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About this Site


A Family Story  started life as a personal family tree in about 2006.  At that time I used RootsMagic for organising my data, exporting the data as a gedcom file then turning it into another format (XML) that enables me to select and organise the data in the many different ways you see on this site.

A connection through my brother-in-law to a family in Desborough (Northamptonshire) led to a fascination with that small town. I was intrigued by the number of families living in one street with the same surname and occupation, and wondered whether they were all related. I still haven't answered that question completely, but the process led to the Desborough Study which forms the greater part of this site.

Over the years I have changed and improved the way I record and publish my research.

I have found it invaluable to transcribe complete census records for the households in which family members were listed, and to display on one page all the census records for an individual. This has enabled me to identify relationships that are not explicit in the census (such as a father or brother in law being shown only as a "lodger"), and this in turn can help to determine which of two people of the same name and age belongs to a particular family.

For the same reason I have found it a great help to record brothers and sisters, their spouses and children. As well as helping to identify members of a family it can also give hints as to how people met their spouses.

I hope you find the site interesting and informative. If you have a connection with anyone on the site and can offer any information, please do get in touch with me.