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Desborough - Census - 1861

The 1861 census is too large to display it as a single page, so you will need to select the individual Districts from the links below. The information that follows each link is transcribed from the census "Description of Enumeration District". The District number relates to its position in the Registration District (Kettering) and Registration Sub-District (Rothwell). The enumerators were both Desborough residents. The links on their names take you to their descendent trees.

So that you don't lose the benefits of seeing households in context with their neighbours, the first few households of district 10 will be shown at the end of district 9.

Enumeration District 9 - enumerator Jas Biggs

Part of the Parish of Desborough comprising all the Houses and Cottages situate on the left hand of the Turnpike Road leading from Desborough to Harborough & including Horsleys Lodge, Cheneys Farm Lodge, with the whole of Gold St, and Little Braybrook.

Enumeration District 10 - enumerator William Baines

All the houses on the Right Hand side of the Turnpike Road leading from Rothwell to Market Harborough with Paddock Lane the Bakers Row and the Right Hand side of the Road leading to Braybrook with the Grange and Cottage and Game Keepers house Nr Horspool Farm House and the Water Mill in the Parish of Desborough. William Baines. Enumerator

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