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Hundred of Rothwell:—Arthingworth, Braybrooke, Clipston, Desborough, Draughton, East Farndon, Glendon, Great Oxendon, Harrington, Haselbrach, Hothorpe, Kelmarsh, Little Bowden, Loddington, Maidwell, Marston Trussell, Orton, Rothwell, Rushton, Sibbertoft, Sulby, Thorpe Lubenham, Thorpe Malsor and Thorpe Underwood.

The General Hospital, to the east of the town of Northampton, on a healthful and airy site, is a structure of stone, built in 1793, at an expense of £25,000; considerable additions and improvements have since been made, and it has now 166 beds. Extensive additions and alterations, including two new wings, were completed in 1904, at a cost of £36,000. The yearly average of patients is about, in-patients, 2,200; out-patients, 12,500; Frank Buszard M.D. Lond., F.R.C.P. Lond. and Peverell. Smythe Hichens M.A., M.D., B.Ch. Oxon., M.R.C.P. Lond. hon. physicians; William M. Robson M.D. Lond., M.R.C.P. Land. hon. assistant physician; George Henry Percival M.B. Lond., M.R.C.S. Eng. and R. A. Milligan M.D. Durh., L.R.C.P. Lond., M.R.C.S. Eng. hon surgeons; Paul Norman B. Odgers M.A.,  M.B., M.Ch., F.R.C.S. Eng. hon. assistant surgeon; Evan Harries Jones M.D. Edin., L.R.O.P. Lond., M.R.C.S. Eng. hon ophthalmic surgeon; Rev. Charles Brookes and Rev. W. E. Chadwick D.D. chaplains; Alfred Page, treasurer; C. S. Risbee F.C.I.S. secretary and superintendent; Miss Bryan, marton; Miss Hebden, assistant matron; Joseph Dalton, dispenser.

Northampton County Lunatic Asylum, Berry Wood, is 3 miles from Northampton, on the road from Duston to Nobottle, in the parish of Upton, and was built in 1876 at a cost, including site, of £150,000, and is a structure of red and coloured bricks with Bath stone dressings, from designs by Mr. Robert Griffiths, architect, of Stafford, arranged in seven blocks, having all the usual offices and fitted up with the most modern appliances; in the centre block is a clock-tower 190 feet high, having a clock with four dials; in this tower is a water tank supplying the whole building with water. Connected with the asylum are various workshops, gas works and extensive farm buildings; in 1884 the building was enlarged at a cost of £4,500; in 1886 a detached hospital was built and in 1888 a block was added for the treatment of idiot children: the asylum will hold 950 patients: William Harding M.D. and C.M. Edin., M.R.C.P. Lond. medical superintendent; Fredk. Joshua Stuart L.R.C.P. Lond., M.R.C.S. Eng. and John Bain M.B., C.M. Glas. assistant medical officers ; Rev. Benjamin Mathews B.A. chaplain; Alfred Page, treasurer; Christopher Alexander Markham, clerk to the committee of visitors; Frederick Anthony Robinson, clerk to the asylum; Frederick James Morgan, storekeeper.

St. Andrew's Hospital for Mental Diseases, Billing road, Northampton, surrounded by nearly 200 acres of pleasure grounds, is a fine building of white Bath stone, in the Italian style, erected in 1837, from designs of Mr James Milne, and has cost over £100,000. It is calculated to hold about 450 inmates, and is open for patients of the higher and middle classes; there are several detached villas in the grounds, and a chapel erected from designs of the late Sir Gilbert Scott R.A. and enlarged in 1894. There is a branch establishment at Moulton park, near Northampton, and also a seaside mansion standing in a park of 350 acres at Llanfairfechan. Joseph Bayley M.R.C.S. Eng. superintendent; J. Herbert Bayley M.B., C.M. Edin., L.R.C.P. Lond. sen. assistant medical officer; Samuel Edgar Martin M.B., B.Ch. Edin. second assistant medical officer ; Norman R. Phillips M.D. Brux., M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond. third assistant medical officer; Rev. John Cunningham, chaplain; Josiah Walker, accountant; Ernest, E. Caesar, clerk; Henry W. Clarke, steward.

H.M. Prison, in Campbell Square, Northampton, is a spacious structure of brick, erected in 1845-6, from designs by the late Mr. W. Hull, at an expense of about £12,000, exclusive of £5,000 expended in the purchase of land, and is calculated to receive 200 prisoners; but considerable alterations and additions have since been made; Capt. Charles E. F. Rich, governor; Rev. Joseph Evan Hopkins M.A. chaplain; Lee Fyson Cogan L.R.C.P. Edin. surgeon; George W. Smith, storekeeper.

The Northampton Society's Reformatory School for boys is at Tiffield, near Towcester; it was certified in 1910 for 100 boys, and there were in 1910 100 inmates; William McColl, superintendent.



Northamptonshire, Hon. Col. Lord Annaly C.V.O. (hon. col. ret. Imp. Yeo.); Lieut.-Col. II. Wickham, commanding; Major Leslie Renton, second in command; Capt. G. MacG. Dunbar (20th Hussars), adjutant.; Major J. Allison M.D., R.A.M.C. (T.F.), medical officer; Frank Challen, regimental sergeant-major; head quarters , 53 Sheep street, Northampton.

Squadrons:—A, Major E. Cazenove, commanding; Capt. E. A. Andrewes, second in command, 53 Sheep street, Northampton; B, Major J. L. Mills, commanding; Lieut. F. L. Gilliat, second in command, Peterborough; C, Capt. L. C. Bucknall, commanding; Capt. G. G. Middleton, second in command, Kettering; D, Capt. H. B. Campbell, commanding, Daventry


Northamptonshire Battery, Capt. S. G. Cook, officer commanding; head quarters, Drill hall, Queen street, Peterborough


4th Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment—Col. the Earl of Euston V.D. hon. colonel. Statf:—Lieut.-Col. & Hon. Col. G. E. Ripley, in command; Hon. Lieut.-Cols . .A. F. Mulliner V.D., F. Willoughby V.D. & Viscount Althorp V.D. majors; Capt. L. J. Wyatt, adjutant; Hon. Capt. R. Goacher, quartermaster; Capt. C. H. Sedgwick R.A.M.C. (T.F.), medical officer ; head quarters & orderly room, 83 Sheep street, Northampton

Companies :—A, Capt. J. Drown; B, Major W. B. S. Hickson; C, Major G. S. Eunson T.D.; D, Major A. E. Ray, Northampton; E, Capt. & Hon. Major, C. P. Watkin, Drill hall, Great Park street, Wellingborough; F, Capt. & Hon. Major J. W. Fisher T.D York road, Kettering; G, Capt. H. Butlin, Desborough; H, Capt. W. Dulley, Rushden


East Midland Brigade Co. East Anglian Divisional Transport & Supply Column, Northampton—Capt. & Hon. Major W. Hughes; Lieuts. L. H. Church & A. H. Rice, officers commanding; Sergt.-Major Albert James Yates, instructor


Oundle, The School, A. D. Nightingale, captain
Wellingborough Grammar School, F. J. Mules, captain


Northamptonshire, Charles H. Davis, hon. sec. 1 Sheep street, Northampton


Boughton, June 26 for cattle, continuing three days

Brackley, third week in June for wool. Market for corn on wednesday & every alternate wednesday for cattle

Daventry, second tuesday in April & October for cheese & cattle & on the second tuesday in every month & October 27 for the sale of cattle (unless the latter falls on sunday, when it is held on the following day); market day, wednesday, &, cattle sale every other tuesday

Flore, feast on the first sunday in November

Fotheringhay, third monday after July 5

Kettering, thursday before Easter; friday before Whit sunday; friday before October 11 & friday before St. Thomas' day (these fairs are now practically merged in the friday markets); a yearly feast, lasting a week, commences the first sunday after St. Peter's day; market for fat stock every friday; market day, friday

Moreton Pinkney, cattle market, fortnightly, on mondays

Northampton, second tuesday in January, February 20, third monday in March, April 5, May 4, June 19, August 5 & 26, September 19, first thursday in November, November 28 & the friday before the Great Smithfield market; market day, wednesday for fat stock & saturday for store stock

Oundle, February 25 for horses & cattle & Whit monday & October 12 for pleasure; market day, thursday

Peterborough, St. Peter's, second wednesday in July for wool, cattle & horses & Bridge fair, first wednesday & thursday in October for wool, beasts, sheep, horses, stock & general purposes; market day, wednesday for live stock & saturday for store stock, corn & general produce

Rockingham, September 25

Rothwell, Trinity monday & four following days for stock & pedlery

Thrapston, first tuesday in May, & tuesday after Old Michaelmas day; market day, tuesday for grain, cattle, sheep & pigs

Towcester, market day, tuesday; stock sales every alternate tues

Great Weldon, thursday following the second sunday in July

Wellingborough, wednesday in Easter week, wednesday in Whitsun week; October 29 for cattle & pleasure; market day, wednesday

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