Ellen Jane Razzell

A Family Story  started life as a personal family tree. The tree is still there - under the Family tab - and I update it from time to time as more information comes online. In fact I have recently found the answer to a family mystery that had baffled me for about 15 years concerning an untraceable baby and an alledged trial for infanticide. More on that soon.

The larger part of the site is focused on a study of the people of Desborough in Northamptonshire from the earliest records up to about 1939.

The site contains a huge variety of information, which you can browse using the menu options, but the main point of access for information on an individual is via the Surnames Index - at the top of the Family tab, or under Genealogies at the top of the Desborough tab. As you view the individuals in a tree you will find links to all the information the site holds about that individual.


Selective site stats

Family Tree: 2377 people in 734 families; transcriptions of 3414 census records, 325 BMD certificates and baptism records, and 53 probate records

Desborough: 17434 people in 4184 families; transcriptions of 28812 census records, 5300 parish records, 742 newspaper articles, 258 probate records, and 180 military records.



I've had drop the previous address because of the amount of rubbish that was clogging it up. The new address is

The small print ...

I've tried to ensure that what appears on the site is correct, but please remember that you should always go back to the source and verify information before relying on it to fill a gap in your own family tree.