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Joseph Kilborn

NameJoseph Kilborn     descendant tree, etc
FatherGeorge Thomas Kilborn
MotherHannah Maria Panter
Bornabout 1881  (source: Derived from Burial Record)
Buried28 Dec 1959  at Desborough  age 78y  (source: Northamptonshire Parish Records: Northamptonshire Family History Society)

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

1881 Census

1891 Census: Desborough
110Gas St no. 9Census date: 1 April 1891
George Thomas KilbornHead M 35 Tripe DresserDesborough 
Hannah KilbornWife M 33 Shoe MachinistDesborough 
Violetta KilbornDaur S 12 Shoe MachinistDesborough 
Thomas KilbornSon S 11 Shoe Trade ApprenticeDesborough 
Joseph KilbornSon S 9 ScholarDesborough 
Robert KilbornSon S 7 ScholarDesborough 
Charles KilbornSon S 6 Desborough 
Lilly Jane KilbornDaur S 3 Desborough 
Lewis Panter KilbornSon S 1 Desborough 

1901 Census: Desborough
32High St no. 49Census date: 31 March 1901
George T KilbornHead M 45 Tripe Purveyor, own account, at homeDesborough 
Hannah M KilbornWife M 43 Corset Machinist, worker, at homeDesborough 
Thomas KilbornSon S 21 Shoe Rivetter, workerDesborough 
Violetta KilbornDaur S 22 Corset Machinist, workerDesborough 
Joseph KilbornSon S 19 Shoe Rivetter, workerDesborough 
Robert KilbornSon S 17 Shoe Rivetter, workerDesborough 
Charles KilbornSon S 16 Shoe Rivetter, workerDesborough 
Lilly J KilbornDaur S 13 Corset Machinist, workerDesborough 
Lewis P KilbornSon S 11 Desborough 
Ethel KilbornDaur 9 Desborough 
Mary A KilbornDaur 7 Desborough 
Blanch G KilbornDaur 5 Desborough 

1911 Census

1959 (non census address/occupation)
Desborough, Northamptonshiresource: Northamptonshire Parish Records: Northamptonshire Family History Society
Joseph Kilborn Residence at time of death: 68 Gladstone St

1939 Census

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