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Extracts concerning the Poulton family from

The history and antiquities of
the Town, Hundred, and Deanery of Buckingham
by Browne Willis, Esq; LL.D., 1755


... this Estate [Boreton] came by Marriage of the eldest [daughter of Thomas More] to Giles Poulton, who dying in the Year 1560, was succeeded by the aforesaid Ferdinando Poulton; on whose Death, which happened January 20, 1617, in the 82d Year of his Age, he was succeeded by Francis Poulton his Son, who occurs Owner of Boreton, Anno 1620 But being a weak bigotted Papist, and travelling to Rome, he fell into the Hands of Richard Minshill, Esq; of Essex, who, as I have been informed, advancing him several Sums of Money, got into Possession of the Estate, and worked him and his Family out of it, and about the Year 1628 or 1630, as they tell me, having enclosed the Lordship, at great Expence, got a Conveyance of it to himself and his Heirs, paying some Pensions or Rents out of it; for I have seen a Receipt of a Rent Charge of 20£ per Annum, paid by him Anno 1633, to Alexius Poulton; and have been informed, that he allowed Mr. Francis Poulton an Annuity of 60£ per Annum for his Life.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

"Will of Ferdinando Pulton, of Boreton, in the County and Parish of Buckingham, Esq, dated November 13, 1613, gives 20s. to the Repairs of Buckingham Church; 5£ to Buckingham Poor, 20s. to Desborough Poor, where he was born; 20s. to Jesus' Hospital in Rowell; 20s. to the poor Women in Christ's Hospital in Buckingham; 10s. to the poor Women in Fowler's Hospital in Buckingham; to the Bailiff of Buckingham 40s. to be bestowed on a Dinner or Supper for himself, and the Burgesses, and their Wifes. To his Servants a Quarter of a Year's Wages. To his Cosin George Pulton of Desborough his Books of Divinity. And he requests his Wife and Son Giles Pulton, to bring up to Virtue and Learning the Sons of his Son Francis Pulton; that they will employ them in some Trade and Faculty, whereby they may live by their Labour, Care, and Industry; for he fears that they may be like to be destitute of Maintenance and Relief to be provided for by their Parents. Mentions his having assigned to Catherine his Wife1 his Capital Messuage and Tenement of Boreton, out of which he directs her to pay each of his Sons, viz, Thomas, and Ferdinando Poulton, 5£ each; and charges his eldest Son Francis and his Heirs, as they will answer it before the Judgment-Seat of God, that they will suffer his Wife and Assigns quietly to possess what he has given her. He makes his said Wife, and Giles his second Son, Executors.

"By a Codicil, dated December 24, 1617, he bequeaths to his Son-in-Law Mr. William Pen, and his Grandson Mr. John Pen, Mourning Cloaks; to his Son Francis Pulton a Mourning Cloak, and 5£ in Money, and his Books at Boreton, saving what he hath given to his Cosin George Pulton of Desborough. To his Son Giles Pulton, a Mourning Cloak, and 5£ in Money, and his two best Gowns and Doublets. To his Daughters Anne Pulton, and Martha Pen, and Mary Troughton, and Ursula Styles, Mourning Gowns, and 5£ in Money; to the Wife of his Son Francis Pulton, a Mourning Gown and 5£ in Money. Gives his Books of Statutes, one to the King's Majesty, one to his good and loving Friend and Kinsman Sir Richard Ingoldsby, and two to Mr. Serjeant Francis Moore. Proved with the Codicil at London, January 13, 1618, by Catherine his Wife2.

Footnotes to the above:

1 She died the Year after her Husband, and was buried at Winge, in this County, as I find in that Parish Register; where I met with this Entry, "Catherine, Wife of Ferdinando Pulton, Daughter of Mr. William Jakeman, buried 1618.

2 In Desborough Church, in the County of Northampton, is this Epitaph : Hic jacet Sepultus: Ferdinando Poulton de Boorton, in Parochia et Comitatu Buckingham, natus in hac villa, vir omni Virtutis et Doctrinerum genere quondam Illustrissimus, necmon sedulus Scriptor, et Propugnator Legnum hujus Regni, obiit 20 Die Januarii, Anno 1617, Aetatis 82.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

[The Church of St Peter and St Paul in Boreton]

From the Tower extends on the South Side a very large cross Isle, called Fowler's Isle, from Richard Fowler, who built it is the Reign of Edward IV, about which Time the Chancel was built ... And from the North Side of the Tower projects another cross Isle, called Poulson's Isle, from a Family seated at Boreton, which had a Burial Place here.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

[From the Parish-register]


William Pen, of Pen, Esq. and Martha Poulton, December 8, 1595


Martha filia Ferdinandi Pulton, 1571
Ægidius Pulton, Julii 11, 1575
Thomas filius Ferdinandi Pulton, 1578
Jana ejus filia, 1581
Ferdinand filius Ferdinand Pulton, Junii 1, 1585

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