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Horace Coe
Military Records


No. 6066 Name: Horace Coe 3rd  Northamptonshire 
Questions to be put to the Recruit before Enlistment
1. What is your name?Horace Coe
2. In what Parish, and in or near what Town, and in what County were you born?Desborough, Kettering, Northampton
3. Are you a British Subject?yes
4. Where do you now reside?Havelock St, Desboro, Kettering, Northampton
5. Where have you resided for the last twelvemonth? Havelock St, Desboro, Kettering, Northampton
6. What is the Name and Residence of your present (or former) Master? Towne & Blacks, Desboro, Kettering, Northampton
7. What is your age? 17 Years 1 Months
8. What is your Trade or Calling? Shoe Trade
You are warned that you are liable to heavy Punishment if you make a false answer to any of the following Nine Questions
9. Are you an Apprentice? No
10. Are you Single, Married, or a Widower?Single
11. If Married, or a Widower, how many Children have you under 14 years of age?None
12. Have you ever been sentenced to imprisonment by the Civil Power? No
13. Do you now belong to Her Majesty's Army, the Marines, the Militia, the Militia Reserve, the Royal Navy, the Volunteers, the Yeomanry, the Army Reserve, or the Naval Reserve Force? If so, to what Corps? No
14. Have you ever served in Her Majesty's Army, the Marines, the Militia, the Militia Reserve, or the Royal Navy? If so, state which, and cause of discharge? No
15. Have you truly stated the whole, if any, of your previous Service?? Yes
16. Are you in receipt of a pension for any such Service?No
17. Have you ever been rejected as unfit for Her Majesty's Service? If so, on what grounds?No
18. Are you willing to be vaccinated or re-vaccinated?Yes
19. Did you receive a Notice and do you understand its meaning, and who gave it to you?Yes. I Grendon. ---
20. Are you willing to be attested for the term of Six years (provided Her Majesty should so long require your services) as a Militiaman for the County of Northampton to serve in the 3 Northampton?yes

I, Horace Coe   do solemnly declare that the above answers made by me to the above questions are true and that I am willing to fulfil the engagement made.

  Horace Coe   Signature of Recruit       I Grendon peacroq[?]  Signature of Witness


I, Horace Coe   do solemnly promise and swear that I will be faithful to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, her heirs and successors, and that I will faithfully serve in the Militia, until I shall be discharged.


The Recruit above-named was cautioned by me that if he made any false answer to any of the foregoing questions he would be liable to be punished.

The foregoing questions were then read to the Recruit in my presence.

I have taken care that he understands each question, and that his answer to each question has been duly entered as replied to, and the said Recruit has made and signed the declaration and taken the oath before me at Northampton  on this  13th  day of   November  1900

Signature of Magistrate or Commiss'd Officer of Regular Army or Militia.

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