George Smith

Indemnity Bond
George Smith, and John Skellitt
9th May 1720

[Latin preamble states that George Smith of Desborough, weaver, & John Skellitt of Rothwell, hairdresser, bind themselves to Thomas Morris & Henry Lenton, churchwardens, and Edmund Smeeton & Thomas Brett, overseers of the poor, for the sum of forty pounds. 9th May 1720.]

Whereas Elizabeth Tompson of Desborough in the County of Northton was lately delivered of a female Child and hath before John Robinson Esqr one of his Majestyes Justices of the Peace for the said County of Northton Sworn that the above bound George Smith is the true Father of such Female Child

Now the condicion of this Obligacion is Such That if the above bound George Smith and John Skellitt or either of them then or either of their Heirs Exec[uto]rs or Admi[nistrato]rs doe and Shall from time to time and att all times thereafter fully and clearley acquitt release exonerate and discharge or otherwise well and Sufficiently Save ad keep harmless and indempnifyed aswell the above names Thomas Morris Henry Lenton Edmund Smeeton and Thomas Brett Church Wardens and Overseers of the Poore of the P[ar]ish of Desborough afores[ai]d and their Successors for the time being and every of them as also all the Inhabitants and P[ar]ishioners of the said P[ar]ish of Desborough aforesaid and every of them which now are or thereafter shall be for the time being and their and every of their Lands Tennements Goods and Chattells of and from all and all manner of Expenses damages costs att any time thereafter arise happen come grow or be imposed upon them or their or any of them for or by reason or meanes of the said Female Child's Birth Maintenance Education nourishment and bringing up and of and from all other Actions Suites troubles charges damages expence and demands whatsoever touching and concerning the Same Then this p[re]sent Obligacion is to be void and of none effect Or else to be and remaine in Full Force and Vertue

Sealed & Delivered (the ... being First observed to be duely Stampt w[i]th three Six penny Stamps according to Act of P[ar]liam[en]t) In the p[re]sence of

John Curtis
Thomas Wallis

George Smith

John Skellitt



Elizabeth's daughter was baptised Elizabeth Smith Tompson on 12th April 1720.

Note that the identification of George Smith is speculative.


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