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Yeomans, Richard
1875 -


  • Enlisted:
  • at Kettering on 15 Nov 1892. Aged 18y 5m
  • Description:
  • height 5ft 7¼in; weight 138lbs; chest 36½in; complexion Fresh; eyes Brown; hair Dark Brown; religion Church of England; marks Scar under right eye.
  • Occupation:
  • Shoe Finisher
  • Prefer to serve in:
  • 19th Hussars
  • Next of kin:
  • (father) James Yeomans, Desborough

Service history

15 Nov 1892To Canterbury
18 Nov 1892Appointed to 19th Hussars (3897)
18 Oct 1893To Kneller Hall
18 Oct 1893Illness: Kneller Hall. Admitted. 9 days. Sore throat, Cold, mild
20 Oct 1893To Canterbury
30 Sep 1895Kneller Hall Certificates: Double Bass and Bombardon
27 Jun 1896Punished: Breaking out of barracks about 9:30pm, awarded 72 hours Imprisonment
11 Nov 1896To East Indies, Secunderabad
20 Feb 1897Illness: Secunderabad. Admitted. 7 days. Abcess
02 Oct 1897Illness: Secunderabad. Admitted. 14 days. Gonorrhea. Mild case
13 Sep 1898On the recognised establishment of the band
09 Sep 1899Secunderabad. Examined for field service and found fit
22 Sep 1899Embarked per S.S.Pundua. South Africa
14 Dec 1899Current rank: Bandsman. In South Africa. Memo re stoppage of pay to support wife (3d per day)
08 Jul 1902Embarked per S.S.Custodian for UK
11 Aug 1902To Canterbury
04 Oct 1902Descriptive return of a soldier who is desirous of extending his period of Army Service to complete 12 years with the colours: Reg No 3897, Bandsman Yeomans R; 9yr 11m; conduct Very Good; two good conduct badges; date on which service expires 14.11.99
25 Mar 1903Examined for field service in South Africa and found fit
26 Apr 1903To South Africa
31 Oct 19032nd Class Certificate of Education
10 Feb 1904To UK
08 Nov 1904Curragh. Re-engagement paper: Bandsman (Lance Corpl) Richard Yeomans at present serving in the 19th (A.P.W.O.) Hussars enlisted 15.11.1892 for 7 years with colours & five with Reserve desiring to re-engage for the "Hussars of the Line"
15 Nov 1904Granted 3 Good Conduct Badges
04 Oct 1907Curragh
05 Oct 1907To Norwich (until 23.09.09)
19 Oct 1908Illness: Norwich. Admitted. 4 days. Indigestion. Errors of diet. Mild
24 Sep 1909To Aldershot (until 01.10.12)
10 Feb 1910Promoted Corporal
02 Oct 1912To Hounslow (until 01.11.13)
10 Oct 1912Illness: Hounslow. Admitted. 10 days. Bronchial Catr. Has also emphysema & probably fatty heart
14 Nov 1913Employment sheet. rank: Corporal; military character: VG; nature of employment: Musician; character from employment point of view: Smart, reliable, hardworking. Has served 21 years in the Band & plays Brass Bass, String Bass & Euphonium. Can instruct in each. Went to Kneller Hall as a boy,
14 Nov 1913Discharged to pension at termination of period of engagement.

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