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Elsie May Manning

NameElsie May Manning     descendant tree, etc
FatherArthur Charles Manning
MotherEdith Jones

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1911 Census : Desborough
28Havelock St no. 15Census date: 2 April 1911
William CoeHead Widr 64 Labourer Iron Ore Quarry, workerDesborough 
George CoeSon S 45 Coal Deliverer, workerDesborough 
Elijah JonesBoarder Widr 42 Labourer Iron Ore Quarry, workerBurslem  Staffordshire
William JonesBoarder S 18 Labourer Iron Ore Quarry, workerDesborough 
Isaac JonesGrandson S 16 Boot Finisher, workerDesborough 
Frederic JonesGrandson 13 Boot Finisher, workerDesborough 
Arthur ManningBoarder M 24 Labourer Iron Ore Quarry, workerBrixworth 
Edith ManningWife Mar 1y
  born: 1
  living: 1
21 Desborough 
Elsie May ManningDaur 8m Desborough 
Elijah was William Coe's son-in-law and William Jones his grandson
Edith was the daughter of Elijah, granddaughter of William Coe

1939 Census

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