Independent Chapel Baptisms

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Christian NameBirthBaptismFatherMother
Sarah Jane Blunsom24 Apr 181720 Aug 1821      
James Chater29 Sep 181018 Jan 1811   William Chater   Elizabeth [not known]  
William Chater02 Mar 181214 Jan 1813   William Chater   Elizabeth [not known]  
Frances Chater09 Aug 181403 Mar 1815      
Ann Elizabeth Chater21 Oct 183614 May 1837   James Chater   Rebecca [not known]  
Joseph Coe27 Dec 182019 Jun 1821   George Coe   Elizabeth Nichols  
John Coe22 Jan 182309 May 1823   George Coe   Elizabeth Nichols  
Elizabeth Coe6 Feb 182821 Oct 1832   George Coe   Elizabeth Nichols  
Rebecca Coe16 Mar 183326 May 1833   George Coe   Elizabeth Nichols  
Ann Gibson02 Aug 183220 Jan 1833   Samuel Gibson   Sarah Chapman  
Mary Gibson24 Jan 183421 Sep 1834   Samuel Gibson   Sarah Chapman  
Lucy Hodges11 Sep 182513 Aug 1826   John Hodges   Fanny Wallis  
Louisa Hodges26 Dec 182731 Aug 1828   John Hodges   Fanny Wallis  
Ann Hughes07 Apr 180918 Nov 1810   James Hughes   Elizabeth [not known]  
Joseph Knibb03 Jun 181710 Aug 1817   Salathiel Knibbs   Hannah [not known]  
Elizabeth Knibb31 Dec 181802 Dec 1821   Salathiel Knibbs   Hannah [not known]  
Rebecca Knibb10 Apr 182227 Oct 1822   Salathiel Knibbs   Hannah [not known]  
Salathiel Knibbs14 Nov 1773      
Martha Lamb16 Sep 183229 Mar 1835   Thomas Lamb   Ann Hughes  
George Lamb18 Nov 183429 Mar 1835   Thomas Lamb   Ann Hughes  
Phoebe Payne11 Jan 182520 Aug 1826   William Payne   Elizabeth Trasler  
Elizabeth Riley12 Dec 182729 Sep 1833   Benjamin Riley   Jane Maria Rayment  
Benjamin Riley09 Nov 183029 Sep 1833   Benjamin Riley   Jane Maria Rayment  
Jane Maria Riley03 Aug 183229 Sep 1833   Benjamin Riley   Jane Maria Rayment  
Frederick Charles Summerly29 Dec 187110 Nov 1872   Charles Panter   Elizabeth Ann Summerley  
Mary Ward30 Jun 179019 Jul 1790   Edward Ward   Elizabeth [not known]  
William Ward01 Nov 179307 Mar 1794   Edward Ward   Elizabeth [not known]  
Thomas Ward21 Nov 179508 Dec 1795   Edward Ward   Elizabeth [not known]  
Hannah Woolams04 Jun 180321 Aug 1803   John Woolams   Rachel [not known]  
Martha Woolams24 Feb 180620 Jul 1806   John Woolams   Rachel [not known]  
Julia Yeomans02 Jan 182822 Jun 1828      

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