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(Alfred) John Bosworth
Military Records

Militia Service

Statement of the Services of No. 5281

Corps in which served Battn Promotions, Reductions, Transferred to other Corps, Enlistments in Militia Reserve, Re-engagements, &c. Militia Rank  Period of Service in each Rank Details of Service, showing whether drilled on enlistment or before the Annual Training, and whether present or absent from each Annual Training.
years days
North Regt3 Attested Pte 12.10.97   49 days D on E
           Present 1898
           Present 1899
-do-3 Embodied Pte 4.1.1900    
-do-3 Joined Mil Reserve Pte 21.4.1900    
-do-3 called out for Permit. Service under ... Res Force Act Pte 24.4.1900    
Bedford Regt  Transferred Pte 24.4.1900    
-do-  Granted 1d G. C. Pay   4.1.1902    
3rd Northants  Re-transferred Pte 11.8.1902    
-do-  Disembodied Pte 11.08.1902    
South African War Gratuity £5 paid thro Bedford Station Sept 03      
Discharged. Time Expired 11.10.1903    

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