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Edmund Harold Houghton

NameEdmund Harold Houghton     descendant tree, etc
NoteEdmund and his brother Amos married sisters
FatherEdmund Houghton
MotherComfort Tansley
BornMarch 1861  (source: International Genealogical Index)
Married Catherine Berridge 
Died23 Oct 1930  at 29 Union Street, Desborough  age 69y  (source: National Probate Index)

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census : Wilbarston, Northamptonshire
127West CottageCensus date: 7 April 1861
Edmond HoughtonHead Mar 42 Ag LabSudborough  Northamptonshire
Comfort HoughtonWife Mar 32 Cottingham  Northamptonshire
Alice HoughtonDaughter 11 ScholarCottingham  Northamptonshire
James HoughtonSon 9 ScholarPipwell Wilbarston  Northamptonshire
Amos HoughtonSon 8 ScholarPipwell Wilbarston  Northamptonshire
Emma HoughtonDaughter 7 ScholarPipwell Wilbarston  Northamptonshire
Not Named HoughtonSon 3w Pipwell Wilbarston  Northamptonshire

1871 Census : Pipewell, Northamptonshire
38CottageCensus date: 2 April 1871
Edward HoughtonHead Mar 52 Ag LabGlatton  Huntingdonshire
Comfort HoughtonWife Mar 42 Ag Lab's WifeCottingham  Northamptonshire
James HoughtonSon Unm 19 Ag LabWilbarston  Northamptonshire
Amos HoughtonSon Unm 18 Ag LabWilbarston  Northamptonshire
Emma HoughtonDaur Unm 17 Servant (Domestic)Wilbarston  Northamptonshire
Harold HoughtonSon Unm 10 ScholarWilbarston  Northamptonshire
Madeleine HoughtonDaur 6 ScholarWilbarston  Northamptonshire
Daisy HoughtonDaur 4 ScholarWilbarston  Northamptonshire
Charles HoughtonSon 2 Wilbarston  Northamptonshire

1881 Census : Pipewell, Northamptonshire
79Farm CottageCensus date: 3 April 1881
Edward HoughtonHead Mar 62 Ag LabGlatton  Huntingdonshire
Comfort HoughtonWife Mar 52 Cottingham  Northamptonshire
Edmond H HoughtonSon Unm 20 Ag LabWilbarston  Northamptonshire
Charles E[?] HoughtonSon Unm 12 ScholarWilbarston  Northamptonshire

1891 Census : Sutton Cheney, Leicestershire
6Main StreetCensus date: 1 April 1891
William DunkeleyHead M 29 Grocer (Master)Market Harborough  Leicestershire
Madeline DunkeleyWife M 27 Desborough 
William DunkeleySon 6 ScholarMarket Harborough  Leicestershire
Archibald DunkeleySon 5 ScholarMarket Harborough  Leicestershire
Frank DunkeleySon 4 ScholarSutton Cheney  Leicestershire
Beatrice A DunkeleyDaur M 1 Sutton Cheney  Leicestershire
Arthur DunkeleySon 4m Sutton Cheney  Leicestershire
Edward H HoughtonBrother in Law S 30 Ag LabDesborough 

1901 Census: Desborough
139Union St no. 29Census date: 31 March 1901
Edmund H HoughtonHead M 40 Carter on Urban Council, workerWilbarston  Northamptonshire
Catherine HoughtonWife M 45 Stoke Albany  Northamptonshire
John L LynnBoarder S 27 Railway Porter, workerNorton Disney  Nottinghamshire

1911 Census : Desborough
335Union St no. 29Census date: 2 April 1911
Edmund Harold HoughtonHead M 50 Carter for Urban Council, workerWilbarston  Northamptonshire
Catherine HoughtonWife Mar 17y
children 0
55 Stoke Albany  Northamptonshire
Comfort HoughtonMother Widow 82 Cottingham  Northamptonshire

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