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Inscription in the Nuremberg Chronicle
given to Christ's College, Cambridge,
by "the great common Lawyer
Ferdinando Pulton"

Ferdinando Pulton, Esquier, admitted Scholar in his Youth into Christ's Colledge in Cambridge, the last yeere of the Raigne of King Edward the 6xt, continued there untill the last yeere of the Raigne of Queene Marie, and made Fellowe of the same Colledge one yeere before he departed thence. Became afterwards a paynfull Student and Proffessor of the Common and Statute Lawes of this Realme (as maye appeare by severall Bookes or Workes by him compoled and published in print, tending to the knowledge and divulging of the same Lawes) even untill his age of fourscore yeeres and upward: for the love and affection which he did beare to the said Colledge his Nurse and Schoolmisstriss, and in token of good will to the same House, did, upon the 6xt daie of September, Anno Domini 1617. & anno Regni Regis Jacobi 15. bestowe this Booke uppon the Master and Fellowes of the foresaid Colledge & their Successors, too meane a guifte for so worthie and well deserving a place, intended nevertheles to have been much greater, had it not been extenuated by the charges & expenses of his travell and labors in the workes aforesaid, willinglie bestowed uppon the Professors of the same Studie, for the benefitt of his Countrie and Commonwelth thereof.

By me

Ferdinando Pulton, of Borton in the Countie and Parishe of Buckingham


Quoted in the preface to "The works of Thomas Hearne, M.A., vol. 1. containing the first volume of Robert of Gloucester's Chronicle."


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