
William1846   Desboro   James Page   Sarah Morris    
William1846   Desboro   Samuel Rowthorn   Rebecca Spence    
William1846   Great C   Noah Nicholson   Sarah [not known]   Elizabeth Robinson  
William1846   Wilbars       Ann Turner  
William1846   Woodfor   William Watts   Mary Deacon    
William1846   Northam       Bridget Garland ;
Sarah Elizabeth Spencer  
William1847   Desboro   Thomas Yeomans   Mary [not known]    
William1847     Thomas Thacker   Elizabeth [not known]   Martha Starmer  
William1847   Welling       Sarah Jane Yeomans  
William1847   Southwi   James Scotney   Jane Sharp   Mary Ann Gaudern  
William1847   Wilbars   Andrew Browitt   Mary [not known]   Elizabeth Carter  
William1848   Desboro   Thomas Yeomans   Mary [not known]   Louisa Church  
William Deacon1848   Desboro   George Tailby   Ann Deacon   Amelia Rose Mee  
William Tailby1848   Desboro   Thomas Decker Smith   Mary Ann Woodcock   Clara Jane Heighton  
William1848   Aston B   John Medlicott   Sarah [n.k.]   Abigail Marlow  
William1848   Dewsbur   Benjamin Whymant   Ann Whymant   Mary Binley  
William1848   Rothwel       Louisa [not known]  
William Page1849   Desboro   James Coe   Hannah Page   Laura Andrews  
William1849   Desboro   William Burditt   Alice Sharman   Catherine Goodwin  
William1849   Gayton   Walter George   Mary Anne Paine    
William1849   Kendall   Daniel Barton   Jane Brown   Rosina Moore  
William1849   Rothwel   John Linnett   Hannah [not known]    
William1850   Rothwel   William Crisp   Clarissa Robinson   Ellen Ginns  
William1850   Desboro   David Rowthorn   Lucy Yeomans    
William Edwin1850     William Crick   Kitty Essex    
William W1850   Desboro   John Stevenson   Sarah Walters    
William P1850   Arthing   Thomas Yeomans   Dinah Parr    
William1850   Welling   Joseph Goodman   Elizabeth March   Annie Maria [not known]  
William G1850   Southwa   William Fowler   Elizabeth Nursey    
William1850   Rothwel       Elizabeth Mary J [not known]  
William1850   Ripping       Sarah [not known]  
William W1850   Great O   Francis Burdett Kendall   Diana Wheeler    
William1850   Audensh   James Walker   Hannah Matilda Burditt    
William1851   Desboro   Samuel Monk   Ann [not known]    
William1851   Loughbo        
William1851   Foxton       Emma Yeomans  
William1851   Rothwel   John Church   Elizabeth Lawrence    
William1851   Oakham   John Jackson   Ann Baines    
William1851   Great G   Joseph Gadsby   Ann [not known]    
William1852   Desboro   James Yeomans   Sarah Yeomans    
William1852   Rothwel   William Tebbutt   Elizabeth Johnson   Emma Ginns  
William1852   Ketteri   John Tailby   Sarah Jane Tailby    
William1852   Loughbo       Emma Houghton  
William1852   Weedon   John Giles   Ann Webb   Mary Ann [not known]  
William T1852   Rothwel   William Wright   Ann Tomlin East    
William1852   Leicest   John Chaplin   Jane [n.k.]   Mary Ann Merrill  
William1853   Desboro   William Morris   Grace Rowthorn   Sarah Ann Looms  
William1853   Desboro   Frederick Summerley   Mary Ann Coe   Emma Nursey  
William1853   Desboro   William Panter   Sarah Coe    
William1853   Braybro   George Bindley   Elizabeth Barbara Croft    
William Henry1853   South W   Samuel Buxton   Elizabeth [not known]    
William Morris Lythall1853   London   William Fowler   Elizabeth Nursey    
William1853   Rothwel   Robert Caldwell   Elizabeth Page    
William1853   Leicest     Ann Wilson    
William1853   Ketteri   John Jeffs   Frances [not known]    
William1853   Rushton   John Patrick   Ann Coe    
William1854   Desboro   Robert Ginns   Ann Norris    
William1854   Pytchle   James Buckby     Elizabeth [not known]  
William1854   Welling     Mary T [n.k.]   Ellen Wilford ;
Rebecca Dawkins  
William1855   Desboro   Thomas Marlow   Ann Perkins   Annie Crick  
William1855   Desboro   George Coe Binley   Mary Panter   Mary Ann Page  
William1855   Ketteri   William Ginns   Elizabeth Norris    
William1855   Helpsto   Samuel Sharpe   Frances [not known]   Sarah Ann Black ;
Louisa Bamford  
William1855   Leicest   Francis Morris   Eliza Fisher    
William1855   Desboro   William Coe   Eliza [not known]   Alice Roberts  
William1855   Southil       Clara [not known]  
Willoughby G1855   Braybro   William Bindley   Hannah [not known]    
William Hadcock1856   Desboro   Charles Tomkins   Sarah [not known]   Maria Slater Slow  
William1856   Ketteri   James Rowlett   Sarah Tomkins    
William1856   Holme   John Barnes   Sarah [not known]    
William1856   Rothwel   John Hornsby   Dinah Newcombe    
William Henry1856   Ketteri   William Foster   Sarah Page    
William1856   Rushton   Samuel Panter   Ann Slow    
William Crossley1856   Southwa   William Fowler   Elizabeth Nursey    
William1857   Rothwel   William Wallace   Mary Ann Reculist   Mary Ann Marlow  
William1857   Desboro   Robert Hulbert   Louisa Meakins   Mary Ellen Thomas  
William1857   Rothwel   Woodford Bradshaw   Mary Ann Harrison    
William Charles1857   Brinklo   William Buckle   Maria [n.k.]   Betsy Scotney  
William1857   Ketteri   Edward Cheaney   Mary [not known]   Elizabeth Hawkes  
William1858   Ketteri   David Croft   Thirza Buckby   Theresa [not known]  
William1858   Desboro   James Miller   Clarissa Monk    
William Benjamin1858   Desboro   John Slater Slow   Sarah Richardson   Maria Bull  
William Charles1858   Desboro   Edward Coe   Hannah Loake   Amelia Ginns  
William1858   Desboro   George Wittering   Ann Wallis   Mary Ann White  
William1858   Desboro   William Bennett   Rowena Manton   Rose Binley  
William Alfred1858   Buglawt   John Sherratt   Mary [n.k.]   Hannah Willshaw  
William1858   Stanion   Thomas Bell   Ann Rebecca Chappell    
William Henry1859   Desboro   Charles Liner   Ann Slow   Mary A Jones  
William1859   Desboro   George Groocock   Hannah Feakin   Catherine Johnson  
William1859   Ashby M   John Hall   Elizabeth [not known]   Sarah Ann Coe  
William1859   East No   William Ceybird   Eliza Spriggs    
William1859   Cold As   Daniel Bosworth   Ruth Sharpe Feakin    
William A1860   Desboro   William Fenton   Jane Walpole    
William Atkins1860   Desboro   George Fenton   Mary [not known]    
William1860   Desboro   George Morris   Rebecca Coe   Mary Butlin  
William1860   Desboro   John Allen   Ann Robinson   Eliza Cleaver  
William W1860   East Fa   Thomas West   Mary Ann White    
William1860   Maccles   George Eagle   Emma [not known]    
William John H1860   Whitech   William Baines   Emma Ann [not known]    
William1860   West Ha   Herbert Crick   Emma Essam    
William1860   Husband   George York   Esther Wells    
William B1860   Great B   Thomas Stanyon   Rebecca Burditt    
William Chater1860   Cransle   William Lea   Ann Elizabeth Chater    
William Joseph1861   Desboro   George Coe   Mary Groocock    
William Arthur1861   Desboro   Thomas Panter   Mary Wilson    
William1861   Sutton   George Freeman   Elizabeth [not known]   Hannah Binley  
William1861   Little   Samuel Bollard   Bridget Newton   Emma Litchfield  
William1861   Market   Joseph Dunkley   Ann Andrews   Madeleine Houghton  
William1861   Rothwel   Joseph Tye   Matilda [not known]    
William1861   Leicest     Eliza Humphreys    
William1862   Desboro   Henry Pridmore   Rebecca Coe   Elizabeth Stenson  
William1862   Desboro   Samuel Coe   Eliza Yeomans   Jane Smith  
William1862   Kings C   Isaac Dunkley   Mary Ann Sharp    
William1862   Potton   William Daisley   Mary A [not known]   Charlotte Gamble  
William1862   Oundle   Thomas Boon   Hannah [not known]    
William1862   Foxton   Thomas Tebbutt   Sarah Ann Turner    
William1863   Braybro   Thomas Goodman   Maria Robinson   Eliza Ann Mundy  
William Knibb1863   Ketteri   George Burford   Rebecca Knibb    
William1864   Ashley   John Tailby   Joanna Coe    
William1864   Little   William Hornsby   Alice Dawes    
William1864   Rothwel   William Asher   Sarah Deacon    
William Thomas1864   West Ha   Joseph Johnson   Jane Line    
William W1864   Northam       Sarah [not known]  
William Arthur1865   Desboro   Joseph Dawkins   Ann [not known]   Elizabeth Lawrence  
William1865   Washinb   William Stokes   Lucy [not known]   Emma [not known]  
William Alfred1865   Northam   James Cox   Victoria Barratt   Mary Ann Smith  
William1865   Rothwel   James York   Elizabeth Ann Sumpter   Lucy Ward  
William1865   Ketteri   George Buckby   Jane Page    
William Lewis1865   Kings C   Lewis Kingston   Mary Ann Gaudern    
William1866   Sutton   George Edward Bassett   Sarah Suter   Clara Ann Marlow  
William Herbert1866   Rothers   Henry Cockerill   Sarah Driver    
William Edward1866   Carlatt       Caroline Carew Dillon  
William1866   Wilbars   Thomas Swingler   Lois Stanion    
William Henry1866   Wednesb       Louisa Liner  
William B1866   Kings C   William Wyles Palmer   Emma Green    
William1867   Desboro   William Buckby   Mary Turner   Mary Elizabeth Yeomans  
William1867   Desboro   George Lee   Emma Buckby   Sarah Ann Horsley  
William Riley1867   Stanton   Frederick Barber   Sarah Riley    
William1867   Fleckne   Joseph Clarke   Hannah Smeeton    
William James1867   Market   Henry Esden   Catherine Britten    
William Samuel1867   Berkly   Samuel Orchard   Sarah[n.k.]   Rose Fanny Trueman  
William Edward1867   Islingt   Montague Yeomans   Eliza Thurman    
William1867   Northam   Owen Rowthorn   Maria Cosford    
Wille1868   Desboro   William Brown   Emily Sanders    
William Henry1868   Desboro   James King   Georgiana Coe   Annie Kelly  
William1868   Desboro   William Coe   Clara Bosworth    
William Robert1868   Broome       Elizabeth Maria Marlow  
William1868   Scaldwe   William John Worth   Elizabeth James    
William James1868   Market   Samuel Feakin   Sarah Ann Bosworth    
William1868   Cotting   William West   Mary Ann [not known]    
William1869   Desboro   William Coe   Ann [not known]   Jane West  
William Salmon1869   Newarke   William Bosworth   Sedilla Broughton    
William1869   Northam   William Curtis   Bridget Garland    
William1870   Leasing   Benjamin Hart Bamford   Ann Amey    
William1870   Collywe       Charlotte Rebecca Frost  
William Henry1870   Newbold   Job Holyoak   Emma Turner    
William1870   Clipsto   Frederick Loasby   Betty Binley    
William1870   Newton       Kate Mary Bosworth  
William Bevan1871   Haggers   Walter Bevan Flude   Dinah Panter    
William Bates1871   Desboro       Mary Jane Sturgess  
William1871   Gretton       Elizabeth Ann Keyte  
William1871   Kentish   Samuel Keech   Mary Ann Danner   Florrie Woollard  
William Howard1872   Desboro   William Allen   Elizabeth Hawes    
William James1872   Desboro   James Frazer   Harriet Ward   Harriet Coe  
William Ernest1872   Desboro   William Marlow   Sarah Payne   Emily Rennie Dunmore  
William1872   Clipsto   William Weyman   Mary Binley   Mary Elizabeth Dimbleby  
William1872   Leicest       Sarah A Jesson  
William Palmer1872   Desboro        
William1873   Orton   Hezekiah Whiting   Sarah Bustin   Clara Marlow  
William1873   Newton   James King   Mahala Buckby   Sarah Ann Wallis  
William B1873   Market   Samuel Feakin   Sarah Ann Bosworth    
William Robert1873   Aldwink   William Cheney   Mary Kilborn    
William1873   Ross       Mary Jane Harding  
William H1873   Tamwort   John Baines   Emma Spiers    
William1873   Selston       Mabel Amelia Tailby  
William1874   Pimlico        
William Henry1874   Great B   Thomas William Wyatt   Charlotte Sophia Dobbs   Ellen Elizabeth Loomes  
William1874   Badby   John Bull   Elizabeth Wareing    
William1875   Desboro   Charles Feakin   Sarah Ann Bosworth    
William1875   Desboro   Joseph Miller   Mary Ann Coe    
William1875 est.          
William Otho1875   Rothwel   Thomas Otho Guilford   Rosella Tailby    
William1876   Desboro   George Bamford   Ann [not known]   Emma Coe  
William1876   Desboro   John Marlow   Rose Ann Tyrrell    
William1876   Ketteri   George Ginns   Elizabeth Sturgess    
William1876   Braybro   Frederick Kilborn   Maria Ann Cheney    
William Willis1876   Harring   William Cheney   Mary Kilborn    
William Hales1877   Desboro   George Panter   Isabella Hales    
William F1877   Ketteri   Charles Bambridge   Anne Ginns    
William1877   Eye   John A Houghton   Sarah [not known]    
William Henry1877   Great B   Henry Bolton   Harriett Coe    
William E1877   Leicest   Charles Hanger   Elizabeth Broughton    
William Edward1877   Ketteri   William Cheaney   Elizabeth Hawkes    
William1878   Desboro   John Pridmore   Mary Ann Butlin    
William1878   Northam   John Russell Barratt   Elizabeth Yeomans    
William1878   Desboro   Luke Freeman   Sarah Ann Holt    
William Alfred1878   Biddulp   William Alfred Sherratt   Hannah Willshaw    
William Wright1878   Whitsto       Eliza Ann Coe  
William Albert1878   Aston   Albert Charles Baines   Jane Rea    
William1878   Rushton       Amelia Moore  
William1879   Desboro   Robert Coe   Mary Ann Harris   Florence Jane Thorpe  
William Thomas Crick1879   Desboro   William Marlow   Annie Crick   Gertrude Ethel Kemshead  
William Wilfred1879   Altrinc   William Edward Cave   Alice Kew Van    
William1879   Desboro   George Mansfield   Caroline Dunkley    
William F1879   Market   Frederick Bickerly   Fanny Rayworth    
William1879   Ketteri   George Solomon Goodwin   Mary Ann Susannah Danes   Ellen Elizabeth Ball  
William C1879   Preston   James Byrne   Eleanor Jones    
Willie1879   Burslem   John Robinson   Sarah [not known]    
Willie1880   Desboro   George Panter   Sarah Ann Nursey    
William E1880   Neithro   Daniel Carter   Jane Turner    
William H1880   Rothwel   Samuel Crowther Betts   Mary Bosworth    
William1880   Ketteri   George Buckby   Harriet Wallis    
William H1880   Northam   William Deacon   Harriett Patrick    
William1881   Desboro   Thomas Deacon   Ellen Stratford    
William Leonard1881   Birming       Annie Hall  
William1882   Weston   John Burton   Elizabeth Gilbert    
William1882   Ketteri   Joseph Henry Thornton   Sarah Ann Jelley    
William Henry1882   Desboro   James Yeomans   Harriet Elizabeth Hibbert    
William1882   Welling   William Goodman   Annie Maria [not known]    
William1882   Yardley   Henry Sturgess   Rebecca Morton    
William1882   Arthing   Thomas Dodson   Mary Ann Toasland    
William1883   Desboro   George William Johnson   Elizabeth Coe    
William James1883   Desboro   Richard Butlin   Susannah Clarke    
William Charles1884   Desboro   Edward John Andrews   Emma Page    
William1884   Desboro   William Morris   Sarah Ann Looms    
William H1884   Desboro   Henry Manton Morris   Mary Ann Bamford    
William1884   Desboro   William Murkitt   Susannah Monk   Gertrude Panter  
William1884   Bagwort   James Neal   Mary [not known]    
William H1884   Desboro   George Doughty   Mary Jane Groocock    
William Arthur1884   Naseby   Arthur Manning   Sarah [not known]    
William Henry1885   Desboro   Charles Panther   Elizabeth Lois Jacques    
William F1885   Market   Frederick Moss   Alice Whitney    
William1885   Desboro   George Harris   Lydia Page    
William1885   Wilbars   Samuel Timson   Esther [not known]    
William1886   Desboro   Richard Lovett Newman Turner   Maria Baldwin    
William1886   Desboro   Samuel Ward   Eliza Page    
William Jackson1886   Great G   John William Loomes   Elizabeth Caswell    
William1886   Rothwel   William Groocock   Catherine Johnson    
William1886   Desboro   John Glover   Elizabeth Ann B Sedgley    
William1887   Desboro   Samuel Feakin   Elizabeth Hickman    
William1887   Desboro   Charles Huckaby Marlow   Jane Horsley    
William1887   Braybro   William Goodman   Eliza Ann Mundy    
William1887   Ketteri   Thomas Mitchell   Elizabeth [not known]    
William1887   Lodding   Walter Sharp   Elizabeth Asher    
William1887   Rothwel   Henry Bradshaw   Eliza Pridmore    
William Frederick1888   Desboro   Richard Lovett Newman Turner   Maria Baldwin    
William1888   Desboro   William Croft   Theresa [not known]    
William Edward1888   Desboro   Clarke Page   Eliza Jane Marriott    
William1888   Desboro   William Buckby   Mary Elizabeth Yeomans    
William1888   Desboro   Owen Chapman   Mary Ann Elizabeth Dickins    
William Henry1888   Brampto   Arthur William Glover   Louisa Eames    
William A1888   Desboro   Arthur J Lacey   Elizabeth Martha Tucker    
William1888   Adlingt       Bertha Elizabeth Marlow  
William1889   Desboro   Alfred Panter   Sarah Burditt    
William1889   Desboro   Joseph Barnes   Ellen Coe    
William A1889   Desboro   Joseph Thomas Broughton   Emily Coe    
William Frederick1890   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Eliza Panter   Jane A Coe  
William H T1890   Desboro   William Henry Townley Esson   Annie Healy    
William George1890   Ketteri   Thomas Holmes   Charlotte [n.k.]   Kate Merrill  
William Edward1890     William Bollard   Emma Litchfield    
William1891   Desboro   Albert Fenton Panter   Elizabeth Howe    
William1891     William Robinson      
William Thomas1891   Desboro   Charles William Burton   Sarah Frier    
William Haydn1892   Desboro   Frederick Burditt   Clara Johnson   Ellen Carew Dillon  
William1892   Desboro   John Thomas Mitchell   Ada Morris    
William1892   Desboro   Alfred Smith   Sarah Jane Davis    
William1893   Desboro   Elijah Jones   Adelaide Coe    
William1893     John Allen   Lucy Ann Coe    
William1893   Little   William Allen   Eliza Cleaver    
William Talbot1893   Desboro   John Edward Bugby   Sarah Ann Goode    
William Thomas1894   Woodvil   Frederick Hornsby   Susannah Sharman    
William1894   Desboro   Thomas Manton Bennett   Clara Kendall    
William1894   Ketteri   Frederick Rowlett   Lucy Nursey    
William Thomas1894   Desboro   Arthur J Lacey   Elizabeth Martha Tucker    
William James1895   Belfast   Edwin King   Sarah Elizabeth Lawrence    
William1895   Desboro   Joseph Wallis   Emma Yeomans    
William1895   Desboro   Frederick William Stenson   Elizabeth Ward    
William Harry1895     Daniel Marlow   Ada Mitchell    
William George1895   Rothwel   Henry Law   Emma Clarke    
William Henry1895          
William1896   Desboro   Daniel Tucker   Linda Maud Taylor    
William Herbert1896   Desboro   George Yeomans   Charlotte Elizabeth Annie Slow    
William1896   Rothwel   John William Essex   Martha H Willis    
William E1896   Finedon   William Samuel Orchard   Rose Fanny Trueman    
William Henry1896   Desboro   Henry Wareing   Mary Ellen Pixley    
William C1897   Desboro   John Robert York   Sarah Elizabeth Freeman    
William Archie1897   Desboro   John William Esson   Florence Coe    
William Arthur1897   Ketteri   William Keech   Florrie Woollard    
William Charles1898   Desboro   Thomas Charles Liner   Elizabeth Burditt    
William Edward1898   Desboro   Charles Frederick King   Florence Beatrice Johnson    
William Walter1898   Wilbars   Walter Sharman   Lydia Maria Chapman    
William Edward1898   Desboro   William Alfred Cox   Mary Ann Smith    
William C E1899   High Fe   George Dunkley   Elizabeth Jane Clow    
William1900   Desboro   Charles Stratford   Mary Jane Palmer [or Marlow?]    
William1900   Desboro   William Robert Looker   Elizabeth Maria Marlow    
William1900   Desboro   William Summerley   Emma Nursey    
William George1900   Desboro   Samuel English   Fanny Ward    
William G1900   Desboro   George Calcutt   Maud Ann Monk    
William Henry Jackson1900   Desboro   William Henry Wyatt   Ellen Elizabeth Loomes    
William1900   Desboro   William James Fraser   Harriet Coe    
William1901   Desboro   William Coe   Jane West    
William Baines1901   Desboro   James W Curtis   Alice Clarissa Goode    
William James1901   Ketteri   James William Goodliffe   Meady Abbott    
William1902   Desboro   William Coe   Jane Smith    
William Harold1903   Desboro   Thomas William Langman   Mary Ellen Gentle    
William James1904   Desboro   James York   Ellen Burditt    
William Rennie1905   Desboro   George Coe   Matilda Bates    
William Joseph Hillyer1905   Ampthil       Evelyn Paine  
William1906   Great B   Samuel John King   Ethel Maud Ingram    
William Frederick1910   Desboro   Owen William Marriott   Ethel Agnes Giles    
William1911   Desboro   John Charles S Hales   Sarah Ann Morris    
William Ronald1920     James Albert Cox      

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