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Hannah Berridge

NameHannah Berridge     descendant tree, etc
NoteHannah and her sister Catherine married brothers
FatherThomas Berridge
MotherMary Ann [not known]
Bornabout 1854  (source: England & Wales Census)
Married Amos Tansley Houghton 

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census : Stoke Albany, Northamptonshire
24Census date: 7 April 1861
Thos BerridgeHead Mar 43 Ag LabStoke Albany  Northamptonshire
Mary A BerridgeWife Mar 44 Tur Langton  Leicestershire
Mary A BerridgeDaur 10 ScholarStoke Albany 
Hannah BerridgeDaur 7 ScholarStoke Albany 
Catharine BerridgeDaur 5 ScholarStoke Albany 
Rebecca BerridgeDaur 1 ScholarStoke Albany 

1871 Census : Brampton Ash, Northamptonshire
1Census date: 2 April 1871
Alfred HughesHead Mar 46 Farmer 800 acres employing 26 men 5 boys 7 women & Landowner in SuffolkSouthwold  Suffolk
Maria HughesWife Mar 40 Madras  East Indies
Harry Scott HughesSon Unm 18 ScholarBungay  Suffolk
Alfred Collingwood HughesSon Unm 16 ScholarBungay 
Evangeline Sockhurl[?] HughesDaur Unm 15 ScholarBungay 
Florence Mary HughesDaur Unm 12 ScholarBungay 
Gratiana Lucy HughesDaur 11 ScholarNorthwood  Isle of Wight
Gertrude Maria HughesDaur 9 ScholarNorthwood  Isle of Wight
Ralph Townsend HughesSon 6 ScholarNorthwood  Isle of Wight
Robert Heywood HughesSon 5 ScholarNorthwood  Isle of Wight
Herbert Edgar HughesSon 4 Brampton Ash  Northamptonshire
Sybil Jessie HughesDaur 2 Brampton Ash 
Edward Griffith HughesSon 1 Brampton Ash 
Arthur Ernest HughesSon 3m Brampton Ash 
Anna Maria Ellen WilsonGoverness Unm 26 GovernessBombay  East Indies
Hannah CannerServ Mar 38 Cook. DomesticNelson[?]  Leicestershire
Sarah FlatmanServ Unm 27 Nurse. DomesticDenten  Norfolk
Charlotte Lynes [?]Serv Unm 23 Parlour Maid. DomesticRaydall[?]  Leicestershire
Sylvia HolmesServ Unm 20 Schoolroom Maid. DomesticBillinghay  Lincolnshire
Hannah BerridgeServ Unm 18 Housemaid. DomesticStoke Albany  Northamptonshire
Catherine BerridgeServ Unm 15 Nursemaid. DomesticStoke Albany 
Mary BlakesleyServ Unm 14 Kitchenmaid. DomesticOld  Northamptonshire
John HallServ Unm 14 Shoe BoyRavensthorpe  Northamptonshire
Hannah and Catherine Berridge were sisters

1881 Census : Stoke Albany, Northamptonshire
29Census date: 3 April 1881
Thomas BerridgeHead Mar 68 Ag LabStoke Albany  Northamptonshire
Mary Ann BerridgeWife Mar 64 Tur Langton  Leicestershire
Hannah BerridgeDaur Unm 27 Stoke Albany 
Catherine BerridgeDaur Unm 25 Stoke Albany 
Rebecca BerridgeDaur Unm 21 Stoke Albany 
Thos Berridge BrewittNephew Unm 46 Ag LabStoke Albany 

1891 Census

1901 Census

1911 Census

1939 Census

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