Desborough Study: Transcriptions

Marriage Certificate


MARRIAGES solemnized in TRINITY CHURCH, in the Parish of ST. MARY-LE-BONE, in the County of MIDDLESEX, in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty-seven.

          Edward Vandeleur Esquire of the Parish of St James Westminster in the County of Middlesex Bachelor
and I  Mary Jane Cave  of the District-Rectory of Trinity in the Parish of St Mary le bone in the same County Spinster
were married in this Church by Licence this Thirtieth Day of May In the Year One thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven.
By me George Saxby Penfold DD Rector

This marriage was solemnized between us, Edward Vandeleurin the presence of us, Eliza Faientt[?] Hanson
Mary Jane Cave John Vandeleur Lt Col
Geo Vandeleur

No 80