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The last Will and Testament of
Julia Pulton
20th Dec 1717

Beginning of WillIn the Name of God Amen

The last Will and Testament of me Julia Pulton, the Widow and Relict of Ferdinando Pulton, late of Desborough in the County of North'ton Esqe

Whereas my late deceased Father, Robert Garton, Gent, as in by his Will Gave and bequeath unto and amongst all my younger Children that I had or should have by my said late Husband, all his personal Estate, not by him particularly bequeathed, to be distributed amongst them in such Shares and proportions, and to be to them paid att such ages and times, as I should from time to time by Writeing under my Hand and Seal, attested by three or more Credible Witnesses, or by my last Will, in like manner to be attested, direct and appoint;

and whereas good part of my said late Fathers personal Estate, being all that now remaines thereof, was by my Direction placed forth att Interest to my late Husband who, together with my Sons Robert Pulton, since deied, and Ferdinando Pulton, became bound for the payment thereof to Francis Cannynge Lent and hath since, for the better Securing the payment there of, amongst other the Debts of my Son Robert Pulton been Charged upon his Real Estate, And whereas a considerable Sume of money is become due for the Interest of the same. But it is now apprehended some Loss may happen by placeing forth the said Residue out of my said late Fathers personal Estate as aforesaid, in the Interest if not in the principal Sume, and that I may be put into considerable Expences and Charges by reason of my said late Sons Estate of and in Desborough aforesaid hath not been Sold and disposed of and for want of a true knowledge of what will remaine to be by me disposed of, cannot make such a Disposition by this my Will to my Sonne Ferdinando Pulton as I would otherwise have done

And whereas the said Ferdinando Pulton my Sonne hath already had and Received the Sume of two hundred pounds, part of my late Fathers personal Estate, by appointment thereof by me made. And in Regard it may Seeme to be my late Fathers Intention that the same should be Repayd in Case he should become Heir to my said late Husband, but Seeing that noe Considerable part thereof will be comeing to my said Sonn Ferdinando Pulton, I do hereby Acquitt and Discharge my said Sonn Ferdinando Pulton of and from all further Claime and Demand touching the said Sume of Two hundred pounds or any Interest due for the same

And whereas I have heretofore made some Disposition or Declaration as to the payment of the Residue of my said late Fathers personal Estate, Nevertheless the same was made and intended to be with a power of Revocation to me Reserved which I Declare this my Will to be in all things that is or may be repugnant or contrary to any Disposition thereof herein by me made

And in pursuance of the power to me given by my said late deceased Father, And all other powers and Authorities to me Reserved, or Enabling me so to do, Do give Dispose, Devise and appoint the payment thereof amongst or together with my personal Estate as herein after is mentioned and Expressed (that is to say)

I Direct and Appoint the payment of the Sume of Forty Shillings a peice out of my said Late Fathers personal Estate to be paid and Give the Same to each and every of my younger Sonnes to be paid to them respectively as soon as sufficient of my said late Fathers personal Estate can be gott in to discharge the same

All the Rest and Residue of my said late Fathers personal Estate, and all Interest that can be had or gotten for the Same, I Direct and appoint the payment there of and of all and every part thereof unto my Daughter Mary Pulton for her Sole and only benefitt and Advantage and absolutely Give the Same unto her

Item I give and bequeath unto my Eldest Sonne Ferdinando Pulton the Sume of Twenty Shillings

And to each and every of my younger Sonnes the like Sume of Twenty Shillings over and besides the respective Summs of Forty Shillings before appointed to be paid unto them

And also I give and bequeath the like Sume of Twenty Shillings to my Daughter Frances Pulton and likewise to my Sonne in Law Mr Richard Bright[?] and to my Daughter his Wife; and to their three Children and to each of them the Sume of Twenty Shillings apeice; and the like Sume to my worthy Friend Francis Cannynge Esqe to buy him a Ring

All the Rest and Residue of my personal Estate of what nature or kind soever the same &c I Give and bequeath the same unto my Daughter Mary Pulton for her Sole use and benefitt, who I make the Sole and only Executrix of this my last Will and Testament

And do hereby revoke, annull and make voide all former and other Wills and Testaments by me in any wise heretofore made and Declared, and do publish and Declare this only to be my last Will and Testament.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my Hand and Seal this Twentieth Day of December in the year of our Lord one Thousand seven hundred and Seventeen { Julia Pulton } Signed, Sealed, published and Declared to be the last Will and Testament of the before named Julia Pulton in our presence, and the same was attested and Subscribed by us in her presence Richard Lacon, Nath Bostock, Michl Dale ./.


[probate declaration in Latin] 21st February 1722