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History of Scotland vol 2

History of Scotland volume 2
by Patrick Fraser Tytler

A king in captivity; invasions from England; Hotspur and the Percies ...

  1. David the Second, 1346-1370
  2. An Historical Inquiry into the Ancient State of Scotland
    (General appearance of the country, Distinct races in Scotland, Ancient parliament of Scotland, Early commerce and navigation, State of the early Scottish church, Sport and amusements of ancient Scotland)
  3. Robert the Second, 1370-1390
  4. Robert the Third, 1390-1424
  5. Historical remarks on the death of Richard the Second
  6. Notes and Illustrations
  7. Page Index
History of Scotland vol 3

History of Scotland volume 3
Patrick Fraser Tytler

Long minorities and royal murders ...

  1. Regency of Albany, 1407-1424
  2. James the First, 1424-1437
  3. James the Second, 1436-1460
  4. James the Third, 1460-1488
  5. James the Fourth, 1488-1497
  6. Notes and Illustrations
  7. Page Index
History of Scotland vol 4

History of Scotland volume 4
Patrick Fraser Tytler

Battles of Flodden, Solway Moss, and Pinkie Cleugh; rebellions by the Highlands and Islands; power struggles amongst the nobility of Scotland; subversion from England and shifting loyalties on the borders

  1. James the Fourth (cont. from vol 3), 1497-1513
  2. James the Fifth, 1513-1524
  3. James the Fifth, 1524-1528
  4. James the Fifth, 1528-1542
  5. Mary, 1542-1546
  6. Mary, 1546-1554
  7. Notes and Illustrations
  8. Page Index
History of Scotland vol 5

History of Scotland volume 5
Patrick Fraser Tytler

Struggles between the Protestant Reformers and the Catholic Regent and Queen, the amazing unreliability of the Scottish nobility, and the pervasive undercurrent of intrigue and manipulation from the English throne.

  1. Mary (cont. from vol. 4), 1554-1559
  2. Mary 1559, 1560
  3. Mary 1560, 1561
  4. Mary 1561-1565
  5. From the marriage of Mary with Darnley to her marriage with Bothwell, 1565-1567
  6. From Mary's marriage with Bothwell to the election of Regent Moray, 1567
  7. Proofs and Illustrations
  8. Page Index
The Origin and Early History of the Muscovy Company

The Origin and Early History of the Russia or Muscovy Company

During the reign of Edward VI a group of merchants financed an expedition to attempt a north east passage to China and the East Indies. They sent out three ships one of which reached the coast of Russia.

The book takes the story of the Muscovy Company through to 1610, and concludes with a brief history of the establishment of the Whale Fishery.

History of the Kings of England

The History of the Kings of England

Simeon of Durham's chronicle remains an important source for medieval history.

Though its focus is on England, in particular the north of England, the History also ranges over events in Wales, Scotland, Europe and the Holy Land, between 616 and 1129.

Historical Memoirs of the Irish Bards

Historical Memoirs of the Irish Bards
by Joseph C Walker

An exploration of the history of the Irish Bards from pre-Christian times to the middle of the eighteenth century. 

This is a wide-ranging study looking at the times and the society in which the bards lived as well as the lives, skills and characters of the bards themselves.