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Catherine Campbell Channer

NameCatherine Campbell Channer     descendant tree, etc
FatherEdgar Campbell Channer
MotherCatherine Bridgman
Bornabout 1874  (source: England & Wales Census)

1841 Census

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1871 Census

1881 Census : Hammersmith, London
79Keith GroveCensus date: 3 April 1881
Edgar Campbell ChannerHead Mar 32 CurateCamden Town 
Catherine ChannerWife Mar 36 Dartmouth 
Catherine Campbell ChannerDaur 7 ScholarSherford 
Fredk Francis Ralph ChannerSon 5 ScholarLeytonstone  Essex
Ceilia Alfreda ChannerSister Un 31 ArtistMarylebone 
Catherine SkeltonAunt Un 74 IndependentSt George's Hanover Sq 
Emily Harrington MartinBoarder Un 26 IndependentAltringham  Cheshire
Elizabeth HulbornServant Un 21 CookBarton  Cambridge
Sarah Jane KeinServant Un 16 Domestic ServantLondon 

1891 Census: Desborough
90Census date: 1 April 1891
Edgar C ChannerHead M 42 Vicar of DesboroughCamden Town  London
Catherine ChannerWife M 46 Retired GovernessDartmouth  Devon
Alfred O ChannerSon S 18 Military CadetParkham  Devon
Catherine C ChannerDaur S 17 Sherford  Devon
Frederick F R ChannerSon S 16 Leytonstone  Essex
Frances N ChannerDaur 6 Shepherds Bush  London
Edward W ChannerSon 4 Shepherds Bush  London
Margaret C ChannerDaur 1 Desborough 
Caroline BassetServant S 20 General Servant, DomesticDesborough 
Margaret E TurnerServant S 15 Nurse. DomesticDesborough 
William H B ProbyVisitor M 59 Clerk in Holy Orders. Living on own meansBarton under Needwood  Staffordshire

1901 Census

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1939 Census

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