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Mary Ann Jackson

NameMary Ann Jackson     descendant tree, etc
Married (1) Wright Sixsmith 
Married (2) Samuel Hamer 

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census : Oldham, Lancashire
37Horsidge Old RoadCensus date: 7 April 1861
James JacksonHead Mar 68 ButcherOldham  Lancashire
Catherine JacksonWife Mar 64   Ireland
Mary A SixsmithDaur Widow 38 Cotton WeaverOldham  Lancashire
Elizabeth JacksonDaur Unm 28 Cotton WeaverOldham  Lancashire
Mary SixsmithGrandDaur Un 19 Cotton WeaverOldham  Lancashire
Elizabeth SixsmithGrandDaur Un 14 Cotton WeaverOldham  Lancashire
Ann E SixsmithGrandDaur 13 Cotton WeaverOldham  Lancashire
Sarah I SixsmithGrandDaur 9 ScholarOldham  Lancashire
Virtue A SixsmithGrandDaur 5 ScholarOldham  Lancashire

1871 Census : Oldham, Lancashire
28Greenacres Road no. 28Census date: 2 April 1871
Samuel HamerHead Mar 57 MechanicRochdale 
Mary A HamerWife Mar 28 Weaver of CottonRochdale 
Elizabeth MurrayDaur Mar 24 Weaver of CottonOldham 
Ann E SixsmithDaur Unm 22 Weaver of CottonOldham 
Virtue A FentonDaur Unm 15 Weaver of CottonOldham 
Esther HamerDaur Unm 19 Weaver of CottonOldham 
Sarah A HamerDaur Unm 17 Weaver of CottonOldham 
Francis J HamerSon 3 ScholarOldham 
Mary J MurrayDaur 2 Oldham 
John TaylorAdopted Son Unm 24 Plainer of IronHollinwood 
Edward McGloneAdopted Son Unm 16 CottonCarderManchester 
Bridget Herrity[?]Adopted Daur Unm 15 Cotton WeaverManchester 
Elizabeth A DawsonAdopted Daur Unm 15 Cotton WeaverTodmorden 
Martha DaviesVisitor Unm 24 Domestic ServantRadnorshire 

1881 Census : Oldham, Lancashire
28Greenacre Road no. 28Census date: 3 April 1881
John TaylorHead Mar 34 Iron PlanerOldham 
Ann E TaylorWife Mar 32 Cotton WeaverOldham 
Mary Ann HamerMother in Law Wid 58 Cotton WeaverRochdale 
George Walker FentonBro in Law Mar 29 Loom OverlookerDesborough 
Virtue Ann FentonSister in Law Mar 25 Cotton WeaverOldham 
Mary A F FentonNiece 3 ScholarOldham 
Mary Ann FentonNiece 1 Oldham 
Florence MatherNiece 11 ScholarOldham 
Larette MatherNiece 5 ScholarOldham 

1891 Census

1901 Census

1911 Census

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