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Desborough World War I
Prisoners of War

Prisoners of War: 3 identified to date.

Coe, Leonard Walter

Family / Army Career+
Born about Oct 1897, the son of Robert and Mary Ann Coe

Enlisted at Kettering
Captured at Aisne. Interned Langensalza 27 May 1918
Returned to England 13 Jan 1919

Crick, Frederick Arthur

Family / Army Career+
Born about 1887, the son of John Robert and Tersa Crick, husband of Winifred Miriam West

Enlisted at Desborough
Missing 23 Apr 1917
Repatriated Prisoner of War 20 Jan 1918

Curtis, Harold (Frank Harold)

Family / Army Career+
Born 10 Mar 1896, the son of William and Sarah Elizabeth Curtis
Enlisted at Northampton
Captured at Cambri 30 Nov 1917
Repatriated. Last place of internment: Altengrabow 14 Jan 1919


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