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Desborough Soldiers

Coe, Archie Frederick
1896 -


  • Enlisted:
  • at Desborough on 25 Aug 1916. Aged 20y
  • Description:
  • height 5ft 7in; weight 129lbs; chest 34in; physical development Fair; marks Recent operation on nose. No obstruction. States has recently had affection of frontal sinuses. (No swelling or ternderness. no catarrh); religion Wesleyan.
  • Occupation:
  • Shoe Finisher
  • Next of kin:
  • (Father) Eli Coe, 19 Havelock St, Desborough

Service history

26 Oct 1915Appointed to Cambridgeshire Regiment (83032)
03 Jan 1917Transferred to Machine Gun Corps (83032)
06 Jul 1917Transferred to 5th Battn Machine Gun Corps
10 Aug 1917Embarked Folkestone for Boulogne
11 Aug 1917Joined base depot, Camiers
24 Aug 1917Joined company, Field
21 Oct 1917Embarked Marseilles on "Minnstonka"?
10 Nov 1917Disembarked Basra
17 Nov 1917Illness: NYD [not yet diagnosed]. Admitted to 40 British Gen Hosp, Basra
01 Dec 1917Boils. Discharged to duty from BGH, Basra
09 Dec 1917Rejoined company, Magil
06 Jul 1918Illness: Sandfly Fever. Admitted to hospital, Baghdad
07 Jul 1918Illness: Sandfly Fever. Admitted to hospital, Ramadi
13 Jul 1918Illness: Sandfly Fever. Transferred to Con Dep
11 Aug 1918Illness: Sandfly Fever. Admitted to hospital, Mesopotamia
29 Sep 1918Rejoined company,Ramadi
19 Apr 1919Rt Baghdad for duty
03 May 1919Posted to 18th ?? M G
27 Sep 1919Illness: Admitted. Field
28 Sep 1919Rejoined unit
28 Oct 1919Illness: Admitted. Dysentry. Field
17 Jan 1920Embarked for UK
28 Mar 1920Demobbed.


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