Arthur B Freer
From Desborough to Canada

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Where there are two dates the first is departure, the second arrival. Single dates are arrival dates.

c. 1909Aged about 17. Arthur made his initial journey to Canada
20 Oct 1911Travelled 3rd class on the 'Victorian' from Montreal to Liverpool. Occupation given as Mechanic
23 Mar 1912Aged 20. Travelled on the 'Victorian' from Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Arthur was listed among the 'returning Canadians'. His details showed that he had been resident in Toronto for 3 years and that he could read and write. His destination was Toronto.
Travelling with Arthur was his sister Lucy Freer, aged 23, a machinist/factory hand. This was her first trip to Canada and she intended to settle there. She was also shown as being able to read and write. She gave her religion as Congregationalist.
28 Jun 19 to 07 Jul 19Aged 27. Travelled 2nd class on the 'Canada' from Montreal to Liverpool. Intended address: 58 Queen St, Desborough. Occupation: Solicitor
21 Sep 1919Aged 27. Travelling as 'intermediate passengers' with sister Lucy on the 'Corsican' from Glasgow to Montreal. Both were shown as 'returning Canadians', Arthur having lived in Toronto for 10 years and Lucy for 2 years. Their destination address was 141 Chester Ave., Toronto.
28 Jan 1921 Miller Freer, 65 year-old widowed father of Arthur and Lucy, travelled steerage on the 'Empress of Britain'. He was shown as never having been to Canada before, intending to reside permanently in Canada, and able to read and write. He was a shoe worker, intended to pursue the same occupation. Joining his son A Freer, c/o Street Railway Co. Underneath this it appears to say 'Senility', though it seems unlikely that a senile man would be travelling alone.
15 Dec 1930Arthur, aged 38, travelled 1st class on the 'Minnetonka' from New York to London. Proposed address in UK: Desborough, Northamptonshire. Occupation: Advertising.
25 Feb 31 to 03 Mar 31Aged 39, travelled 2nd class on the 'Mauretania' from Southampton to New York. Last permanent residence: Toronto, Canada from 1909 to 18th  Jun 1930
15 Feb 1935Aged 43, travelled on the 'Ile de France' from New York to Plymouth. Proposed address: 4 Queensborough Terrace, Bayswater, London. Occupation: Advertising Counsel.
11 Jun 35 to 19 Jun 35Aged 43, travelled on the Lafayette' from Southampton to New York in transit (no indication of the next leg of the journey). Occupation: Advertising.
02 Apr 1949Arthur (57) travelled with his wife Edith (59) on the 'Britannic' from New York to Liverpool. Intended destination: 17 Harrington Rd, Desborough, Northamptonshire. Occupation: Writer.
13 Nov 1949Arthur travelled by Pan American Airways from London to Idlewild, New York. Intended address: Biltmore Hotel, New York.


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