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Edward Bamford
Military Records

Description of Edward Bamford on Attestion for Sec. D,
1st Class Army Reserve.

Height 5   / 11  
Complexion Fair
Eyes   Blue
Hair   Brown
Trade Labourer
Married or Single Single
Distinctive Marks   Two Scars front chest
Chest 38 / 2
Waist 31
Size of Helmet 21
Size of Boots 9 4/
1. Service abroadGibraltar          28.9.97  to  6.10.98
South Africa    21.10.99  to  21.7.02
2. Wounded 
3. Special instances of gallant conduct 
4. MedalsCampaigns and Date Clasps
 S.A. Medal (Queens) Belmont, Modder River, Dreifontain
 S.A. Medal (Kings) S.A. 1901  S.A. 1902
5. Injuries in or by Army Service   
6. Name and address of next-of-kin Father  Benjamin  Desborough Lodge, Desboro Northants
 Brs  old  William — do —
 Brs  y  Henry — do —

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