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George Coe

NameGeorge Coe     descendant tree, etc
NoteSee also ref 7148, George Coe b. 1797. These may be the same person
FatherGeorge Coe
MotherMary Aprice
Married Elizabeth Curtis 

1841 Census

1851 Census : Halifax, Yorkshire
38Upper Crib St no. 29Census date: 30 March 1851
William BurdittHead Mar 35 Carpet WeaverMelton Mowbray  Leicestershire
Elizabeth BurdittWife Mar 34 Market Harbro  Leicestershire
Fredric BurdittSon 5 Halifax  Yorkshire
George CoeLodger Widower 57 Carpet WeaverDesborough 
William BywaterLodger U 15 Carpet WindersLouth  Lincolnshire

1861 Census : Halifax, Yorkshire
103South Darley StCensus date: 7 April 1861
James CockingtonHead Mar 43 Wool Carpet WeaverShearsby  Leicestershire
Ruth CockingtonWife Mar 41 Kilbeck  Leicestershire
Frances CockingtonDaur Un 17 Worsted Mill HandKilbeck 
Thomas CockingtonSon Un 16 Worsted Mill HandKilbeck 
Sarah CockingtonDaur 13 Worsted SpinnerKilbeck 
John CockingtonSon 7 ScholarHalifax  Yorkshire
George CoeLodger Widower 67 Wool Carpet WeaverDesborough 
Samuel PlattLodger Mar 53 Wool Carpet WeaverDesborough 
Samuel Platt's nephew Thomas Trasler married George Coe's daughter Mary in 1867. Mary was lodging with the Traslers in 1851

1871 Census : Market Harborough, Leicestershire
16Factory LaneCensus date: 2 April 1871
Thomas TraslerHead Mar 49 Stay MakerMkt Harborough  Leicestershire
Mary TraslerWife Mar 46 Stay MakerMkt Harborough 
George CoeFather in Law Wid 77 Retired Carpet WeaverDesborough 
Lucy TraslerMother W 70 Retired Lace MakerDesborough 

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