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(Alfred) John Bosworth
Military Records

Description of John Bosworth on Enlistment

Age physically equivalent to 25   years  6   months
Height 5   feet   4 7/8 inches
Weight 122½  lbs
Chest Measurement Minimum 32   inches  
Maximum expansion 35  inches
Complexion Fresh
Eyes   Hazel
Hair   Dk Brown
Religious denomination   Church of England
Distinctive Marks   Tattoo Life Belt & Anchor right arm
Several spots left arm


I have examined the above-named recruit and find that he does not present any of the conditions of rejection specified in the Regulations for Army Medical Services.
He can see at the required distance with either eye:  his heart and lungs are healthy: he has the free use of his joints and limbs, and he declares that he is not subject to fits of any description.

I consider him   fit  for the Army,
Date   9th December 1903
Place  Leicester
[???] RAMC Vol AMR

Fit for R.A.M.Corps

Certificate of Primary Military Examination

I hereby certify that the above-named recruit was inspected by me, and I consider him fit for service in the Royal Army Medical Corps, and that due care has been exercised in his enlistment.

Date 9th December 1903
Place Leicester
B. C. Dwyer  Capt., Recruiting Officer

Certificate of Approving Officer

I certify that this Attestation of the above-named recruit is correct, and properly filled up, and that the required forms appear to have been complied with. I accordingly approve, and appoint him to the R.A.M.Corps
If enlisted by special authority, Army Form B. 203 (or other authority for the enlistment) will be attached to the original attestation.

Date 16 December 1903
Place Leicester
John Deeves 
Colonel Commanding 17th Regimental District

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