Catherine Hulbert

Examination of
Catherine Hulbert
3rd December 1804

County of Northampton to wit

THE examination of Catherine Hulbert of Desborough in the said County singlewoman, taken upon oath before us two of his Majesty's justices of the peace in and for the said County this third day of December in the year of Lord one thousand eight hundred and four

Who saith, that on the twenty seventh day of November 1803, at Desborough in the County of Northampton in the County aforesaid, she the said Catharine Hulbert was delivered of a Male bastard child, and that the said bastard child is become chargeable to the said bastard of Desborough and doth charge Robert Tailby lab of Desborough Servant in this bandry with having gotten her with child of the said bastard child.

Catharine Hulbert  her X mark

Taken and signed the day and year first above-written,

Before us

T C Maunsell

Will Lockwood Maydwell



The child born to Catherine was baptised Robert. Bishop's Transcript shows the date as 28th October 1803, so there is an error of one month in one of these records.

Young Robert died at the age of about 19 months.

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