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Extract from Northamptonshire Notes and Queries, 1890

509.—The Poulton Family of Desborough (468).

509.—In The Life and Miraculous Conversion from Popery of Joseph Perry, Written by Himself, 1727, is this reference to the Poultons of Desborough :—

"When I came to Cransly, which I suppose might be the eleventh Year of my Age, Sir Henry Robinson put me into a blue Livery ; I used to go with him when he went abroad, to wait upon him ; Sir Henry was a strong Roman Catholick, but his Lady was a Church of England Woman. We had a Priest sometimes in the House with us, yet we often went to Desborough, about a Mile off Rowel, to one Mr. Polton, a great Roman Catholick, who was made a Justice of Peace in King James the 2d's Time. Here we used to go to Mass and Confession of Sin. Here used to be sometimes a Jesuit to preach ; to this Place Sir Henry Robinson and went often, there being none in the Family, nor, as I know of, in the Town, that did profess to be Roman Catholicks, but he and I, only sometimes we had a Priest with us ; but at Desborough there was Mr. Polton's whole Family Papists, with some others in the Town, so that there we had several met together."

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Source: Northamptonshire Notes and Queries, an illustrated quarterly journal, devoted to The Antiquities, Family History, Traditions, Parochial Records, Folk-Lore, Quaint Customs, &c., of the County. Edited by John Taylor. vol. III. Northampton: The Dryden Press, Taylor & Son, 9 College Street, 1890.