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William Rowthorn
Military Records

or Cause of Discharge

According to the Surgeons Report annexed it appears that there is a case of disease or disability contracted in & by the Service without being attributable to neglect design vice or intemperance or constitutional disease and the Board concurs in the Opinion of the Surgeon.


The Officers composing the Board, having examined the Defaulter's Book, and received parole testimony from Lt McDermott are of the opinion that his conduct has been that of a cood & efficient Soldier - Seldom in Hospital - trustworthy & Sober.

Pay and

William Rawthorne being asked up to what period he has been paid, answered, that his account was balanced up to the end of the past Month; being further asked whether he has any other claim on the Regiment for Arrears of Pay, Allowances, or Clothing answered, that, he has no unsatisfied Claim whatever.


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