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Isaac Freer

NameIsaac Freer     descendant tree, etc
NoteOriginal Wesleyan register shows birth as 31 Oct 1813 and baptism 9 Jan 1813, followed immediately by another baptism by the same minister on the same date with a birth date of Nov 1813. Entries before these two are for baptisms in Feb 1813, those after are for Apr 1813. It is really impossible to be sure what the dates should be
FatherThomas Freer
MotherMary [not known]
Married Lucy Smith 

1841 Census: Desborough
Buckel StreetCensus date: 6 June 1841
NameM.F.OccupationBorn in County?Birth CountryInfo.
Charlotte Smith 65 Widow yes
Isaac Frear25 Weaver yes
Lucy Frear 24 yes
Emma Frear 3 yes
Rebecca Frear 5m yes

1851 Census: Desborough
71Buckle StreetCensus date: 30 March 1851
Isaac FreerHead Marr 37 Silk WeaverDesborough 
Lucy FreerWife Marr 34 Desborough 
Emma Freerdaur 13 Lace RunnerDesborough 
Rebecca Freerdaur 10 Lace RunnerDesborough 
Thomas FreerSon 8 Lace RunnerDesborough 
Sarah Ann FreerSon 4 Desborough 
George FreerSon 1 Desborough 
Mary FreerMother Widow 70 Parish ReliefDesborough 
Charlotte SmithWife's Mother Widow 75 Parish ReliefDesborough 

1861 Census

1871 Census: Desborough
71Buckle StreetCensus date: 2 April 1871
Isaac FreerHead Mar 57 Silk WeaverDesborough 
Lucy FreerWife Mar 53 Lace RunnerDesborough 
George FreerSon Unm 21 Shoe FinisherDesborough 
Miller FreerSon 15 Shoe FinisherDesborough 
John FreerSon 11 Asst ClickerDesborough 
Elizabeth FreerGd Daur 1 Desborough 

1881 Census: Desborough
80Buckle StreetCensus date: 3 April 1881
Isaac FreerHead Mar 67 Disabled Silk WeaverDesborough 
Lucy A FreerWife Mar 64 Desborough 
Charlotte BinleyDaur Mar 28 Shoe MachinistDesborough 
Elizabeth BinleyGranddaur 2 Desborough 

1891 Census: Desborough
3Buckwell Street no. 3Census date: 1 April 1891
Isaac FreerHead M 77 Parish ReliefDesborough 
Lucy FreerWife M 74 Parish ReliefDesborough 
Charlotte BindleyDaur M 39 Machinist Boot TradeDesborough 
Elizabeth BindleyGrand Daur 12 Machinist Boot Trade ApprenticeDesborough 

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