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Browning, Thomas
    - Vicar of Desborough ... ejected for non-conformity

Cave, Henry Haddon
    - Biography
    - Victim of arson

Cave, Sir Lewis William
    - Biography
    - Obituary

Cheney, Benjamin
    - The Murder of Benjamin Cheney

Coe, David
    - Hanged for theft of meat; with his last letter to his parents, 1787

Coe, Edward
    - Arsonist

Desborough Co-operative Movement
    - Jubilee Souvenir of the Desborough Industrial & Provident Co-operative Society Ltd, 1863-1913.

Freer, Arthur
    - From Desborough to Canada

Hulbert, John
    - Hanged with David Coe for theft of meat, 1787

Letts, John
    - John Letts: Some detective work ... and a theory

Nursey, Frederick
    - Smashing a brick wall ... identifying Frederick Nursey

Patrick, Joseph
    - Testament

Riley, Benjamin
    - Novel lovemaking
    - A lover's confidences


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